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[4K VIDEO] Homemade Pepperoni Pizza : Honeykki 꿀키

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Today I made homemade pepperoni pizza! It's fantastic!!!! 8D * ingredients (220℃ 5~10min / 2 served) dough: 180g bread flour, 100ml warm water, 2g salt, 2g dry yeast, 15g sugar, 1Tbs oil / corn meal (*optional) topping: 4~5Tbs pizza sauce or tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, black olive If you like it, please click 'Like' and Subscribe. http://bit.ly/1DnVQs7 * Honeykki's Tasty Table YOUTUBE http://bit.ly/1DnVQs7 TWITTER @honeykkicook INSTAGRAM @honey_kki E-MAIL [email protected] BLOG http://honeykki.com Downloading or editing this video is forbidden. ------------------------- ★ Hello! Welcome to Honeykki's YouTube Channel! I make videos about easy Korean foods, pretty desserts, foods from movies, and funny stuff. ★ Korean foods cooking / Foods from Movie and Drama / Delicious & Pretty dessert ★ Go Watch A Playlist 'Honeykki's House' : https://goo.gl/A9QlGL ★ Follow Honeykki! - Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+honeykkicook/posts
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Text Comments (1452)
최아름 (1 day ago)
와 이번 레시피로 도우 만들었는데 인생도우예요 핵존맛 만들땐 반죽이 되다싶었는데 다 만들고 숙성하니까 도우가 제일 맛있어요
Hoo Goo (2 days ago)
**P I Z Z A T I M E**
Got'em (5 days ago)
wheres my pizza time squad
HÝP3 JØÎŇȚ (6 days ago)
EpicLiam_Playz (10 days ago)
Me when I’m sleeping.
*_-pizza time-_*
Red Mann (12 days ago)
*P I Z Z A T I M E*
Ringo28 (13 days ago)
Thank you for the recipe!!😍 I made it and it was amazing!!😆
Flying Paper (15 days ago)
ㅍ ㅣ ㅈ ㅏ ㅌ ㅏ ㅇ ㅣ ㅁ
딸딸딸옥구슬 (16 days ago)
Pizza time
Jesslyn Chen (18 days ago)
pizza time
Alex Patt (19 days ago)
I’m not paying for those...
5P33D D3M0N (21 days ago)
Pizza time
qwemz (22 days ago)
pezza teim
ocean man (23 days ago)
Pizza time.
Axsuarez (23 days ago)
koray ertosun (23 days ago)
Parcormaster Claxton (26 days ago)
피자 시간
kaue andrade rocha (28 days ago)
*Pizza time*
Shmiggum Higgum 3D (1 month ago)
*It’s Pizza Time*
이미지 (1 month ago)
맨날 봐도 안 질려..
Thuemin Htet (1 month ago)
Ale Sierra (1 month ago)
How many inches is the pizza? <3
장현덕 (1 month ago)
ㅁㅊ 이게 그거라고 피자타임
OOF UHH (1 month ago)
pizza time is watched more than this
SSM4 Bloopers (1 month ago)
pizza time
The Steve450 (1 month ago)
P​ I​ Z​ Z A​ T​ I​ M​ E
N SaneCrashFan (1 month ago)
1:19 that is hot
Theamazingnater (1 month ago)
My mom will be helped with this. Thanks!
PotterAndMatrixFan (1 month ago)
Olives? *GROSS* Remove those and it's *pizza time*
Streetsi (1 month ago)
pizza time
Pizza time
아쒸 사망년인데 하루종일 논문쓰다가 이제 누워서 보는데 너무 배고파아ㅏㅏ
Sam Squids (1 month ago)
**slams pizza boxes down on to desk** Pizza Time!
Nathaniel Brown (1 month ago)
P i z z a t i m e
l l (1 month ago)
와,, 맛있겠다
Bui Helgason (1 month ago)
Monica Srivastava (1 month ago)
So calm..loved ur presentation
Vidombax (2 months ago)
Pizza Mozarella Pizza Mozarellla Rella Rella Rella
amit yoel (2 months ago)
Pizza time
Đức Nguyễn (2 months ago)
아리 (2 months ago)
꿀키님! 이 영상이 어느 외국인분의 영상에 편집되여 쓰였는데. 혹시 허가를 내주셨나요.?
rubberduck955 (2 months ago)
p i z z a t i m e
Alessandro Sturza (2 months ago)
MaximumX (2 months ago)
*its pizza time ma boi's*
Mr. BearBot (2 months ago)
Time pizza
Prototype Oswald (2 months ago)
Who is here from pizza time?
