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Roller Coaster Accidents

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Text Comments (4948)
bbg (9 hours ago)
The first one you don’t have to worry your over the shoulder bar is locked
Abbygail Lopez (12 hours ago)
One time i was on a roller coaster and i almost flew of
God Of Guitar (1 day ago)
I don't know but it reminds me of Final Destination...
KΛƧƧΛПDЯΛ (1 day ago)
Y'all I see Shooky in the background Army's you know whats up 😂💜
Nicki Johnston (1 day ago)
I've actually had too incidents where I could have had a ride accident 1 I was on a ride at my city fair when I was younger called the spin out and while on the ride I started sliding out my seat when the ride went sideways I was straight yelling to the person next to me I think I'm sliding I think I am sliding luckily the ride ended 3 minutes later The second time was last year also at my city fair where my harness wasn't pushed down at all like the ride operator never checked mine and another kids sitting right beside me and then the operator went back to start the ride and I was trying to get his attention and for a second my heart was sinking thinking that the operator wasn't hearing me I was so scared it would start put he eventually did hear me and the little boy and secured our harnesses
Collin Champagne (1 day ago)
2:59 Dear god 😖
Tiny Glasses (1 day ago)
My worst (?) ride experience would be at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios Hollywood. There’s this one part that’s kinda close to upside down (not all the way) and the ride suddenly stopped there. It was a really awkward position and we were stuck there for about 5-10ish minutes until the ride started up again. Afterwards me and my brother laughed it off, no one got hurt
Ken Tran (1 day ago)
Looks like your brothers were infinite
Destiny's Moonlight (1 day ago)
Missed The Smiler in this one
Kimi (1 day ago)
Shwubble Wubble (2 days ago)
Very GP
Kimi (1 day ago)
Yes omg
Laura Albert (3 days ago)
Most of these are carnival rides. Unlike theme parks, these rides are not handled properly.
TheOfficial Ta'Shay (3 days ago)
3:00 bruh you just made my whole life scared
potato_queen YT (3 days ago)
The wild thing at valley Fair
Pigmcginnyrig (4 days ago)
Late at night, giving up at sleeping
Leilani Darling (4 days ago)
*STORYTIME* i was going upside down on a rollercoaster just like the first example *BUT* the *ENTIRE* latch bar became unlatched and I grabbed the bars so hard that I was digging my nails into my palm. Eventually, the bars latched down again thank god but I was crying and thought that was my last day on earth. Its sad because I liked that ride.
Kimi (1 day ago)
Thats called hangtime gp
Dorely Giron (4 days ago)
You have shooky behind you :v
hakan balcioglu (4 days ago)
The first one was completely safe
3:33 smiler
Chloe Auxilly (5 days ago)
Barely scratched the surface describing the smiler ride... he didn't even describe it correctly? Its was so much worse then the ride cart not getting enough speed..
Rylan Elswood (5 days ago)
Once my arm got stuck in the bar that go's over your head it hurt
Sisters4life (1 day ago)
Not me, but I was at my friend's birthday party at six flags and my other friend when they went on one of the roller coasters that go upside down (I forgot which one it was. Maybe green lantern) her seatbelt came undone when they were about to go upside down. Thankfully she's okay.
Shawn Wang (5 days ago)
they're fake
Han Mai (6 days ago)
Abhishek Swain (6 days ago)
I don’t think that the seatbelt unclicking is the worst thing to happen because I’m pretty sure on most big rides, there’s a failsafe to make sure the entire seat doesn’t get undone, like he said in the video, it’s just an extra precaution
Benny Button (7 days ago)
I’ve been stuck on a roller coaster before
Elizebeth Wuest (7 days ago)
is it weird that this is going to give me nightmares
Keira Schultz (7 days ago)
I was on a roallor sister it went super fast and it had were you would go upside down and I almost died!!!!
