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The Try Guys Sexy Alcohol Taste Test

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Text Comments (8976)
milkypea (2 hours ago)
3:32 that tilt is weirdly hot, why does eugene make everything look hot this is unfair
DD Zamora (12 hours ago)
Eugene went down on Zach so quick 😂
Mexii (1 day ago)
This is the worst blowjob I’ve ever gotten
kali ann (1 day ago)
Zach: "It's too big for my tiny little mouth,I couldn't breathe!" -a virgin gay joke
kali ann (1 day ago)
4:09 a classic virgin gay moment XD
RapidRaccoon Vlogs (1 day ago)
Remember Zack spitters are quitters
Katherine Robison (1 day ago)
Why does Eugene say "one day" after the toast to "zach's tiny effable body" tho? Like. Eugene.
Mary Morra (2 days ago)
Spiters are quiters
Hanaw Ali (2 days ago)
Reviews with Food (2 days ago)
My video paused to load at 3:33 and...Zagene is real xD
Ivy Blacklake (2 days ago)
This is one of my favorite youtube videos 😂
carlee saunders (2 days ago)
That is definitely how I would picture sex with Zack sloppy,ok, not the best ever but it was fun while it last and it was fun to laugh with him over how he f*cked up f*cking.
tot xgelacht (2 days ago)
4:11 "This is the worst blow job I´ve ever gotten" OMG ALL THESE FANTASIES!!! EUGENE PLEASE I´M UNDERAGE
tot xgelacht (2 days ago)
okay can you guys do the "Body Shot" once again, but with Eugene this time? It´d be called "Cum Shot For Everyone" then instead
Hiruko Winter (3 days ago)
"Did you put your sex in my drink, Eugene?"
I demand a part tWO
Tiffani Spivey (3 days ago)
Poor Eugene got so much hair with his body shot 🤢
Brandi Barnhart (3 days ago)
Omg I am laughing so hard I am crying and almost spit water on my computer during the blow job shot
Ellä Dünhäm (3 days ago)
4:13 *omggggg*
Bex Leach (3 days ago)
Ugh I love them so much
Snickeldoodie (3 days ago)
Zack: I noticed that yours is girthier than mine Eugene: looks at camera and smirks
4:12 ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ ɪ ᴅɪᴇᴅ x-x 😂
atomic soda (3 days ago)
this is by far the funniest try guys video ever!!!
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn (4 days ago)
Zach: Eugene, did you floss this morning? Eugene: *gags* Ned: Who flosses in the morning? Eugene: *still looking like he's about to projectile vomit* He's making a joke about his hair. Keith: *watching in amusement*
Smokey Gonzalez (4 days ago)
3:59 " open your mouth bigger "
Tuberperson Guy (4 days ago)
There were so many moments with Eugene and zach that I just wanted to yell out "that's what she said!!!!"
Heyy_itz_Faith Rose (4 days ago)
Ok are we not going to talk about how Keith goes, " to zachs tiny fuckable body" AND EUGENE GOES "someday" SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK
Silver Pie (5 days ago)
I watched the part where Zach spits on eugene like 12 times
BTS X ARMY (5 days ago)
Im laughing so *hard* rn
Kat Minnick (5 days ago)
I laughed so hard at Zach
YALIKEJAZZ (5 days ago)
They should of done it off of eugen or Ned
Mellor pitso (5 days ago)
"It was too big for my little mouth I couldn't breath". 😂😂😂😂
Mellor pitso (5 days ago)
Eugenes voice
Dore1992 (6 days ago)
Lmaooo i always cry when i watch this one
Random Person (6 days ago)
I love how it needs to be clarified that “Yes, this is how you’re supposed to do this.” Twice.
Chiiva (6 days ago)
There's actually so many bad germs in your belly button and after touching it, you should wash your hands with soap and I'm regretting watching him drink it from the belly button.
ib_ myra (7 days ago)
Is anyone gonna address eugune saying 'one day' in the end because odsboavsoavsosv
chief 1 redwolf (7 days ago)
Present your bodies as a living sacrifice wholly and acceptable as unto the Lord
Leah .D (7 days ago)
Bellybuttons are so gross, especially if one has a closed bellybutton and stuff builds up. I would never do a bellybutton shot
i love the thumbnail lmao
Brooklynn Marie (8 days ago)
Eugene’s laugh is great😂
Fatme Kamaleddine (8 days ago)
Eugene did not say that this is the worst blowjob he has ever gotten😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zoe Grant (8 days ago)
Alysha Allen (8 days ago)
I think l watched this with my mouth open the whole time Haha so funny!!
sweet doll (9 days ago)
Kristyna Polodna (9 days ago)
Eugene XD hes just relaxed leaning back like "yeah I do this all the time"
Matt King (10 days ago)
"This drink will get you FUCKED UP!"-Eugene, coming from an alcoholic😂😂
RAPTURE World (10 days ago)
If you close your eyes and listen to Zack and Eugene part. Sounds exactly like a porno
Shann D (10 days ago)
Keith: “to Zack’s tiny fuckable body” Eugene: *laughs* “ahh... one day”.
