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Barack Obama jokes about Hillary Clinton's drunk texts

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Barack Obama jokes about his Secretary of State drunk texting him in a speech to the White House Correspondent's Association dinner. Report by Sophie Foster. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/itn and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/itn
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Text Comments (41)
Brenda Clark (7 months ago)
I personaly don’t like obama but this is funny
IRON60 BITCH (1 year ago)
For president joking about text messages who knows he could be present when he did this you never shut his goddamn mouth
EJSFilms2K (5 years ago)
Obama sucks donkey balls.
Michael Timmons (5 years ago)
All this good shit for us? You entitlement POS.
Michael Timmons (5 years ago)
LOL you still feel that way??? boooooo
Pacman the God (5 years ago)
Far from that. I don't even vote but we have had way worse. Bush had thousands of our troops killed in two countries that did not have bin laden in them. Not to mention the 1 million civilians killed.
me373 (5 years ago)
ever notice how the absolute STUPIDEST most MORONIC people in the world are the ones that use filthy language? too dumb to think of actual words to say.
A W C (5 years ago)
Black people always pulling the race card. It's getting old. Can't you find a new excuse?
A W C (5 years ago)
I'd hate him if he was white...
Ally Andrews (6 years ago)
thanks. Im a girl actually, and I'm pretty straight.
lindabebe835 (6 years ago)
Ally Andrews (6 years ago)
Like we rlly care about some stupid drunk texts, these people are the ones ruling over us? There's gonna be serious riots breaking out soon.
Ally Andrews (6 years ago)
ikr, this is freaking ridiculous...I didnt rlly like any of the candidates this yr, and now Obama is seeming more horrific after his first four yrs. I cant even vote tho, lol.
Tayler Hope (6 years ago)
he killed osama bin laden in just 3 years, hes entertaining and hes nice, i dont know what more you want, people have been trying to kill osama for so long and he did it, he actually did it omg
thefinalfrontier1701 (6 years ago)
Oh please, not the race card again. Are you on food stamps or social security? I'm not. I try to AVOID welfare. I want a job, and thanks to the obamanation, unemployment is now at 25% in my state making it insanely difficult to find one.
gnrepetova (6 years ago)
Screw everything else... I saw George Clooney.
MrMakeme5000 (6 years ago)
If Hillory Clinton didnt get the carpet pulled out from under her feet by her own party, she would not be running on empty like Obama is doing now,and we as a country would be better off.
lindabebe835 (6 years ago)
He jokes and states of sec of state is writes drunk texts. real classy.
Beanie Pittbull (6 years ago)
What a Con Artist, End Of Story.!
Tyrone Norwood Jr (6 years ago)
The man did all this good shit for us, y'all hate him because he is black
slugcharmer (6 years ago)
LOL. Terrorist? I can tell you're from South.
slugcharmer (6 years ago)
Thank you!!!
slugcharmer (6 years ago)
He was joking - they're friends. Wow - sensitive, much? And he was a kid, relax.
PRESlDENT OBAMA (6 years ago)
slugcharmer (6 years ago)
No he isn't. You need a lesson in history.
slugcharmer (6 years ago)
So you never make fun of your friends?
slugcharmer (6 years ago)
LOL. You're deluded if you think he's going to win.
Justin Howell (6 years ago)
That's Harsh.
Justin Howell (6 years ago)
Hmm, let's see 1. He extended Medicare until 2024 2. He cut 700 Billion Dollars in Wasteful Spending 3. He has created millions of new jobs 4. He has helped millions of people with the Affordable Care Act 5. He stopped the immediate deportation of young immigrants who were brought into the country illegally at an age young enough that they had no idea what was going on.
jayhawker53 (6 years ago)
obama shouldn't talk about clinton's drunk texts when he used pot and cocaine.
shihouka (6 years ago)
Supreme Elohim and the Mormon Jesus will both help Mitt win against Obama!
77lherman (6 years ago)
Hillary please ,leave the bottle,you can't work drunk.
Jonathan Shroyer (6 years ago)
Obama 2012! Hillary 2016!
2dogarage (6 years ago)
Oh yeah, it's all very funny...
CoffeCat (6 years ago)
OMG!! I thought all politicans were boring
painterinoil (6 years ago)
Unfit to be a leader a huge embarrassment for Americans!!!
Nomoreidsleft (6 years ago)
Think it's a good idea to make fun of people who are supposed to have your back, Obama? Would they take a bullet for you now?
ianboonmusic (6 years ago)
peoples lives, economy, education, taxes, wars being faught, "terrorist attacks", the jobless......glad to see they got it all under control! just a barrel of laughs over at the white house!
MrMeaty727 (6 years ago)
I hope KIm Kardashian understood the joke.
Whitney Pyant (6 years ago)
@1:02 right behind George Clooney is that the guy from Glee
Capt_Kaplan (6 years ago)
HAHAAHAH awesomê

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