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The Try Guys Try Distracted Driving // Presented By Kia Forte

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The Try Guys try to steer clear of distractions as they drive through a chaotic closed course. Presented by Kia Forte. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily!
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Text Comments (10799)
Helen FH (2 hours ago)
I'm here because I just watched the new DUI series!
Amayzing Vicki _101 (2 hours ago)
does eugene have a phobia of clowns? lmao i mean that clown freaked me
jillynoelle (9 hours ago)
this is the best try guys video fight me
Ned aced the distraction test But failed the driving test by 31mil Cus of his wife Ariel is what matters to him
Kynlee Ray (10 hours ago)
"When I'm reading a book, I usually get 5 pages in and realize I haven't read the last 2 pages"🤣💀
pastel colors Cookies (16 hours ago)
I was born in Jacksonville
Myra Mahendra (1 day ago)
Can I have a kitty, please
Turtle Lover (1 day ago)
Well at least she knows he cares about her
Doris _O (1 day ago)
4:28 keith can actually sing pretty good😂
Ethan Lee (1 day ago)
I want Keith to write a song
Marcus Miro (1 day ago)
I like more good things for zack
Andrea Frías (1 day ago)
Jaja no mmn, el gemido de Zac en el 6:33 😍
Gracelouisie xx (1 day ago)
Zac and Keith have always been my favourites😂😂❤️❤️
Liam schoenmaker (1 day ago)
Liam schoenmaker (1 day ago)
Ivy Martin (1 day ago)
Eugene is ME!
Scott Davison (1 day ago)
Keith's singin is so good, who agrees with me??
xX Åthenå Xx (2 days ago)
Its so sweet how Ned loves his wife so much
Katherine Plumber (2 days ago)
I really want some fried chicken now
Kim Crocker (2 days ago)
Waste fried chicken to anger Keith
Where it's AT (2 days ago)
You could have had the clown hold a baby for Eugene
alexis theriault (2 days ago)
Eugène is the best
Burgundy Panther (2 days ago)
I was in hysterics whenever they cut to eugene 😁😂
Rachel Kahoot (2 days ago)
I love Keith's singing
M J Binzer (2 days ago)
Did Zack get to keep the kittens or the road workers lo!
M J Binzer (2 days ago)
I'm freaked out by the clown to lmao
Jazz Is Toast (3 days ago)
Kieth.beautiful kieth
Roset 1557 (3 days ago)
This video would have been so much better to watch when I had to take drivers ed
Greninja Lets Play (3 days ago)
8:17 Zach is my role model, and I want to be just like him
Samantha Nagai (3 days ago)
Keith:When the chicken was placed on the road. Well that's unsafe. I got out of the car to remove the obstruction on the roadway. 😂 Keith's thoughts: You can't waste this. I'm taking it!!!!!
Nay Fitz (3 days ago)
Linnea O (3 days ago)
now imagine doing all this while driving stick, which is the standard in most of europe
RJ Visaya (3 days ago)
I died when Ned was saving Ariel His points are going bigger and bigger 😂
NotSoFamous (3 days ago)
6:51 if you look in the back seat. there is literally someone sitting on the damn floor grabbing the dog. lol
Yasmin Caliskan (4 days ago)
Stop scrolling down and do your homework!!!
Karl Ze Taco (4 days ago)
4:20 am i the only one that liked his made up song?
Pink and Proud (4 days ago)
8:02 XD Keith put a seatbelt on the chicken 😂😂
Michael Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Bunch of betas
Ross Lloyd (5 days ago)
It's 2:40am and I screamed as loud as a lion when I saw the clown
Kaitlyn Dell (5 days ago)
I feel you zach
Meggish62 (5 days ago)
Eugene's face at 6:18 & 6:40 😄.
Ay Vaj (6 days ago)
"That stop sign is a distraction, i will not be fooled" i agree!!! 100%😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
_MaqbeSkylar (6 days ago)
4:38 "Hey Hey hey hey!" They sound like those birds from Finding Nemo but like "Hey" xD
Anna McCutcheon (6 days ago)
Ned going off course for Ariel is the kind of love I want
Deviant Flamigo (6 days ago)
Ned cares so much about his wife *_It's unrealistic_*
Vanessa Animated (6 days ago)
Ned’s points are soooooo high it’s 1 000 011 and that is very high
Catherine Burow (7 days ago)
As soon as I saw the kitten, everything else faded out lol KAWAIIII~!!
Lumirose (7 days ago)
I love that little twirl that the clown did at the end when Eugene hugged him. If you ask me, that guy really knows how to "clown around".
Evelyn Stephens (7 days ago)
Is it a coincidence the focus rating went from most to least successful/accomplished?
CallMeMiso (7 days ago)
Keith is actually a great Singer
Freddie Mercury (7 days ago)
Oh if that clown was un my backseat making annoying baloon noises *_I would have crashed that car in the nearest streetlamp on purpose_*
-Aurora - (7 days ago)
4.21 damn Keiths voice
Alister222 (8 days ago)
The try guys are extremely camp, or is it just me?
