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Pizza Hut Training Video 1988

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Pizza Hut Training Video 1988 THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY COMMENT SECTION. ***I was the single camera operator for this instructional video series from 1987-88, that was produced in a Chicagoland area, industrial test kitchen for Pizza Hut/PepsiCo.. Original recording on 3/4 inch U-Matic videotape. ***To those who choose to re-upload any portion of this video while under a Standard Youtube License, who then choose to sexually degrade the actors, demean their performance...by altering the audio or video content, diminishes my brand and my client's brand. This is a portion of my original content from 1987-88 with Pizza Hut/PepsiCo., and is part of my personal/client library of camera work...with ownership in perpetuity. This video welcomes all family friendly comments. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney. The company is known for its Italian-American cuisine menu including pizza and pasta, as well as side dishes and desserts. Pizza Hut has 16,796 restaurants worldwide as of March 2018, making it the world's largest pizza chain in terms of locations. It is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., one of the world's largest restaurant companies. Pizza Hut was founded in June 1958 by two Wichita State University students, brothers Dan and Frank Carney, as a single location in Wichita, Kansas, Six months later they opened a second outlet and within a year there were six Pizza Hut restaurants. The brothers began franchising in 1959. The iconic Pizza Hut building style was designed in 1963. PepsiCo acquired Pizza Hut in November 1977. The company announced a rebrand that began on November 19, 2014. The rebrand was an effort to increase sales, which dropped in the previous two years. The menu was expanded to introduce various items such as crust flavors and eleven new specialty pizzas. Work uniforms for employees were also refreshed. In 2017, Pizza Hut was listed by UK-based company Richtopia at number 24 in the list of 200 Most Influential Brands in the World Pizza Hut is split into several different restaurant formats: the original family-style dine-in locations; storefront delivery and carry-out locations; and hybrid locations that have carry-out, delivery, and dine-in options. Some full-size Pizza Hut locations have a lunch buffet, with "all-you-can-eat" pizza, salad, desserts, bread sticks, and a pasta bar. Pizza Hut has other business concepts independent of the store type; Pizza Hut "Bistro" locations are "Red Roofs" which have an expanded menu and slightly more upscale options. An upscale concept was unveiled in 2004, called "Pizza Hut Italian Bistro". At 50 U.S. locations, the Bistro is similar to a traditional Pizza Hut, except the menu features new, Italian-themed dishes such as penne pasta, chicken pomodoro, and toasted sandwiches. Instead of black, white, and red, Bistro locations feature a burgundy and tan motif. Pizza Hut Bistros still serve the chain's traditional pizzas and sides. In some cases, Pizza Hut has replaced a "Red Roof" location with the new concept. "Pizza Hut Express" and "The Hut" locations are fast food restaurants. They offer a limited menu with many products not seen at a traditional Pizza Hut. These types of stores are often paired in a colocated location with WingStreet, in USA and Canada, or other sibling brands such as KFC or Taco Bell, and found on college campuses, food courts, theme parks, bowling alleys, and within stores such as Target. Vintage "Red Roof" locations, designed by architect Richard D. Burke, can be found in the United States and Canada; several exist in the UK, Australia, and Mexico. In his book Orange Roofs, Golden Arches, Phillip Langdon wrote that the Pizza Hut "Red Roof" architecture "is something of a strange object – considered outside the realm of significant architecture, yet swiftly reflecting shifts in popular taste and unquestionably making an impact on daily life. These buildings rarely show up in architectural journals, yet they have become some of the most numerous and conspicuous in the United States today." Curbed.com reports, "Despite Pizza Hut's decision to discontinue the form when they made the shift toward delivery, there were still 6,304 'traditional units' standing as of 2004, each with the shingled roofs and trapezoidal windows signifying equal parts suburban comfort and strip-mall anomie." This building style was common in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The name "Red Roof" is somewhat anachronistic now, since many locations have brown roofs. Dozens of "Red Roofs" have closed or been relocated or rebuilt. Many "Red Roof" branches have beer if not a full bar, music from a jukebox, and sometimes an arcade. In the mid-1980s, the company moved into other successful formats including delivery or carryout and the fast food "Express" model. #PizzaHut #GNAVTV
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Gotham Networks (3 days ago)
Two years after this video was made I got my first job in the pizza business it was a local joint all the pies were hand-tossed the ingredients were top-of-the-line the ovens were nothing special by today's standards. But again the pies were hand tossed and it was my job any given Saturday or Sunday to toss the dough in the tossing window that protruded into the street. I was asked to try to do it once and I was such a natural they never let me leave the window. Seeing the instructions around 9 minutes on to how to use that dough stretcher and not touch the dough oh my God come on, but then again their employees were not me. That's probably one of my better memories of my life being just as amazed myself as the people watching me I could spin that damn dough way up in the air and catch it so easily.
