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Weird Things Koreans Do

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Text Comments (12831)
Unsun Suhr (2 hours ago)
hahaha that is so true. I probably have done that a dozen times before.
KeySun (9 hours ago)
I don't understand why people are so mad over those kpop comments. 1) you can ignore them, no one's forcing you to read them 2)people usually make references on different groups/movies/serials etc all the time and I've never seen anyone complaining. I understand that it's surprising and overwhelming that kpop is so popular that you see it literally everywhere and yes I admit that some comments who only say like "any /inserts kpop group fandom name/ here?" under a not kpop-related video is unnecessary but it doesn't mean you should just bash and insult everyone who makes a kpop joke/mentions kpop under a video that's literally about a freaking South Korea🤦
jisoos holy water (12 hours ago)
Omg I came here to watch a fun video from buzzfeed and now I'm drowning in koreaboo's saying "that dab part reminded me of jungkook from bts ahaha" "Omg that was totally Jin and jungkook from bts" "I came here for bts " And one person even said "this whole video reminded me of BTS" Like of course they would probably do the same thing cuz they're Korean!!! can u guys Keep ur koreabooic(if that's a word), bts obsessed ass to urself thank you!!!
AL Gadapan (1 day ago)
why do koreans doesn’t always getting shower
Daniel Kwon (1 day ago)
us koreans... this is so true
Kim Sejun (1 day ago)
RMdeservesThe World (2 days ago)
So there are only four personalities 😂😂😂
katchubbub rao (2 days ago)
Well weird things buzzfeed does to get views
Jasdeep Kaur (2 days ago)
"America is known for pizzas?" NO. PIZZA IS ITALIAN.
Noob9000 (4 days ago)
Evan dabbing in 2017
Katrin Lechner (4 days ago)
I think the video should be called “What every Asian does”
bangtang _l (4 days ago)
Woahhh the girl looks like Ryujin from ITZY
Annie (5 days ago)
doesn’t evan give you namjoon vibes
Matthew Scicutella (5 days ago)
koren is yummy fun
melody jones (5 days ago)
As a korean myself this is just super relatable
Chimchim Bts (5 days ago)
I want to learn Korean so bad
ღ파인애플 ღ (6 days ago)
I’m korean and I do some of these stuff 🤣😂
That’s so true ! ~ haha! I wish I lived in America! 나는 영어를하기 위해 최선을 다했다, 죄송 해요😂👌🏻
Ayesha Alim (6 days ago)
Become an ARMY and your YouTube feed is filled with these stuff
Half of these comments are from ARMY!!! ARRRRRMYYYYYY 💜
The Vlog (7 days ago)
Cuz Koreans are act closer with everyone
민서 (7 days ago)
Rose De Esteval (7 days ago)
The closest I am to this is just being asian 😂
YSH (8 days ago)
I’m Korean and it’s so relating
Wontaepil Yang (8 days ago)
Almost all asians do this when theyre abroad
최성우 (8 days ago)
Not all koreans behave like that ^오^
Aracelli Seokjin (8 days ago)
buT iM oLdeR mood
Gabby Jeong (9 days ago)
1:52 lol girls always jump to conclusions
ANIME BTCHES (9 days ago)
there were automatic subtitles on this video and the first few words were: *coyopa booga booga monster*
halsey (9 days ago)
lmao im korean and i do the "im older than you" and knowing if someone else is korean thing a lot
ankita kawale (10 days ago)
Koreans are love.
BTSNinja 14 (10 days ago)
This is so strange, yet pretty interesting. Also, I'm kinda curious about the blood type thing. I mean, I don't even know my own blood type.
Felix LS (10 days ago)
I’m chinese but i can relate .-.
Maria Gu (11 days ago)
Proud to be korean 💖
yony yoh (11 days ago)
Mostly correct. 😂
Annie Kim (12 days ago)
22일, 100일, 200일 근데 그냥 썸만 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Cherry Balm (15 days ago)
When I just wanna watch old buzzfeed videos and then find them flooded with army’s because of the sole word ‘korean’ in the title
Esha D (15 days ago)
The older one thing , we do that a the time in Indian families 😂😂😂
ですグレイス (16 days ago)
*koreaboos have entered the chat* _”i do those too!!1!1!”_
Sofie Miera (16 days ago)
I love how she says "compliment" at 0:25
Britney Nyabaro (16 days ago)
I don’t know if it’s rude to say this but im going to anyways😊😬the beginning very much reminded me of a scene from my favorite K-Drama. I’m not just saying it because they’re Korean it just reminded me of it.
김민재 (16 days ago)
Asking the age is fxxx.. That make me think about curse!!
JJ Melo (1 day ago)
김민재 Asking the age is fucked up. That makes me want to swear.* you're welcome.
Jee Soo Ryu (16 days ago)
Ich fckn love our culture 🤣🤣 (get away from me koreaboos! D:)
Noor Rafik (16 days ago)
Why are there so many comments about kpop; like wth. I like kpop and all, but we shouldn’t be commenting about it everywhere. This is why ppl find us annoying, but whatever, you do you.
Sherry Wang (16 days ago)
well yeah, but it’s not just Koreans. Us East Asians are mostly spread out from mongolia, and are very close to each other in history, as we do a lot of the same things too. At lot of these ‘weird’ things that they do are also done in our countries.
mooneclipse Xx (18 days ago)
I'm not Korean but I like kpop so that is the same for me lol
Daniel Na (19 days ago)
all this is too tru
Jasmine Jhun (19 days ago)
People: All Koreans are so pretty and cute! Me: Uhh, I’m Korean. I’m nowhere near pretty or cute...trust me...
