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$3 Sushi Vs. $250 Sushi

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Text Comments (17938)
Nathan Woods (2 hours ago)
you guys should do Nachos next season
Angus Clark (2 hours ago)
Where it all began
BallisticO1 Gaming (7 hours ago)
Watching whole series LETS GOO!
Your Dad (8 hours ago)
Yup,no wonder why you picked Andrew,he was more funnier,had more details when he took a bite and would ask more questions.
Boi (15 hours ago)
Who else is here after season 5 finale?
Swagger 1001 (22 hours ago)
Keith is annoying
Fleecast (1 day ago)
2:50 dude thats the guy that I watched before this and he was trying different sushi from different restaurants
mr meul (1 day ago)
I like it when it come with fun facts! Lol
TubeYouGuru (1 day ago)
Making sushi is actually quite easy. Not sure why anyone thinks its such an art because its not.
Karishma Krishnakumar (2 days ago)
Keith: "I dont know what it is about baby animals. It tastes so good"
Dani Haliti (2 days ago)
Shouldnt you freeze sushi for ten days to get rid of the parasites?
EmoPikachu93 (2 days ago)
JFC, Keith sucks
Cheralyn Stump (2 days ago)
“i don’t want to say it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen cause my girlfriend’s beautiful” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aiden Scheib (3 days ago)
How do these people pay for this stuff
A Heart (4 days ago)
Keith seems really nice, but I love Andrew!
icanonlybeme 2 (5 days ago)
Did that shrimp jumped off that plate😱
Peridot (5 days ago)
The old days lol
Stale (5 days ago)
my favorite youtube channel, but no offense anyone else think they look like a gay couple?
سم ون (6 days ago)
Disgusting with those gays 🤢
Bruno Earth (6 days ago)
I'm Filipino and I love sushi.
Steven keeps mentioning that he has a girlfriend; So Keith doesn't get suspicious that Steven has a hard cord man crush on him.
Foxxi (6 days ago)
Why do people hate buzzfeed like this is great
Anderson Decarvalho (7 days ago)
keith>the other dork that is the "partner" now
miraç (7 days ago)
still watching this
Erich Wagner (7 days ago)
So glad they got rid of this guy
Robert Hsu (7 days ago)
This and that cold case show is are the only redeeming qualities of this god forsaken organization.
NinaMeanaz (7 days ago)
Keith's belly at the end! I love ya Keith
Eric Lee (7 days ago)
Arn’t bluefin tuna endagered?
The Beast (7 days ago)
Why do they do them all on the same day?! That seems mental to me. How could you eat all that food in one day?!
Artemis Cosplay (5 days ago)
It was most likey hours apart
Kimberly Center (8 days ago)
keith makes mew anna stab myself "great well id love to see those hands at work"
Oluwadamilola Johnson (9 days ago)
The last one reminds me of salt bae
Ethan De Vera (10 days ago)
I was looking for this for a long time
Starlight MSP (10 days ago)
Loll imma call Keith a gold digger now XD
Heh, one of those videos, where summary does not matter.
Christian (11 days ago)
It's so hard to watch this, after watching season 2-5. Adam's dry, sarcastic sense of humour with his witty puns and extensive vocabulary are perfect for the show - whats even more of a joy to watch is Adam and Steven together. It really goes to show what a good show worth it is looking back on what it's initial stages were.
Cristhian Macias (11 days ago)
This guy Keith is way more stuck up, entitled, and boring than Andrew is.. #TeamAndrew #ZzZ
Cristhian Macias (11 days ago)
"Well, after a meal like that I have to say, you're one of my best friends now.." "AAAAHBEIHBCIQICKJNJNCJKNJQNK!!!" "Okay... Just don't laugh like that EVER again." HAHAHAHAH
2:12 wait what they’ve already had some sushi, does he want them to eat until they pass out! Jeez
The Amazing Moogbx (12 days ago)
Put soya sauce
Samuel (12 days ago)
So glad Keith is gone. Just plain nerdy boring rude guy.
Jeremy Chen (13 days ago)
The thing that started it all
"This is closest to a mouthgasm i have ever achieved”
Tania Ojeda (13 days ago)
Defeneitley the titles that hide the food are the worse hahaha
Cameron Tweedy (13 days ago)
Do you get the stuff for free if so I'm comin with you
TheGoldenGamer (14 days ago)
My Mom and Dad give me delicious free food 😐😅😄
Crazynerd08 Gaming (14 days ago)
SushiStop, Power to the Eater
AgeraRacing (14 days ago)
The most dangerous sushi and fish is the fugi fish
LeGOAT James (15 days ago)
Kill keith
Isaiah Bowden (15 days ago)
Did anyone else notice how sushi stop has the same logo design as game stop
Sponge Bob (15 days ago)
Wish Keith was still on the show
Ioannis Chatzikyriakos (16 days ago)
All this did was make me hungry and I LOVE SUSHI 🍣
D3cod3d Gaming (16 days ago)
It’s watching me eat it’s butt
ireneBearchu (16 days ago)
*SugarFish has entered the game*
Avatar1234 Amen (16 days ago)
The episode that started the feature of buzzfeed of worthit.# I HATE SUSHI
Sun The Flareon (17 days ago)
How did you manage to pay for all of this?
infamousdrunk (17 days ago)
i live in baltiomore that 4 dollar tuna is 20$ here because our east coast water is so toxic the MD blue crabs are almost extinct. thats why it costs 150$ for 12 decent sized crabs.
