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How to Make Perfect Pizza | Gennaro Contaldo

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You guys asked for an easy pizza recipe and here it is! Who better to show you how to make pizza than Gennaro himself? Using his family recipe he guides you through every step from kneading the dough to making the classic margherita topping. This is everything you need to know about pizza in one video folks. What's your favourite pizza topping? Any great tips you can share with the Food Tube Family? Let us know in the comments box below. If you love Gennaro as much as we do then please subscribe to his own channel where you'll get loads of great recipe videos not available anywhere else: http://goo.gl/BQ5OCe Recipe here: http://goo.gl/fKbKPR This recipe is adapted from one of Gennaro's fabulous books: http://goo.gl/S4DRUi This video was filmed on the beautiful island of Gozo in the Mediterranean. Thank you to all our lovely friends there: Kempinski Hotel Connection Caterers Zafiro Restaurant, Xlendi Ta Mena Estate Frank's Garage Links from the video: Gennaro's Zuccotto Pudding | http://goo.gl/YKJwo1 More Food Tube videos | http://goo.gl/1v3cnE For more nutrition info, click here: http://jamieol.com/D3JimM Jamie Oliver's Food Tube | http://goo.gl/EdJ0vK Subscribe to Food Tube | http://goo.gl/v0tQr Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamiesFoodTube Tumblr: http://jamieoliverfoodtube.tumblr.com/ Facebook | http://goo.gl/7R0xdh More great recipes | http://www.jamieoliver.com #FOODTUBE x
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Text Comments (5400)
OnlyDryClean Codzy (13 hours ago)
cocaine guy)
Sam Harper (14 hours ago)
That's how pizza makes me feel, too.
georgcorfu (1 day ago)
Dearest Gennaro, I don't know how to thank you as today you made me so happy when you spoke to me on my daughter's short video from London. I always admire you and copy your recipes. Lots of love from a greek lady called Georgia.
shauqi afhrah (2 days ago)
"Coz there happy" Gennaro
Rhys Roberts (2 days ago)
Rhys Roberts (2 days ago)
Dunestorm (2 days ago)
This is real pizza, not that American style "pizza". Just stick to your burgers Americans!
Sabine Onwuka (2 days ago)
Hmmmm 😘 fantastico
gabriele 303 (3 days ago)
Malta non appartiene all'italia
gigio giaggi (4 days ago)
Vai, magnate sta merda hahaha
Murdo Gordon (4 days ago)
My damp towel stuck to the dough!!! Far better with cling film.
Ghane Loves (5 days ago)
Lol i thought i loved pizza until i saw this guy ...lol
DT (5 days ago)
the dough part is not that easy
ailene30 (5 days ago)
Hahahahaha he is so funny
Hannibal Rothschian (5 days ago)
Is the patient flour good for pizza ?
오꼬노미야끼 (6 days ago)
이탈리아 요리 검색하다가 들어오신 한국인분들 계신가요?? 👋👋
yo rorong (3 days ago)
우왕 한국인찾고있었는데ㅠㅠ
BURG D ZAD (6 days ago)
What amount of each ingredient should I mix for 1 pizza ??
BURG D ZAD (6 days ago)
@Max_W 654 I was waiting for the dumbass who was going to say that because it's not like I haven't already tried ...
Max_W 654 (6 days ago)
If it makes 4 pizzas, and you wanna make one... Well, u can do the math
Wayne Payne98 (7 days ago)
325ml of water
Frosty Oskar (7 days ago)
Anthony Rodriguez (8 days ago)
what's the semolino for?
witzig61 (6 days ago)
to stop it sticking
The Golden Fish (9 days ago)
so yummy
Daniel Braham (9 days ago)
cant find this exact recipe on the liked site...
pindiknik (9 days ago)
Такое чувство, что смотрю Джейми Оливера на пенсии. Дженаро, жму вам руку!!
