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SKT T1 Faker is Back with Zed + New Runes! - Faker Stream Highlights Playing Zed! | (Translated)

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Faker ( Hide on Bush ) Stream Highlights Playing Solo Queue Ranked Game With Zed Mid In Challenger Elo Korea. The Patch Of The Game Is 7.22 ( Preseason 8 ) , Remember to like the video for the best LoL Pro Replays to learn of the best players and BE CHALLENGER, It helps a lot! Runes & Abilities: https://gyazo.com/c04a3ba2fad0aefcb1298639fee188ec -Subscribe to the channel: https://goo.gl/KefYRS ❤ Buy The Best Gaming Products On Our Sponsor Website Bang Good! https://goo.gl/6b7fam --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👍 Welcome To Be Challenger! We made this channel most focused on pro players replays to all the people that want to learn and be the best in League Of Legends, to be the best you will need to watch the best players in the world and also the competitive scene of League Of Legends, thats why we will upload the best replays and all league of legends events, hope you will improve with our help! -Subscribe to Be Challenger: https://goo.gl/KefYRS ❤ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recomended Videos: Faker vs Huni - Zed vs Shen : https://youtu.be/UKpO0zHqtHI Faker First Professional Game: https://youtu.be/fNscLv6l6tU&t Faker Best Game Ever With Zed: https://youtu.be/kZTCQqVpJdY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits to LoL Esports Watch LoL Esports Channel, they make all of this possible: https://www.youtube.com/user/LoLChampSeries --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (378)
Nyks (22 days ago)
Faker maker değil moruq siz gelin de Barış Can (kfceatbox'a) sonra yazın faker tarzı mı ? kıbrıs tarzımı? asssanım :))
Nome Filtrado (1 month ago)
kkk faker na disney kkk
trisha mae Hayawon (2 months ago)
noob faker gago ka fuck you ka ks report ♥
loisa mahany (2 months ago)
Faker Will Return As Later,Although Faker Lost In Faker Match Will Be Lucky :)
loisa mahany (2 months ago)
Faker Will Return As Later Although Faker Lost In Faker Match Will Be Lucky :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Emre (4 months ago)
Faker canlı yayın rünleri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf6hjZOPdi4
oktaiaaa (5 months ago)
Why would you start surrender vote when Faker is in your team??? :D
Crank crank (6 months ago)
sad faker got a noob team :(
SupaMarioo (6 months ago)
Where is his subalert from at 1:30? Can't remember but it reminds me at sth.
Ronald Rivera (7 months ago)
Nice faker you are my idol
Turker Saglam (7 months ago)
i love you Faker , we love you <3
Talestory JL (8 months ago)
8:04 clean :3
Talestory JL (8 months ago)
w wr e q
Perkyswan 1097 (8 months ago)
I hope SKT T1 has the hands at Lol
يحي شاهين (8 months ago)
you pig noop
Yağız (9 months ago)
2:19 What the game?
[JRP] Peñarubia (9 months ago)
GG Faker comebacks at worlds will be super exciting
Chom sao Channel (9 months ago)
Cho zet
Chom sao Channel (9 months ago)
Danh ao vai cut
Chom sao Channel (9 months ago)
Con cho dien
Mįŗķäŧä Péŧķøv (9 months ago)
Nicky (9 months ago)
3:58 faker has a flash He can flash behind lucian
Musa Gezer (10 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0J0BFgmz4Y&t=4s ARKADASLAR DESTEK OLALIM
Cristian Gannaban (10 months ago)
As a plat II. And a Zed main, he kinda sucks tbh. Yeah he got some moves and combos but I'd play better. I'm not bragging its just he doesnt trully know zed combos and moves. But the "Look at the cleanse, look at the moves, Faker what was that?!" That play is so good bro. Can't even do it.
Daniel Liao (10 months ago)
Am I autistic or did Faker actually die from raptors?
paulo estevan (10 months ago)
Stop with bot of views you fucker
Axel L (10 months ago)
why is the translation so late.................
Ricardo Fermé (10 months ago)
The singed and the elise did nothing the entire game. If they had picked another characters they could've won.
Poskus Petras (10 months ago)
l2p faker
Ong Nguyen (10 months ago)
I do but I am bad
Ong Nguyen (10 months ago)
Do you play yasuo?
Gloria (10 months ago)
LOL he has such a kind attitude toward his (bad af) teammates. So sweet T__ T
Kamalisten (10 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C123-IZmyDk I'm player zed too
Lilith Rosa (10 months ago)
Translation useless
Coochie Monster (10 months ago)
faker's is so bad at zed now lol
He6ll (10 months ago)
And the other side is seeing your star being the best one to blame, you were very proud of being the best and that is why you lost the LCS, you lost the flush
He6ll (10 months ago)
bad runes on Zed, the best are 1-1, 2-3, 3-3, 4-2
Vasilis Green (10 months ago)
And this 1 for 1 is why triumph is awesome
Sultan Zed (10 months ago)
Facker còn thua best zed bắc mĩ
GAJETINO (10 months ago)
this dude is rude i don't like him hes good player but not good person. im happy that he lose
Freddie Saint Delacree (10 months ago)
Tyler Jorgensen (10 months ago)
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Rafael Ferreira (10 months ago)
what a dodge 2:42 !
donangry (10 months ago)
I can't find any reason at all why this game was upload worthy.
