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How to Make Basalmic Glazed Steak Garlic Broccoli and Potatoes Dinner, 30 minutes Home Chef

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Rebecca Brand shows how to make a Basalmic Glazed Steak with Garlic Broccoli and Potatoes Dinner, click:http://bit.ly/2aqWZVm - Enter REBECCA30 when checking out for $30 off your first Home Chef order! This steak dinner can be cooked in 30 minutes and is easy and delicious. Beef steak is easy and this delicious basalmic glaze drizzled as the sauce is fantastic. Making this garlic broccoli and sprinkling it with parmesan cheese is the bomb! The crispy and fluffy potatoes are easy with this quick cooking technique. I love medium rare steak, and I show the steak cooking techniques to make it easy to cook your steak on the stove, pan fry, to make it just the way you like it. Click: http://bit.ly/2aqWZVm to order great dinners from Home Chef- Enter REBECCA30 when checking out for $30 off your first Home Chef order! Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcw6sOZLSgXCJO16d5CANFg?sub_confirmation=1 Like Me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaBrandRecipes-270350016404995/ Follow Me on Twitter https://twitter.com/rebeccabrandart https://Rebeccabrandrecipes.com FTC: Thank you Home Chef for sponsoring this video, my opinions are true and are mine.
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Text Comments (52)
rambo (10 months ago)
why are stakes so expensive...as per my understanding the bigger the animal the cheaper the meat
19 - MACKIE - 87 (5 months ago)
Cows are expensive to keep
Rebecca Brand (10 months ago)
I agree with you, it's very expensive! try my tri tip recipe for cheaper meat and super tender and tasty!
Rashad Pauley (1 year ago)
Rebecca Brand (1 year ago)
Thank you!!
jerron house (1 year ago)
cougar for real 😂
Kimberland Bartley (2 years ago)
This looks so good
Captain VBH (2 years ago)
This woman stole my husband
Captain VBH (2 years ago)
Not to get graphic but she made him a salad before dessert if you know what I mean.
pjh1215 (2 years ago)
Thank you, Recipe.
Fotis FoGo (2 years ago)
this looks like perfection indeed!
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
It was so good, wish I could serve it to your from my screen!!
whomeplay (2 years ago)
Oh WOW!  I like my steak on the end of a fork. :-) WMP
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
funny funny!!!!! that's cute!! all these are cute!
whomeplay (2 years ago)
How do you like your steak? When someone else pays! :-) WMP
whomeplay (2 years ago)
How do you like your steak? Well then Done! :-) WMP
whomeplay (2 years ago)
How do you like your steak? One bite at a time. :-) WMP
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Great Answer! ha ha, yes! That's how to eat a steak!
Cardinal De Richelieu (2 years ago)
Well done Rebecca.
Cardinal De Richelieu (2 years ago)
+Rebecca Brand You're welcome dear.
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Thank you for writing!
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
You know that is the most popular answer here, fascinating!
when do you post your iron cook ?? i loved it
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Thanks for the reminder, it's time!! I'll do it in a day or so!
Brayden Kennell (2 years ago)
This looks so yummy !!! I'm gonna make it 😄
Brayden Kennell (2 years ago)
Rebecca Brand I made it, it was so yummy 😊
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Awesome Brayden!
Gustavo Munoz (2 years ago)
You burn the potatoes.....
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Did you think so? You can cook them less, just check in the oven.
theradicalthea (2 years ago)
Wow! I just had garlic baby potatoes from my cousin's wedding a day ago and you just uploaded a cooking video related to it! 😍 I love garlic flavored potatoes, it's sooo tasty and appetizing! 😍
theradicalthea (2 years ago)
Rebecca Brand, yes I do love them! Any kind of garlic flavored stuff like potato chips, corn chips, garlic aoli sauce, garlic chips(!), sweet corn kernels sauteed in garlic butter, garlic fries, everything! Haha, now I'm drooling. Have to ask my mom to buy potatoes and make this recipe! 😍😍
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Fabulous that you are a fan of the garlic baby spuds!! coincidence! I hope you make them soon, and let me know!
Montse Bausa roca (2 years ago)
hello rebbeca mi amigo delicious mmmmmmmm thank you amiga rebbeca wootsy 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Good goodniaht 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴 😴
Montse Bausa roca (2 years ago)
gracias mi amiga rebbeca wootsy 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Good morning 🤗🤗🤗🤗 thank you 😘 oh mi amiga tan adorable 😘
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Si si, mi amiga!! buenos Noches ese dia! Gracias!!
Viter F (2 years ago)
it looks delicious and I like my steaks medium
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
medium, that is a good temp, thanks for telling me, I'm checking this subject out!
lisa savidge (2 years ago)
medium done for me. Looks so tasty.
Federico Carrizales (2 years ago)
You're a Boss! love from Cali!
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Hey Frederico, right back at cha from Cali!!!
jordan smith (2 years ago)
that looks good but I like steak well done
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
That is ok by me, a little more time and you are right on the dime!
Alejandra PC (2 years ago)
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Thank you Alejandra, I hope you make steak soon!
Byron Chandler (2 years ago)
Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. That steak dinner looks beautiful. How do you perfect a cheesecake recipe without losing flavor or damaging it? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. 💖💖💖
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
I have made many a cheesecake with cracks! Thanks for writing, glad you like the steak!
TheHawk213 TheHawk213 (2 years ago)
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
Hi Hawk! Nice that you wrote in!!
Joel Lloyd (2 years ago)
Rebecca Brand (2 years ago)
You are first, thank you!!
Permporn Moore (2 years ago)
oh my heavens, this looks delicious!!!
Joel Lloyd (2 years ago)
Permporn Moore how is it saying you said it two days ago if she only uploaded it today?

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