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Custard Pumpkin Pie Recipe from Scratch

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Rebecca Brand shows how to make homemade pumpkin custard pie from a pumpkin (but you could use canned). Click for whip cream dispenser: http://amzn.to/2B0r61U I show how to make pumpkin puree, and the eggs, cream, spices and the recipe to make a luscious Thanksgiving pumpkin custard pie. I blind bake the crust for an extra crispy crust. I use pre made pie shells for the crust, it's just easier that way, the pumpkin ingredients are the best and this is the most creamy pumpkin pie ever! The recipe card is at the end of the video, so pause and print it. Check out the Otis Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser: Click: http://amzn.to/2B0r61U CO2 cartridges: http://amzn.to/2AWoqlD Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaBrandRecipes/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebecca_brand_recipes/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/rebeccabrandart LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccabrand Website: https://www.rebeccabrand.com/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rebeccabrandrecipes
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Text Comments (35)
Olivia White (5 months ago)
I want pumpkin pie now!
Abeson Johnham (6 months ago)
yum!!! Gonna make this.
Stephanie Reins (7 months ago)
This look absolutely amazing!
Sally Winter (7 months ago)
Arlene Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Dang I've never thought of this!
crystal k (8 months ago)
Yum! This is a must have recipe.
Angelina Roberts (8 months ago)
You always make me so hungry! trying this tonight.
nick john (9 months ago)
I never liked pumpkin anything one of my coworkers brought this in and I devoured it. Sooo Good!!!
Rebecca Brand (9 months ago)
Gerben Veldwijk (11 months ago)
Why did she change for the big reveal? The pie looked gooood
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
I had to let it cool, and so I had to go be on a travel show I co host, what, you didn't like the outfit? lol, thanks for noticing!!
firesideav (11 months ago)
I Dig You . . . YOU ~ ROCK ! !
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
so nice of you!! Thank you!!
Elizabeth Shaw (11 months ago)
Hahahaha!! Not 😴. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
thank you Elizabeth, you are so fun!!
Elizabeth Shaw (11 months ago)
Hi Rebecca! Hope you are doing well!! Thank you for the recipe. Looks delicious!! However, I have a question. I am Diabetic so I’m wondering if I could substitute the sugar with Stevia or is the sugar needed for texture?? Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving 🤣
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
Yes, and that's a super good idea! It's no problem at all!! make sure you beat the pulp enough or use canned for a soft texture \!
whomeplay (11 months ago)
Somebody dressed for a party! Don't get any of that whip cream on you. Looks like a coming out party. :-)) WMP
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
ha ha! You noticed! I just got back from a travel show I was on and I really wanted to finish the video and it was already dark! Good eagle eye!
Pedro F. (11 months ago)
I love this so much! You encourage me to make a pie like this.
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
Oh great Pedro!! Thanks for writing!
Me! reacting! (11 months ago)
Rebecca for president!
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
Thank you!! lol
Smetana Utron (11 months ago)
I love these types of videos + its not sponsored im surprised like
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
I love making videos, but it's so expensive! Thank you for noticing on this one!
Kevin Davidtz (11 months ago)
did they start making the pie crusts bigger or did you get a smaller pan? you used to always complain about having to roll them out
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
You noticed! The pie crust is 1 inch too small! Did you see that the crust shrunk a bit on part of the pie? Bugs me, but the rolling out just slows me down and the video down! Thanks for noticing!
Teemo (11 months ago)
I thought that it was a pizza
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
Good idea! Pumpkin Pizza!!!
Romeo Sabri (11 months ago)
looks good
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
Thank you Romeo!
Byron Chandler (11 months ago)
Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. Your pumpkin pie looks beautiful, I am sure CookedByJulie will love it. What's your #1 favorite custard ever? I wish you a very lovely Thanksgiving, sweet adorable Rebecca. <3
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
That sounds like the perfect day!!!
Byron Chandler (11 months ago)
Rebecca Brand You bet I am, plus the parade and football game.
Rebecca Brand (11 months ago)
Hi Byron!! Happy Thanksgiving!! Thank you for writing!! I love the classic custard recipe! I make it with a strawberry custard pie on my channel, it's super great! super delicious with about anything!! Are you having turkey for thanksgiving?

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