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How to Dribble Faster | Basketball Moves

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Elreen Hallare (3 days ago)
Oh me is no ball plss give me a ball
amulya shakya (5 days ago)
Stephen curry master class https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6zenbx
creepy creeper (19 days ago)
Please help me learn some basketball moves
Pavlik Thai (20 days ago)
XD He look Like Franklin in GTA V
Samar Talat (21 days ago)
Big ounce (1 month ago)
bruh why the guy on the right tuck his shirt like that
yann G gaming (1 month ago)
i love basketball...
Jules Santiago (1 month ago)
Is that matt from wii sports?
Lamar Davis (1 month ago)
Omg thanks bro i'm fast :)))
Ali Ce (2 months ago)
Lmao is there anyone watching rn bc of pe class? Like i have a test on this 2moro. Ahahaha just me right? I'm gonna die alone
Dark Boogie man (2 months ago)
I thought curry was white
Shawn Pereto (2 months ago)
fire instructions b fire. watching dis and listen to tracks I like when I train is the only other thing I need. needs to pump for me like some slipknot or delta parole. good vid b
Mr Jump 30 (3 months ago)
The kid is so funny trying to do that
sammy can’t dribble
ExplosiveWaffle (4 months ago)
Judge Sammy when you’re perfect.
Saydez AKUHATA-TOREA (4 months ago)
Sammy was dribbling too high.the higher the slower and the easier for the defender to steal the ball
Noel Lara (4 months ago)
Father "i ma do something a little bit harder for those elite players" does this 1:53
Paul Manalo (4 months ago)
am i the men who dont know how to play basketball?
Evan Hendri (4 months ago)
Nice video! So awesome drible!
Vlhmangaihsanga Khiangte (4 months ago)
I don't learn anything you are funny you are basketboiler not basketballer
BabyFaceAssassin (4 months ago)
Howcast if you reading this tell Sammy that he has a lot of potential and if he keeps working he will become very good. It’s been five years and I bet he is one in his school.
kimberly manalaysay (5 months ago)
Pinsan kaba ni curry
ZEKEtrickSHOTS (5 months ago)
Dr Gamal Ramadan (5 months ago)
o many people making fun of his ball handling... You're the one who had to look up how to dribble..
Brian (6 months ago)
Notice That ALL THESE GUYS CARRY THE BALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the Young one. THIS IS WHY SO MANY Streetball /Thugs / Minorites/ Dudes without skills Can play in a SPORT that ALLOWS - NON-FUNDAMENTAL players in to PLAY !!!
Anthony Ricchetti (6 months ago)
Dem skills doooooooooooooooooooo am i right or not
Ian Gibson (6 months ago)
Maybe I'll teach myself how to dribble faster
Elian Gabriel Austria (6 months ago)
Dude that is so op
Hndi ko alam mag english pilipino lng paturo po
John Peña (7 months ago)
you have to be lower and stay balanced
Sidy Mouhamed Kounta (7 months ago)
Comedy with small age (7 months ago)
Size 6 basketball
Steven Maeda (7 months ago)
vvsd (7 months ago)
The coach on the right coached me once no joke
Joel Santiago (7 months ago)
I gave up
Pankaj Sharma (8 months ago)
Inpsiring video👏👏
popcorn (8 months ago)
Sup Weyrah (8 months ago)
This helped me so much
KingDrew (8 months ago)
yo i tried this and got 20, lets see who can beat that
Bored Chan (8 months ago)
Step one:Get a basketball's ball Step two:Laugh
Jeeva Abirami (8 months ago)
Alexa logash
Mista lord (8 months ago)
cool master🤔
BrickMaster2K (8 months ago)
There isn’t a secret to dribble faster. Just practice a lot smh
Rishi Verma (8 months ago)
Its too helpfull sir
RexTheMagician 141202 (8 months ago)
I spent the whole video finding the Sun that reflects his head
Bass Masters Mav&Drew (8 months ago)
But they.... I’m confused, they never told us how to dribble better?????
laiza fernandes (8 months ago)
Whats name your ball
siva siva (8 months ago)
its very fast
J.J (9 months ago)
Seth Sloan (9 months ago)
He looking like Mr Freeze off of The Incredibles Lol
rawal the fighter (9 months ago)
first you do the practice than you gave the practice
Joshua Sarza (9 months ago)
Lifting the ball...so you can dribble faster?
