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Babysitter gets called out for lying on Dr Phil! Did you have a babysitter as a kid? Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want more Dr Phil! Watch CALLING TEACHERS BY THEIR FIRST NAME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxug-mxz5uw Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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Gamerboi 2.o (3 hours ago)
Sssniperwolf to give u a compliment u like ur freckles it makes u look pretty i am not obssed with u but i love ur vids and everything keep up the good work
Gacha_ AnimeUwU (3 hours ago)
OLI BORG (4 hours ago)
Mckayla Dent (5 hours ago)
😲 she ugly too hahaha 😂😂 and she sound wired too
Pooh Bear (6 hours ago)
Hit or miss I guess she killed off the kids huh?
Saki Kaikadavu (11 hours ago)
6:09 your dog 😂😂😂
Yomokacha Plep (15 hours ago)
Airpod users: hah no wire Ear bud users:hah no charging Headphone users:hah no tangles
Julia Deters (16 hours ago)
Anastasia Gekis (19 hours ago)
6:06 Does anyone see the doggy?
Sesily Tatiashvili (19 hours ago)
aww is that your doggo in the backround awwwwwwwwwwwww :D
Eva Marina (19 hours ago)
She so ugly she gave me nightmares. THOSE EYES
Gabriella Soto (19 hours ago)
You see Lumpy in the back
shyanne YT (20 hours ago)
OMG! My name is Shyanne Landry and the littl ed boy that got dressed in girls clothes face book profile was named Shyanne Lane
Gacha_kitten (21 hours ago)
She is not as bad as the girl who was like " I AM PREGNANT, AND IT IS JESUS!"😂
Grace Shoemaker (21 hours ago)
Who else saw the dog in the background?
Nikita Kitten (22 hours ago)
I kind of feel sorry for the poor crazy lady...
Kinnunen Corp (22 hours ago)
Minda Magic (1 day ago)
Am i the only one who would want to see her mans? No? Okay....
Kaileah Matthews (1 day ago)
I had a babysitter but never that INSANE AND CRAZY AND DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!
Cheyanne Blake (1 day ago)
sharmaine caabay (1 day ago)
ohmygod her dog 😍😍😍
Mad Hatter (1 day ago)
i give her two points for being honest in the interview and then take 100,000,000 points for lying and baby catfishing.
Crispin Garcia (1 day ago)
i was just looking at your dog
i like how u said cardi b
Shade S (1 day ago)
.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., ur welcome my dumb sentence is done
Stephanie Lopez (1 day ago)
I just noticed one of her dog's in the corner
Autumn Pare (1 day ago)
Legit all these ppl pretending to be pregnant😂😂
Shamalamamoo moo (1 day ago)
I love how your puppy is in the background
Arrow Dell'Erba (1 day ago)
5:51 is the first time I saw her doggo in the corner of her room. I’m more blind than I thought
Arrow Dell'Erba (1 day ago)
0:15 lol, that reminds me of the time my friend said “AirPods are for the people who can’t afford the wire.” And I’m happy that more people think like us!
Hey we have the same ear bud's btw your dog is so cute
Lyla Huffaker (1 day ago)
Awe her. Dog!
Beth Bennett (1 day ago)
Pronounced cheyenne
Beth Bennett (1 day ago)
My name is chyanne
stephanie gardner (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who noticed Lumpy in the backround sleeping and waking up when SSSniperwolf hit her desk?
IT’SKaycie ‘ (1 day ago)
Some people should stop smiling with there mouth open....
Fz mama bear (2 days ago)
In a way this woman reminds me about that woman from the hand that rocks the cradle but not the full extent
Elvira Kitty (2 days ago)
That piece of hair on your hat is bothering me LOL
Ruby Moon (2 days ago)
Damn, She be dangerous
Minion bubblez (2 days ago)
Sadly tho people do steal photos of kids. I wont give the name, but i had a couple that stole my ultrasound pictures when I was pregnant with my daughter. They made a gofundme campaign with them. They had some sob story about needing help with their new baby on the way. I only knew it was my ultrasound pictures, because they didn't cut my name out at the top of the picture
Tygr Dog (2 days ago)
I couldn’t stop lookin at the pup in the background
Matt Perez (2 days ago)
The puppo in the corner <3
Jean Paul Claude (2 days ago)
I saw the dog in the backround
Gacha Minimoviemaker (2 days ago)
Omg your dog in the background is so cute
Plasma Prica (2 days ago)
Puppy in the background ❤️😍❤️😍
Ally Veg (2 days ago)
Lol Lia is gonna become Dr.Phil 2
Andy Draws (2 days ago)
3:08 she reminds me of the Smiling Titan
Thedeepblue mermaid (2 days ago)
Doggo in the corner 🐶🐶
Pandy 1019 (2 days ago)
Is it me or does she have freckles?
