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Rebekah Mullins (3 days ago)
Well that turned dark very quickly
Opawesum (4 days ago)
I felt like I was missing teeth after that first zoom.
Here in Alas ka drunks die every winter. We find at least two in spring after thawing. Most are found the next day after it happened though. In the city anyway. Small towns it's spring time when they are found. Mostly homeless folk but some are just trying to walk home wasted and alone while it snows.
Truth Will Set You Free! (2 months ago)
That dude in the convenience store falling all over the place is a rough place to be, I been there a few times back when I was a drinker. Thank God I put away that part of me and sobered up as of 12/25/11 and not a drop since and definitely don't miss the lifestyle of bar hopping damn near every weekend let alone drinking during the work week it was a rough run!
chopper Read (2 months ago)
Drunk as fuck
TheProFreestylers (3 months ago)
I’m your mum🦠🦠
Itsjustphoenix (3 months ago)
I wonder if her hands got better?😂
Thelema9331 (4 months ago)
This shit got real at the end, damn.
Thelema9331 (4 months ago)
I love watching this right now, I'm eating some kind of carmel icecream, got done masturbating ; and I still have 3 beers left!
Florentine Ivory (4 months ago)
What if those guys cuddling on the floor are a gay couple
Ruan du Plooy (5 months ago)
Daniel Mayo (5 months ago)
This is why alcohol is a mocker of man.
sunset tech (5 months ago)
Great friends care about each other.
Adrian Schneider (5 months ago)
NEVER drink with girl(s)if you sleep with one these days, even if your BOTH drunk they can and do have men convicted of rape even if it was consensual at the time,they are not responsible for they're own choices/actions. 4 pint limit even when drinking with good old freinds and i stay away from hard stuff(doesn't taste good anyway)
deidjera (5 months ago)
Party on, party on, party on Party on, party on, party on Beer and whiskey all night long Party on, party on, party on
William Howerton (5 months ago)
There you have it, don’t stick your dick in a dog. Good lesson to learn.
UM OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SuperDungeonBoy (6 months ago)
Stop at 6:23 " I KNEW there was something I LOVED about Mary?! "
Liam williams (6 months ago)
Guy who's saying everything in the video stop swearing I role your ass
Matthew Jacob (7 months ago)
No DICK DAMN HOW Lmfao i died
opal fox (7 months ago)
I couldnt stop laughing
Taykittycat456 (8 months ago)
2:38 is that fluffy the comedian in the orange shirt
Keneil Dreco (8 months ago)
Dude 😂😂😂 best shit ever
pwalker (8 months ago)
Dear America - narrating over funny pics & vids removes 100% of the humour
Lance Pugh (8 months ago)
Damn!!! That was a funny one.
Sonya Hayes (9 months ago)
what the fuck ia going on
Nick Taylor (9 months ago)
The girl with the frostburn finger got that way from giving Frosty the Snowman a handjob
wendy hutchinson (9 months ago)
Last time i got drunk i dropped my engagement ring down my fellas sink 😩🙈
Irene Randazzo (9 months ago)
that man in the convenience store trying to my beer was on Ketamine not on alcohol
Julia Kane (9 months ago)
I am crying ! 😂👍🏻
Alex (9 months ago)
Wheres another vid about this?
Alex (9 months ago)
Wheres another vid about this?
Teresa Smith (10 months ago)
Thankyou good video on why you should not drink i gave up many many years ago have not being drunk in years thats what happens to you 😊😊😊
Angela Hicks (10 months ago)
Ticonderous1 (10 months ago)
7.09 now that is Methed Up ... 😁
You forgot getting so drunk that you wake up in a deep freeze
Chris Metzger (10 months ago)
Why aren't more people helping other people?
Dat Boi (10 months ago)
guys guys guys,guys im AS DRUNK AS I HAVE never ever been beforer hopefully i wont regret writing thisn butn it will bost likely be funny 4 u guys soooooo herfe is m ay story.... illl be honest im 14 yrs old and im gherman and im as drunk as i have never have been before (if thatbmakes sense XDXDXXDXDXXDDXXDD /XD is cringy i know)) and i forgot aboutr what in wnted no gtalk abouit holup ill thinkAND THEN ill be writing more
sıqɐuuɐɔ (10 months ago)
Twizted Corrupt (11 months ago)
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 you win this time fluffee
DM_RATs (11 months ago)
Best. Video. Ever. Made me laugh so much!
Waking up with dicks drawn on your face doesn't mean you've been too far, I just means you have douchebag friends.
Zoe Jacobson (11 months ago)
When are you gonna come out with the part two of this
Travis Lewis (11 months ago)
Do more on this topic bro
Deanea Williams (11 months ago)
LMBO 😂😂😂 this is hilarious
down syndrome (11 months ago)
wherea mea dickedj
Damarcus Harris (11 months ago)
Shadow Ye (11 months ago)
Y brother is a fat moron
Eric Mercury (1 year ago)
omg, laugh too much
Pam j (1 year ago)
couldnt have said it better myself.
