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Text Comments (2098)
pvczkovski bug (9 months ago)
Katy Rhiane (10 months ago)
Play Nunu pls
red deadheart (1 year ago)
First time I played ranked all of mg team told me to uninstall league and kms
Marek (1 year ago)
that rdeq combo tho
Angcool Bob (1 year ago)
Teach me how to do that its insane
Meyan Flores (1 year ago)
Nb3 what is your name in lol
tvang112 (1 year ago)
Did you tried lethality yi before not sure.
Nicodim Daneil (1 year ago)
music min 2:00 pls !!
Nicodim Daneil (1 year ago)
music min 2:00 pls !!
CESUR COCUK (1 year ago)
Ahmet Kaan Öz (1 year ago)
demi amk orospu çocugu iyiy oynuyr ama
Nicholas Seminara (1 year ago)
Nightblue3 can you list the build in the desc on all your vids
stephen parker (1 year ago)
he never tells what he uses for runes masteries. its a secret
Azra Demirezer (1 year ago)
lisis buit ,
Chemical Oof (1 year ago)
Ice Cubed (2 years ago)
My name is Hafri123
Ice Cubed (2 years ago)
Can you gift me a project yas
Ice Cubed (2 years ago)
Nb3 help
Victor Leandrozoka (2 years ago)
1:44 música?
Matthew Dumalag (2 years ago)
You need to buy static
BENDONGAN ML (2 years ago)
pls try this build for master yi its my build static,ie,phantom, bloodthurst,brk,triedge or burserkgreaves pls try this build i want to see someone who is good at playing this game use my build
Rolando Fernandez (2 years ago)
what runes and masteries do you use
Garen Demacia (2 years ago)
What do you call when a guard is outside the sam sung store? Guardians of the Galaxy
jaka ljubec (2 years ago)
You are my friend! :D
Krhyss Naing (2 years ago)
that item is my jungle item too
Captain Jack (2 years ago)
song name at 1:00?
Nicolas Gargar Reluya (2 years ago)
Nightblue3 what is your mastery and the rune of your master yi
we have the same yi build..
Laxus Dreyar (2 years ago)
what a joke master yi is point and click
Huy Vn (2 years ago)
Anas Boulouiha (2 years ago)
the stuff what is its name matre yi ?
David4K (2 years ago)
can u tell me ur build ? i just dont understand with logos.
Gus Sion (1 year ago)
David4K static shiv,maw,phantom,bloodthirst,infinity edge 😺
Soul Eater (2 years ago)
that is Silencee DGAF build, Otp master yi, at least give credits
Jakob Thude (2 years ago)
Holly atack speed
Jv Portigo (2 years ago)
clubbry (2 years ago)
Dude check out my vid to see how its really played
Kiwi (2 years ago)
Yi is dead too many nerf no ones play Yi anymore ppl play the newer champ lol
Mandeep Singh (2 years ago)
song at 6:40?
Silver UwU (2 years ago)
Aquablue4 x3
Mr. Bones (2 years ago)
attack speed yi is best yi
Ulrik Székely (2 years ago)
0:01-0:05 song pls
Trying to properly learn Master Yi I will be practicing him in customs (Cause I somehow suck at Master Yi atm) w the rest of my characters to get better along w norms
Kobayashi (2 years ago)
FuZe (2 years ago)
don't say nightblue say senpai
YourTypical Joe (2 years ago)
Everytime I think about dat boiii, i picture nb3 on a unicycle LOL
Ray ray (2 years ago)
also's love watching your games nightblue i;m killstray on twitch and i always watch when i can :)
redreed77 (2 years ago)
nb3 used to be good. now he just smurfs in gold lol
cam chase (2 years ago)
What items did you use?
CESAR FABAN s.m (2 years ago)
runess y maestries plisss
Unknown Truth (2 years ago)
ma fav [email protected] youtuber for league ever!
Noah Arreola (2 years ago)
what's the build?
Noah Arreola (2 years ago)
CheezyNachos thx bro
CheezyNachos (2 years ago)
His build looks a lot like Silencee's build. First you get hunter's machete and refillable potion, then stalkers but do not upgrade it, then tier 1 boots, then an infinity edge, then a phantom dancer, then a bloodthirster, then a statikk shiv, then a death's dance, then a lord dominik's regards. Sell the stalkers and boots around mid to late game to buy other items. You can replace death's dance with mercurial scimitar if they have cc. Remember to use elixir of wrath too when you have your full build
Ajay Bagalkot (2 years ago)
what was the build T_T!? and how tf you get blue essence :(
Mur (2 years ago)
I don't believe phantom dancer and shiv are AD items. you might be incorrectly informed nightblue.
