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How to Quit Smoking with Filtrim | New Device BEST WAY - No Drugs |

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Way to stop smoking now! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G9X1JI8 Rebecca Brand shows you a safe, no drug way to quit smoking cigarettes. This is a simple patented device that is easy, and effective to stop smoking fast.. A natural way to quit, best way, and a fast way. It works. The website link is: http://www.filtrim.com/. Filtrim introduces a revolutionary clinically proven stop smoking device, that helps you quit smoking with ease. It is the best way to quit cigarette smoking habit completely. Stop Smoking Now. Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaBrandRecipes/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebecca_brand_recipes/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/rebeccabrandart LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccabrand Website: https://www.rebeccabrand.com/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rebeccabrandrecipes FTC: Thank you Filtrim for sponsoring this video, my opinions are honest, true and are mine. I love this no drug device. I recommend it to all my friends and family, it's awesome.
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Text Comments (38)
Chris Cole (4 months ago)
Tried it. Did not work for me. Just made me want to stop poking holes in my cigarettes.
Rebecca Brand (4 months ago)
Chris Cole I'm so glad you tried this! Thanks for your comment! Smoking is just so darn hard, I'm so sorry.
Gabriel Symonds (7 months ago)
This has been long discredited. "Filter ventilation is a dangerous, defective technology..." See http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/tc.11.suppl_1.i40 Smokers will just take more frequent and deeper puffs and block the ventialtion holes with their lips or fingers. If you want a genuinely easy way to quit, without nicotine, drugs or gimmickes, see https://www.nicotinemonkey.com
Sally Johnson (8 months ago)
so sorry about ur dad rebeccA
Rebecca Brand (8 months ago)
Thank you Sally
baejing (8 months ago)
Rebecca, I just want to say that you are very sexy and classy!
Rebecca Brand (8 months ago)
Thank you Baejing!!
Angelina Roberts (8 months ago)
this looks handy!!
VapeKing (9 months ago)
Vaping saved my life I have not had a smoke in four years! Its 95% safer than smoking according to the UK's version of the fda.
Abeson Johnham (9 months ago)
hrmmm... looks like this might work.
Rebecca Brand (9 months ago)
yes, I hope you try it and let me know how it goes.
Guillermo Sanchez (9 months ago)
cool! i should try this
Mindy Roberts (9 months ago)
I know some people that could really use this.
HappyHealthy Mama (9 months ago)
I gotta tell my friend about this!
tearfully enchanted (9 months ago)
rip Rebecca's father :(
Rebecca Brand (9 months ago)
Thank you.
frank evans (10 months ago)
look beautiful in that dress!
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
Thank you Frank!
Jeb (10 months ago)
This is just a lie. There is no way it's 99% safer than smoking when you're still inhaling toxins.
Tatjana Novakovic (3 months ago)
hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about ways to stop smoking naturally try Corbandy Amazing Smoker Crusher(do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it.
Angelina Roberts (10 months ago)
I should try this, looks promising.
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
It is really cool! Great invention
Stephanie Reins (10 months ago)
My hubby could use this, Thank you for sharing!
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
Olivia White (10 months ago)
Wow, this looks great!
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
Great Olivia!
Kimberland Bartley (10 months ago)
Rebecca this is awesome i am a heavy smoker i have tried 2 quit a few times but nothing has worked cold turkey was so hard after 4 days i felt like i was coming off some kinda heavy drug ....i will check this out .... Thank You so much....
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
That's awesome! I've really worked with this, and my friends too... I know it's super hard to stop Kimberland. Keep writing and tell me your progress and your honest opinion on this chain of messages because I think that will help others. I wish you a quick stop, painless, easy and emotionally OK -- it's a big struggle. I've had my dad and brother both smoke. My died died of huge lung failure, the doctor said his lungs were like they were full of concrete, yet he had quit 30 years prior! He smoked for 20 years though. Very sad story.
Arlene Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Interesting technology!
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
Alien Alien (10 months ago)
Rebecka try somcking weed it legle in most state now
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
Noooooo! not I! so hand me my wine, it's happy hour somewhere!! ha ha ha!
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
Yes, ha ha ha, Alien!!
TheHawk213 TheHawk213 (10 months ago)
Alien Alien lmao!
Halsey R (10 months ago)
smokers are jokers unless they are tokers!
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
haha, you crack me up Halsey!
TheHawk213 TheHawk213 (10 months ago)
Good vid sweet adorable Rebecca. Now I need a smoke.
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
Ha ha,you make me laugh Hawk!!!

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