DREAM STORIES (7 hours ago)
I love these training videos. Prime has a lot of Sprocket Media compilations of old industrial films for anyone interested. Also, this is pretty well made compared to a lot I've seen. The campy tone, I love it. Reminds me of Punky Brewster.
Said XGames (14 hours ago)
Angie2343 (22 hours ago)
Almost every pizza place uses these techniques. :) Chuck E. Cheese's, Ledo, Papa John's, I could go on and on. And this video's making me hungry.
Danny Bondy (23 hours ago)
Anyone else on a training video montage? I've been watching these since I got home from work
MrdotIsaac (23 hours ago)
Pizza hut fairy dust? They've been doping me up this whole time? No wonder I always craved pizza.
TDTam11 (2 days ago)
12:59 What?!?
serene2681 (2 days ago)
The inside of a Pizza Hut smells better than their pizza tastes.
pintotheevil (3 days ago)
"This is the retarder" Me: nearly shoot juice out my nose...
RDmods (4 days ago)
Fairy dust, a mixture of: 1/2 tsp oregano 1/2 tsp basil 1/2 tsp garlic 1/2 tsp marjoram 1/2 cup of parmesan Use a spice or coffee grinder to make into a fine dust.
Angie2343 (23 hours ago)
I like to call it Pizza Pixie Dust.
Lord Kek (4 days ago)
i enjoy these videos because not only am I reliving my childhood, I had to watch them for my first jobs. where does the time go...
D. Davis (4 days ago)
No gloves🤔
Michael Velazquez (2 days ago)
Yeah because germs dont survive at 350 degrees, so we only wear gloves when the food is ready to serve
Yeah, that still stands today at Pizza Hut. We don’t wear gloves when we make pizza, we just wash our hands thoroughly before touching the uncooked food, and we are instructed to never touch cooked food with our hands. It’s only unsafe when touching cooked food.
Nishant B. (5 days ago)
wow in 1988 they were so professional and smart. No wonder pizza hut is no 1.
TuxKat (3 days ago)
Deez Titts (6 days ago)
There's Pizza's & there's Pizza's. Not so sure what these were but at 70 MPH down the freeway they made a great frisbee.
Kangamoo (7 days ago)
Having major flashbacks! Though we never weighed anything, we had scoops for almost everything to measure how much to put on, though our peppers where diced not sliced. We'd also count the pepperoni slices, that was fun. I know it's for training, but I'd top 50 pizzas in the time they took to do one, I hope she got faster :p
Rico Terrell (7 days ago)
That priazza stuffed pizza that should bring that back
So basically I comment anything and you’ll heart it
Christian Thom (7 days ago)
Were things this Wholesome in the 80's? ((Taking into consideration that it is a cheesy (ha, punny) training video))
Antony Manuel (8 days ago)
Seems easy she said. But really is not
Aditya Deshmukh (8 days ago)
She is so fake 12:47
Mister Euro (8 days ago)
They just don't make Pizza like they used to.
Suprapto Utomo (8 days ago)
Pin my comment.
JaMarcuss Johnson (9 days ago)
That's was when Pizza hut was the place to go on Saturday night
Christian Jimenez (9 days ago)
Does it even still work like this? Please answer ASAP because I have orientation at 2😂🤞🏽
the middle man (9 days ago)
People were so much nicer and patient in 1988
David Bradshaw (6 days ago)
The year I was born, hatched or assembled 😂
Cuphead And Mugman (9 days ago)
Do you heart any comment!!
Joniclem (10 days ago)
spec chart
Fortnite hot n ready (10 days ago)
Is he actually pinning comments
Joe Schneider (10 days ago)
Back when the pizza was actually good
Jon Doe (10 days ago)
I got the job and start soon so I need this 😂😂
Lysergicidal Maniac (10 days ago)
So. Fairy dust, huh? "Very careful about the number of shakes," she said, before malevolently bequeathing an avalanche of nine more shakes onto the casserole dish of a pizza
Jeremy Barrett (10 days ago)
"Fairy Dust"?
Jeremy Barrett (10 days ago)
This is like an episode of Full House.
Jim Mea (11 days ago)
I’m in on all the secrets now
Salvatore Tassone (11 days ago)
This is not a pizza. ....
Niko Bella-Khouf (3 days ago)
What's a real pizza like?
Jane Porter (13 days ago)
Very cool!
parveen kumar (13 days ago)
newbie will annoying me if I training her
Mark Biggs (13 days ago)
All this concern about "quality" but nothing about customer safety. I see no gloves.
