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How to Style White Jeans | CLADWELL LOOKBOOK

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Get More Styling Ideas - cladwell.com/app It's the greatest debate of Fashion... are leggings really pants? If your an advocate (or even a nay-sayer), it's important to keep these simple style tips in mind when wearing leggings. Read on to learn our go to styling rules for leggings: STYLE RULE 1 = Go bold and wear all white. Pair with 1 item of color for a real POP. Outfit 1 = White Jeans + White T-shirt + White Chuck Taylors. Added a Denim Jacket. STYLE RULE 2 = Mix with a gingham top and colorful shoes for a classic look. Outfit 2 = White Jeans + Gingham Off The Shoulder Top + Red Chucky Heeled Sandals. STYLE RULE 3 = Pair with a floral top and denim jacket for a fresh springy look. Outfit 3 = White Jeans + Floral Sweater + Denim Jacket + Tan Mules STYLE RULE 4 = Pull together with stipes & a pair of camel colored booties. Outfit 4 = White Jeans + Striped Shirt + Camel Colored Booties Become a friend: Instagram: @Cladwellapp Facebook: facebook.com/cladwellapp Twitter: @cladwellapp Pinterest: pinterest.com/cladwellapp Don't forget to become a subscriber to our Youtube channel for more styling content just like this! Unlock thousands of similar outfit possibilities by trying Cladwell FREE for three days now! Appstore: https://cladwell.com/app
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Anonymous Miss.chief (20 days ago)
When is this app coming out on Android?????

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