Nathan Merigoux (9 months ago)
The kid can’t dribble
Haywood Jablome (9 months ago)
If you dribble too fast, you begin to shoot - oh wait, this is about basketball?
josgamer elpro¡ (9 months ago)
Puto el que lo lea :v
Tuan Suri (10 months ago)
Yo dude u you are doing the competition with the kid 😂😂😂
Sup3rNinja (10 months ago)
Thanks You
Shakil Ahmad (10 months ago)
Wow it's wonderful It is Very fast
Meister Yassine (10 months ago)
DISCLAIMER no swimming involved in this video
Sonu Gupta (10 months ago)
The Mockingbird (10 months ago)
My best best was 5
gemspirit 2007 (10 months ago)
Fan Fap TV (10 months ago)
Hi I’m From việtnam
Noraan & Sama (10 months ago)
Iwant 1Like onaly
Milzha Awalia (10 months ago)
Aga jee mu pau😒
Elise A. Ghaziri (10 months ago)
I ask to learn how to do a good skill and you givd me something every one can do
Mary Lebleu (10 months ago)
2018 anyone 😂
Somashekar Sharath (10 months ago)
Friends always learn basket ball by this people looking them
Hajj Fulton (11 months ago)
OMG the first boy don't know how to play he dubble or carry
Bballer ABC (11 months ago)
Maybe basic, but basketball taught the right way requires to teach from the bottom up. Great upload!
FS BadLemon (11 months ago)
I thought that kid is waring Goggles...
pranjal kumar (11 months ago)
badest players
Minh Khoi (11 months ago)
Hey Honey where is my supersuit
Shreyash Pandey (11 months ago)
I could do this in more better way
ONE PIECE triple x (11 months ago)
It's very good
Jan Patrick (11 months ago)
Check this dribbling tutorials : https://bit.ly/2v1gz4b This one helps me to dribble faster and have sick handles.
morgan freeman (1 year ago)
Looks like the floss lmao
J.J (1 year ago)
Atena Mohammadi (1 year ago)
Drei (1 year ago)
Head cleaner than google history
EVA (1 year ago)
صلعت الاسمر انظف من حياتي .
SerrYs (1 year ago)
1:30 his head became brighter and i think its mastika comercial
Johnpaul Seguin (1 year ago)
Thank you
Fathur The Rachman (1 year ago)
well sammy is me :')
Evanstar Lau (1 year ago)
Meme lord (1 year ago)
Why is that kid wearing goggles
Meme lord (1 year ago)
It’sFunnyHunny ok I don’t care anymore
It’sFunnyHunny (1 year ago)
Caitlyn C Why would you wear goggles without contact lens that’s the whole point of wearing goggles. Ok let me put it this way “goggles are like glasses for sports” bam there👍🏾
Meme lord (1 year ago)
It’sFunnyHunny how am I suppose to know that and why would you put contact lenses in goggles
It’sFunnyHunny (1 year ago)
Caitlyn C You can wear goggles if you wear glasses. Those goggle lens are contacts
destiny bright (1 year ago)
Good videos
carlmen jakefinn (1 year ago)
not working
oof oof (1 year ago)
is the kid gonna go swimming?
Venkata Ramana Uppada (1 year ago)
alex valle (1 year ago)
Bend ur knees Sammy
Anmol masti time (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/ZnMEZAhDINI see dunk
Anmol masti time (1 year ago)
See my video
Jay Gamer (1 year ago)
basicly how to be a dribble god (I already have fancy moves)
Christian B (1 year ago)
Red shirt got some damn handles
Holvyn Serrano (1 year ago)
You not in the nba so don't believe you
Marios Bazi (1 year ago)
I see 5 years
Hex (1 year ago)
Brooo im just tryna learn how to dribble the ball under my legs back and forth faster!! :-(
Tina Hang (1 year ago)
Coach time seemed a little exceeded than Sammy's time

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