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10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

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Text Comments (3042)
SaltyBro (1 day ago)
If i cant wear a hat indoors then should i strip as well?
clasher Vicky (1 day ago)
Go and **** your self
Adolfo Roman (2 days ago)
you're gay....
Inaz Rachel Amiri (6 days ago)
you are such. good seller!!! gosh your passionate about selling and the opportunity you take advantage of is amazing; like the clock!!
ahmad mujtaba (8 days ago)
ya he is selling watches
UNHIDED GAMES (8 days ago)
went to my gaming channel Mr.Psycho# and subscribe it
Susheel Shahu (9 days ago)
Bhai hindi bolna
m/ az (9 days ago)
was he reading something or what.his eyes kept looking next to the camera
Sarcasynronic (10 days ago)
Yeah but not everyone has the money to buy a watch
Riley Becerril (11 days ago)
Bro i remebe when i was like the 12th thousand video and like 100 thousand subscriber
Corey Morrell (12 days ago)
Is an Apple Watch okay?
Warehouse (14 days ago)
I always wear trench coat or long coat so I’m not soo interested inside
Don WooD Kh (18 days ago)
Hey about all those negative comments here, why are you watching this vid??? Hahaha... don't worry you will get there one day...
Proceid PS4 (18 days ago)
Im pre sure guys dont roll up there sleeves like the pic on the left
Shah Hussain (19 days ago)
Amar boga
Sajesh Raut (19 days ago)
Inshort nothing but Just exposing himself to socialmedia 😂😂😂 fuck I don't like these guy btw annoys & comes around across while I'm browsing jeez someone close to him ask for his Shuttass💩
pradeep 01king (21 days ago)
Chutiya hindi nahi ati ki bc
Mike Whitcher (25 days ago)
He could do with a shave
Come To success (25 days ago)
Nice https://youtu.be/_rRlbYeMfL0
kun ozil (25 days ago)
ashiqul Islam (26 days ago)
Thank you for always be there for us 🔥💓
md Imad (28 days ago)
The dress shirts which are (tailed) longer in front and back are worn tucked & the ones that are horizontal and shorter around the waist are worn untucked
Talha Saleem (1 month ago)
Talha Saleem (1 month ago)
whats that i hear (1 month ago)
I wear leaf and caveman hair.
Dave Williams (1 month ago)
How is Becker not sick of his own voice by now.
zaima baby (1 month ago)
11th way is this video
Arvydas yUpiter7 (1 month ago)
nepisk proto
Shane F (1 month ago)
very annoying voice!
Amon (1 month ago)
I'll dress however i want. I'll even wear a sexy pink dress and combat boots if i feel like it.
snooker (1 month ago)
get a shve dick.
Insight Eins (1 month ago)
What mechanism is inside the watches?
Technostory (1 month ago)
Love from india
Guitarplayers sage (1 month ago)
thanks brother:)
Jafeth Julias (1 month ago)
U tearch us well bro
Kort Johnson (1 month ago)
danashane (1 month ago)
his idiotic hairdo distracts from the fact that he is actually 375 pounds
veganath (1 month ago)
*_Fashion = all style no substances... cultural immature at its worst!!_*
DeeBansie (1 month ago)
You talk about guys should’ve have one specific style but it’s clear you do? I mean it’s obvious you’re that guy that always wears tight fitted clothing that’s great but that’s not all to fashion Lol there are long shirts you can rock and still look great and I can’t stand jeans with shoes I just think it looks weird unless they’re cropped jeans however, the tip about folding your shirt at the side was a great tip 😁👌🏽
el vendedor (1 month ago)
Link de spanish?
Son Light (1 month ago)
Wisdom...: Men With Manners Journal Blank Lined 6x9 Writer Notes; gift for writers https://www.amazon.com/dp/1726243346/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_tUdJBbDH316BH
My Boring Opinion (1 month ago)
I'll dress however I want thank you very much.
Batmotion E (1 month ago)
This has to be a joke
Pravin Khandagale (1 month ago)
What is best - Brief or boxers
Rick Bhasin (1 month ago)
Wearing watches is unnecessary. Its actually redundant. It shows insecurity and superficiality.
Saidu Usman Baba (1 month ago)
educate our youths about and ladies
Stephen Parkinson (1 month ago)
Thanks alpha!... .....oooh.....erm......
I Bataa (1 month ago)
Fucking helpful guys tnx
Eshtai booki (1 month ago)
I'm getting that watch xD
Dd S (1 month ago)
Come back when you are 50 years old, and give tips. Til then, you are just a dumb kid who can get by on youthful looks.
kRan (2 months ago)
11mill views. That ad revenue juicy
Downthehollow (2 months ago)
You're not supposed to muffin top??? My life is a lie... My authority figures were wrong... :(
mukesh miracleT (2 months ago)
I like it
Sam Harper (2 months ago)
how the fuck did this vapid shit end up in my feed?
illumi zoldyck (2 months ago)
11m! 🔥
are bhadya hindi bol na kadu
shlok desai (2 months ago)
Hi I'm 14 I'm 6'1 and i watch your channel and even try to follow stuff, your channel rocks thnx!
john smith (2 months ago)
Pj pants snd socks and slides aren't ok? Damn
Is this his most popular video?