Lillie t (3 days ago)
Izent ruby in the pic from hills have eyes?
Aditi Kashyap (4 days ago)
5:43 to the end- Lil doggo in bottom left corner
Karen Wolfhart (4 days ago)
You have a cute dog
Cheyenne M (4 days ago)
itsmarinaplayz (4 days ago)
5:57 omg your dog distracted meh its so cuteeeee!!!
Unknown Not known (4 days ago)
It’s soo creepy
Jessica Moloney (5 days ago)
Am I the only one reading the comments while SSSniper is speaking?❤️
Reagan McCullough (5 days ago)
Y̠o̠u̠r̠ d̠o̠g̠ i̠s̠ t̠h̠e̠ b̠a̠c̠k̠ i̠s̠ s̠o̠ c̠u̠t̠e̠
Audrey Devall (6 days ago)
Air pods cause cancer. So you good girl!!!👌
Olivia MayG (6 days ago)
Who saw her dog sleeping in the background 😂
Biancanette Garcia (6 days ago)
Lmaooo the dog in the back
NicoleAlone:) (6 days ago)
Nice positive folks down in the comments
princess queen (6 days ago)
Who else saw the dog in the back 😍😍😍😍😍
Rhonda Knight (6 days ago)
you might as well poast pics of jojo siwa and say hats you. lol!
Kawaii_kitty (6 days ago)
PotatoesAreBeAuTiFuL (6 days ago)
5:50 Le doggo woke up- :<
Khadija Kewa (6 days ago)
Hey sniper wolf I just digitally kidnapped you 😈😈😈
ADRIANNA KUKLOK (6 days ago)
Love this vid 😍❤️
Da doggo in background when u slap on table es like 😌😌😲😌😌 yo slap
A Person Who Can (7 days ago)
Hey people scrolling down in the comments!
Libby Kenilworth (7 days ago)
Well, I guess that's where Lia got the Ashley meme from... 😆
Zahara Li (7 days ago)
530 she jump scared the dog
Zahara Li (7 days ago)
Poor puppy!
Zahara Li (7 days ago)
Dem teeth tho!
BMX GOD (7 days ago)
Mt mom is 53 and she can find some one frome half way acros the world.
Jeonnn Kookie (7 days ago)
I live for lia’s freckle
Tiz Rig (7 days ago)
my teacher is pregnant right now, and she cant even wear pants anymore, lit alone a tank top and yoga pants.
Scott Floyd (7 days ago)
Yesss.... the french Youtuber is Backkkkk!!! Slay Queeen
art is hope (7 days ago)
I want the red hair
Eternal Beta (7 days ago)
She looking like Becky from Roseanne
Isabelle Labash (7 days ago)
I like how her dog in the background chillin and wondering what the heck is going on. XD
yasmin (7 days ago)
OMG Ashley where are all children.... coming from There is kinda a dance moms group dance title
Dark_Elements• Xx (8 days ago)
Selenur Romanova (8 days ago)
5:50 how the dog got scared and woke up bc of sssniperwolf 😂😂😂
Wolfie1616 (8 days ago)
Wait, does SSSniperWolf have freckles???
Dude_ person (8 days ago)
8:05 Just noticed her dog died in the background.
Paige Willis (8 days ago)
The dog just wants to be included, so it decides to go back into the background. If it can be the star, it’s SURE WILL somehow get in there!!
Tandra Jarrow (8 days ago)
Boujour af.(as FRENCH)
Olive Walive (8 days ago)
The bellies are meant to be stiff.. She isn't pregnant but my thirty year old sister is. She is due in 5 weeks so.. Yup.. ITS A BOY YALL!! (I'm socially awkward)
Scarlet Scarbob (8 days ago)
Imogen Coulson (8 days ago)
She Is scam artist. Also a very very mentally unstable person. I also think she’s dangerous.
Lina Goddard (9 days ago)
send her to the ranch, Dr. Phil!
iDarcyx (9 days ago)
Omg at 1:24 she used my sped up song!! Aaaaaa! Look on my videos and find it
wendi Garcia (9 days ago)
In the background (puppy wakes up)
my sister is my babysitter
necco paper jam (9 days ago)
OMG there is an dog in the back
Kora Blis (9 days ago)
5:49 You woke the puppers up 😪
Adrian penoza (9 days ago)
Aww look at the doggy in the background its so cute!❤❤❤❤
Summer Muse (10 days ago)
I see a overwatch poster in the background
Chrystal Hill (10 days ago)
lol i thought your dog was a stuffy in the back ground and then it moved

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