Kelsey Kutter (1 year ago)
lol you should try  a stoned as fuck video! idk if u have or not. lol I been watching for a long time but on and of.  good job as always
InfamousX (1 year ago)
Do more of these!
They should’ve tattooed a Hitler stache on their face and super glued their dick to their testicles or super glued their labias together.
Shylby KYEMTO (1 year ago)
This deserves millions of views. And people should really know their limit in term of drinking and most importantly drink responsibly.
perez13691 (1 year ago)
Respectfully good advice ay the end. Drink responsibly ppl hahaha
die lustigen Samusch (1 year ago)
And then he did NOT
die lustigen Samusch (1 year ago)
Drunk as fucked
Man.....that was stupid as fu#ck
LVCID IS DEAD (1 year ago)
"I just drugged these women" lmao
Tim Crow (1 year ago)
A Public Service Announcment from FLuffee!
Edward Owens (1 year ago)
I was told I once jumped up on to the hand rail of the stairs and walked all the way down without falling. Apparently the sub conscious me is a lot more balanced that the conscious me. 20 years ago anyway.
Alex B (1 year ago)
It was all really funny at first lol but dam it got dark at the end.
Admiral Preparedness (1 year ago)
Why I drink when alone😵
Amy Davidson lol (1 year ago)
You have a new sub
Angelo Federico (1 year ago)
His drunk ass probly drank all the pepperoni
So...funny dude , i overdosed laughing
Eli Avila (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 bit his Johnson off I'm dead☠️☠️☠️☠️
vnewarp9 (1 year ago)
I've just shared this with my son. "Always be the last man standing"
Nicky La Sexy (1 year ago)
Sephra Ardan (1 year ago)
Don’t watch this while eating pizza 🍕 the frostbite may ruin your appetite 🤢
leyt7ce (1 year ago)
I got drunk, and then started spam texting one of my friends(we weren't friends we just talked sometimes). He uh, well..He blocked me.
carrue ross (1 year ago)
You are too darn cute! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
_.Smitten Kitten._ (1 year ago)
You can drink responsibility or just drink at home 🤷🏾‍♀️
Ethan Sanz (1 year ago)
we need more
Alex Friedrich (1 year ago)
You should do a "Worlds Worst Drunk Texts" Series
Neon Zombie (1 year ago)
One Conn (1 year ago)
I texted while I was drunk, I started typing a bunch of fun facts. And yeah, they were all actually true.. I might be smarter drunk...
brian love (1 year ago)
This was the best one u can't stop laughing hahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahhahhahahahhahahahahhhahahhahahhahahhhhahahahhhhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhhahahahahhaha
VORTEX-_-2802 (1 year ago)
jackie 24 (1 year ago)
This shit was FUCKING HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂 I’m dead 💀☠️😂🤣
Alex Lindh (1 year ago)
I'm watching this drunk... but this makes me realize I'm actually quite sober. :D
The Boy (1 year ago)
I’m drunk asf rn and this shit funny asf
found a guy passed out in a ant bed
Diane0529 (1 year ago)
I don’t remember ever seeing this video before, but now I wish I hadn’t watched it at all! These people were just disgusting! This is the first one of your videos that I didn’t actually like. 😥
Steffan _907 (1 year ago)
Omfg the pillow pet one had me dead
Ronnie Romero (1 year ago)
I once got wasted and passed out in a public playground. Woke up to a small child poking me with a stick asking his mother if I was dead and she was on the phone calling the police so I just got up and got outta there real quick lol
la kitty (1 year ago)
wait...how does the last guy pee? i mean he cant just not pee. well i guess he can puke up the pee. ok, ok this has gone too far.
Silenze1 (1 year ago)
Damn I'm watching this video because I've been drinking since Friday night of last week. That last dick shit is crazy
Margaret, a Torkee (1 year ago)
I love the pic of the Monkees looking horrified. Nice touch.
Samuel Matos (1 year ago)
William Silva (1 year ago)
Lol can't believe the youtub shut that's going on with you
BrickFilmerPower (1 year ago)
6:48 wryts beter then wen im sobir.
I drink alcohol and dance around mushrooms
Dirty Burger (1 year ago)
Oh that's cool... actually why don't u shut the fuck up and lemme watch
Ashley Farmer (1 year ago)
omfg....this is amazing! I never got this drunk! I know my limits lol and can trust my friends
Ho Lee Fuk (1 year ago)
Yellow Livers Matter!
Uet Y (1 year ago)
Gays be bad
Starling (1 year ago)
3:03 look near the window the dog is pulling the woman or girl
JulCaos Elliott (1 year ago)
5:25 Why did he grab tha bowl?
Valentino G. (1 year ago)
I dont trust people who always know their limits

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