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Uber Drivers Talk About Pet Peeves

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Text Comments (2870)
b1njjj95 (8 hours ago)
Wow! 4 stars is a fail? What the hell kind of rating system is that? I'd understand 3 or 2 stars being bad, but 4 stars would be like 80% out of 100. I've only had 1 bad experience with an Uber driver, while the rest of my drivers were awesome.
Yaser Ibrahim (12 hours ago)
I always thought asking to sit in the front was the respectful thing to do though...
Seless Rojas (23 hours ago)
These ppl have no respect for their Uber drivers 😂
hiatus mode (1 day ago)
I wouldnt wanna ride with the Bald guy and the Old guy next to him😵😵...Find other job then
Youtube Granny (1 day ago)
Like I get it it’s ur car but like ur also getting paid to drive
Youtube Granny (1 day ago)
Ok this old guy is so annoying
Moxy (1 day ago)
2:10 funny
Syavira Augustine (1 day ago)
Well, about the "doesn't talk at all" type of passenger... I'm actually one of them and the reason is not because i'm trying to be rude but it's because i can't really talk with strangers since i'm not used to small talks and that's why i always answer only when the driver is trying to make a conversation, if not then i'll just look at my phone. Not all people don't talk to the driver because they are rude....
Louis Reacts (2 days ago)
If you have to say "im a human too, I have feelings" then you probably dont belong in customer service.
Rawa Serwan (2 days ago)
They forgetting that we’re paying
69Fabulosity (3 days ago)
Thats y i just couldn't do that kind of job! Bc not only isn't not safe but they R right it is there ride! They must feel like its a Taxi no idiots this is their 🚘❗
Lola Ducklings (3 days ago)
ok some of them make sence, but it is their job. it was a choice. if u dont like the job and what comes with it quit
Ney Love (4 days ago)
I use uber a lot and my biggest pet peeve as a passenger is when you try to have a conversation with me 🙄
Nico Bilbao (4 days ago)
I hate it when the car smells like Smoke
AbombingKING77 (4 days ago)
Petty af
Green Couch (5 days ago)
I sit in front because it is cooler
Sarah Basto (6 days ago)
3:13 this is SO true. I feel like driving them to a psychologist. What the hell? Get a cab instead! Or go to hell.
Kia Allen (6 days ago)
I watched this to make sure I wasn’t unknowingly pissing off my drivers lol thankfully I’m in the clear. I always sit in the back, don’t need the temperature or music adjusted, don’t eat/drink in the car, and say thank you for getting me here safely. also, I sit in back behind the passenger seat so both the driver and I can see each other clearly. I’ve only given less than 5 stars a handful of times and it was because the driver did something completely reckless while driving that had me fearing for my life.
CountryfiedLinux (8 days ago)
When a rider is smoking right before entering the car.
William Hornstra (10 days ago)
Why is sitting up front weird?
Gracee z (12 days ago)
my mom always gives uber drivers a 5 even if the ridd was ass lmao
Arista Titus (14 days ago)
yall gettin paid tho lol
Alfredo Alcantar (15 days ago)
I hate underaged kids trying to be slicked. Don’t pick un teens
Courtney Helen (15 days ago)
What is wrong with asking to stop and get food? It normally makes the fare a lot more costly surely the driver would be happy with the longer fare? I never eat in the car either.
Rafick Bdaro (15 days ago)
Can I still have a coffee on the go if I go in your car....I promise I will put it in the cup holder “innocent stare”
CptMaahir (16 days ago)
Ngl but these guys are pricks, don't do uber if you have a problem with this. You're an uber driver ffs, you're gonna expect this to happen.
Mo Raps (16 days ago)
I don't like these people
Iam XoicX (17 days ago)
How would you hate when someone says thank you ? That makes no sense it’s common curtesy regardless of any situation
Lukas Sotelo (17 days ago)
2:16 best part
Satisfying Videos (17 days ago)
0:50 I’m eating cake right now 😂😂😂
Dottie_Lima (17 days ago)
you are chauffeuring people, why complain?
Dorito Flames69 (18 days ago)
I use Lyft 🤷🏼‍♀️
Fransisco H (18 days ago)
I mean you’re paying for the Uber, so I honestly think it’s fine to eat a snack or something that Uber driver in the blue shirt just gets booty hurt too quick
Junior Brown (18 days ago)
The guy in the blue shirt is dum funny😂
St3ph Burry (18 days ago)
Why was this educational for if I ever use uber/lyft
Tyson Telford (18 days ago)
Got an uber add before this video
Ryan Brown (19 days ago)
I honestly think that most Uber drivers are not professional. If someone wants to eat cake in the car they are paying for the ride so deal with it. If I am paying for a service I expect to get good service.