Retro86 (10 days ago)
Well this was in 1988 and people and the media back then did not worry about the stuff they do today.
jeneta long (12 days ago)
Not all states require that you wear gloves there's alternative hand washing methods.I have food and safety as a manager and I've lived from Florida to New York so I know a little bit about a little bit
bossboi josh (14 days ago)
This person is still pinning and likeing comments
Black Buu (14 days ago)
Now a days Pizza Hut doest even have dine in no more
schmeltingaccident (14 days ago)
I was literally the only comment to not get a heart. Why?
Strife387 (14 days ago)
Who actually makes pizzas like that? Lol from what I've seen, they just throw everything on it. That pizza hut must have 1 customer at a time.
frank reza (14 days ago)
That was awesome
GNAV TV (14 days ago)
thx for watching
Finnick Rinzler (15 days ago)
Pizza Hut isn't the same anymore. Domino's is the best now.
spectreluna (16 days ago)
I like to think the new girl is being smarmy and sarcastic and the manager is just falling for it. It's wild to remember how Pizza Hut used to be. These days, it's rare to find a location that even has a dine-in option.
Javier Mendoza (17 days ago)
Yippee...fairy dust😁
Sam Papa (12 days ago)
You can't call it that now. You might offend someone these days lol.
a e (18 days ago)
I could have gone to dominos faster to get my pizza  then waiting on them to make it
None (18 days ago)
\/\//\R OLM (18 days ago)
i worked there in 1988. Never watched a training video
Max A. (12 days ago)
\/\//\R OLM What was it like to work at a job without your cell phone to distract you?
tinhinnh (18 days ago)
Trump’s rejected slogan: You’re makin’ it great”
leeko leeko (18 days ago)
Really helpful I’m 17 years old and I got a job interview on Monday at Pizza Hut
Moet Caccitore (12 days ago)
Wellll ????
meow bastard (14 days ago)
@leeko leeko that means you didn't get the job
leeko leeko (16 days ago)
Interview went good they said they will call back Wednesday if they are interested
leeko leeko (18 days ago)
🙏❤️thank you 💯
Moet Caccitore (18 days ago)
That was then. This is now. P H has been invaded and taken over by Alien Zombies from The planet Krypton. At the interview you'll enter a space time hole, and will be reprogrammed. You'll never be the same again.
SN Jagadeeswara (18 days ago)
Nice video
MJ (18 days ago)
It’s crazy to see how much has changed and how much hasn’t
bobby pierce (18 days ago)
No gloves😷
poonanny (18 days ago)
This is super cringy to me
Todd Stafford (19 days ago)
I can't believe I spent 17 minutes watching this...
Stefan Kirby (15 days ago)
If you turn it down to 0.5 speed, it takes twice as long. Recommended!
Beer Brewer (17 days ago)
Had to stop at 7 myself.
GNAV TV (18 days ago)
Thx for watching!!
Abigail Anderson (19 days ago)
The hats got worse.
Apfelkind4000 (19 days ago)
Rembers me of my Burger King training videos: Manager came in when we watched it, watched 5 minutes, told us: "If you ever do it that way, I will give you a warning notice!" 🤣
lloyd neal (19 days ago)
the trainee was in the beginning of Nightmare on Elm Street 2😂
V M (19 days ago)
Who else wanted to smack the employee?
SoFl Bapper (19 days ago)
cool video! pizza hut thin crust pepperoni is all time and so was 1988
Broly27 (19 days ago)
Why would they cut a pizza for them they can do it them damn selves
awsome dude (19 days ago)
Don’t know why I watched the whole video but now I’m going to order a pizza! 🍕
GNAV TV (18 days ago)
Thank you for watching!! GNAV TV
Jason Gregg (19 days ago)
My cousin worked there in like 1983. Had the exact dough recipe down to the temperature of the water to add to the flour..long since lost it..but it was the real recipe and it was great 😂
Shags (20 days ago)
like my comment?
Lol you know they don’t check the crust they probably just put it in the box that’s it.
Grimz (20 days ago)
Dough master
Cats Pjs (20 days ago)
In my recommend feed for what idk but I’m glad I’m here. The blonde looks like Kate Hudson. Also Pizza Hut should watch this again cause their food is trash now lol
Ethan Merbaum (20 days ago)
Fairy Dust AKA Cheese Spice and MSG!!
bstone_18 (21 days ago)
Remember you touched everything so don't use any gloves
SubscriberDXTM (19 days ago)
@Brendon Behlers that's the secret ingredient lol 👀
Brendon Behlers (20 days ago)
bstone_18 All part of “MAKIN IT GREAT!”™️
Ryan Eglinton (21 days ago)
Why did I just watch the whole thing
Skittles 23 (21 days ago)
I fr jus started working at Pizza Hut like a month ago💀
Preston Thugman (21 days ago)
Hmm don’t know why this was in my suggestions but, I watched it, I don’t know why. This is back when they made the best pizza/foods.
