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In this 1v1 fight we're going to see the Pyke's potentials on Yasuo. Have fun and watch other 1v1 videos. Leave a like if you enjoyed! Musics here; ES_Furious 2 - Niklas Gustavsson ES_Glitz At The Ritz 2 - Gavin Luke www.epidemicsound.com Kozah - Haha [NCS Release] https://youtu.be/vVblNX7YSdU Notification Squad Music: https://youtu.be/f3IgwLT_mYc Outro: Desmeon - Back From The Dead [NCS Release] ( #FullBuildFights LoL Slow Motions). Facebook ► https://facebook.com/LoL-Slow-Motions Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/lolslowmotions Twitter ► https://twitter.com/LoLSlowMotions Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/gammastarlol/
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Text Comments (4405)
Mutty Edits (5 months ago)
Xanh Mau (1 month ago)
Yasuo nood
It's a person Omg (2 months ago)
I like pyke but yasuo can q his e so
Rhaynan Dantas (2 months ago)
FortNite Balkan (2 months ago)
Ermin CZE idiot
Rokaszz (3 months ago)
Idk about nidalee history but pyke will be same as nidalee, she is support, but also a mid laner and jungler xddd
Spiderman Sd (20 minutes ago)
Btw yas can block pyke's E
ZeroTapingTM (3 hours ago)
Noob ys
Leteći Cigo (6 hours ago)
this yasuo is mental noob
아모네스 (9 hours ago)
왜 장막을안써
Eryk Dębny (20 hours ago)
Yasuo W block pyke E
Banel YTB (23 hours ago)
noobs et build yass.
Bé heo (1 day ago)
Ys ngu
Phụng Kim (1 day ago)
Yasuo noob
Khanh Than Chet (1 day ago)
Ngu vcl E để làm cc gì
Apostorial (1 day ago)
Should we tell you again that Yasuo needs a minions wave to be more effective
Maianh Nguyen (2 days ago)
Ban lam video thien vi vay yous k sai 1 cai gi thi sao danh con kia sai tat ca tuong gio nuot de lm gi
최인준 (2 days ago)
야소는왜 장막을안쓰냐
Stefan Mazilu (2 days ago)
Its dont build for yasuo
chơi GunPow (2 days ago)
Việt nam đâu điểm danh cái
Nona Mente (2 days ago)
Why you purchased stormrazor with 100% Crit?
Kevin Szabó (2 days ago)
That yas aint so good if pyke e's he can e and dodge it or dodge his r and in the first round pyje would prob die but used w but it was a round of autoattacks
daniel baldiviezo (3 days ago)
Ese Yasuo es manco ni su muro de viento pone para detener su stunk del pyke y no usa su tercera para escapar de su 6 si pondrían a un Yasuo que sabe jugar ahí cambiarían las cosas
Mahdi Al mousawi (3 days ago)
First not right items and yasuo w block pyek stun
송용진 (3 days ago)
왜 장막을 안씀
Enderstut Tính (3 days ago)
Ys chơi ngu thế
Jeff Blond (3 days ago)
Yasuo needs other enemies champions or minions to move and evade.
roy bat (3 days ago)
Mala build de yasuo ,porque sino yasuo le ganaba
Ferplayer br (3 days ago)
Yasuo not biuld
IlToto _ (4 days ago)
Just kidding LOL
IlToto _ (4 days ago)
Yas yas pyke
겐유 (4 days ago)
Noob Yasuo & not the right item for Yasuo :(
alvin hoxha (4 days ago)
this is so unrealistic lol
Omar shady (4 days ago)
Why u didn't use wall for cancelling the pyke E ?
Mustafa Arda (4 days ago)
Yasuo dont know use w
Song Vi (4 days ago)
Aysua chỉ lol khi có lính thui
Franco Gil (5 days ago)
Dude Yasuo can miss Pyke's E if he uses his wind shield and miss Pyke's R if he uses E correctly.
Musi Bale (5 days ago)
U can block pyke W with your w Edited:Block E lol
Say saMNANG (5 days ago)
Lol this guy just want pyke to win that not even the right item for yasuo
Danilo Cavalcante (5 days ago)
Q E R what as W
토옥 토옥 (5 days ago)
그냥 야스오가 존나 못하네 ㅋㅋㅋ
Overseer Habbo (6 days ago)
He look Like a Tresh Young parient :u
Samuil Hristov (6 days ago)
XD those builds
Peanut Sb (6 days ago)
What if has actually press a for once to block pyke e
Yasuo Anh (6 days ago)
Sốc điện
Ai chơi ys mà ngu quá vậy
luc kwiecinski (6 days ago)
Exhaust... flash his stun geez
Yuepheng Her (7 days ago)
if he q then w the stun then flash or e to the birds to dodge his r he wins
Yuepheng Her (7 days ago)
yasuo can win all of them ez
Oshibita Gamer (7 days ago)
W yasuo????
