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Text Comments (382)
BunnyFuFuu Gaming (25 days ago)
Flo JOAO (22 days ago)
Is It change to zed at 38:24 ? I can't see what is it 😂😂😋
Adrian Garcia (24 days ago)
Can you play all tank or support plsss bunzzzzzz
Shika Loli (24 days ago)
BunnyFuFuu Gaming what are your thoughts about riot copying dota again?
vinh quoc (8 days ago)
37 46 why do you don't pick viruss ?
Hoàng Vinh Quang (8 days ago)
i think he considered Varus is just for ranger bonus
Screzze da'boi (12 days ago)
10 times rly
TheNerdyOtaku (12 days ago)
DUDE HOW TF IS HE SO LUCKY? I NEVER GET ANYTHING GOOD but i'm happy cause I still win sometimes
NzmAnh Dee (12 days ago)
André Ribeiro (15 days ago)
He misses a lot of champions, put items on champions on the bench, has 4 items unused... and wins. I'm tilting right now.
Outplayer (15 days ago)
hey bunz, my pirate build got my max champs on board, wasnt that good though, but... i think i have created the best tft comp so far. Its consists of 3nobles 4 rangers 4 glacials 4 knights.... and i have consructed my own early mid n late game strat to get this build though it needs this much luck eg(3 spats)
Kristen Walker (15 days ago)
36:56 bun.. youre trolling. you couldve just switched the liss with deathcap with the other one.
Mateja Zivkovic (17 days ago)
34:04 I'm actually surprised
Glenn rottiers (17 days ago)
This gamemode fucking suck balls baddest gamemode ever fy riot
Nickolas Parrish (18 days ago)
i would litterly love to play tft my computer is really old and now doesnt play league hasnt worked since the beginning of may feels like forever
Vollmilchbaum (18 days ago)
Brand with ludens and rabadons is sooooo op.
Kambagi (18 days ago)
bruh if u want u can try lulu with gnar (with shapeshifter) gnar can get 4,4k HP its so fun
Marcus Iversen (18 days ago)
12 ads
Aℓℓ σf мє (18 days ago)
Play a Kha Zix with high attack speed and mana 😫👌
Marvin Friedrich (19 days ago)
I am sorry, but Its a shame that you won with that performance. Let me explain it, I dont wanna flame too hard, but I think you could be ways better: I analyse at 32:00, because you were on that state for a longer period of time. -Why dont you use ashe instead of kindred? You have seen, that you enemies cant kill your frontline, so you dont need to protect vayne with kindred. Also, Vayne doesnt need to be protected either, because she has very much hp, PD and Gunblade. With Ashe, you would have the Glacial Buff, and you could play like a support ashe with items like LargeRod+Negatron, Negatron+Tear for example. I mean you also have the items for that. -You ran into Pirates, knowing that you dont wanna end with them. You also had more items than slot to keep them. So why dont you use them? The recurve bow isnt the only item to make good combined items! Frozen Heart (ChainWest+Tear) would be a super item on your pyke, because he is always in the midle of the enemys! And even if you want to wait until you get tons of recurved, you could also use non combined items on your Pirates, I mean, you get them back soon. -You saw that Blitzcrank hooked you vayne several times so she gets in a very dangerous situation. Why dont you switch vayne with kindred? If Kindred dies fast, you dont care, vayne if protected enough. I normally wouldnt react so "flamy" (is it even a word? :D ), but it makes me kinda angry, that you could go for 100 gold, make this mistakes and you still win. Besides that, I still scongratiulate you for the win, maybe my advices will help you ^^
noor jamal (19 days ago)
Dude play draven he so broken on this game!
ramon bautista (19 days ago)
I love to use the glacial strategy its more on stun and the soul mix on it
renan Garcia (19 days ago)
Like for this Yasuo Hahah
thatDude (19 days ago)
Wrong the most op item is force of nature. I had 8 characters on screen when everyone else had 6
Wait... You can join friends...???
Homicidal Clown (20 days ago)
11 ads... Not even trying to hide the money greed anymore lmao
Galindo Mazariegos (20 days ago)
Why so much ads aids?
Phantom (20 days ago)
dude u got 13 items out of 19 u got SUPER CRAZY LUCK its not op at all. pirates is tier F
jaylen Moldowin (20 days ago)
Im down to come play tft with you xd
Carlos Solorzano (20 days ago)
How many fuckin ads mate
Charlett (20 days ago)
Double Guinsoo Lulu is my favorite. Triple Guinsoo Vayne is good too .
Alio Pishtofa (20 days ago)
18:00 look in the bottom left corner
Actel game (21 days ago)
Plssss do a void team
Owen Hicks (21 days ago)
fuck you and your ads
Tobi Bachem (21 days ago)
op op
Gucci Ken (21 days ago)
phantom dancer kassadin is so UNkillable
A Good Lee Sin (21 days ago)
how to get the interest gold ??
jack trade (21 days ago)
William Wight (21 days ago)
Omg what? I would LOVE to play tft with bunz!!!! I want do the thing. 100k likes anyone? Please?
忍者sapphiRe (21 days ago)
how do you get interests?
Mist (21 days ago)
How does that work, when you said all cant get 3x darius
Arthuria Pendragon (21 days ago)
Bunny your voice becomes more deeper. Btw the last time I watched your video was 2 years ago.
Arigata Meiwaku (21 days ago)
Katarina ofc! i love gunblade+bloodthirster combo.She can literallly 1v10 with these items
Heather Montes (22 days ago)
What room were you in before?