Ryan Brown (17 days ago)
+JP yes it would be annoying however if someone has paid for a Uber it's like any other taxi the only difference is that the drivers own the cars. The customer should be able to use it like any other taxi service.
JP (17 days ago)
You’re very stubborn. Try to look at their point of view, imagine if someone got in YOUR car and stared making a mess and just being rude. You would not like that
Unpopular 4 Music U (19 days ago)
Complain when u get a real job
Katie Anderson (19 days ago)
I’ve never rode in an Uber, Lyft or anything like that but if I did, I wouldn’t sit up front. Idk if it’s just because I’m a 19 year old girl and I generally feel uncomfortable sitting that close to strangers or what, but I wouldn’t. Especially with all the creepy Uber stories you see all over social media about girls around my age with creepy drivers.
Katie Anderson (19 days ago)
The girl talking about farting was funny. Plus I farted just as she said it so it was funnier to me
Katie Anderson (19 days ago)
A guy got in with a plate of cake 😂 I was expecting something weird and messier like spaghetti!
Shane Bennett (19 days ago)
Where I live, the taxis have shields around the back of them, in case they get stabbed or something. So I just sit in the back to make them feel more comfortable. I live in Manitoba, Canada.
Antor Medrano (20 days ago)
my pet peeve is when they sit in the back, other then that I dont have much pet peeve.
Lily Hogben (20 days ago)
Well they are paying you bar the hitting on girls
Sean Macy (20 days ago)
A lot of this is them thinking of their car as their car and not as a business. Uber is a taxi service, and the passengers will treat it as such
Marine (2 days ago)
Being a customer does not make you above the duty of being polite and respectful.
A (3 days ago)
Sean Macy it really doesn’t matter. You’re not about to come in someone’s car and and throw food and drinks around when the driver is the one who’s gonna have to clean it up later. It’s their car. Have some respect
theindian mom (4 days ago)
Unfortunately yes....but I do agree with them saying to treat them as human and customer should not think that they are the only ones being driven around.
ye Orthodox Lej (20 days ago)
I am a driver, they think you are just a slave.
Paul Pinto (20 days ago)
Excerpt the fart none of it made sense. Y do I thank you ? I'm not coming for free. Neither do I have to ask your consent if I wanna eat something. You can speak only if you somebody's spilling it
Paul Pinto (19 days ago)
+Alex Pig is your reflection of assumption. People have ethics
Alex (19 days ago)
1.They still provide you a service 2.It’s still not your car, if you want to eat like a pig do it in your own car
Priscilla Darr (21 days ago)
0:40 yeah.....
Reese Davis (21 days ago)
Buzzfeed is the best channel to post this
Andrew studios (21 days ago)
More uber drivers
H10 : (21 days ago)
One of those was my Uber driver
H10 : (19 days ago)
Idk the name but not trying to be racist but he was black
Cubetendo (19 days ago)
Alain Barbado Arozena cool, which one
Anthony Jichi (23 days ago)
Bro all my Uber drivers are old indian men
snowconegirl1123 (23 days ago)
i'm never going on a uber ride me and my mom had the worst time ever
Trey Cooper (23 days ago)
Every sentence an Uber driver says to me is a star taken away
James Harden (24 days ago)
I picked up this group of college students after a night out and they literally started making animal noises the whole ride from the top of their lungs.
Shivam Patel (24 days ago)
what they are forgetting is that the passengers are PAYING THE UBER DRIVERS so the passengers also do get cONTROL
Shaggy Rogers (24 days ago)
Shut up and drive or I’ll take my hard earned money elsewhere
Bryce Armstrong (25 days ago)
Oovoo javer
Bryce Armstrong (25 days ago)
Oovoo javer
Edoardo Mendoza (27 days ago)
2:42 - when you boutta nut but she wraps her legs around you bc she tryna secure the bag
Dipto Nag (27 days ago)
I got some of the best drivers on Lyft
Your Queen Ari (27 days ago)
no one: Uber drivers: “hows your day?”, “Where you going”, “why did you sit in the front”
Anthony Corona (1 month ago)
Then why do they Uber
Shelby_Sappington (1 month ago)
No one: Uber drivers: so you gonna give me FiVe stARs? ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Antor Medrano (20 days ago)
when drive for lyft/uber you will truly understand that in there eyes 4.5 is a bad rating, also take into consideration that some drivers depend on this job for a living. sometimes ppl's bad feelings hurt others.
succmyphatpp (1 month ago)
eddie is a snacccc
khalifmathiskm (1 month ago)
What about “Uber Passengers Pet Peeves”? Because we have them
khalifmathiskm (1 month ago)
My pet peeve is when Uber drivers play very explicit music. Like, tf??