Preston Thugman (10 days ago)
Sébastien Levesque I agree. I do like a lil grease tho. I love a bit of greasy foods. Yes, I ordered pizza yesterday, instant stomach pain. Sigh.
Sébastien Levesque (19 days ago)
@Preston Thugman now a single bite induces explosive diarrhea instantly. It's so god damn greasy
Preston Thugman (20 days ago)
GNAV TV 👍🏽 thanks for posting.
GNAV TV (21 days ago)
Thx for your viewership!! Thx GNAV TV
UncleGweilo (21 days ago)
BEST: Basic Effectiveness Skills Training. I left Pizza Hut back in 2000. I reckon I could still go into a store and make a batch of thin and pan dough, sauce, and all the fixings on the make table from memory.
Shark Tails (21 days ago)
my mum use to work in pizza hut when i was a kid about 30 yrs ago :)
Ryan Oliver (21 days ago)
I can't stop watching this!
Ryan Oliver (21 days ago)
"I like that!"
Matthew Sipper (21 days ago)
She didn’t zero out the scale when measuring green peppers
I remember the pizza hut restaurant in Rialto,California on foothill st my grandpa use to take me there u would sit and order and there would be a over head light with the pizza hut logo and we will always get a pitcher of soda man those were my Saturdays to bad they closed it down. That was in 95 or 96
ashley95126 (22 days ago)
Why am i even watching this?
ShowNoMercy (21 days ago)
ashley95126 ummm sorry for assuming hehehe
ashley95126 (21 days ago)
@ShowNoMercy no I wasn't.
ShowNoMercy (22 days ago)
ashley95126 cus you’re hungry!!
Becky LG (23 days ago)
Thank you for the fun facts and video!
The Survivor (23 days ago)
lol so tacky.
Mad Max (23 days ago)
Thanks for this video. I will now be slicing up portions and reposting it in YouTube videos wherein I will sexually degrade the actresses and mock the quality of their acting skills as is my way.
The Survivor (23 days ago)
JOHN SALAZAR (23 days ago)
I snort fairy dust since 1983 (FALSE)
Equinox (23 days ago)
Ahh 80s so wholesome...love it ❤️
Purefoldnz (23 days ago)
Two spoons of sauce are for closers.
Danny Nixdorff (23 days ago)
I think the people in Battlefield Earth were better actors than these two.
Nick Duplantis (23 days ago)
I wish my local Pizza Hut would watch this.
Kyle K (24 days ago)
Lmfao wish I took a pic of the pizza I got from the hut the other night
Lance Rubin (22 days ago)
"the hut", LOL
Andrew M (24 days ago)
Boring. The Wendy’s training video was a lot better.
CannibalCowboy51 (24 days ago)
@0:58 And tasting how .....blip..... delicious it is.
JohnGamingFuntime (24 days ago)
"Delicious Pan Pizza and delicious Thin n Crispy Pizza.What more could a customer want?" Delicious Stuff Crust pizza.Which i have a very unhealthy addiction to because of how good they are....thanks Pizza Hut
theaussiegunnut (25 days ago)
I make my own pizza as well as the dough and sauce now. Got sick of topping stinginess by franchise pizza shops and over sweet sauce.
Robert (25 days ago)
I swear 95% of this comment section is "Why is this in my recommended?" or "Why did I watch the whole thing?"
swampykeane (22 days ago)
Both entirely reasonable questions which I demand the answers to.
freeman239 (25 days ago)
Hey I ordered a Pizza from them in 1988 and it just arrived, do I get a free pizza because it was over 30 minutes?
Blitz Boy (25 days ago)
the fairy dust is tricking MSG
Srt4 Milo (25 days ago)
No one: ... Youtube: 80's pizza hut training video!
derekspace (25 days ago)
And that is a part of my history. I never worked at one but that was a first date place to eat...when you are 15. I'm old. Back then it was semi dark, you had your own table overhead light, you sit down, waiter took your order, and then brought you the pizza. Cozy and romantic...those days are gone. Still is really good pizza. BTW, I read the description and love the history. Guys, keep it family friendly!
NearLife4life (23 days ago)
you can still find that ambiance at Round Table Pizza if you have one near you
those intimate booths were awesome back in the day
Blueevoy_6000 (25 days ago)
No gloves 😖
Dane Berryman (18 days ago)
Plus it's being cooked
Mike Nica (21 days ago)
I guess people didn't have their hands in their rear back then

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