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Text Comments (69)
giorgos anastassiou (1 day ago)
basically it is not ad akali the new meta there is a new build tha korean build akali full tanky and usefull it can be considered like the meta i am sure that now with that patch this build will be palyed so much and it will be so op u can see how op it is in the video of professor akli
********** (8 days ago)
amrfckya steve (1 month ago)
This is bull shit
ibrahim Topuz (1 month ago)
tank vs atttack speed
Hihi Hihi (1 month ago)
Tùy vào trình thôi
Hihi Hihi (1 month ago)
Mấy cái này xàm lz
Vũ Phạm công anh (1 month ago)
I think ad won cuz it's broken xD
ata aydın (1 month ago)
Skill matchup
Lorenzo Rizzardi (1 month ago)
hey,love the vids but you guys really need to find away to make the skill more even. A lot of these trades are lost because you're literally missing abilities and AA's. It just always feels super inaccurate with champs that require skill. Honestly no one needed to see the W being used here, would much rather know the actual difference in DPS than see skill and champ understanding displayed.do you guys run scripts for this? cuz tbh this is the one thing id be ok with scripts being run for.
Ali Özdoğan (1 month ago)
Im Na-Yeon (1 month ago)
Now i know what to build!
F3raliga7r (2 months ago)
Honestly, imo it's a skill matchup and what your team needs in the comp.
Raven Fernandez (2 months ago)
0:50 look at this dude
誕煙NBNB (2 months ago)
Both players suck
誕煙NBNB (2 months ago)
0:50 AD player sucks
Ege Sümer (2 months ago)
If ap Akali could play well, the results will be diffrent
@Sutorimu I think he meant the passive. Akali's passive deal more ad damage than ap.
Sutorimu (1 month ago)
@Jesi Oni And who the fuck thinks E is a damage ability? E is a gap-closer and escape ability, nothing else.
Jesi Oni (2 months ago)
@Ege Sümer Nah I am just a noob xD
Ege Sümer (2 months ago)
Jesi Frostwhisper i think you were trolling with your opinion
Jesi Oni (2 months ago)
still E ability only benefits from AD so AD build have more damaging abilities... without drawbacks to AP~ so whats the reason of building AP? For zhonya?
Super Saiyan King Vegeta (2 months ago)
Remake this video with the newest updates to Akali's abilities and Damage scaling.
YZ DZ (1 month ago)
Yes plz
Ad akali won. Also do you think ad akali will be good in games too? I see Korean servers have it but not sure if I should use it
Hulu Nichola (25 days ago)
Yea it is I went from silver to gold just using ad Akali top lane with conqueror
funtime freddy (3 months ago)
so akali is an more Ad than So damage character
Mr.Ninja (1 month ago)
@Am You got my respect there
Am (2 months ago)
"Magic's fine. Steel's better!" - Akali
Nocturnal - (3 months ago)
Worst akali euw
Akali 2k17 LAS (4 months ago)
las akali están mal buildeadas :/
Akali 2k17 LAS (4 months ago)
la akali ap debería llevar botas de penetracion mágica y en vez de rylai sería morello que da más penetracion mágica y heridas graves, tené en cuenta que con ap vas a buscar el burst, no el daño sostenido, y con respecto a la ad, filo de la tormenta no va, es un ítem que tiene sinergia con campeones que escalan con atack speed y crítico, en vez de eso pondría un ángel guardián o incluso sable pistola que es híbrido, saludos
lidibum (4 months ago)
Cual sería una buena build de AD akali?
AY YILDIZ (5 months ago)
inglizce video vs türk video kim kazanır
Brant Kickhofel (5 months ago)
Ad akali won 100% all the times ad akali lost it was just misplay. Also using the shrouds for this seems kinda silly. Theyre both just throwing random q's to see if they can get lucky and hot the other lol
Brant Kickhofel (3 months ago)
@durtbikerization it gives 40 energy. 1 a costs 90. At most ur getting 1 extra q from using shroud. And its silly because they're both in shroud just randomly spamming q's hoping to get lucky
mielon Royal (5 months ago)
Ap xin Zhao vs Ad xin Zhao
AsLeGo (5 months ago)
abi keşke duman kullanmasaydınız skill matchup olmuş bu bildiğin, pek bişe anlayamadım açıkcası
Logan Howlett (2 months ago)
Suiren (5 months ago)
Ap kat vs Ad kat
BaruzA (5 months ago)
FULL lifesteal ww vs FULL tank ww
BaruzA (5 months ago)
Ad akali won
FrostArcher (6 months ago)
Bu videodan sonra kafam karıştı ap mi kasıyım ad mi akaliye
WhenLali Rages (2 months ago)
Agam görmedin mi kazandi? Ad iste
LoLFast (5 months ago)
@Ahmet Serdar mükemmel öneri. teşekkürler aklımda bulundurcam :D
Ahmet Serdar (5 months ago)
@LoLFast bence videoda abilities kısmında sadece q raundu falan da ekle, hasar farkını görelim
Ahmet Serdar (5 months ago)
@LoLFast ad+ büyü nüfuzu + yarı tank akali kaybetmiyor. Haşmetli hydra ve nüfuz ayakkabılı build
LoLFast (6 months ago)
kanka ap kas bence.
#Gacha Robyn# (6 months ago)
AP akali seen ad akali that she won on last attempt
My Karlsson (6 months ago)
Duskblade is shit late game
Nazım Eren Karaalioğlu (6 months ago)
Kardeş bu böyle olmaz oyunculuk farkı var
miguelceromil (6 months ago)
Ad Shen vs ap Shen?
miguelceromil (5 months ago)
@Denis Vararean idk about that, maybe ap Shen could win if he uses his abilities, but probably not
Denis Vararean (5 months ago)
AD wins all fights
Ali Hatipoğlu (7 months ago)
Abi mükemmel video olmuş bana böyle koy
SiLent KinG (7 months ago)
Daniel Crosby (7 months ago)
@lolfast vs @lolslowmotions
Furkan's VİDEOS (7 months ago)
ap akali gram bilmiyor
Furkan's VİDEOS (7 months ago)
Moruq platım ama ruhum chal
Ali Hatipoğlu (7 months ago)
senden iyi oynuyom lan platım ben
Huy Nghiêm Xuân (7 months ago)
AD cho'gath vs Ap cho'gath
Oyun Sarayı (7 months ago)
AD kennen vs AP kennen
Gabriele Campestre (7 months ago)
Ad Fizz Vs Ap Fizz
Furkan Colak (7 months ago)
Hiyyaaaaaa ananın amina koyim
Onur Can Kaya (7 months ago)
@Luxanna Crownguard bu kanal bi türke ait
Luxanna Crownguard (7 months ago)
AD kennen vs AP kennen please
ad akali i think
mimo med (7 months ago)
IM Fayez (7 months ago)
Hi man i like ur content 😍😍 What about crit darius vs tank darius 🤔🤔

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