M S (1 month ago)
They complain about the farts but then they don't quit the job..... I think they like the farts 😂
M S (1 month ago)
Maybe the job (ya the one you decided to do for whatever strange reason) isn't for you if you can't handle entry level than work something else until you can get to a higher level job instead bc ubering drunks and farty people is not up your alley? So stop complaining and switch jobs unless you like the farts.
M S (1 month ago)
Just drive the car and expect the riders not to care about u or your car bc we don't. U should expect it bc it's PART OF YOUR JOB. You're an uber driver and I'm sorry to say this but deal with your entry level job bc you chose to work for uber.
Yours Truly (1 month ago)
I love the guy in the blue shirt hahahaa
David Mayes (1 month ago)
Riders have a right to sit where they want, but I never understand why they choose the front seat and choose to be awkward, dismissive or silent! I'm like, "But, why?" LOL!!
Robert The 3rd (1 month ago)
Remember when we were told not to speak to strangers on the internet and to not get into strangers' cars and now we talk to strangers on the internet to get in their cars.
Edgardo Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I hate the drive thru question, I always say no after learning people dont tip
Jessa Clare (1 month ago)
"I fell like you're driving me somewhere." *Looks at camera* HAHA
Mike Miller (1 month ago)
Babies. It should be ok to eat in a car. You can on a bus.
Ok so no offense but we pay you to drive us soo y u have expectations
RachelE123 (1 month ago)
RachelE123 (1 month ago)
*Lyft Left The Chat*
KingCarter Gamez32 (1 month ago)
2:19 😂😂😂😂
erin tumulty (1 month ago)
people complaining about a job they choose and get payed for
Random user #74652819 (1 month ago)
As if they had a better option in most cases.
Woggy TOO (1 month ago)
Is Eddie key from key and peel
Sara Nava (1 month ago)
I’ve had drivers flirt with me and they’re like 15-20years older. It made me hate using the app but now I’ve got a car so yay
Durpoo Vlogs (1 month ago)
shut the fuk up we paid y’all
SuperPig (1 month ago)
Is that 4 star thing she said true??
Jason Salistean (1 month ago)
My biggest pet peeve is when people ask me for my phone charger. I always give it to them, but some give an attitude when I don’t have the right charger. Your paying me for a ride somewhere not to cater a phone charger to you lol
C Jay (1 month ago)
*correction: Oovoo drivers talk about pet peeves*
Kai Young (1 month ago)
Idk why but I never knew these people used their own cars, idk y I never put 2 and 2 together but I just figured the company gives them a car to use since they work for a company
Phantom Warrior (1 month ago)
the bald black dude is cheerfully too white.
Skylte R (1 month ago)
Public hi
LMSPetRescue (1 month ago)
I’m a kinda awkward person when I’m a passenger but I’m generally polite. I feel awkward sitting in their front seat so I always sit in the back and I rarely initiate the small talk but I love it when it happens (I had a sweet old man who was my Uber driver and he talked about his wife of 30 years the entire time and he was so so nice), I don’t eat in their car since I don’t know them, so I’m generally polite I just sit in the back looking really awkward and uncomfortable because I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t talk or something XD
baybee_ gamer (1 month ago)
Eddie looks like Keegan Michael key, it keeps tripping me up
who knows (1 month ago)
Is it just me or are some of these uber drivers acting as if they're offering free rides? I know its your car but you chose to put it out for business, you cant get annoyed at people eating when every other taxi doesn't have an issue with it. And a customer who chooses not to talk is your pet peeve? Sheesh, have you not heard of shy people.
Katie Jedamski (1 month ago)
That Uber driver doesn't like when passengers say "thank you"? Holy cow.
Panic Treasure (20 days ago)
Katie Jedamski I thought the same thing but he actually said he can’t stand it when people don’t say thank you
sweatywiener (1 month ago)
Can I just marry that black guy? He's so perfect
Amelia Guy (1 month ago)
He compared it to someone eating in his house it completely different they are paying for your service
Tjon Tan (1 month ago)
To the Uber drivers in this video, one SIMPLE solution: Don't be an Uber driver. Period.
Tsrenis (2 months ago)
Yo why the lady at 0:17 look like Elon Musk
chopsticks (2 months ago)
Sht, i didn't know that sitting in the front was that weird... I thought everyone sat in the front, so i do to...
akatsukinaty (2 months ago)
In Buenos Aires,Argentina (capital), the drivers ask you to sit in the front seat because taxi drivers often attack uber cars.
Dydy Senpai (2 months ago)
I always sit in the back.. not sure if I should sit in the front or not

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