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Uber Drivers Talk About Pet Peeves

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Text Comments (2696)
mpeppermint23 (1 hour ago)
Some of these drivers should find a new profession, who wants to be a passenger of someone with a huge chip on their shoulder.
Karnivore Volpe (20 hours ago)
Blows me away people act like theyre personal butlers...i always engage in a non invasive way and always thank them profusely. You may be paying but youre not entitled to anything.
Justin Mainford (2 days ago)
Oh god I always sit in the front ahaha
See Ya Solo (4 days ago)
2:42 the guy on the rights face though
Jx-Hn (4 days ago)
2:52 i'll give you 3.9 stars how about that
Madi Macmillan (6 days ago)
I never used to know that people didn’t sit in the front when getting like taxis or Uber’s or whatever! I’m from New Zealand and it’s just something everyone does there tbh, so it’s just normal for me to get in the front and make small talk with the driver 🤷🏻‍♀️
Shannon Prior (6 days ago)
Does Eddie remind anyone else of Brendion Urie
Isn’t McDonalds closed by 11pm??
Sierra Campbell (11 days ago)
I'm paying you, no?
Jimin’z Jamz (12 days ago)
I never went to ovoo-.. *realizes that comment already exist* Uhmm.. when she said sumthin about hitting on her in a pool.. I actually thought they were in a pool and i was like, “that has nuthing to do with ub-.. oooOooOohhHh”
Brady Johnson (13 days ago)
Who else got an Uber ad?
Waters Edge (13 days ago)
1:20 “You must get hit on a lot” Smooth
187xEddie 3xchamp (15 days ago)
Pet hair all over their clothes..
Stephie Pierre louis (17 days ago)
1:13 me literally eating an apple
Karina Green (19 days ago)
One time, my Uber driver, (young looking male, and I’m 15 so that made it even more scary) so this guy asked me: “so where are you going?” And I’m like “oh just my moms house,” and he’s like “Cool,” waits a minute... “So where do you go to collage?, where do you wanna work” BRO! I am 15! What the heck?? So i respond: “oh I dont go to collage yet, I’m 15” So then he says: “Oh haha, you look like a 19 year old or smthg” WTFF?? So then I nervously laugh and say, “yea, no. I’m 15 only.” Then the rest of the ride (about 7 minutes) I put in my headphones and look down at my phone so this dude stops asking me questions. I’m just thinking, srsly, this guy is trying to hit on me or smthg. So yea, that my story lol
Ainsley Snyder (19 days ago)
2:17 That is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard
boss chic 123 (19 days ago)
"I just feel like you're driving me somewhere"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steven Salgado (21 days ago)
Joshua doe (24 days ago)
My pet peeve .... i appreciate the ride , but drivers from out of town that don't have basic knowledge of the area. at least use your gps and fake it , i won't mind not knowing.
Emily Vera (24 days ago)
oh damn I never thought sitting in the front will made them so uncomfortable, okay checked.
Raesang Lee (25 days ago)
I feel like I know this Eddie dude- something tells me I just do
Cutiecakes 123 (29 days ago)
Yo, that black guy is my friends dad. That is all. Idc if you like or not.
Macky Schmit (30 days ago)
I think all female uber drivers that are hit on/get sexually harassed should give their passengers 1 stars
Ida Spoor (1 month ago)
In the Netherlands it is actually rude to automatically sit in the back of a cab etc
Julia Wasserberger (1 month ago)
Now I feel bad, because I ALWAYS eat in an uber. Not like a whole cake, but like a bag of chips, or like a cookie. I never leave a mess. Also sometimes I have to eat my breakfast in an Uber, because i'm late for school. I don't really think that it should be against the law, because its NOT like you are going over to a friends house. Its rlly different.
ray 275 (1 month ago)
I always catch ubers to work and I just prefer silence, like it's relaxing for me; silence, no music, looking out the window.
Rose Greenstone (1 month ago)
I sit in the front because I paid for this ride so I can sit wherever I want.
Firedragon _1101 (1 month ago)
MIMI Pll (1 month ago)
I’m gonna need more of Eddie stat! 😭👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Harley Ellis Turner (1 month ago)
Eddie reminds me so much of brendon urie!
12799MaDeuce (1 month ago)
I got pissed at an Uber driver who wouldn't let me sit up front - DUDE, IT'S 30 DEGREES OUT, I BOOKED A "BLACK" CAR SO I'D BE GUARANTEED HEATED SEATS!
SPAGGHETT (1 month ago)
My dad will seat up front, and ask a question that is really relatable And they speak like alot And he makes friends with them like getting their number and stuff He has maybe 10 friends he met on uber
Alexa Hanson (1 month ago)
When I first started taking Uber, I was one of those awkward people who sat in the passenger seat. I didn’t know what I was suppose to do and for some reason that felt more polite. Now granted I also talked to the driver usually. But now I sit in the back seat and it depends on my mood whether I chit chat or not
vivaglamification (1 month ago)
getting peeved off @ sitting at the front??? seriously get over urselves.
