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8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don't Know

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Text Comments (4284)
Troy Lewis (1 hour ago)
What an asswipe!!! If you need to go to these lengths to get a woman, I suggest a personality transplant...
Anthony Martinez (6 hours ago)
The secret to shirt stay. Stay sharp my dude.
Tiyash Paul (10 hours ago)
3:29 Monument ...8th wonder of the World
132900dx (11 hours ago)
So this good for an interview..lol nothing else..
Tommy Pearson (12 hours ago)
This is for people who want to dress like their not Broke lol man i can give two shits about all that custom style shit i am in Scrubs most of the time When i get home from the Hospital last thing i am thinking gees i could use some nice Ironed pants and shirts that don't give me a muffin top lol I'm trying to get some rest and relax real people don't have time for that Cosplay BS
AJ Sarabia (13 hours ago)
Great tips but why are you screaming?
Yasha Kato (14 hours ago)
Skinny dudes talking about muffin tops
King Sace (16 hours ago)
Idk about that shirt stay😂😂
Vyran Laise (23 hours ago)
Two thumbs up Woman love a sharp dressed clean man wardrobe. Always keep your wardrobe perfect even keep shirts and pants colors together for some reason woman think its really sexy it drives them crazy that your wardrobe look perfect.
Troy Lewis (1 hour ago)
Your dating some insular ass women then!
M0D60 (1 day ago)
No.4 got it
Max Boys (1 day ago)
😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 😬😬😬😬😬😬😡😡😡😡😬😬😠😇😈😈😇😐😮😡😇😇😈
sonal pande (1 day ago)
Make a video on how we can keep look nice in formal pants
Sun Rocks (1 day ago)
I'ma put a grenade pin on mines and 3flowers on my sweater lol some of the tricks are handy I admit one day I might try it but two of the "tricks" tells me to buy new pants and get a Taylor. the old El clicko cheater bait. you got me,you got me.
Noah Choi (1 day ago)
4:48 you hypocrite Edit: look at his ding dong
SuperJacob1989 (1 day ago)
But I like looking like I have a hard-on...
Romano Gitano (1 day ago)
Bilal Mirza (1 day ago)
Nice dude 👍
Luke Downs (1 day ago)
Alpha M wannabe 😂
Kamaljit Singh (1 day ago)
Last trick useable all other not even for middle class USA people
Don m (1 day ago)
These were actually pretty good. I am not ready for shirt stays attached to my socks but the rest of them were awesome. Thanks.
Javier Cortez (1 day ago)
Damn sexy and I like all your vids 💋💋
Terrence Kelly (2 days ago)
What do i do if I'm a fat beer drinker tho
Moɱs Lɩɭ Boƴ (2 days ago)
Gemini Junkie (2 days ago)
Loved it man!
James Dalton (2 days ago)
Have any of you EVER seen a guy wearing those suspender shirt stays in real life?
my category reverb so (2 days ago)
Plz speak in hindi
James Raymond (2 days ago)
Those are actually pretty good! Except #8. That one made absolutely no sense. Fold the legs over each other???
Another Conspiracy (2 days ago)
Thom Shumard (2 days ago)
THe pants trick is worth watching the video. Thanks!
Steven Roby (3 days ago)
The one with the pants zipper is a good idea but the rest not so much
Akham gonmei (3 days ago)
I dont need...
Xx_Carlos.Gonzales_xX (3 days ago)
And what if I have an actual boner?
Philip Garden (3 days ago)
Forget about the clothing. Fix that ridiculous hair, dude.
Troy Lewis (1 hour ago)
he'll be here with a beard and coming out of the closet next :)
Lucas Dev (3 days ago)
I like my shirts with treads nd buttons... not with tapes Gay stuff
eiffelcruz (3 days ago)
Bull shit
Breboi17 (3 days ago)
Sorry that "Shirt Stay" looks ridiculous , but you have some nice glutes :), That is a great tip about the pants on the hanger and the flat iron on the collar but let's be honest that is not your girls flat iron that is YOURS :) its okay to own up to that :) we don't judge anymore lol
P.J. COllins (3 days ago)
This is sad....
Talem Diyum (3 days ago)
Nice one
abyss1ner (3 days ago)
Wore shirt stays in the marines. Poped and hit my nuts once
MrTw2009 (3 days ago)
nice info
Will Ferra (3 days ago)
Please do yourself a favor and to us too and stop gesturing so much and shouting like we are all deaf. We understand very well English and so much sign "language" is annoying and counterproductive. And shave....then we might fallow your advise! Clean cut is always in style.
Adam Zahafi (3 days ago)
shirt stay is a life saver jesus
Carlos Cacal (3 days ago)
i miss this editing!
Andy Pegg (3 days ago)
We are all different shapes . Sometimes things aren’t an easy fix . But I do rate this clip . If your similar build to him or more slender absolutely this will work .. gym goers will understand. Hey some of us have favoured muscle areas & can make clothes buying imperfect . Not slating this video just saying .. It’d be great if you did a clip addressing things like this . Broad shoulders, big chest guys , big quads etc 👍🏻
VIVEK MAKWANA (4 days ago)
copy CAT .... of alpha M .. 😂
Jeff Rauscher (4 days ago)
Shirt stays..... 😂 people are so f****d up
alfredzabala (4 days ago)
Sub to sub beginners? Sub to my channel, i honestly subscribe back to your channel with comments on your video! 😍 go!
