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Arctic Monkeys - Funny Moments Compilation - Part 2

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punkypaige (6 days ago)
Jameh, dont be a cracko
Shaan Rashad Saifullah (12 days ago)
That laugh at 2:32 my god
RHCP1997 (14 days ago)
Jamie's crack whore story is brilliant xD
Unfortunate (1 month ago)
Just scrolling the comments looking for ppl who quote what they said because I have no fucking clue haha
They’re so British I can barely understand what they’re saying in so many clips
Sophia (1 month ago)
"are you them?" "you bet"
amir zikri (1 month ago)
jeremeh... dont be a crac ko
Eda Akdoğan (1 month ago)
1:55 for a moment i thought he was gonna say "but fuck you"
nilsu inal (1 month ago)
fhank you everybodeh we’re the ouctic monkeys -alexander fuckin turner
Mia Darkovska (2 months ago)
jemee 0:37
Coaster Globe (2 months ago)
Nick and his duck Name a more iconic duo.... I’ll wait.
Pumpkin Spice (2 months ago)
2:40 *I died*
Hooligans.U.K (2 months ago)
4:00 is that the first tease of tranquility base
lauradoesmusic (3 months ago)
It's called she's Thunderstorms everybody HE HE HE
Muhammad Irsyazman (3 months ago)
now jamie cook is a daddy in the band
Leli Flores (3 months ago)
His laugh after saying "she's thunderstorms"
Sergio Cisneros (3 months ago)
What guitar model is Alex using at 3:36
Kevin A. Boas (1 month ago)
A Fender Bronco
Hitlers Main man (3 months ago)
1:12 how everyone feels about Alex now
Gabe Avenger (5 months ago)
"Can you be funny aswell though?" "No" "okay" hahahahaha jeez, i'm really laughing here!!
kuvitelma (5 months ago)
2:32 laughing at his own joke
Brian Rodriguez (6 months ago)
"It called 'She's Thunderstorm" everybody! He he he he"
Brandon Gee (8 months ago)
too many cooks (8 months ago)
"Can you be funny as well?" "No" "Okay" HAHAHA
kai (10 months ago)
“It’s called cheese thunderstorms everybody, HEHEHE!”
Steven Tasker (3 months ago)
kai I know what you’re talking about, I think
Teqah (10 months ago)
Jaime's a funny guy when he actually talks
milla (11 months ago)
I don’t understand what the fuck they are saying most of the time but holy damn it’s hot
carrot jun (11 months ago)
but that mekes yu funneh
Montse Díaz (1 year ago)
I Miss the old days😩😩 but I still love them anyway😂♥️
Alex Zava (1 year ago)
Ona Ojo (1 year ago)
Awertic mwankays
Santiago Fernández (1 year ago)
For me this is not funny
Tiffany Marie (1 year ago)
asha hanora (4 days ago)
Tiffany Marie i died
Alex Turner You Are A Fine Ass Man 💯
Hellem Silva (1 year ago)
Pq a voz dele tem q ser assim??????????
Donneponnie (1 year ago)
Jameh dun be a crack'ore
Marit Ørndal (1 year ago)
0:39 is the exact moment jamie decided to stop participating in interviews
Joco Jovo (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ, this only making my love for them stronger. Great band.
Where is His accent from?
Miss X (1 year ago)
AddictedFangirlOnFire / He is from Sheffield, UK
FR E SH A VOCA DO (1 year ago)
AddictedFangirlOnFire / sheffield ; north english accent
Lotd Philia (1 year ago)
Australia lmao
Kristine A (1 year ago)
When they come back from their hiatus & go on tour, i want to jamie with a fucking mic. because it's been ages !!
f (1 year ago)
Alex's voice used to be so high awww😂
holly shit, i did not understand a word that came out of jamie´s mouth at the start
Amaru Bugueño (1 year ago)
The young Alex reminds me 2D, like, a LOT
floral junkie (1 year ago)
Klara xKat_K (1 year ago)
1:29 "I like what you've done here, this is a good idea" Me: you wouldn't do it if it wasn't, you wouldn't do it if it wasn't one
Leslie Miranda (1 year ago)
What show are they on at 1:15?
Benjamín Loaiza Mena (1 year ago)
No, I don't wanna be cool, so that makes me cool.
COMBATACE1 (1 year ago)
what's the song name at 3:35?
Acid (1 year ago)
COMBATACE1 "Nettles"
Isa Bahima (1 year ago)
"I don't want to be cool, so that makes me cool" His giggle softens me.
ELSA BATISTA (1 year ago)
Oh Jesus, these interviews look like they can get annoying. Everyone asks the same questions! It just seems like it would get boring to answer after a while.
Elif Aşcıoğlu (1 year ago)
6:12 which interview is that ??
mtorres1970 (1 year ago)
they look like a bunch of guys having fun and that's rock and roll......