Emily Larson (1 month ago)
Well... crap. Didn’t know it was weird to sit in the front. I feel a little creepy sitting in the back. Also, Uber drivers are usually super friendly and chatty and the conversation is more natural if you sit in the front
Drunk people: Can we stop at McDonald's? Uber driver: well, ok:) Me: I dont know oovoo javer
Baba Da silva (1 month ago)
3:08 you didn’t drive the person out of kindness mate you’re getting paid that’s why you drove them so why should they have to say thank you
Baba Da silva (1 month ago)
My pet peeve is when you idiot Uber drivers take the longer route for more money
Annika Faye28 (1 month ago)
0:12 why he look like frozone tho
Iqra Qaali (1 month ago)
"If you're gonna hit on me, GET YOUR OWN RIDE". Lmaooo I love her!
Owen Silver (1 month ago)
I never went to oovor javar
A Pale Moon (1 month ago)
She can't swim
jessicaaaturbox3 (1 month ago)
oh it's interesting these drivers don't like when people sit up front. I've watched other videos saying they want passengers to sit up front because they're not your chauffeur lmao
Hanna O'Loughlin (1 month ago)
The man with the blue shirt and black sleeves is fine AF.
Liliane Ubaby (1 month ago)
I have anxiety! But I will also talk wayyyy to much in the front or back! I’m sorry! Okay 😭
snonys (1 month ago)
ovoo javers
The one who says 'do you just to to someone's house and open a bag of chips and eat without asking'. That house where I am paying is a restaurant or hotel so yeah! I do that.
Cassie Luzan (1 month ago)
I’ve totally had badass Uber drivers that go out of their way to come back and pick me up, bring me to a restroom or food. But i also tip very very well 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️
Brooke Martinez (1 month ago)
Ummm I never been to ooovo Javer
Mr. Rosen (1 month ago)
I get worried when I see a female Uber driver not because I have a problem with females I just get worried for them because of all the danger for them
Slimekillstime (1 month ago)
for some reason i hate the guy in blue HE GOT ON MY NERVES
Mr0011011 (1 month ago)
Whats wrong with saying thank you?
Charlotte Spiden (2 months ago)
Sorry to the Uber driver that drove me and my friends to a party a couple of weeks ago. I sincerely apologise to you and the fact that you had to listen to us talking about how gay we were and how much we loved each other, we were drunk off our arses.
AwkwardPanda (2 months ago)
The issue with sitting up front seems to be a cultural thing. In our country, sitting up front even when alone is fine. It's sort of symbolic to recognizing that the driver is your equal as a person even when they drive you around so I get that comment about "it feels like you're driving me around"(just attach the "and it's demeaning to you to treat you like that") Like for example, when you ride in your dad's car you sit up front because you don't want to treat him as just a driver who gets you to places. (And yes that brand of respect/familiarity can be afforded for a total stranger) So in a way it's a sign of respect and it's completely fine to talk or not to talk. (Though as a woman, I feel safer riding in the back. I notice some men ride in the front as sort of a power thing. That they seem in control of the car as much as the driver.)
Brian Loper (2 months ago)
Why is money even a part of the conversation? We can eat in the car without asking because we paid for them to take us somewhere? You don't say thank you because it wasn't free? I think some of us are thinking about this the wrong way. Be respectful, say thank you, respect everyone's space.
Army Babe (2 months ago)
Eddie is cute 😍
Ballwiz 23 (2 months ago)
I've been a driver for a year and I'm actually fine with most of these things (except the whole eating in my car thing). Though I haven't had many of them happen. What I hate is when people don't drop the location pin where they actually are and then get upset at me when I show up to the wrong spot. Put the pin where you want the car to stop!!! And yes, 4 stars is bad!!
Sarah Grace (2 months ago)
they act like they arnt getting paid... “all i get is thank you i just drove you somewhere” dude they paid you to drive them they shouldn’t even have to say thank you
amiablehacker (1 month ago)
Do you not say thank you to servers, cashiers, flight attendants, etc? You say thank you because it's polite and nice. It has nothing to do with getting paid.
The Doughnut Weasel (2 months ago)
oovoo javer
Lilac A (2 months ago)
the bald guy is hot lmao
R Boss Presents (2 months ago)
Is is just me or does Eddie remind you of Key from Key & Peele
Tyrone O (2 months ago)
We are paying though 🤷🏾‍♂️
amiablehacker (1 month ago)
So because you paid someone, you shouldn't be respectful and courteous? That doesn't make sense.