Andrej Tasevski (10 months ago)
Poor man 9ms i am sorry for him -.-
Vinicius Viana (10 months ago)
mito Faker👏😂
WeirdOo (10 months ago)
Omfg my brother was playing against faker omfg i will never forget this that this happend
Andrew Byrnes (10 months ago)
what's the acoustic song title? it's really nice
Andrew Byrnes (10 months ago)
Lol savage
Ellopepole (10 months ago)
Poly Bridge Soundtrack - Field Trip
Armros65 (10 months ago)
It's "Faker are crying guitar version"
John Jones (11 months ago)
i practiced the fast mouse clicking constantly and I moved rank from Gold to Diamond in a month....I noticed opponents get confused when they see your character moving back and forth. Also, it makes you alert more.
unknown king (11 months ago)
Jay-jay Sanipa (11 months ago)
Uhh... My Brother Got SKT T1 Zed.
Pirdh Opani (11 months ago)
why isnt anybody talking about that soraka being a god supp lol
rick24lb (11 months ago)
I like the fact that he didn't honor anyone after the game...lol
Randall Sigler (11 months ago)
*faker slightly moves mouse* OHHH MY GOD FAKER WITH THE OUTPLAY.
michel andino (10 months ago)
He cant do that.. he's plays at 1800+ dpi :V
cyber game (11 months ago)
izi lucian crazi brother fuck
cherif hakim (11 months ago)
are you serios
iZedCaliber (11 months ago)
Would appreciate if you guys can check my new zed montage :D https://youtu.be/_c3j_seZLAM
arlindo neto (11 months ago)
11:13 azedo
Got (11 months ago)
my Friend...faker full Disney
Kris Donovski (11 months ago)
whats the name of the song at the start ?
Ellopepole (10 months ago)
Field Trip By Adrian Talens
Jogos DaNet (11 months ago)
WOw That noobie
Dilan Beltrán (11 months ago)
12:36 that singed pushing rumble xd
Jhepleen • (11 months ago)
/me nabeerr
Stepping On Legos (11 months ago)
faker works for my step dad
TurnipsAge (11 months ago)
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Mateus Mota Feu Carvalho (11 months ago)
Quando ele morreu ali pros papagaios já tirei do vídeo
Alin Sansu (11 months ago)
old translations pls
Nikos Zisop (11 months ago)
Nice music on the background does anyone know the name?
cenk şahin (11 months ago)
bu vidyon kotu
Daniel Rodrigues (11 months ago)
Faker jogo nada
videoyu 20 dk yapma çabaları
Jobert Locsin (11 months ago)
Faker is so serious right now, not like before
ZERO (11 months ago)
Im happy to see him back
McArchitects Boracay (11 months ago)
lawlaw ka kuno hambal ni Arnold!
E.G.E (11 months ago)
LL Stylish is better
Antti Muilu (11 months ago)
too many ads
ertpf (11 months ago)
Laughing League (11 months ago)
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Stj JNR (11 months ago)
Lmao that xayah scared
Isabella Gol Airline (11 months ago)
Dimi (11 months ago)
I bet he would have retired if they had won worlds again. So the good site is that we can still see him play now after losing worlds :D
Kartoffel Einhorn (11 months ago)
I really like faker and his plays. And its so sad to watch his streams and read the chat...so many people are mean and say he is a noob because of what happens at Worlds.... Funny that such guys never can fight against a faker they will loose so hard
daniel alfaro (11 months ago)
That prediction of elise at about 3mins of the video.
Veritable Veritablility (11 months ago)
I'm confused, did he really lose the game is it photoshopped.
Ahmed Gamal (11 months ago)
9ms my ms is 200 😂😂😂
Kurt Rhyan (11 months ago)
Bell-kun Blushh (11 months ago)
3:09 Elise
kodok goreng (11 months ago)
want u duel with me, u know u are noob that a fac
kodok goreng (11 months ago)
mark ocampo (11 months ago)
gg faker
Sammy Alzaharna (11 months ago)
I thought this was another worlds game... ' Varus could have ulted'...'Oh, we lost'...yeah..you did..
Atsuko maeda (11 months ago)
Do you know ruler ?
Fly-suo prophet (11 months ago)
It's so bang !
Jonathan Archer (11 months ago)
i know faker is like the best but id expect a carry or something
Wow Faker is still alive
nuur nuur (11 months ago)
One question. Is it raining outside of he's house?
Samuel Kim (11 months ago)
is there anyway to sync the subtitle to when he actually speaks?
Nikita Popov (11 months ago)
zed for ppl with 47 chromosomes
fff979 (11 months ago)
Juan Saitt (11 months ago)
creo que le esta gustando el cartel de victoria rojo :v
Leandro Kern (11 months ago)
Carryto faker

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