Owen Benzing (7 days ago)
On super scare ride everone got on seat belt to hold the head lock but I got two! Lucky
Razzy Blox (7 days ago)
NaThanos (8 days ago)
1:19 No Problemo: Seatbelt Problemo: Bar unclicks
Garrett Reese (8 days ago)
I have been of scary rides (in my opinion)
Katy Flash (8 days ago)
9:56 Ohh I remember that😂😂 Poor Anthony
This Dude (8 days ago)
GP headass
Kimi (1 day ago)
Chicken Potato (8 days ago)
My sister and my friend made me go on a roller coaster,I almost started crying but I was fine
itz chance (8 days ago)
Wait so your not gonna ride a carousel
Big Chonk (8 days ago)
Sub to thiccfishneck
RPG REPLAYZS (8 days ago)
Danm he really fell off😲😲😲
Bunny Boy Studios (9 days ago)
What do you use to edit your videos
Laurabelle Michelle (9 days ago)
Take it from a security officer at a six flags park. Roller coasters are simply gravity and modern mechanics. Nothing special
Dawn Smisek (9 days ago)
My scarest Rollercoaster a really really fast one
Simon Lawson (9 days ago)
My worst rollercoaster incident was when I was on a really quick one in Alton Towers and when I was on it the harness went up and came loose so I had to ride nearly nearly the whole rollercoaster trying to hold it down and because of that I haven't been on that specific rollercoaster ever since
Wait oh my gerd. I see Shooky in the background...
Little Drummer Boii (9 days ago)
GP Alert
Ok? (9 days ago)
imagine being crushed between the elevator and the shaft..
Lazy planets (9 days ago)
My worst experience of a roller coaster ride is almost falling of when it was upside down me and my friend swore to our life to never go back on that ride. But I’m happy Just happy I did not fall out
Izabelle Gaming (9 days ago)
The last picture is from Canada's West Edmonton Mall FantasyLand, the mind bender. 3 people died and one injured, the carts wheels disconnected and flung off, leaving the cart dragging at almost 50 mph . The bottom of the cart wrecked, the seat bars come off dew to malfunctions and threw all four passengers off. It's one of Edmontons worst accidents, if not THE worst accident in Edmonton.
Batooly Alomran (9 days ago)
Omg I went on one of these rides
derry boy (9 days ago)
getting severely injured on a rollercoaster is nearly impossible, and there are only about 4 deaths every year edit - the seatbelt thing happened to me too and it’s not a big deal
Barre Keller (10 days ago)
8:00 i belive i can fly
Jizzle The best BTW (10 days ago)
The roller coaster that came of the track emm emm I done
DJFNAF Freak (11 days ago)
Me at the start: This is isn't that bad... Me at 6:00: OH HELL NAW!!!
CreeepyC (1 day ago)
After that part it's super obvious it's fake because it's super blurry
CreeepyC (1 day ago)
Its fake
JDR (11 days ago)
That black roller coaster was in the uk at somewhere called Alton tower and the ride was called the smiler
Whaaa (11 days ago)
8:05 it was a ride like that but it was night time and lit up and I was on it it cracked and we all screamed it went really high in the air higher then supposed to but the operator brought it down in time
DrummerBoy_08 (11 days ago)
The smiler in England crashed and people got paralyzed even though u said no one got hurt
Lessardo (11 days ago)
my worst experience on a rollercoaster is time warp at Canada's Wonderland. it is completely safe but it just hurts
Lessardo (11 days ago)
6:02 that's fake because it is going way too fast and that would never be legal to build
Aubrey Unkown (12 days ago)
😂 does he not know the two videos he saw where fake
A rane YT (12 days ago)
On of the scariest rides I been on is when I was on a roller coaster water ride thighy and when I got out the tunnel I saw a roller coaster get crazy and a person fell of the thing...its was horrible 😞😞
Nadir Mudawi (12 days ago)
I saw bang at Walmart
its ague plays (12 days ago)
On 7:13 made me laugh 😂😂😂
Sparklay_Kitty_Cat (13 days ago)
3:28 is the smiler at Alton towers and I went on it and it is fun
My worst roller coaster moment was when I thought a high speed roller coasters with sudden stops was calm , you couldnt see the roller coaster soooo Edit: The little kids that were in the roller coaster ended up crying
Taylor the Fox (13 days ago)
No Way😵😨😱
Cliffymetal598 (14 days ago)
“Gets hit by another coaster” *shows dueling coaster that are on completely different tracks
I don't care I'm not human
Koaster Dude (14 days ago)
6:09 is fake. A ride can't Just fly off the tracks because the wheels hook up to the inside of the track. That how coasters invert through loop cobra rolls and more.