Desiree Jarvis (11 days ago)
Eugene is always the main person when it comes to alcohol
Garycato 101 (11 days ago)
4:12 and 5:39 though 🤣🤣🤣
Thinkbeforeclick Dude (12 days ago)
What's the song used starting at 3:25?
malane qi (12 days ago)
Amanda Fitzwater (12 days ago)
Now that we all know that Zack is a spitter....haha! 😂😂😂❤❤❤ I damn near fell off my couch laughing!!! That seriously made the whole video!!! And Eugene with his dry snarkiness just was the cherry on top!!! 😂😂😂😂 Love all you guys!!
Christine Van Eeden (13 days ago)
Zack...so sorry but u should learn to swallo 😂
Devil Girl Plays (13 days ago)
Ellacheese333 (14 days ago)
I'm watching this a 3am I can't breathe 😂😂😂
RirixMoon YT (14 days ago)
I would drink tequila off of Eugene
Shelby Logan (15 days ago)
Why is Ned the funniest drunk person I've ever seen?
Lucid dreams ღ (15 days ago)
That tastes just like grandma 😂😂😂😂
Binou Sakho (15 days ago)
I LOVE Zach 😍😍
Ruki blackheart (16 days ago)
I died i laughed to death
Zel Samson (16 days ago)
I lost it when Zach started gagging! 😂
SmileyInk (16 days ago)
6:14 Keith: "To Zach's tiny, fuckable body!" Eugene: " _One day~_ "
Jordan Lynn (16 days ago)
Keith is me 5:52
Chimer Z2 (16 days ago)
Madziclz ;-; (16 days ago)
Zack leaves drunk😂
lord potato (18 days ago)
Eugene is like the rick of liquor. (Rick and morty btw)
alexplier works (18 days ago)
To Zach's tiny fuckable body
Kate Barton (18 days ago)
I love Zach and Eugene during the blowjob shot, and now I ship them
RadioCKat (18 days ago)
this is uncomfortably sexual
Keya Gupta (18 days ago)
4:11 IM *W H E E Z I N G*
courtney jackson (18 days ago)
Did anyone else notice how bro like ned and keith were
Katherine Schultz (18 days ago)
I challenge you to swallow with your mouth open...
SVT Wings (18 days ago)
I’m pretty sure my left lung just exploded from laughing so hard! 🤣🤣🤣
Angela Lagdameo (19 days ago)
I’m seriously wondering if they’re gay or not....
[insert name here] (20 days ago)
Oh yeah! I’m blowin your job
Terri Colton (20 days ago)
Euguene did not hesitate getting down in Zachs crotch area. And we all remember the friendship DNA video😏😏
Ziven Sugianto (20 days ago)
Eugene is anime in real life
Michelle Marie (21 days ago)
this proves how straight zach is
Rachel Spellman (21 days ago)
0:47 Ned: Tries to say a quick one liner about a Sex on the Beach Keith: Hold my fruity sex drink I love this moment so much 😂
Jackie spomer (21 days ago)
Did anyone here Eugene say 'one day' after they toasted? XD
veggiesaremurder (21 days ago)
I keep replaying 1:49. 😂😂😂 I can't stop!!!
Flolol (21 days ago)
I laughed tears because of Zachs Blowjob 😂
MagicalMarsss RBLX (24 days ago)
When Zach spat everything out i thought he puked on Eugene and started laughing so hard a cried
MagicalMarsss RBLX (24 days ago)
*mmmm that tastes just like gramma*
Boni (24 days ago)
"that taste just like grandma"
Mackers 4897 (24 days ago)
4:12 I legit Died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rogério De Aguiar (24 days ago)
*that tastes just like grandma*
tina kiehn (25 days ago)
Damnit Zach you don't spit you swallow like a man
Liva Rask (25 days ago)
Well.... you can tell who's NOT gay I'm looking at you Zach
mari reverend (26 days ago)
Zach's a spitting quitter
Ryan Shaw (26 days ago)
Can we just have a raffle for one of the subscribers to go on a date with Eugene... or no?
Nina3491 (27 days ago)
Oh man. This made me ship Eugene x Zach even more. Hahaha! Keith and Ned were having a somewhat normal time during the “Blow Job” time. They were off in their own little world. The two of them completely unaware of what hilarious thing was going on with Eugene and Zach.
Dayla Walker (27 days ago)
I love how Keith and Ned are wearing the same shirt but in different colors
Cool Kat (27 days ago)
“dude this tastes just like a nipple.” “ yeah I know” “I know I know” “yeah yeah” “YEAH IVE TASTED NIPPLE” uhm. alright.
Jessika16 LW (27 days ago)
This video left me saying WTF.....
Desiree Marshall (29 days ago)
Best video ever😂
Xantall Farwood (29 days ago)
I couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes. Oh Gods that was great!
mollypop (29 days ago)
eugene’s blow job drink was too smooth...

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