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Text Comments (34361)
SSSniperWolf (5 months ago)
hiiiiii ily
GirlyLisa (17 days ago)
Ily 2 😍😂
Ashley diaz (1 month ago)
zberendsen UwU (1 month ago)
TOAST! and hi.
NupperG (2 months ago)
it was 499 but now 500
Whydon'twejustlove zach (2 months ago)
Demon Kaneki (31 minutes ago)
Michael Pierpont (43 minutes ago)
Tell the mom for the question
rafi ruseva (1 hour ago)
I'm gonna accepted the offer and i'll play fortnite all night(OF COURSE),buuut,in the morning i am gonna tell my mom😜
Pudges Webb (1 hour ago)
I would defently play fortnite
BrodsterBj (1 hour ago)
I bet a lot of people would play fortnite all night, and be happy about the picture.
Lucy Scott (3 hours ago)
take the deal play fortnite all night then break it and tell on her face the consequences missy
Rainbow Guy (5 hours ago)
I would play fortnite then tell my mom
son goku (6 hours ago)
when i was a kid my mom told me that i use't to rub poop on the wall
Austin Clawson (6 hours ago)
I sat on a baby once.
Game01boy (8 hours ago)
Game01boy (8 hours ago)
victor dubka (12 hours ago)
i was looking after his 2 year old and the dog pissed everywhere and he tried to lick it thinking it was water
CAZYOREO ATTACK (17 hours ago)
Yes I have and nothing bad happened because I was 10 and she was 7 so we just played with dolls that's it
Tanner Fraser (19 hours ago)
No you
La'Tishia Smith (19 hours ago)
Take it fortnight
Cheyenne Thompson (21 hours ago)
When I was little, my Nana was babysitting me and she took me to a Salem Museum (I live in MA). Later we went to the docks. I was having gas that day, and I thought to turn my back to the sea to fart. Then....I do say that you can hear it when you are pooping.
Kiwi Blossom (21 hours ago)
My mum never let me play what 😲 about Avreon els nope 👎 so I wud say yes
Tayshawn Thompson (21 hours ago)
Play fortnite
Samarah Copeland (21 hours ago)
Tell mom
grh nz (21 hours ago)
i liked and commented what now...hmmmmmmmmmmmm is it paid or laid (plz help meh)
grh nz (21 hours ago)
oh and i would play fortnite all niht and tell meh mum
grh nz (21 hours ago)
Darrel Armstrong (22 hours ago)
I would play Minecraft and rolbox
Liam Harris (23 hours ago)
I whoyld play then text the mom
Lala Lala (23 hours ago)
My sister
Jonathan McCrae (1 day ago)
Screw fortnite
Joanna Varughese (1 day ago)
I know its disgusting and all,but my older brother told me when i was a baby I'd take poop from my diaper and make paintings all over the walls Im sorry you had to hear that
Landon Carter (1 day ago)
W Wh Why Why y Why yo Why you Why you r Why you re Nope I’m to lazy to do this
It my Life (1 day ago)
I would tell mom
Dovydas 10 (1 day ago)
Play fortnite all night and then tell my mum
Amiyah Ziemianin (1 day ago)
I would play fornite
Ja'leah Owens (1 day ago)
8:15 the dudes living the life CARTOONS, BUBBLE BATH, AND CHICKEN hell yes sign me up lol XD
Scott West (1 day ago)
Fortnite for life. Love your videos
Jamie Evans (1 day ago)
I babysitted for n couple while i was in nursing school just before my pediatric orientation and i was babysitting for 4 hours and 20 min before the parents came home the baby started puking all over everything and everywhere and the paremts then blamed me and made me hire some one toe clean everything up amd then they fired me...but in my defence the baby had a fever and n treated it and i did tell the dad amd he did not even care..he started to care once the babystarted to puke😓
I can’t stop laughing LOL 😂
Emerald Blenman (1 day ago)
so I had to baby sit kids and it got ugly so I had to baby sit my nesises Morgan and Megan than my nefuis nowa Nola and nisiys and my lil bro kysir omg so all the kids where crying fight than I said 'who ever shuts the f%#& up first get a 20 doller bill they stay there all n8ight than they fell asleep the end XD
Jamima Hernandez (1 day ago)
“It doesn’t get worse than poop play” I’m dead 💀😂
Lauren Wilson (1 day ago)
I like for Paid and commented for “Laid”😂😂
Jessica Johnson (1 day ago)
I've got 2 kids and yes you can hear them pooping
Benjamin Travis (1 day ago)
i would agree to playing fortnite all night... and then i would tell my mum after!
Suki Lock (1 day ago)
I would play fortnite and tell my mom
Ethan Murphy (1 day ago)
Yo hi
Rene Whitmore (1 day ago)
Tell my mom fortnite is stupid
makiyah time (1 day ago)
I had to babysit my mom boyfriend his son he 3 month and i 13 then he poop all over the place i was like damn why the hell did u do that then he was just laughing
Tammy Ashlin (1 day ago)
Yes I have babysitted. When I was little I poopt In the bath and I said I saved it for my sister 🤣😂😆OMG and I remember saying it to😂😂🤣🤣
Michael Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Playing fornite for ever
ReNe G (1 day ago)
Fortnite all night
KatieFox 1518 (1 day ago)
I would play fortnight all night then tell mom.