This dude's delivery is way off. So obnoxious and arrogant.
Karp Par (2 months ago)
Can use all way on college time
Sunil Panwar (2 months ago)
please,write in description what I speak ok because I am not know English very fastly ok so in next videos u write in description
Fynn supports! (2 months ago)
Bitch there is no right or wrong.
John Iglesia (2 months ago)
I dont like my Watch Because it is GShock😔 RIP big watches
Macule Ariste (2 months ago)
More pro 'don't look like a tool/fool tips': Do not wave your arms around like a scared bird. Do not use phrases like 'dropped' or 'I'm your boy' or 'muffin top'. Do not touch your crotch every minute, your junk is still there unless you felt it fall off.
Michael (2 months ago)
Wear WTF you want.
Bud Jeansonne (2 months ago)
You are giving advice on dressing and you are wearing pants with belt loops but no belt. After I noticed that, all of your advice was worthless.
Arsh Mann (2 months ago)
Dennis Fuentes (2 months ago)
no one wears watches anymore... people use their phones...
Plastic Bacteria (2 months ago)
Tip: Don't wear jeans. EVER. They hurt your dick. Also if there's the adjusting thing inside of the pants, don't use it! Instead, use a belt. It's so much for comfortable!
Roneei Seth (2 months ago)
Divyanshu Raj (2 months ago)
Now office going will be Gr8!!
Ali murtaza (2 months ago)
osm looking
Joseph Shaw (2 months ago)
Yet another watch brand lacking any real substance... If you want to be really stylish, buy a high quality vintage watch from one of the great Swiss makers.
ENCOUNTER (2 months ago)
пошёл на ХУЙ
Runstar Homer (2 months ago)
Fuck this video. Dress how you want
Neon Medusa (2 months ago)
Ese, no hablabas español? :v
pk allday (2 months ago)
Why should I want to look good, is it to achieve cosmic ecstasy with a nymphomaniac?
Neal Brown (2 months ago)
The dress shirt example in the beginning is showing a very poorly fitting shirt, because in both the wrong & right versions it is wrinkled all over. As far as tucking a shirt in, it should always be tucked in if it has a scalloped / rounded bottom seam/edge. If the bottom edge is the same all the way around or the front is even and the back is even but longer (generally used to ensure neither undereear or skin show when the wearer bends to 90 degrees or more. Going without socks or wearing the awful sock wannabees that only cove the first few inchs of your foot and don't show at all to the observer, is always wrong and terribly uncomfortable. Wearing casual shoes all the time is neither wrong nor lacking style. Many people, both men & women, wear the shoes that they are most comfortable in. You have no clue why they choose to wear only one pair of shoes for all occasions, and as such it is highly inappropriate and rude to judge them to be lacking style. A watch, are you freaking being serious? A watch is little more than a 'status symbol ' for the tiny fraction of the population that believes you need to wear your bank account on your body at all times, and for the rest of the population they only wear a smart watch because it can do cool things like screen calls, track steps taken each day, calories burned, and so forth- but NOT because they believe they need to wear it to appear successful. Most men roll up their sleeves when they are: hot, making themselves more comfortable when they are diving head first into a time sensitive task/project, or when they get home from work and are exhausted and they don't have the energy to go to the bedroom and change. Just because their choice to roll up their sleeves to a point where *you* consider it to be a careless breech of style and etiquette, does not mean that everyone else believes as you do - nor should they. Men with feet size 13 and greater have a difficult time finding shoes in their size that fits let alone adheres to your invasive, divise, arbitrary, capricious, and generally offensive style requirements, so I'd wager they approach their shoe style like I do (size 15 extra wide) - specifically this means we find ONE pair of shoes that are comfortable to wear and wear it all day every day. I typically purchase 2-4 pairs of the same shoes and store the extras for when the newly used pair gives out after 6-12 months. Lets see, what do we have left: Oh yes, your dig about all of us horrible people that don't put on a double-breasted, 4 piece, Freshly Dry Cleaned, & Pressed CUSTOM TAILORED SUIT with the "current iteration of the \POWER TIE/", and of course a CUSTOM TAILORED LONG SLEEVED WHITE SHIRT with cufflinks that cost $999 OR MORE FOR THE 2 CUFFLINKS (uttterly ludicrous and highly offensive) to attend an upscale event such as a wedding or a funeral. UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU HAVE WALKED A "MILE IN THEIR SHOES", you cannot possibly begin to UNDERSTAND what it takes EACH INDIVIDUAL to get ready to go to the community mailbox just down the street! In my case I have to get my shoes on, which by itself is a huge pain from my lumbar spine all the way down to my toes. Once I manage to get them on and tied, I can get up and slowly walk through the kitchen and laundry hallway to the garage door. I then sit down on the electric wheelchair, unplug the charger, turn it on, and begin the trek to the boxes. I can't walk there because before I reach the boxes my pain is