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LOLITA FASHION POWER over the world | 世界のロリータファッション女子力

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KAWAII♥PATEEN Report The LOLITA POWER & Lolita voices with Misako Aoki, official Lolita Fashion Kawaii Ambassador - ロリータパワー - ロリータたちの声 - 青木美沙子のサイン会 - お茶会- - Misako’s visit to France, tea party/parties, Putumayo and Angelic Pretty pop up shop in Paris, voices of Japanese and French lolita girls. Misako Aoki is known for flying all over the world promoting lolita fashion. She is a fashion model from the magazine KERA and the official model of the lolita fashion brand BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. She works as a nurse inbetween her modeling and lolita brand producing activities, and released a new book in Spring, which photoshooting video can be seen here, including interviews : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waoNw9Od9QA — Tokyo Street Fashion KAWAII♥PATEEN _Have fun with Fashion!_ Everything kawaii, Street fashion snaps, makeup tutorials and reports on fashion events in TOKYO!! On Facebook with tons of photos : https://www.facebook.com/Tokyo.Street.Fashion.KAWAII.PATEEN Official site : http://waoryu.jp
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Text Comments (47)
Sara de jesus santos (1 month ago)
Aya Sato (3 years ago)
does anyone know the brand for the Disney pieces like the snow white dress misako was wearing?
Jialen Baluran (3 years ago)
This Los Angeles (LA) girl gonna be a lolita soon. YAAY! :)
Myteenaqebloq Youtube (3 years ago)
I'm really into Lolita but I don't have the confidence to wear it because I live in Mississippi and we don't have anything like that here.
silk screens (2 years ago)
Myteenaqebloq Youtube don't worry about it! I live in Latin America and I stand out like heck but it's still super fun when you wear it. Be brace and wear what you like ^^
Logan Schenk (3 years ago)
Why America why? Why must we consist of white girls and crop tops?!?! (Yes I know there are other fashion styles here but I just stating what I see the most)
silk screens (2 years ago)
Logan Schenk there are tones of lolitas in America! Just look and you'll find them
Seiko (3 years ago)
これ見たら、どれだけ田舎の子が大人たちのあらゆることに規制され干渉され続けているか。 とても窮屈に感じるのかもしれないね、世間体が、近所が、人の目がうるさくて。 私もこういった格好には全く興味ないけど、好きなようにやってもいい気がする。 ま、環境が許さないこともかなりあるのかもしれないけどね。 本当 監視干渉とかって うざいよね。いちいちうるさいんだからまいっちゃうよ。 気に入らなければ、足引っ張りまくるくらいだし。本当面倒、束縛系って。
Erin Dolman (4 years ago)
Vladimir Nabokov...wrote the novel "Lolita" in the 50's. This is where the term "Lolita" comes from. This look is anything but coy and harmless, read the novel folks, it was far from a fairy tale.
Ender-Chan (3 years ago)
+Erin Dolman The fashion has nothing to do with the novel.
Ellie Angelic (3 years ago)
+Erin Dolman I have read Nabokov's "Lolita", as well as seen both movie adaptations. And It is quite an interesting piece of literary. But I must point out, that the Japanese Fashion and the books/movie are not connected. For all they share is a name. People who dress in Japanese Lolita Fashion and "Nymphets"; They are two entirely different subcultures.
Cat Cow (4 years ago)
lolita fashion is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kawaii.
MsSunhappy (4 years ago)
so cute!!!
kenia sanchez (4 years ago)
Im Lolita too, in my city is really a new thing here, I am part of a group recently created for tea parties and enjoying others lolitas here, thanks for the video :) is good to know the community all over the world is growing , is exciting . Actually my mom and I have a little "atelier" where we create Lolita outfits even pretty cute clothes for little girls :)
KAWAII PATEEN (4 years ago)
+kenia sanchez Thank you for the comment. Nice to hear you are not only wearing but also making lolita clothes! Keep up spreading the fun!
Azriel *Azraela* (4 years ago)
Kawaii!! :3
ilse vijfschaft (4 years ago)
Such a wonderful video ^_^ i almost cried <3
ilse vijfschaft (4 years ago)
Woow jaa *-* haha , wat leuk een nederlandse lolita tegen te komen !
Sanincha (4 years ago)
Ook een Nederlandse lolita?!?! =3
Tessa Hill (4 years ago)
Why do they always say "little GIRL"? I know plenty of little boys who want to dress like that, but their parents won't allow it......