Teddy C (4 days ago)
Wow I should of watch this video a while back
Charles Peralta (4 days ago)
Danm there to many haters on this mf hahaha sounds like yall jealous or something lmfao do yo thang man nice video👌
findvoltage (4 days ago)
Thanks dude. I was happily, blissfully unaware I looked like I was turned on all the time and never worried about those things... till now. 🤯
chris edmunds (4 days ago)
so much for his few minutes of fame........try the double sided stik tape....one side sticks to your skin...etc. etc.. folding pants on the hanger....right! that really works.........who is this jerk??
Ducati Darmah (4 days ago)
I wouldnt take advice from a guy that spends more time infront of a mirror than my Mrs. MAN up.
Kyle Quibot (4 days ago)
I have a big ass and my waist is small sooo it never really worked, all i have are stretchable pants
AdrenalineHigh (4 days ago)
What is up with your hair? Looks like a dog licked it for you. Another thing, get shirts your size. It’s pretty obvious you wear shirts that are a size to small for you. Just look at how your sleeves start three inches in. You’re giving clothing advice but don’t even know the basics of how to pick the right size for your body.
Kentershaw pcm (4 days ago)
and who doesn't want their package to be huge...and with a group of guys, also wash cloths on gentle cycle/hand wash.
Kentershaw pcm (4 days ago)
The Muffen-TOP is totally a different thing where I come from.... aka that fat belly over hang that forms when wearing tight jeans LOL not an untucked shirt.... most of these tips are ok but only on special occasions why people are rude with their comments lol but most of there time this is only for certain people and I will send it too them lol
Jast Alex (4 days ago)
The interlocking pant trick es the best
Gol Maal (4 days ago)
your inner girl is screaming to come out
Luupiduupis 123 (4 days ago)
i am natrualy good looking i dont need nice clothes
Daniel Taylor (4 days ago)
You will stain your shirt with a flat iro if your girl uses oil on her hair. It's ok you can thank me later
Jess Wilson (4 days ago)
This shit is absolutely fucking hilarious
OG Loc (5 days ago)
Turn your clothes inside out......isnt this something everybody does anyway??? What kinda bullshit is this 😂😂
A Newsom (5 days ago)
He is no Rico swuave
dD Lithuania (5 days ago)
bruh your hair look like a paint brush
no. 3 trick is useless. no help at all
Pascual Liera (5 days ago)
Smoke a bowl foo n let it hangg
Eugene Martiny (5 days ago)
Last 3 are the best
TV (5 days ago)
You will become Gay after watching his video!
John Baker (5 days ago)
Lazarus Live (5 days ago)
Interesting. I've never heard of a shirtStay. Using yer girls straightener on clothes.. Better not. A lot of girls use products in their hair before straightening and it burns onto the straightener. It will stain your shirt and will not come off because you have basically cooked it on. Buy your own small straightener instead.
Bronx Legend (5 days ago)
Look good u look like cow lick ur head
Ovidiu Tabara (5 days ago)
What is that nest bird in your head patty boy ?
uncle louie (5 days ago)
Love the hair.
marshal matthew (6 days ago)
is this u call trick..
Soselo Soso (6 days ago)
Stopped watching at shirt suspenders thing. Bye
City .Gomez (6 days ago)
Shirt stays on a date??? NEVER
Balint Coaching (6 days ago)
I clicked on it! Are you happy now, Youtube?!
PANORAMA 45 (6 days ago)
What a usless and loud video...
JB (6 days ago)
Smart, Fast, Concise, Great information, no bullshit thank you
manik cepy (6 days ago)
So loud.
Billy Shity (6 days ago)
good looking On the falling zipper on the fly
Slym P!ckens (7 days ago)
Very helpful information.
Led Zep (7 days ago)
Who gives a fuck!..get a life!
MsRosecrystal (7 days ago)
Shirt stays..huh..
Meade Morgan (7 days ago)
Sometimes your zipper will slide down, because you haven't pushed the pull tab back down. When the tab is down, it kind of locks the zipper in place. There is a tiny spike, that holds it in place.
Hobie Fisher (7 days ago)
What an asshole
Vexcarius (7 days ago)
Alpha M?
Phuc You (7 days ago)
You move your hands way too much while talking. You're like one of those low life thugs who talk with their hands. Very irritating.
Janine Dear Barlow (7 days ago)
A pulled up shirt is NOT a muffin top!
guy remote (7 days ago)
love this video! thanks a lot!
Fletch Eazy (7 days ago)
lol this dude is totally biting Alpha whole thing. SMH!!!
Johnny Dogg (7 days ago)
Rolling up your pants sleeves just makes you flood ready lol
greg joseph (7 days ago)
Shirt stay = Man Girdle
mk floyd (7 days ago)
Quite a decent video ( first timer ) but a shirt stay ! you have to be taking the piss with that half-a-brace contraption...
Sam Hampton (8 days ago)
good tips common problems solved i never thought i could do
Mista Matt (8 days ago)
Cristian A (8 days ago)
2:25 what about bloodflow? The socks one is fine but that one? Idk...
Mr Zeus (8 days ago)
This guy is a Asian version of Alpha.m. Even the way he talks is the same
MeowCat Cat (8 days ago)
1:26 this shows you how women feel EVERY day!!!

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