DaeganBagel (9 days ago)
There is a little something called ADHD
MamaPiggy TPPCM (9 days ago)
Eugene was smiling allot in this video 🤩🤩😏😏😏😏😏😏
Mary Hendrix (10 days ago)
And a moment of silence for Quiet Clown.
Luna Is cool (10 days ago)
Eugenes hair is so beautiful like him
Mr. Jin (11 days ago)
I felt like Keith because I most likely would have stoped for the chicken and I feel like Eugein because I dont like clowns
K.T. And S.G. (11 days ago)
Best person in the video, the cats
Neal Bourassa (11 days ago)
RIP Zach
Irene Song (11 days ago)
When he like “oh they are hot” Ariel “ohhhh yeahhhh “
GEE perz (11 days ago)
I cant believe Zack let dem swexy men in the car with him XD AHHAHAHAHAHAHAAA
Plania (11 days ago)
I want to see a video where Zach just hugs kittens
Random stuff (12 days ago)
I ship Eugene and the clown *I know I know... I'm weird*
helena s (12 days ago)
Silent Siren (13 days ago)
Emily Moisant (14 days ago)
Hell ya for promoting safety
-ÂrtWïth Starø- (14 days ago)
If that clown went in my car, I would just cry
Super Savvy22 (14 days ago)
As soon as ned read the note saying that the guys had Ariel he sounded like bat man “you leave my wife out of this”
That Gay Guy (14 days ago)
Was anyone else like "DAHUUMM" when Keith was singing? just me? oki
Voxie95 (15 days ago)
Not Alexis (15 days ago)
I thought it said OF COURSE HE WOULD DO THAT
The Foxter 5 (16 days ago)
Hey, look at those handsome men! Always slow down when you see handsome men -Zach
Jessica Gamer Plays YT (16 days ago)
1 Like = 1 Hug and tissue for Zach
BoRiNg_ LaZiNeSs (17 days ago)
Mystic Umbreon Haunts (17 days ago)
*Ned is the most focused* *Gets 1,000,011th place* 😐
If I were Eugene I would've punched whoever suggested the clown
Lillic Sketches (18 days ago)
Natalie Perry (18 days ago)
Did anyone else notice in NEDS driving and there was a dog that there was a person in the back of the car holding the dogs leash?? Like if you did.
snoko2 (18 days ago)
How do we distract the try guys? Zach: Adorable kittens Keith: His favorite food Eugene: Creepy clown guy Ned: Kidnap his wife. Some how it feels like whoever made up this challenge had some favorites, haha.
Helena The Girl (18 days ago)
Ned going outta a course, Saying “You leave my wife outta this”, and mainly screaming for her proves he truly loves her
explosive_stardust (18 days ago)
I love how Keith crossed the finish line with a bucket of fried chicken, Ned with his wife and a big dog, Eugene with his personal nightmare clown and Zach with three shirtless oiled men. I'd say they each got their true love.
AbiYTZ (19 days ago)
8:32 -8:33 "Theres to many happy things" -Eugene 😂😂😂😂😂
Bailey Clark (19 days ago)
If a clown was in the back of the car with me, i would calmly open the door, stand up and walk away with my hands up like stop signs saying " *NOPE* "
Mary Kraus (20 days ago)
What’s worrying is that the next video in the playlist is “Try Guys Crash Cars Into Each Other”.
jkmakeupmaster143 (20 days ago)
The LEG IS THE GOLD OF THE CHICKEN!!!! Keith you’re going to hate me but it’s true.
L M (20 days ago)
Me if I was in this experience. *takes Ned’s Tea* *throws out window*
Scheeds (20 days ago)
Ned: I’m gonna win. 1,000,008 points
Shiyanonko (21 days ago)
I cant even drive a car..
veggiesaremurder (21 days ago)
I can't concentrate either, Zach. And instead of the kittens, it would be puppies for me.
Jared Montellano (21 days ago)
5:10 Keith is just drinking the tea 😂
Millaray Gonzalez (21 days ago)
Poor eugene :’v
soph da loaf (21 days ago)
zach in the beginning is a whole mood
MooMoo LovesYou (21 days ago)
Zach: **stops the car to get his wife** Keith: **STOPS THE CAR AND GETS OUT TO GET THE FRIED CHICKEN**
Junior (13 days ago)
Emma Wilson (22 days ago)
"I'm so traumatized​. Too many happy things." - Eugene.
Ellen Forrester (22 days ago)
“My favorite boys!!” I DIED 🤣🤣
Mitzi (22 days ago)
All girls need a man as caring as ned :)
PortalHopper (22 days ago)
Idiots that means Zach is best
유니콘 (23 days ago)
Kind of feel bad for zack....
Chevelle_bear (23 days ago)
Try guys try not to get distracted Ned: **already distracted at **0:48****

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