João Azevedo (9 days ago)
I'm tired just to watch this video.
Ian Vassallo (10 days ago)
Benvenuto a Malta e Gozo 😀 Se apri un restorante,vengo volentieri 😁
B R U H ._. (10 days ago)
I made it and the pizza was kind of a weird shape, but tasted really good!
Mohamed Raafat (13 days ago)
Finally seen Al Pacino making pizza scare face style (L)
Nigolas (14 days ago)
robert (15 days ago)
RIP Narancia. He never got his pizza :'(
Willem DaFuckedUp (15 days ago)
1:36 Don't actually do this unless you want whoever is eating your pizza to eat your dead skin cells
Léo Bergeron-Cyr (15 days ago)
This is the most stereotypical Italian man i've seen in my life hahaha
trang do (15 days ago)
this is fantastic recipe , thank you a lot !!!
Nevan (15 days ago)
lmao this guy is so extra
Fake Social Dynamics (16 days ago)
Nice,very Italian.
OMG what fun it was watching ur vid...
Ron Yoichi (17 days ago)
mourad tahraoui (18 days ago)
It looks so delicious thank you a bunch Sir🙏👏
Expired (18 days ago)
That's your avrage guy In italia
NAMASTAYLEAN (18 days ago)
I love to add Bocconcini and parmesan wow what a delicious pizza, my mouth is watering from remembering making mine. I moved to a new city and there were no good pizza places... So I decided to make my own delicious pizza's from scratch. Now I would never order pizza again. Why do some pizza places overlook the Margherita classic?
ArguerMan (19 days ago)
Hector Salamaca's secret hobby
Marcus Badi (20 days ago)
Homemade... if you have an oven like that!
Lance Anderson (20 days ago)
Why no sugar for the yeast?
Mario Cvjetkovic (21 days ago)
Well I think we all learned that he loves making PIZZA.
Nuri Buck (21 days ago)
You are great, master
Davide Gobbicchi (22 days ago)
Why everytime there is An "italian" on YouTube he always has to be a southern Italian behaving like a clown that puts shame on the rest of the country? Seriously stop...
Jitendra Sahoo (22 days ago)
You may not be the best chef in the world but you are surely the best entertaining chef in the world. I love you, you are so so good.
bragee (22 days ago)
I think that a single two hours levitation is not enough.
John Smith (22 days ago)
Can I add pineapple?
darknxghts (11 days ago)
Matt Blaise Fight me nigga come on
darknxghts (11 days ago)
Matt Blaise Shut up bitch
Matt Blaise (12 days ago)
You. Don't. Add. Pineapple. On. Pizza.
Playaway XD (23 days ago)
fly dragon (21 days ago)
Caro Signore Gennaro, buon giorno e saluti da Ukraine! Io ho 55..)..e solo con Lui ho capito finalmente come fare la pizza! Ho fatto questo😄. Е Semplice, chiaro e....fantastico! Bravo Мaestro e tanti auguri💐💐💐
Maciej Marciniak (24 days ago)
Fantastic, I love pizza. I love Italian kitchen
Thunder Light (24 days ago)
OMG People with depression should watch this legendary cook cheffing it
zakaria bachar (24 days ago)
Fantastico ^^
These sounds he made were so cringe🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nancy Engel (24 days ago)
LRRY (24 days ago)
When the Vodka starts hitting 2:54
Cristian Roth (24 days ago)
This guy sounds so enthusiastic. And judging by how that pizza looks, it's 100% worth it.
Chara Ceda (24 days ago)
a++ a++++
May Mafie (25 days ago)
Italians are life ,gonna live there one day for sure
Junk In My House (26 days ago)
soon as I saw the hair on this man's arms I knew he knew what he was doing
Peace (26 days ago)
"How to make a perfect pizza..." - if you're not Italian, you can't make it...