Zeeb Beeb (18 days ago)
this segment is so much better with the other guy. you can't have two goofy guys
Ragna (18 days ago)
10 fps cam used when theyre in the car or why is it so laggy
angelica c (18 days ago)
Oh gosh I’m craving sushi now
The potato Alligator (18 days ago)
Who else came back after the new sushi episode XD
Marie Martinez (19 days ago)
Why would you correct your girlfriend to a date?
Night Sky (19 days ago)
That sweet sweet 15 FPS in the car camera
hmm uwouldknow? (19 days ago)
Why tf am i getting halotop ads?
tomboy lps (19 days ago)
The only part of BuzzFeed I enjoy
Nélia Catarina Neves (19 days ago)
Thank god Andrew came along <3
Drippen (19 days ago)
Samantha O'neeshie (20 days ago)
i want keith back just me?
ItsReonix (18 days ago)
Old vid
•PastellCupcake• (20 days ago)
I want sushi rn
Sam Turner (20 days ago)
I stopped following Buzzfeed on all social media channels after seeing this video two years ago... you realise you ate a critically endangered animal at 5:36? Southern bluefin Tuna is closer to extinction than tigers yet we still catch, sell and eat them...?
Tony Sinc (20 days ago)
alejandra is cuteness
Tilly Dearsley (20 days ago)
Hey Keith! Wassup man! Keith: what's going on?
*.: Lαngυσʀ :.* (20 days ago)
Who's here after the recent sushi video??
andrew fortier (21 days ago)
Who else just came back again after watching the most recent sushi episode?
Loner Bookworm (21 days ago)
I did
Nigel (21 days ago)
Chubby Chu (21 days ago)
3 dollar for a whole plate of sushi wow
Trash Aesthetic (21 days ago)
odd that you guys have a $1 vs $133 sushi video on trending but this video wasn't even mentioned in the new one
TAI lopez (21 days ago)
Does anyone know when unsolved supernatural releases or is it done.
Ed Cenatus (21 days ago)
0:48 those colord made me think gamestop
Sophia Karp (21 days ago)
Keith has really had a glow up since he joined the try guys and started a new channel
The Impersonators (21 days ago)
Keith was plain rude and uppity.
Ian Howerton (12 days ago)
@1:08 clear example of rudeness, and being uppity.
carissa hoffland (21 days ago)
WHERES ANDREW (I mean I love Keith too) BUT STILL
Ginger Cookie Mew (21 days ago)
I’m Mexican and I don’t like Mexican food. I am American to but I don’t like most American food! I only like Japan food!!!
Ginger Cookie Mew (21 days ago)
Trish Fitzpatrick (22 days ago)
MAN! I am SO jealous!! I'm out in the middle of nowhere and I WANT SUSHI!!
Nathaniel Zhu (22 days ago)
MacAttack (22 days ago)
Ahhhh. The worth it episode that started it all.
Sarita Cruz (22 days ago)
-crying- ~^~
Skipper Skipper (22 days ago)
Who want to go to Japan now?
Alexia Reyes (22 days ago)
They should have brought Keith to the fried chicken one
The Law Here (23 days ago)
A real fresh Japanese sushi that is cheap is just as good as an expensive one
Joe Thomas (24 days ago)
That white dudes voice is such a bad American accent ...
Nikitha De Alwis (24 days ago)
Lucky so many sushi
Explodingtraps (24 days ago)
Keith sucks
Reggie wharry (24 days ago)
"Im so full my heads hurts-keith2018 "i feel great"-steven 2018😂😂
Harrison Lin (25 days ago)
"I'm tired and i have a headache steven" "Keith i feel great" "SuShI FaCt!!!" ;-;
Roblox_Evie (25 days ago)
sky and stars (25 days ago)
omg am i the only person who hate sushi???
Jack Rota (26 days ago)
I consider the Keith episodes almost prototypes. They hadn’t found their groove yet
Liz Harrell (26 days ago)
His initials are K D H hmmmmm......
FTi Alpha (26 days ago)
i love sushi and its making me crave it🤤🤤🤤

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