Julia Weigel (19 days ago)
Jimin has jams you egg (20 days ago)
SonyWTF (20 days ago)
1:29 Don't say that to Latinos bc we gonna say something like "I don't care! Go to get your snacks by yourself! I am not your slave!!!", sorry but that's the true, we sometimes even fight with family and friends bc of this topic, now imagine with a workmate (sorry for my English mistakes, I am still learning it). Adiós.
Zy Dn (21 days ago)
Iris River (22 days ago)
*i’m learning Korean and i already knew what gaja (가자 ) meant! Pretty proud lol*
Jack Tan (22 days ago)
Bruh Claire looks like Ryujin from ITZY
minqin.g (23 days ago)
koreaboos are taking notes
Wvat (23 days ago)
The thumbnail made her kinda looks like Ryujin.
When you just want to watch korean related video without being haunted by koreaboos comment
Jamae Amorado (23 days ago)
Do a filipino version hahah
Princess Galvan (23 days ago)
Wait recognizing other koreans is part of being koreans but why ..did suga didn't know that the girl was a also korean while asking for dishsoap he even speak english while asking her because he dind't know that the female server was a korean
glucoskz (24 days ago)
in the thumbnail she looks a LOT like ryujin
Cute Min Suga (24 days ago)
Can we please talk about the fact they speak PERFECT english?
Kimi Ho (24 days ago)
Why are all Koreans attractive.
Aniyah Adeoshun (24 days ago)
ok, im an army too , but it just gets annoying when you come on to other videos and comment 'anybody an army here?'. you dont see blinks going 'anybody a blink here?'. and for what? just because theyre korean? thats like the only thing that ties them to bts. please calm down. i love finding a fellow army on a random video but not when thats the only thing your going to type. especially since they said nothing about the boys here.
Keyla Sanchez (24 days ago)
I think this "craving native food" is an Indian thing too . We travel hundreds of miles to foreign country and then whine about not getting Parantha in breakfast...
greektea (24 days ago)
the girl on the thumbnail looks like gdragon omg
Chikorita Uchiha (24 days ago)
Why am I watching this even if I'm not korean? 😂😂
Hulagu Mongke (25 days ago)
why Korea boys had small dick and why they have small eyes
G D (25 days ago)
And work you to death you let them in and you will pay for it
Jeon JiKook (25 days ago)
Uhh *Clears throat* don't get me wrong. I'm a Army myself but do you have to mention BTS everywhere? Like TF?! This ain't even a BTS video
Jeon JiKook you’re the kind of army I wish more people were like
Jeon Taehyung (25 days ago)
How can you forget? *LETS GET IT*
Enzo413 ツ (27 days ago)
My Korean classmate (just came to America a few months ago) is just like this! 😂
Cotton Galaxy (27 days ago)
Omg I want a Korean boyfriend!! K pop makes me sooooo in love!! THIS ISN’T RASIST BECAUSE I AM KOREAN. FREAKING HECK. MY BROTHER KEEPS SAYING STUFF
Aditi agrawal (27 days ago)
I can finally find Koreans in comment section.. feeling of accomplishment
Amberlimm jiaxinn (27 days ago)
Soo tru
C.C. Studios (29 days ago)
I'm Korean. My name is Claire. I understand why he said 92 and he said y he older. XD. I just literally am so familiar with dis lol
Bubble Gum Queen (29 days ago)
I smell the koreaboos
Angga Damanik (29 days ago)
Other asian doing the same thing as well
Short Man (29 days ago)
Dude that’s racist
Yura Uro (29 days ago)
Video: person breathes. Koreaboo: Omg that reminds me of bts they breath all the time!
Indra ! (8 hours ago)
Omfg that’s so fkn true
•J口Jモ ಥ_ಥ• (13 hours ago)
@Sara R. I know there can also be koreaboo’s who are Kpop fans but stereotyping all Kpop fans as koreaboo’s just isn’t it and well I just didn’t see it. All he/she said was just koreaboo’s not Kpop fans who are koreaboo’s, so I didn’t get the point (still don’t understand why he/she called them a koreaboo), just because the small stuff in the video reminds these Kpop fans of Kpop idols doesn’t make them a koreaboo. That was all my point.
Sara R (18 hours ago)
+•J口Jモ ಥ_ಥ• She's talking about koreaboo's that are also k-pop fans tho. She's not saying all of them are like that
Jimin X no jams. I didn’t say all Army’s though. You’re right, they can just be just Kpop fans.
Jiye Yoon (29 days ago)
Chicken Nugget Gamer (30 days ago)
People still dab
The comment section is filled of Koreaboos yikes 😂
Layla Brown (1 month ago)
American K pop fans: Stop koreaboos korea dont like yall lol Koreans: *Whats a Koreaboo?*
Gaming For A Day (1 month ago)
I hate Asian not just Korean
•J口Jモ ಥ_ಥ• (29 days ago)
Gaming For A Day. I smell Racism and it smells bad. But hey, if you don’t like Koreans or any Asians....why you on here then? Lmao.
양조은 (1 month ago)
................................... Yup im weird
as an asian, but not a korean, i can still relate to the majority of these.
TheLifeGang YouTube (1 month ago)
This is too relatable!!!
Lawrence Is A Nobody. (1 month ago)
Me and my friend when they’re in like America or Canada aka abroad.
Ellie B. (1 month ago)
Kelsey is such a jerk
GermanEnderGirl (1 month ago)
This was annoying as hell xd
Michelle Yu (1 month ago)
임혜진 (1 month ago)
앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저정돈아닌데
Jamin Mochi (1 month ago)
Koreaboo’s have joined the chat
babyuwus (1 month ago)
hello i love evan
Daniel Pyo (1 month ago)
Kelsy looks like Darci Lynne from AGT
(1 month ago)
I still dab😮
Yes No (1 month ago)
bella zoe love (1 month ago)
I want to be it my next life

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