Tamara (1 year ago)
heyley (1 year ago)
" jey-me, don be a crackwho" lmaoo that accent
Julien MERLET (1 year ago)
"it's prettyvistfdrdfff"
midsummersky (1 year ago)
the one at reading's even better. "pretty visisisisstursss"
Edwin and Mina's bich (1 year ago)
Alex is so pretty
Vulpix Fog7 (1 year ago)
Interviewer: How do you guys deal with being labelled as the hype band? Matt: Well we sold a lot of albums the first week *background chuckles*
Katerina Gika (1 year ago)
0:09 which live is this?
Mardy Bum (1 year ago)
Octávio Silva Yes
Octávio Silva (1 year ago)
Katerina Gika Lollapalooza 2011
snip snap snute (1 year ago)
Thank you very much, we are The Atctic Monkeys from High Green, Sheffield...Australia😂
Peddy Ticker (1 year ago)
"It's called 'She's Thunderstorms', everybody... HE HE HE"
Leli Flores (3 months ago)
Random Person don't worry I hear it too but I know what he ment
Random Person (1 year ago)
Peddy Ticker i'm new to this band and i 100% thought it was callED CHEESE THINDERSTORMS
Marissa Lemus (1 year ago)
" Fank you everehbudeh we're the Auctic Monkehs" -Alex Turner
thuck you
KingExcrementus (1 year ago)
In the thumbnail, Alex looks like Eminem.
Bethany. (1 year ago)
4:30 ... possibly the biggest lie of youtube?
ThaEnglish Bally (2 months ago)
2018 speaking HELL YE
M (1 year ago)
Daniel Rocha-Garcia (2 years ago)
I FUCKING LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Where's the new God damn album.
Abbey Mae (6 months ago)
It’s coming 😈😈
AgiIeBeast (11 months ago)
Mylo (2 years ago)
He said "I dont try to be cool" lol look at him now xD
KingExcrementus (1 year ago)
I honestly don't think he's trying to be cool. Alex is one of those type of guys who always has a new phase. In this case, he recently was going through a 50's greaser phase. The general "cool" look was just something that was part of that phase. His behaviour was still the same compared to the past, perhaps with a little more confidence. But he just had the attire going on with it.
savage mode on (2 years ago)
i miss them.
MurderCity21 (2 years ago)
I think this the first time I hear Jamie Speaking in like 6 years of listening to this band
TheVampireGirl48 (1 year ago)
I'm worse than you, it's 12 for me xD
DaMrPink420 (1 year ago)
MurderCity21 thought the same
Abigail (2 years ago)
I'm gay as fuck, but Alex is a stud
2:34 is the best moment in their career, even better than their bomb ass music
but as a straight male, I can say truthfully that Nick is funny and Sexy
Verónica Echenique (1 year ago)
I love your name
TheGalwayFarmer (2 years ago)
a crack 'ore
Bananadog5 (2 years ago)
omg when he says "stupid, dirty, old pc" HE SOUNDS SO AMERICAN
Nivis (2 years ago)
it's pretty visitors... just too, they were too pretty those visitors I AM LAUGHING SO HARD
Jack Keane (2 years ago)
Sly dig at stoneroses
GJProductions (1 year ago)
Jack Keane ay second coming is a good album
Jack Keane (2 years ago)
Lara Bahiyyih (2 years ago)
and why did he say "stupid slow dirty pc"?
kuvitelma (5 months ago)
I think it's a reference to an old commercial?
Jafed Ramos (1 year ago)
Emo trash Sam 1:01
AM (1 year ago)
Lara Bahiyyih (2 years ago)
what did alex say about 1d?
Lara Bahiyyih (2 years ago)
I get it now hahahha thank you
Rhys Thomas (2 years ago)
+twinkle starchild it's an alternative word for pound, depends where you're from like Americans call dollars a buck
Lara Bahiyyih (2 years ago)
whats a quid?
Rhys Thomas (2 years ago)
"There's that 15 quid we put on one direction to win down the drain"
atlantic monkeys (2 years ago)
literally never heard Jamie speak before
Tomek Lisicki (2 years ago)
-can you be funny as well tho? -no. so why the fuck did i laugh so much just at this one word?
Eleanor Harrington (1 year ago)
Tomek Lisicki EXACTLY
Tim (1 year ago)
Because you're easily amused
Daniel Rocha-Garcia (2 years ago)
Tomek Lisicki SAME 😂😂
Maya Ifrach (2 years ago)
What is the interview on 01:13?
Maya Ifrach (2 years ago)
Victoria Maguire (2 years ago)
love am thanks for sharing😃
Irvin Arias (2 years ago)
2:18 inteviewer: can you be funny as well then? Alex:No inteviewer: ok then. 😂😂😂😂
kirsty (1 year ago)
Irvin Arias Even before I got to that point in the video I knew it was Simon Amstell, I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing lmao...
Waffl33 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video man! :D
Supreme Leader (2 years ago)
Ephemeral Felicity (3 months ago)
Supreme Leader (2 years ago)
lol I know, it just sounded like cheese to me.
Arutzuki (2 years ago)
He said She's Thunderstorms though
fathanirawan (2 years ago)

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