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Faker Keeps His Word! MID GAREN - Full Game (Translated)

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Text Comments (1294)
Philipp (10 days ago)
Der hat so Autismus
Dits BG (20 days ago)
haha its like waching anime
GreeMan (25 days ago)
Why does he like to click the mouse so many times?
Denver Kirk (1 month ago)
would hexdrinker been a good item to build into first
Clippy Gaming (1 month ago)
He clicks to fucking much
Brandon Bisquera (1 month ago)
he don't sound like he has a soul
chicken man (1 month ago)
is faker playing league or doing asmr with all that clicking
Mr X (1 month ago)
19:56 "ah, puto"
omg ordinary noob.
Owen Willoughby (1 month ago)
Faker's APM is honestly nauseating
i live in south park (1 month ago)
Why he seems so depressed ?
Rk.Daking (1 month ago)
Could i ask why he clicks so much when picking runes?
Bleach is cool (13 days ago)
Well that way, he can increase his apm (actions per minute)
Joshua (1 month ago)
why does he click so much for no reason
Failure in Progress (1 month ago)
fucking hate all that excess clicking
Gavin Parish (2 months ago)
Posers... I was playing Garen mid before it was cool....
pepa papir (2 months ago)
Chinas autist idiot..1000 click mouse/s😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 total idiot..
pepa papir (2 months ago)
Hey FUCKER....YOU ARE AUTIST?😄total idiot..
Dennis (2 months ago)
the rune selection gave me headaches
SLEEPY HOLLOW (2 months ago)
why does faker click so much jesus
Lee Sin (2 months ago)
xD korean garen voice actor is fun in my opinion I can just hear it can't see nothing
Brayan cn (2 months ago)
tremendo troll....
LOL Rivals (2 months ago)
If you want to see Faker statistics at Worlds, check my channel!
Double D (2 months ago)
neft Garen ?
Double D (2 months ago)
new meta ?
Devid Zeqiri (2 months ago)
Holly shittt his mouse is suffering.
Mindless.T (2 months ago)
faker clicks so much
jake (2 months ago)
faker keeps his word i thought he speeks korean.
Godcaly123 (2 months ago)
TFW you hear Garen saying "Nigga" in KR
Fatih Emre Sarman (2 months ago)
I tilted cause of mouse clicks arrrg
Taidus (2 months ago)
note to self even when faker is making a rune page he's addicted to dat mouse clicking. APM Anonymous
Jay Saucedo (2 months ago)
Wut kind of fucking bad habit is that, just fucking clicking around empty space.
flozer dozer (3 months ago)
Omg this dude got parkinson...
Zmii222 (3 months ago)
Настоящий задрот,мышкой будто работает,ха ха!Много рекламы,видео глядеть не приятно,мышкой шёлкает этак,будто как будто в туалет очень желает😂
i weed (3 months ago)
Black Cloud (3 months ago)
"looking at the team comp, it's won." what the fuck....
Ùñķòwñ Bòý (3 months ago)
ahhh! his mouse is broken!
Danrosbelt (3 months ago)
1:46 How da fk he says won and rek sai die on lvl 3
Mac Gyver (3 months ago)
18:27 N- Word....
Fazril AwaLoL (3 months ago)
of course you win, your enemy is weak. What is your rank? Is it silver? you're just lucky at all.
Gone Bananaz (3 months ago)
What champion is that opposing top laner
노아디 (3 months ago)
Aatrox (old)
Cookie (3 months ago)
he should try Jungle Garen
Sami Shtewi (3 months ago)
he dont know how to build garen or even choosing skills but he did good in dodging except when zoe killed him at top idk what he was thinking he could easily kill her
Beyond- The-Man (3 months ago)
Korean garen sounds badass
Jake Carroll (3 months ago)
Turn To Christ and forsake your sins
Al-Orimi (3 months ago)
do you think old atrox better or the new one?