Lando_6 (2 months ago)
Hello Bye bye (2 months ago)
Wow these uber Drivers must be vry unlucky...all I do is Uber driver: going to (the address)? Me: yes And the rest of the ride I'll be mute unless the uber ask me something
catsandflowercrowns 1 (2 months ago)
I’m so confused why is it a pet peeve when people ask you to take them to fast food? You still have the app running and get paid. Chill my god
amiablehacker (1 month ago)
I think you only get paid for the distance you're supposed to drive. If there's, like, a ton of traffic or something or if there's an extra stop, you don't get paid more. It isn't like a taxi. At least I think.🤷🏻‍♀️
DanklyDavid (2 months ago)
I've never used uber so I guess I wouldn't really understand but are you serious? 4 stars = fail? Just sounds like youre being greedy to me... But then again, like I said I've never used uber so I wouldn't know
amiablehacker (1 month ago)
I think it's more like, they could lose their job if they aren't 5 stars.
Rocket Beast (2 months ago)
I have never been to oovoo javer
Jazhua Vanboven (2 months ago)
It's not "Fo sho" if the speakers blow.
Hello People (2 months ago)
I keep the passenger door locked....so that they can't
Twenty one Pies (2 months ago)
who’s the hottest uber driver you’ve ever had?
Fluffy Suga Kookies (2 months ago)
Aux cord lol *me:* as long as its kpop play away...eminem..maybe...mumble rappers....GTFO LEAVEEE
I hate when Uber drivers drive me places it's annoying
moo_ (3 months ago)
I’ve had to use a riding service about 3 times total because I was going to a concert and couldn’t drive through city traffic as I didn’t know how. I always try to ask the drivers where they prefer me to sit, and I try to make conversation if they make an attempt to talk. Why it’s so hard for people to be kind and remember that people with jobs aren’t little robots I’ll never know.
Rachel A. (3 months ago)
I've never been into an Uber or a taxi before but I've always thought that sitting at shotgun was respectful even if you're not talking since it means that you, in a way, acknowledge the person who's driving you. But from this video, apparently it's just better to sit behind.
Dira Boddie (3 months ago)
Is that really how the reviewing systame works?
Manaaki Munrogue (3 months ago)
Anyone else think Eddie was Jordan Veasley from Richie Le channel?
Klarissa Mendez (3 months ago)
I cant sit in the back I get really bad anxiety if I do
Feed me AVOCADOS (3 months ago)
Okay I’m not an Uber but whenever people are in my car they leave their garbage in my car and one time a girl left her garbage on top of my car. Also if you spill something on my car you better frickin clean it !!!!Please have respect for someone and their car. Also when people expect to take over the music ummmmm do you pay my gas bill ??!! nope then don’t touch the radio !
Yippy Skippy (3 months ago)
My new favorite thing to say: "fo' surely not"
Vesnake 11 (3 months ago)
JekaTheWolf (3 months ago)
At 0:26 they complain about passengers giving directions but you know what happens ALL THE TIME on my rides? Drivers will go completely past my apartment complex then say “well this is where my GPS said to go” or “I just assumed you lived at this other place instead” no. 1 stick with the directions/address given to you in the app. 2 if I tell you you’re turning into the apartment called “student apartment” on your right, that’s where you’re going, not anywhere else. What’s the problem with passengers giving directions?
Asaiyah Sanaa (3 months ago)
Some people have ocd that’s why they have to sit in the front
MareBare0118 (3 months ago)
That gal is super pretty. 💯
Victoria Grafft (3 months ago)
She should have added that the driver is human and they know where you live. Haha
Victoria Grafft (3 months ago)
I’ve had a couple of drivers who didn’t like when I automatically went to the back.
Lyric Venom (3 months ago)
What's an Uber?
A. S. (3 months ago)
2:19 that faceeee
Mana Montana (3 months ago)
I had someone open a bag of pop rocks i wasn't happy we were 1 minute away from their destination. also had a woman bring an actual coffee cup not the travel mugs. spilled everywhere.
rdpcl (4 months ago)
Uber is not legal in my country so to (try to) avoid the police drivers force you to sit in the front. One time I needed to sit in the back and the driver simply cancelled the ride.
Enrique San Pedro (4 months ago)
5 Stars means PERFECT, 4 stars mean good.
ZIK Gaming (4 months ago)
Why is Andrew so funny
RachelIsAlwaysBored (4 months ago)
Just me that finds the bald guy attractive?
Abdullah Alblehshi (4 months ago)
One time i was driving a woman with her to boys and it was going fine until she got of i found two chewing gum stuck in the back seat 😱 and that was my last ride
bong donkey (4 months ago)
Ripping huge farts in a Taxi, or Uber is funny!
*beyondthe* *stars* (4 months ago)
what is oover javer..
Emily December (4 months ago)
Ew why would people fart with the windows down!
Uhm Okay (4 months ago)
my pet peeve for when im in a uber is when i get kidnapped 😜😝😛😥😩
Hasu (4 months ago)
The black girl looks like a chil person 👍
Black Heathen (4 months ago)
Cyborg2101 (4 months ago)
Them: like I just drove you some yams no thank you? Me: my thanks is my money and business, I don’t get thanked for doing my job, you want to get thanked for doing your job go be a firefighter
Cyborg2101 (1 month ago)
amiablehacker am I wrong
amiablehacker (1 month ago)

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