L Forxuz (22 days ago)
27:30 look at bottom left
L Forxuz (22 days ago)
*STRATAGY* 12 ads lol. getting rich huh
James Official (22 days ago)
Put more ads. I want watch ads not your vids THANKS
Barth Marti (22 days ago)
Ça va la pub .... 9 pour 30 min... Op
Aggelos Mparmp (22 days ago)
bunny has a worst addiction at TFT that nexus blitz omg :O
Dakini (22 days ago)
Loren Aguila (22 days ago)
how do you play this gamemode?
Daniel Jensen (23 days ago)
anyone notice that everytime bunny makes a vid. he has a premade team that lets him do what he want? makes it unatural and cringy. just like nightblue3 smurfing to get content
James Parrilla (23 days ago)
Is this on the league client or is it a separate game?
Samuel Williams (23 days ago)
Draven is op op op on TFT
Samuel Williams (23 days ago)
This video is so much quieter than your other ones
JustineVarias (23 days ago)
Just like dota auto chess HAHA
JustineVarias (23 days ago)
Just like dota auto chess HAHA
xuli3 Kira (23 days ago)
How do you get interest?
Mikołaj Czajkowski (24 days ago)
Pls someone Tell me why he isnt using his items?
Resurance (24 days ago)
I've been subbed ever since you made me moist papi left a like too 😘
fahad jaber (24 days ago)
This is mood stupid #
Klemens Hiller (24 days ago)
Is 10 ads necessary for you to get even more money?
oMusic93 (24 days ago)
the 50k likes i dont realy care about but 100k im in. playing with bunnz and maybe smashing him on livestream :D cant think about smth thats more fun then that :P
Dimitris Kouloumpis (24 days ago)
Bunz we havent played the game yet it has a 25 hours waiting time to log in except if you are a youtuber
Marius MONSTER (24 days ago)
med hama (24 days ago)
asnor macapanton (24 days ago)
It Is Like Auto Chess
Esas entradas ya se le miran al Progamer XD en su cabello
Faustas Labutis (24 days ago)
Yousef Odeh (24 days ago)
I hope they add new units and items
Cat-Chan (24 days ago)
Got a BunnyFuFuu ad while watching BunnyFuFuu....
skitpro (24 days ago)
Been playing Dota Underlords to learn how to play auto chess:)
Agent47 Tv (24 days ago)
auto chess left the group
MrZokaloka (24 days ago)
Shit mode
Gereksizz GT (24 days ago)
LETS GET 100K SO I CAN HOPEFULLY GO TO BUNZZ' House Damn Thats Has Like A Lower Chance Of Happening Even Compared To A Wet Dream.
Tech_Master (24 days ago)
i like tft aswell but i have to be like 15h in the login menu to play
Erick Carvalho (24 days ago)
Ele rodou uns 20 draven já era pra ter legal 4 já kkkkkk
JadenAnjara (24 days ago)
Vayne RFC Guinsoo with a Glacial comp is lit. Like Vayne + Ashe for the Ranger bonus, Lissandra Braum Sej Voli, Anivia if you can and even Leona for Guardian aswell or Kennen for Elementalist
OutsiderD (24 days ago)
Keep them coming!
samthecat19 (24 days ago)
so you have 3 setups
Grisling (24 days ago)
So bunny. Your content is the top notch in all of the league community. But the thing that makes the video so more pleasing is because you arent so hype. I mean i love your video ideas but when i constantly get screamed in the head it ruins it :). Take this as constructive critisism
StFlame (24 days ago)
Make your self louder pls
Nick 0407 (24 days ago)
A Water Teamcomp- Pyke, Fizz, Nami, Nautilus, Tahm Kench Or Ice Teamcomp- Ashe, Sejuani, Anivia, Nunu, Trundle
Semih Guney (24 days ago)
Is this mode a copy of a mode in onmyoji arena ?
Lance Pena (24 days ago)
Would recommend watching scarra's gameplays
Dzreal (24 days ago)
u sucks
Ali Alkhashen (24 days ago)
TFT is awesome remembering me of a mobile game used to play called Castle Clash
Maxx PvP (24 days ago)
How do i play TFT
Alex Ciambotti (24 days ago)
How has no one mentioned the 39457263 varus he passed up while having a level 1 in
Majed Issa (24 days ago)
:'( why i cant log-in pbe server.. over 9000 waiting in q
Aggelos Mparmp (22 days ago)
xxxlpxxxpolo (24 days ago)
room tour ? in title nice one
Zhuojin Xie (24 days ago)
The tear came along with a kennen at around 27:33
Nacion Zedrick (24 days ago)
Can u pls stop playing that gamemode? That Sucks!
filippos mhnopetros (24 days ago)
bunny's namy: 69 hahaha XD
Hoài Quản (24 days ago)
bunzz util team comp neeko, nunu, ryze, amumu, kennen
Jr Garcio (24 days ago)
I hope they will put this on mobile
Kent Was here (24 days ago)
I figured it out! Merch guy is the guy in the first episode of his channel, and he always play basketball with that guy. Same goes to the episode when he was trying to dunk and he got blocked by merchguy
Woof Woof (24 days ago)
cant wait to play for my self
Double M (24 days ago)
when you put deathcap on the other lissandra couldn't you just switch her with the one on the board??
Niedoanimowany rosomak (24 days ago)
Those are guyz who are still waiting in a queue. 👇
Kevin Degering (24 days ago)
i dont really know why u didnt give gp the double tear for seraph
Chris G (24 days ago)
Really hard to be addicted to a game you can never get in to.
Glacials elementalist best combo

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