already excruciating and a 9.95 out of 10. By using the wheelchair, I can get there faster and keep my pain at my 24/7 baseline pain level longer. I mentioned this solely to show that you couldn't possibly know that about me, nor should they you know that without me authorizing such a disclosure. The other reason I mentioned it is to provide one example of a person who has no choice but to keep my wardrobe deliberately simple & limited. Where a normal healthy person might spend 2-5 minutes in the shower and another 2-5 minutes drying off,and finally another 2-5 minutes getting dressed (applying makeup is not included in this example), which yields a total of 6 to 15 minutes to shower and get fully dressed. On the other hand, it generally takes me up to 10 minutes to collect my clothes, my towel, then it can take upwards of 30 min or even over an hour for my body to relax after standing & walking. Once it has calmed down, then I can finally turn the shower on to get the water up to temp. I of course have to sit down again while waiting on the shower to get to the right temp. Once I get into the shower, I have a maximum of 5 minutes to get wet clean, wash my hair, rinse everything, and then get out of the shower and get dried off asap - because my pain level has already maxed out, and so I have to sit down as fast as I can to begin calming my most significant pain generators. I have only about 5 minutes maxx, to get completely dried off and dressed. It is a trial / challenge that I lose every dadgummed day! Did you take the time to look at this from other people's perspective??? Did you take each individual's socio-economic status into account when you began attacking all who don't think as you do on style, who don't believe the same as you do solely on religious grounds, others who would dress differently if they could but can't afford anything close to what you 'label' as good style,, or did you account for the street gangs that have a strict dress code that completely violates your so-called style rules? The list goes on and on, of groups of people both juveniles and adults who can't or won't adhere to your (IMNSHO) style rules... I'm betting that I missed rebutting at least one of your "style points" simply because I forgot one or more of them. I believe that your style tips are re-re-re-re-hashing things as little more than a means to an end, specifically one which genera
Jus Badd (3 months ago)
EVERY SINGLE THING on your website says sold out..
l0new0lf000 (3 months ago)
But that perfectly tucked shirt will always come undone unless you don't sit or raise your arms.
Hookemhorns48 (3 months ago)
The hat inside is to block off the haters
Rickard Rakkoon (3 months ago)
how to dress like a douche and be "stylish" to impress a bunch of nobodies. next episode "how to be more vain then you already are" followed by "how to stare in the mirror all day"
REDNEXO (2 months ago)
Rickard Rakkoon virgin
Ruination (3 months ago)
Часы за 20-30к - заебись рекомендация
Eric eGamer (3 months ago)
You are not even supposed to tuck the shirt in at all
Anam Rahimi (3 months ago)
I just love your tips for my husband. After watching ur videos i have kind of become his stylist
Shubh sankalp (3 months ago)
Hit Man 91 (3 months ago)
They can get dressed how ever they want
Kris Vickers (3 months ago)
Who cares? Also why is wearing hats indoors bad?
REDNEXO (2 months ago)
Kris Vickers because the point of a hat is to block you from the sun, if you wear it indoors it looks out of place
S. D. H. (3 months ago)
Caring what others think of your own personal preferences is for Narcissists or people with low self-esteem. F-O & mind your own shallow business.
tengc (3 months ago)
I’d rather get a Seiko.
Ankit Hussain (3 months ago)
Good tips
CHAN LEE (3 months ago)
but people in the comments, what's wrong with putting promotions and adds in his video, and what's wrong about him being sponsored by those brands? he's providing tips while making money. he's providing service and making money. nothing wrong with that. it doesn't take any money atta your pockets and put them into his pocket just by watching these videos. he and other promoters on youtube aren't stealing anything you u people so just give them a break.
CHAN LEE (3 months ago)
men are more about functionality. if you care about jeweleries watches and other minute details, you are just hungry for women. I agree that a man looks way better and smarter and more fulfilled with a watch, but if you don't need it, it's a waste of money. women that hit on you cuz ur dressed up overly nice and with expensive stuff, well they also are waste of our time and money as well.
universalsheep (3 months ago)
i have no idea how to dress. willing to pay somebody to come shopping with me
Rich Lo (3 months ago)
Hey Zuniga - you need to make a more realistic video and grab a project guy who generally doesnt dress right and vlog about the adventure of before and after..grab a guy who may not be fit but can still put it together..
Dark Youtube Mercer (3 months ago)
shaq1f (3 months ago)
Just found this video, do u have vids and tips for fat individuals ?
NO Expectations (3 months ago)
Most people are constantly staring at their phones why buy or wear a watch? Being a narcissistic person is not for me.

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