Ori The Light (7 days ago)
şarkının adı ne ben turkum
Dwonok (7 days ago)
This yas was shit! Why he dis not use his e?
이용현 (8 days ago)
야소 폭칼빼고 피바넣고 스태틱 유령무희로바꾸고 필멸자 스태락으로바꾸면 야소가이길건데 e도 e나장막으로막아도이기고
Sin (8 days ago)
Why botrk, why shiv, why stormrazor, why yohmuus, who is retarded enough to think this is an actual yas build?
عبد اللطيف (8 days ago)
man your edit is the best!!!!:D
Black Mask (8 days ago)
Yasuo not W
Juanca Sanchez (8 days ago)
Yasuo does not know use the W:v
James Gomez (9 days ago)
He could've atleast windwalled the 3rd ability of pyke
스파키 (9 days ago)
야스오 e는 장식이냐 ㅅㅂ
Long Tieu (9 days ago)
Tường gió ko xài
F:Anime Cảm (9 days ago)
thàng nào chơi ys ngu thế
F:Anime Cảm (9 days ago)
thàng nào chơi ys ngu thế
De Todo Un Poco (10 days ago)
Yasuo gana con la e
Team Striker (10 days ago)
Yasuo’s W can block pyke’s stun
Yasin Abi (10 days ago)
Yasuonun e tuşu kırık herhalde. Aptal aptal oynamış.
Phong Nguyen (10 days ago)
Yasuo not dodging pykes stun with his e makes me feel so unsatisfied
Mark Mystery (10 days ago)
Dude, Stormrazer + Youmuu for Yasuo in a 1v1 match???
Hashagi Yasuo (10 days ago)
Ys noob
Heaven Lajera (10 days ago)
Noob yauso
Adolf Hitler (10 days ago)
BozAyıExtreme xd
Zihni Poyraz (10 days ago)
Yasuo noob hsjcfhfj
YOYO Stan (10 days ago)
This is not the right build for yasuo , and that forget to use e and w , he dont have only q and r , cmon man
YOYO Stan (10 days ago)
Dude that yasuo is noob asf
xShiiro (11 days ago)
beyaz adam (11 days ago)
Francisco Becerra (11 days ago)
whats name song this intro?
D G澪 (11 days ago)
Yasou W can stop pyke E
neal zhang (12 days ago)
can yasuo try 2 dodge pyke‘s e?
:D (12 days ago)
These fights are inacurate as the people playing the champions have a brain iq of a potato, the large majority of people who play the game know that they can Dodge shit
Lukáš Dlabaja (13 days ago)
this yasuo players is trash
Lukáš Dlabaja (13 days ago)
why yasuo have stormrazor idiots?? yasuo will easy won if he had bloodthirster..
Capitan Destiny (13 days ago)
Bullshit...total bullshit
deptrai long (13 days ago)
Yassuo nôb
The Betrayer10 (13 days ago)
Nada que ver la Build de yasuo
xxx tentacion (13 days ago)
get phantom not statick
Mr. Beo (14 days ago)
Pyke alway win behind yasuo
burak tavşanoğlu (14 days ago)
But yasuo is trash
Hinh Duong (14 days ago)
Stun + 2 atack +ulty=die
함정속으로 (14 days ago)
아.. 씨ㅂ 야소 장막좀 써라
Manu ́sAhri! (14 days ago)
I use the same transitions now and edit my vids look if you like help me:)
caracala caracala (14 days ago)
That yasuo sucks
Jaize Policarpio (14 days ago)
The one who controlled yasuo is noob... Yasuo can dash to pyke so he can't be stunned.
Melih Yüce (14 days ago)
Knk türksün nie ing videolar çekyn
Cris Dasalla (14 days ago)
He dont know how to use yasuo if i use that yasuo i can beat you
i Jhonry (14 days ago)
Wtf is that yasuo?
Jenny Mosquera (14 days ago)
No crean eso que pike le gana ese yadu es manco eso lo que pasa
Martin 7w7 (4 days ago)
+Leonardo Guissepi Fiestas Adanaquè competencia de a ver quien es más gay v:
Si eres de las pasa nick
Jaja enfréntate a mi yasuo xdxd
Shieda Kayn (13 days ago)
Pues me enfrente a yasuo con pyke y le mató infinidad de veces realmente yasuo lo matan muchos, Darius mi kayn pyke
Mr. Penguin (15 days ago)
Who thinks of these items? Like srsly who in the right mind would do this kind of build?🖕
elkopp77 (15 days ago)
Yasuo e???????
Para Kazanmiyorum (16 days ago)
Yasuo not used the e
Katy Rhiane (16 days ago)
Kayn vs Pyke
Maister02 (16 days ago)
Wtf nice bulid yas
mustafa sahin (16 days ago)
Why is the yasuo not w pykes e
Asasin Gamplay 12 (17 days ago)
Asasin Gamplay 12 (17 days ago)
Yasuo won

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