Yes the worst thing was it was a demon help mw
GamerXxGold (1 day ago)
I’ve babysat and I’d rather play fornite all night
Santiago Soto (1 day ago)
Who what why would a babysitter tape a baby on the wall
Aki Murasaki (1 day ago)
play fortnight
Delta Gamer (1 day ago)
Where do you find these things?
Julian Gutierrez (1 day ago)
I would like to play fortnite
eric grounds (1 day ago)
fortnite All day baby
Diane Dodd (1 day ago)
Eww i would tell my mom
pokemon boy (1 day ago)
I have had a bad baby sitter 😬
olivia pike (2 days ago)
I'm home alone every day and I'm not even in high school
Khloe Ligon (2 days ago)
Earlana Williams (2 days ago)
i can when the babies super close LOL
Team Shift (2 days ago)
Well if my babysitter sent me a pic of t*** I would play fortnite then show mah parents double cross bois
Magical Galaxy (2 days ago)
Am I the only one that doesn't play fortnite I like roblox
Tata Berdley (2 days ago)
Tell mom
Juan Lopez (2 days ago)
I would play fortnite all night
XXXGalaxy GokuXXX (2 days ago)
see cuteee
it's Crystal Dragon (2 days ago)
I would play fortnite all night and then tell my mom
Mollee Paris (2 days ago)
I’ll baby sit you I’m 9 years old and I’ll love it with u
Martin Walters (2 days ago)
you're funny.
Felle st (2 days ago)
A kid that I was baby sitting took a hotdog that I made and then put it in my jacket
Dr. Bolt (2 days ago)
The girl spelled miscarriage wrong
Esteban Alvarez (2 days ago)
I will keep the pic. And look at it and don’t tell
Hayden Tsui (2 days ago)
Alexaplays plays (2 days ago)
Play fortnight
Emma Jingle (2 days ago)
I will tell my mom and make the savage face 👍🏻
Family _Gurl (2 days ago)
Just randomly commenting
Gary Smith (2 days ago)
Coincedence: When she was saying “Play ROBLOX” I was playing ROBLOX with my friend TheDraw467 in Sandbox (1) Coincidence 2: I recieved a notif from Lia while playing ROBLOX.
Piyush Jatin (2 days ago)
My baby sitter locked me and my brother in room
This has nothing to do with this video but when I was younger I was at the dinner table rhyming things that rhyme with duck then I got to F and everyone started laughing and choking on their food I also use to steal lemons from the fridge and eat them in the closet because that's where I belong I was such a strange kid
Jasmine Geronimo (2 days ago)
Cheats Girl: of course Boy: are u gonna leave me? Girl: no never! Boy: did u ever loved me? Girl: yes ! everyday Boy: have u cheated on me? Girl: never! Boy: will u stay with me everyday? Girl: of course! Boy:Am i ugly? Girl : oh youre not starting mister! Read it backwards hahaha savage bro😂😂!! one like one love for lia
SARAH IS AWESOmE (2 days ago)
Autocorrect is actually really annouing
MELANIE REVIS (2 days ago)
Sharon Knox (2 days ago)
SSSniperWolf u make me laugh so much I literally have a wolf/sniper charm LOL KMSL
Alexis Smith (2 days ago)
I don't like fortnight so no 😳😒😑
Mushan Li (2 days ago)
Some of these are the reason why I don’t baby sit
Joanna solorzano (2 days ago)
I hate fortnight
Ice Fairy (2 days ago)
Yes you can here the baby pooping
wizerd 10 Garcia (2 days ago)
Play fortnite
cricketninja676 Ack (2 days ago)
Blake Schaffer (2 days ago)
Say play fortnite and the tell mom
ThorIsAwesome 1231 (2 days ago)
There was a problem at my school with one of the girls riding with poop on the walls
Jessica Thrasher (2 days ago)
Yes and I'm only 10 and they were my brothers and sister they are horrible
Brooke Delancey (2 days ago)
Id take the fortnight
Robin Wainscott (2 days ago)
oh ya u can her it win thy poop
Robin Wainscott (2 days ago)
4 mite duu 😜😜😜😉😉😉😍😍😀😀😀😍
ImElliot (2 days ago)
I would play fortnite all night then tell my mom lol
Tiki Productions (2 days ago)
I was babysitting once and I walked in on the 10 month old elbow deep in the toilet water
Logan Mead (2 days ago)
Save pic and play fortnight
Hannahs Channel (3 days ago)
khadija oumelhana (3 days ago)
I would say yes 🤞🤞 play fornite then tell mom and 🖕🤳👌👌got em
Jayla Garrison (3 days ago)

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