Gulya Swift (2 months ago)
꿈틀벌레 (2 months ago)
피자 시간
От фонаря (2 months ago)
Could you pay me in advance?
Jonas Olsen (2 months ago)
You serious?
Skeeter_Yeeter64 (2 months ago)
*_p e e z a t e i m_*
Kelavia (2 months ago)
Pizza Time
Brandon360PRO (2 months ago)
Pitsa taim
Brandon360PRO (2 months ago)
*P I Z Z A T I M E*
Brandon360PRO (2 months ago)
*P I Z Z A*
Emperor Yoshima (2 months ago)
pizza time
I'm not gay (2 months ago)
How to make edible slime
SCParea 14 (3 months ago)
Pizza time.
sarah kim109 (3 months ago)
피자도우반죽은 좀 되게 해야하나봐요.?
LEITH ALSELMI (3 months ago)
*P i Z z A t I m E*
Aniplup 32 (3 months ago)
Spiderman: Pizza time.
댓글러일반 (3 months ago)
다이어트 해야되는데 망했다.
bh10x_ (3 months ago)
pizza time
Fracktail (3 months ago)
이민혁 (3 months ago)
잘 봤습니다
Meta Fitrian (3 months ago)
What's song's tittle
Haley (3 months ago)
이거 만들었는데요. 여태 만들어보고 먹어 본 피자 중에 제일 맛있어요.
ARS5 Gamers (3 months ago)
*P I Z Z A T I M E*
BoldAphidgaming (3 months ago)
p i z z a t i m e
BRAWL Dbgvbk (3 months ago)
WhiteR1bon Starfy (3 months ago)
? 이거 2차 편집 금지 영상인데? 외국인들 이거가지고 편집한영상 삭제해야되는거 아냐?
WhiteR1bon Starfy (2 months ago)
+Spi Con 그렇죠 한창 떴는데 갑자기 영상 사라지면 욕먹을수도...
Spi Con (3 months ago)
이분이 클레임을 거셔야... 그리고 그러면 너무 갑분싸 되지 않을까요
The70sDiscoKing (3 months ago)
Pizza time!
여기 외국인들이 한 밈때문에 성지가됫구mann
EEDSP 1873 (3 months ago)
유튜브쀼링 (3 months ago)
맛있어 보이네요.
Jiyoon Park (3 months ago)
미치겠다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 외국인들 피자타임 무슨소린가 했네요 ㅋㅋㅋ 관용어처럼 요새 쓰는말이나 유행어인줄 알았는데 배경이었다니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
EEDSP 1873 (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/lpvT-Fciu-4 참고로 저는 한국사람 입니다
말랑말랑미니 (3 months ago)
중력분 해두 돼나염?
Mr. asdf (3 months ago)
외국인들이 피자타임으로 합성해서 필수요소가 됬엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Mallaing Animation (3 months ago)
우와우어오우오오 ㅇㅠㅇ 주륵...
뙈지 (4 months ago)
느아 ㅠㅠㅠ 마쉿갓가ㅏ 핏자핏자ㅏ🍕
Blue Creeper Productions (4 months ago)
*A S M R I N T E S I F I E S*
김예진 (4 months ago)
골목식당 피자집 보다 훨신 맛있을것갔네요
Joshua Sanchez (4 months ago)
김지호 (4 months ago)
OhYeahYeah OhYeahYeah (4 months ago)
ConejoPro (4 months ago)
Hola ? Ay alguien español prros °<° que venga de PIZZA TIME
suscribite a pewdiepie (3 months ago)
로렌츠 (4 months ago)
제로콜라는 얼음넣으면 탄산이 다 빠집니다. 차라리 마시기 5분전에 냉동실에 넣어두세요.
[email protected] (4 months ago)
Also known as "Homemade Pepperoni Olive Pizza".
Johnny gamer35 (4 months ago)
pizza time
섭이 (4 months ago)
오븐은 어떤걸로 사용하신 것인지 궁금합니다...컨빅션 오븐인가요? 데코오븐인가요?
UnidentifiedObject (4 months ago)
*P I Z Z A T I M E*
Daniel Lee (4 months ago)
I bet half these viewers for this video are from pizza time
ᄋᄉᄋ (4 months ago)
전 토마토소스 없어서 케찹우로 했눈데..
farij the black wolf (4 months ago)
The song cringe me up
farij the black wolf (4 months ago)
DrXshock (4 months ago)
Pizza Time.
После такового жрать возжелал
AndrewIsCool (4 months ago)
I came from pizza time but I gotta say this is so relaxing and satisfying.

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