KAWAII PATEEN (4 years ago)
+Tessa Hill In fact we prepare a lolita makeup tutorial for boys, stay tuned!  And you're right, in fact there ARE male lolitas, a very good example is in this video (the image of the thumbnail is a guy)   20 GORGEOUS LOLITA fashion SNAPS 2014 Spring | KAWAII♥PATEEN Report            
Yui Chan (4 years ago)
0:30 omg thts the cinderella lolita tht i luv X3
Diana Miaou (4 years ago)
Si quelqu'un veut s'habiller comme il le veut, il faut quand même le respecter ! malheureusement en France, les gens n'ont toujours pas compris...:'(
Makichan63 (4 years ago)
Effectivement :( et c'est dommage car du coup je ne peux porter du lolita que pr des conventions c'est enervant surtout quand on veut evoluer dedans!!!! Enfin je fais bien quelques sorties avec des amies habillee aussi en lolita mais bon c'est dir car les gens parlent de nous mechament ds notre dos en croyant qu'on les entend pas ...(mis a pars les mamies qui viennent nous faire quelques compliments!)
Jinebu-chan (4 years ago)
I'm from Morocco , and it's impossible for me to wear what i like ! Even when you wear something light in kawaiiness , you'll get bad critics !
Sanincha (4 years ago)
+Jinebu-chan Maybe you can find some lolita friends from Morocco online on facebook for example. It makes it a lot easier if you stand together as a group wearing what you like and gives you the courage to keep wearing it.
Lucy Wright (4 years ago)
I sent u a friend request
Lucy Wright (4 years ago)
how old r u actually? :3
Lucy Wright (4 years ago)
I'm also from morocco,and I know what you mean,I also want to wear lolita clothes, and ... I think I will because I don't care what others think about me,maybe you should do that too! :)
Jinebu-chan (4 years ago)
+Nixil Noxal thank you for your answer !but i'm still sensitive ! I can't help feeling bad in front of people who are critisising my look ! I think I have to work my mental capacity to ignore people lol !! anyway i'm glad i've found someone like you to advise me , so thank you so much for your help !
Rose Gold (4 years ago)
Loli Power !
SaurusRahwr (4 years ago)
Im now at the beginning to be a Lolita. I already have a cute dress with accesoires... but i have no where to wear it '3' for a everyday outfit its a bit too unconfotable... so... nahhh
Sanincha (4 years ago)
You can also just take it easy begin step by step and you will get there. Only thing I'm not wearing it to and which I wouldn't reconmend is high school. Otherwise it's just a nice thing to wear the way you like it. Me myself used to feel really awkward in it at the beginning too until I got used to it.. now I also have to say I'd prefer wearing sweet lolita over gothic though gothic is more well known and common.. I feel better in it because it fits me the best and I think you can find the style that fits the best for you also. It makes it easier too if you could find some lolita girls living close to you online on facebook for example, you're German right? Cause I know enough German girls who wear lolita so you should be able to find them.. And always remember you stand stronger together, like I made lolita friends and they gave me a lot of courage to keep doing and wearing what I like. Good luck from a Dutch lolita girl! ♥ 
Hotbabe1118 (4 years ago)
+NikaSaurusRahwr Oh, achso :D Sonst hät ich dir das jetzt noch vorgeschlagen :'D
SaurusRahwr (4 years ago)
+Hotbabe1118 war ich mal, war mir aber zu kompliziert :P
Hotbabe1118 (4 years ago)
+NikaSaurusRahwr Great, hehe, I'm from germany too! ^-^ Bist du bei Dunkelsuess angemeldet?
SaurusRahwr (4 years ago)
+Hotbabe1118 im already searching... '^' i live in germany
SugaryFantasyCandy (4 years ago)
I live in Uk, Lolita communities here are wonderful, and sweet, Lolita is the thing which keeps me happy ^u^
Areisha Reyes (4 years ago)
I want those kind of stores in Mexico! TT___TT I LOVE Lolita Fashion! 
Rei Lark (4 years ago)
You can buy stuff online you know ^.^
cldcollector (4 years ago)
I'm not into Lolita fashion personally, but I love that it's given girls and women the opportunity to express themselves creatively. I also love the solidarity among Lolita girls. I can't stand people who refer to it as a kind of self-imposed infantilization. People who say that honestly have no understanding of the subculture and how empowering it can be. Keep being awesome, ladies!
Chase Carus (4 years ago)
Thank you so much! That's so nice of you to say, there needs to be more people out there like you <3
Irendira Medina (4 years ago)
i love lolita fashion <3 !!

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