Kimi (1 day ago)
Great airtime tbh
Ice Wollow-Mike Ock (13 days ago)
Also the coaster speeds up the lift hill for no reason. People will fall for anything.
Gacha Donut (14 days ago)
Getting stuck at the top of a drop tower 😂
Suga’s Indexfinger (14 days ago)
Gabriel Nersessian (15 days ago)
6:00 you know that’s fake, right? It’s accelerating as it’s going up and a roller coaster has a set of wheels on the bottom to prevent that
shaun goldsack (15 days ago)
And my favourite ride
shaun goldsack (15 days ago)
The third one I know cuz it was in Australia
Sicko Ribs (15 days ago)
I have bing in both of the water rid
بنت العراق (15 days ago)
I’ve been on this ride before 3:33 it’s called the smiler at Alton towers
Bree Kaspari (15 days ago)
I never liked roller coasters now I never will👍
Maddison Troyer (15 days ago)
If you ever do a (or another my memory is ded) try not to cry you aughta try and fit a clip from in loving memory of angel children in it ack. it's a challenge to not cry to those. Really hard
Random :/ (15 days ago)
Now there is a reason why being fat is good :p
Dankosity 2 (15 days ago)
Is anyone going to talk about how the roller coaster one where it flies of is fake?
HelloApril 17 (15 days ago)
At 8:01 me and tal want OMG at the same time🤣🤣
Sara Snively Vlogs (15 days ago)
Did you get a hair cut
khoirunnisss _ (15 days ago)
after i saw this video, make me scared to rollercoaster 😐
Donal O Sullivan (16 days ago)
Jesus mackeroni😄😄😄
Donal O Sullivan (16 days ago)
Is that funny!
MolsyMoo (16 days ago)
OMG iv3 been on the smiler rollercoaster and a girl’s leg get crushed!
Madison Mitchell (16 days ago)
Ok so my scariest thing was me and my brother were riding the joker ride at six flags. Well before it started my thing wouldn’t click all the way and asked this guy for help but he just started the ride witch was so scary
semar benally (16 days ago)
3:56 hedgehog moved
Jade Fein (16 days ago)
I got stuck on a water ride
Ava Valenzuela (16 days ago)
Wait- is that a BT21 plushy in the background?
OP_ ChrisYT (16 days ago)
My wort experience was when I couldnt put my head up and hitting my head on the meadle bar
Roberto Monreal (16 days ago)
3:10 i have gone on a ride similar like that one
Ashly Rodriguez (16 days ago)
Who else has never been on a roller coaster. Like if you haven't.
My life sucks Love me (16 days ago)
I was on one of the rides but not when the disaster happened
kiara de meulenaer (16 days ago)
Im from the netherlands so we where in a rollercoster and iT got stuck when we where up side down we hung there for 10 mins 😩
Madsie Dog (16 days ago)
The scares roller coaster thing that hapend to me is I got on the roller coaster and it went
xMidnight Skyz (16 days ago)
I’ve been on the spiny one that flew off but it wasent the one on the clip obviously-
Kromaa (17 days ago)
6:09 is obviously fake
Once I went on movie worlds biggest roller coaster
Sarah TheFish (17 days ago)
Today I was at an amusement park log ride and the ride stopped, and the cars were hitting us from behind and we were hitting people in front of us, but it wasn’t super hard hits, and it wasn’t gentle hits either. It was honestly SUPER FUNNY! I had a blast and it was a highlight of the day!!
Bellatrix Lestrange (17 days ago)
The one where some people think it’s fake, when I started going in the air it looks really fun
Isabella Costa (17 days ago)
I’ve never been on a roller coasters before
CaraMM (17 days ago)
Have you ever went to Wild Waves on that big ship ship where it goes back and forth that was one of my scariest moments on a roller coaster I don't even know if it's a roller coaster I don't know what do you think is it a roller coaster or just some kind of big ship that goes back and forth
CaraMM (17 days ago)
Where I put those two ships I'm so sorry

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