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Loli Want Her Oppai to Grow! 😜

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Anime: Miss Caretaker of Sunohara - sou JP: Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san . Have a nice day! . Subsscribe - It's Free! Subscribe to my channel: ➤ https://www.youtube.com/c/NeoAnimeYT . "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." This video is here for viewing purposes only. We do NOT claim any rights to this video.
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Text Comments (281)
Minami Shiiro (3 months ago)
B-B-But... Flat is Justice!
Dio Espinosa (4 days ago)
I thought the comment said Flat is juice
k k (15 days ago)
C Daddy (22 days ago)
LOL nope
Jason Ringo (1 month ago)
Minami Shiiro If flat is justice, I want to be a criminal.
Brachy Slayer (2 days ago)
😡 this is non christian like
MiKO (3 days ago)
Can i change life with this 5 year old guy with black hair? It looks like he is not enjoying his life
Janmaverick Inguillo (5 days ago)
good luck having that! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
See Yall at rule34 dudes
Bait me Senpai (7 days ago)
2:37 welcome...
Pew Die Pie Shall WIn (9 days ago)
When Loli goes ssjg, xd.
Christy Preston (13 days ago)
2:36 close the door and make a run for your room God damnit !!!!¡!
GlaceoN_ GT_X (15 days ago)
looks olike i was wrong
GlaceoN_ GT_X (15 days ago)
but i thought windows 8
GlaceoN_ GT_X (15 days ago)
bruh macintosh user
Sazuka Shannon (15 days ago)
Senpai _chan (16 days ago)
I meant to say senpai have oppai xd
gaming legend (18 days ago)
Yuzu is Soo kawii FBI I'm only 15 just turned and she's a year older so you can't arrest me😅😅😅
Charles Thomson (21 days ago)
Flat is Justice Large is Life Middle.......Is for the normies.
uAlmaiito (21 days ago)
1:59 *Gaagle Japan*
Kill Pleasure (22 days ago)
I wanna die
Alex Xavier (23 days ago)
Am I the only one who laughs at people trying to make flat girls feel better by saying "flat is Justice" it's hilarious lol
Bob Libel (26 days ago)
The flatter the cuter am I right
joseph stalin (26 days ago)
David Lu (1 month ago)
Honestly, Yuzu is a freakin' cute bean lol
eze7771 s (1 month ago)
When I saw 2:40 I said dude run.🤕🤕🤕
Mr Mystery (1 month ago)
Roses are red Age is just a number Please help a policeman is beating me with a cucumber.
Jake/Jd Senpai ;3 (1 month ago)
Ey don’t hit him you wear bikinis at the beach you know how much people there now u hitting him...
Ariel Jr. Anda (1 month ago)
I can help with that hehehehehehe
Slade Wilson (1 month ago)
I guess being kind was too much lol.
Little Nutshell (1 month ago)
Zandrie Sanchez (1 month ago)
Gaagle vs google who will win?
Dino Bites (1 month ago)
Where can I watch this anime because VRV obviously doesn’t have it
Sosig? (1 month ago)
Lucky she didn’t start the boob massage
HDGaming305 (1 month ago)
Lol poor Guy I feel bad for him
C.J. O'Dell (2 months ago)
Aki-kun and Yuzu-chan would actually make an adorable couple.
Karan (2 months ago)
They make the most sensible and good pair Tbh.
iiVortex2ii (2 months ago)
I really need to know the outro music *-*
F.B.I (2 months ago)
u know what will happen to you right??? Prison visit for about 3 years
Justin Richard EX (2 months ago)
Where the hell are the damn shippings of them!?
Furious George (2 months ago)
Sorry I only ship people in the same age group.
yukire Vermmillion (2 months ago)
Oh~ hell noooo~
CoastgamingYT (2 months ago)
He fucking roasted her while giving a tip!
Snow (2 months ago)
*This is why I love this world*
GD RedEyedVoid (2 months ago)
*Your wish is my command.*
The Hiyuandi (2 months ago)
He needs to fight some of them, they need their ass beat.
Sahil Kudtarkar (2 months ago)
What is the intro song
Johnny Wilkins (2 months ago)
Alex Maxington (2 months ago)
Y u r i? S a y o r i?