Elioanora Müller (2 years ago)
master yi lv 5 to 6 yesterday :)
hung coctuan (2 years ago)
redreed77 (2 years ago)
I think NB3 should play on his main account instead of smurfs constantly lul
Kiwi (2 years ago)
Mhm my Master Yi Build is better and im not even level 30 with 394 AD 2.1 Attack speed 470 Movement speed including killing cloud dragon 100% crit Plus Runes and Masteries
MjGuimba Guimba (2 years ago)
In 6:11 nb3 say take him in the fucking town O.o
Marlon Dykier (2 years ago)
how is the song called which starts at 1:43?
Daniel Budney (2 years ago)
The keys to this build are focusing CDR, and maxing E first. Your Ult gives you a big bump to ms + as, but the more bonus ms and bonus as you have, the less of a % difference your ult makes. However, getting your CDR above 30% and maxing your E means your E is pretty much always ready, and that's 30 - 70 bonus true damage per swing. Your ult will also have a cooldown less than 30 seconds late-game, so it will be up for every single fight. Black Cleaver into Death's Dance is a simpler path (W through the bleed at the end), but Essence Reaver into IE can give you crazy results if you like living on the edge. Don't forget to stop Q at 3 dots and switch to maxing E, though.
Milen Dragomirov (2 years ago)
Song around 2:30 ?
Samurai Keks (2 years ago)
Samurai Keks (2 years ago)
I have a stronger ad Build
TreeUnderYourBed (2 years ago)
that ksi lol
Rey Gajilomo (2 years ago)
kassadin plssss
Otaku Anime (2 years ago)
Chúng ta khong thuộc ve nhau
Kɨɴg ANDI (2 years ago)
whats the song at 1:03
khaled saud (2 years ago)
PLease just PLay full infinty age at MAliphite OPPPPPP
Ahmed Badawi (2 years ago)
he drink alot of drugs
JustAangingAround (2 years ago)
i like when kids watch your stream to see were you are so they will call themselfs pro fukers
raphael football (2 years ago)
were are the runes?
raphael football (2 years ago)
were are the runes?
SexyPanGamer (2 years ago)
song at 1:00
mr. Gassadh (2 years ago)
your the best youtuber in the world
xG3nna. ™ (2 years ago)
Song 2:00 ?
Megalobst,UMU (2 years ago)
anime 3:10 someone??
Piglet Heroes (2 years ago)
what is the items he used for this build pls tell
dots dots (2 years ago)
What is the song name at 1:52 please reply
Endervelt (2 years ago)
what's the anime at 3.11?
Reaper Blood (2 years ago)
52 sec music name pls
Reaper Blood (2 years ago)
okey guys i got it xd
Ryan Sequeira (2 years ago)
NB3 your my second favourite friend after harambe
Kiwi (2 years ago)
what the song that start at 0:00
mais - 18 (2 years ago)
what is music 1:00?
League of Balanced (2 years ago)
it is ten percent weeb it is twenty percent boosted fifteen percent kappa five percent XiaoWeiXiao and a hundred percent for the [email protected]
vis arden (2 years ago)
What is the song in the backgrond at 1:58? i know i have heard it before but cant remember the name of it
KitsuneChaos18 (2 years ago)
One does not simply 3v1 a fed Yi
Kaykaykay (2 years ago)
anyone know the anime at 1:47??? plsss
SamtheClam (2 years ago)
Take my virjhinity senpai
farouk dz (2 years ago)
Name Music at 2:00 please
Makoto Yamada (2 years ago)
I do it, it was other build but it works. surr at 20:33 so freeelo :D thx you dude
Chawizard (2 years ago)
Silly Nightblue there are only TWO genders..
konradi7 (2 years ago)
best moment "how to get daimond"
Mr.Fr0sty (2 years ago)
this is what we build in philippines
BestJinxNA (2 years ago)
night blue 3 is s++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Joey Sukhi (2 years ago)
does he say pop a molly im sweatin?
darkside924 (2 years ago)
what anime 4:47
Nachos Tacos (2 years ago)
darkside924 sooooo late. its toradora
darkside924 (2 years ago)
what anime 3:08
darkside924 (2 years ago)
1:47 what anime?
Michael Choi (2 years ago)
NB3, is that a crit build? I'm interested in item build.
Fari Alghifari (2 years ago)
can u guys tell me why xiao wei xiao is 'boosted' i dont get it
song at 2.10?

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