Kim Bauly (26 days ago)
The way he talks about yeast... :)
pubkrocknroll (27 days ago)
On my day off from work I make pizza
Khisto (27 days ago)
Pepega Clap
james thomas (28 days ago)
I love pizza!!!...
Imposter Carcass (28 days ago)
This guy is on crack
ahmed desoki (28 days ago)
I think soo😂😂😂😂
vicky karaklani (29 days ago)
I love this man 😂☺🤗 delicioso pizza grazie!
Mr. asdf (1 month ago)
ㄹㅇ 자유로운 요리인
yo rorong (3 days ago)
Sherlani Jane Fanari (1 month ago)
You're so great! I tried it many times. My Italian family and friends love it!! 😍
Wee binnie C (1 month ago)
Can you buy semalino in the usual supermarkets like Sainsbury’s or Tesco? Or his it called something completely different lol
Daniel Langlois (1 month ago)
Hell yea he knowa how to makea da pizza
brahim Achi (1 month ago)
Jonathan Stroupe (1 month ago)
We need to protect this gem of a human being at all costs
akirak (25 days ago)
I know, right? He's like an Italian version of Ainsley Harriott.
Karl Kunath (1 month ago)
I want to subscribe to Gennaro Contaldo. Not Jamie Oliver, Tell me Jamie, how to do it.
Abu Al (1 month ago)
Catastrophe 😱😒
BritTrot (1 month ago)
Italian and English cockney mixed is weirdly endearing.
Naglaa Mansoor (1 month ago)
Keith Graber (1 month ago)
Is this, like, gluten-freeeeeee?
Pedro Jorge (1 month ago)
Just seeing your passion for me its the perfect recepy
Gary Coker (1 month ago)
i wish he was my dad :))
Luca Vitali (1 month ago)
I love this man
Fluid Mosaic (1 month ago)
The way he cut it 😲
Cheryl Pearson (1 month ago)
It’s midnight but I want to make this now, 😂 lunch tomorrow sorted. Worst margarita pizza I ever had? In Thailand. It was a plain pizza with sachets of tomato sauce. (Ketchup) We were like, what is this.
Daniel Trenkler (1 month ago)
Add some Semolina
Matteo Toma (1 month ago)
Ha funzionato ma si cuoce poco sotto, consigli?
Hoof Arted (1 month ago)
This is not the Jaime Oliver I was expecting
YvY (1 month ago)
이 아저씨는 늘 하이 텐션이네 ㅋㅋ
Darryl Abram (1 month ago)
Tried this pizza recipe, it truly is fantastic , easy to make and enjoy, I cooked them in my BBQ on a ceramic pizza stone with indirect heat , ! Cor we'll never us a certain "hut" delivery again. I've been and purchased some pizza boxes to put them in ? And I just love watching the main man cooking them it really is a pleasure to watch. . Best pizza ever
Ahmet Takun (1 month ago)
la ilahe illallah
4231jerome (1 month ago)
Man gennaro usually brings a heap of enthusiasm and exuberant weirdness to his videos but this is his wildest yet Love it
Poran Tudor (1 month ago)
What do you call a sleeping pizza? piZZZZZa
theshivagiri (1 month ago)
Energy of the guy aside, the pizza looks below average! But if you can brag about it with this kinda energy it sells, i geuss!
SadSeal (1 month ago)
I love Gennaro, but how does he manage to not get any arm hair into that lol
Bekki Gon (1 month ago)
Danilo Zanna pizza mmm 😍
Luana Marcinova (1 month ago)
This guy is lovely!❤
onenikkione (1 month ago)
Yukiteru Amano (1 month ago)
This is the first time I visit this channel and I love this man already.
peplokluxtboi (1 month ago)
this isnt jamie oliver
ᗩᗰOᖇE (1 month ago)
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
Mama Gypsy (1 month ago)
Ouh great now im hungry again, i just finish my early dinner 5 minutes ago...
Dan (1 month ago)
I love pizza, you love pizza, we all love pizza!

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