Debashis Kun (2 months ago)
"You want bigger boobs too" ? ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
Grimluck Foster (2 months ago)
Me: Can I Have My Own Autopsy Report? Cop: Sure! Autopsy Report: Name: Grimluck Foster Age: 24 Gender: Male Left Handed Or Right Handed: Left Handed Cause Of Death: Shot Itself From The Head For Some Reason
Em I know that boobs dont grow by hitting boys
TheBoltMaster (2 months ago)
3:04 did you see her face when she threw him out? That's an evil sinister loli, this is exactly why I hate shiina x prez, BITCH
Niratap (2 months ago)
Niratap (2 months ago)
Where do I watch this
O.N.U Sama (2 months ago)
For god sake are you kidding me
Soviet TheCommieMaster (2 months ago)
I hope no one comes threw my door
a rat (2 months ago)
FBI ONU (2 months ago)
Me eyes is in u
This poor fucking dude He's like 12 And being engulfed by thottery
De Derpy Derp (2 months ago)
Kanna San (2 months ago)
Your you’re f..king idot
Kanna San (2 months ago)
NeoAnime (2 months ago)
I was scared, no one said me that! 😂
Kanna San (2 months ago)
No not you this hentai Loli lucky
NeoAnime (2 months ago)
Who, me?
きよぽん (2 months ago)
TheBoltMaster (2 months ago)
She went super Saipan god. Damn
TheBoltMaster (2 months ago)
2:55 so that's why my older sister who is extremely annoying and selfish has tiny boobs compared to my other sisters. Hmm
TheBoltMaster (2 months ago)
She acts like my older sister, anything that she does that turns out bad when I'm near her she blames it on me. She once spilled oil everywhere while I was talking with her and she blamed it on me. Lol
Akira (2 months ago)
I like much this anime
Aryaman Manish Joshi (2 months ago)
Big boobs fill a man's hands. Small boobs fill a man's heart. 💓
Joe Gower (2 months ago)
Why can't this just be on crunchyroll...
kevin johnson (2 months ago)
He isn't wrong
Stacy Udell (2 months ago)
I would have told her" the only way you would know if your boobs are getting bigger show them to me once a month and let me feel them Im a boy I would know "........
Kondzio (2 months ago)
Flat chest is the best he...
senpai daev (2 months ago)
Hello I'm new you're new subscriber,youre video are nice
FlexViper (2 months ago)
3:01 this loli is the daughter of jiren
MFTN2 (2 months ago)
Fib open up
Carlos Sanders (2 months ago)
I mean you can't get mad at him' he's really trying to help you!
BondedPaper (2 months ago)
please stop
Gabriel TheMaker (2 months ago)
Alif Ronan Roslan (2 months ago)
I like that reaction face 2:38
The trap in the hat (2 months ago)
USA:me need a new search engine Japan:we got it how about gaagle USA:YES THATS IT GOOGLE!!! Japan:not ever close to what we said 😂😂
El Psy Congroo (2 months ago)
give me back my 3 mns ....
Goldie-Kun (2 months ago)
Flat is lyf
Lolicon (2 months ago)
loli is justice once their oppai grew i will hunt them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jeff Keith (2 months ago)
Totes just get in the way the butt is what you want FBI: open up!!!!!!!
Onii Chan (2 months ago)
Gaagles XD what a useful internet
Coach (2 months ago)
Where’s the cola?
Karl Johann Perez (2 months ago)
Whats this anime?
Dusk278 (2 months ago)
0:58 “I’ll but a boot in your ass, it’s the American way!”
Pookie c: (2 months ago)
And I want my di.. ups
Jaso -knight (2 months ago)
Opai= Tities
Heiwajima Shizuo (2 months ago)
I........I love flat chests...
leokid6 (2 months ago)
FBI open up!
theCrimsonViper (2 months ago)
I'm not from America, but why is the FBI outside? How did they track me???
Unique 981 (2 months ago)
+Rusty Fisher Don't Tell Anyone But They Shared The Info... Godamnit They Got Me. Erase My Search History...Please...
Rusty Fisher (2 months ago)
That would be the CIA
Wehraboo Officer (2 months ago)
theCrimsonViper don't you know FBI is working with your government's secret service
TheBoltMaster (2 months ago)
theCrimsonViper FBI sees everyone, everything, at anytime and anywhere
Zeikcore (2 months ago)
3:30 she is super saiyan god
Simple (2 months ago)
Girl: Don't look at me change! Me: Sure, I'll just wait in the living room.
저글링 (2 months ago)
GAMER XD (2 months ago)
what is your anime theme?
KDGCuber (2 months ago)
I'm putting this in the blacklist
KDGCuber (2 months ago)
Worst Morning Ever
F.B.I Agent (2 months ago)
KILLER LOLI (2 months ago)
Justice for me too! I love it😍😍😍
Gaagle 2:01
Horoka (2 months ago)
New genre called shota's harem will appear No

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