Sideadde (3 months ago)
that wave clear at 9:30 was sexy.
cookie Lee (3 months ago)
Why does he keep clicking frantically....its so distracting
simox (3 months ago)
i play garen mid befor faker do and yes anyone suprised how i win my lane
DefiRules (3 months ago)
What a retard, clicking arround like stupid. Most annoying spamming i ever seen, shoud fix his mic to hide that he is autistic
Конченый дебил. Его вылечивать необходимо. Тыкает по 1000 один то таб то мышкой. Нахуя? Пидр узкоглазый
marco andres reyes reyes (3 months ago)
Me gay el faker wn dejo solo al adc en mid y se fue ajajajjaja como me gustaría jugarle una partida a este wn
Namer Nassir (3 months ago)
League Of Children #17 - GAREN MID ... Disco Heat did it better
Maik Fiedler (3 months ago)
nice game and video, thanks
Jono Toka (3 months ago)
What a fucken boring game
Aleksandar (3 months ago)
add me l'm Negan let's play Garen 1v1 : ) ♥♥♥
daniel ariston (3 months ago)
15:48 "i don't need to go " "i need to go" "i don't need to go "
jaymark lauglaug (3 months ago)
hoy faker noob
Lory Chibani (3 months ago)
u suck
Dustin Vidrine (3 months ago)
Dude clicks too damn much on nothing.
christophert91 (3 months ago)
Thats a really weak game from him, he makes so much mistakes, like the time he was top vs zoe, he keeps standing in her range and dies and then blames his team, instead getting some steps away reg some health back and play it safe.
papa franku (3 months ago)
why does koreans voice actor try to make things sound cooler but always fail
Aaron Nauer (3 months ago)
pro tip - click excessively spam tab
Lockemind (3 months ago)
at 14:05 i dont get it at the chat what does it mean? (1300 ad 1535 sup 1655 top)
Power's Dojo (16 days ago)
Flashes, AD flash back at 13:00, 15:35 for supp. etc.
Dagoberto Felix Polonia (3 months ago)
wtf?!!! why does he always click even if it does nothing?
ethan chandler (3 months ago)
Orospu evladi su mouse u niye bos bos tikliyip duruyo beynimi sikti amk japonu
See? Even Faker uses the F key for Flash.
El Condor Pasa (3 months ago)
that spamming mouse click is so anoying... guy have nerves problem
Vojta Pivoň (3 months ago)
Is he damaged or what? that rapid clicking all the time even in menu
A B (3 months ago)
My Garen is way better.
MARCOO (3 months ago)
Secretツkiller (3 months ago)
I dont get why is he not pushing his lane for like 15 minutes
Nobu Naga (3 months ago)
Who is this fucking paranoic?
CrUx Beats (3 months ago)
Mustafa Oğuz (3 months ago)
Garen böyle oynanmaz aq zoe kesince oh dedim la kötü oyun oynadı.
Bjørn-Ingar Trønnes (3 months ago)
That obsessive clicking...
Shawn Curtis (3 months ago)
I'm not a League or channel regular, so the answer to this may be obvious to others: Is there a microphone next to his mouse? Those clicks can be clearly heard, even more clearly than the game sounds, or even his voice. Also, is this guy the League version of the NBA's early to mid 90's Michael Jordan?
BubbleBath GD (3 months ago)
those ranks.........
fernando cunha (3 months ago)
meche muito no mouse acho que nao joga muito nao
Faker desumilde. Não honrou ninguém
think they play rly bad this round xD fight like a pu.....y
Desolate Ink (3 months ago)
I don't need to go I need to go I don't need to go Me in every game
"Honestly I just win vs zoe"... u mean "Honestly I just win vs zoe cause im faker"
what DPI does faker play at... I feel like its something insanely high looking at his cursor
rei vieira (3 months ago)
Oi tudo bem
Aggro Jim (3 months ago)
Lol. ZERO chance against Zoe...so troll. Only getting kills via ganks on other Lanes. If he had taken a Normal Champ he coudv won His own lane and other lanes. = easy Stomp .. xD
All or Nothing (3 months ago)
like 🐺 🐗 🐴 sher💸 💵 💴 subscribe ✉️ 📩 📨 📧 💌 -----> https://youtu.be/nN5u77yYqdc
Eleven Paris (3 months ago)
Would I become this good at League if I start spasm-clicking in the mastery pages?
Vivian Cai (3 months ago)
Noob zoe lol, point blank Q
Jesus Christus (3 months ago)
This random shit clicking is so fucking annoying
Faker throwing?! :0
Steven Borzeniatow (3 months ago)
thats not mid laning you lost lane and went after easy kills
Pawaaof Negativaty (3 months ago)
Clickity click clack clack.
Ivan M (3 months ago)
0:30 if manufacturers want to test the longevity of mouse buttons, they just need to send them to faker...
Trial by Combat (3 months ago)
10:08 how did he kill a pink in 2 hits?
Razor Callahan (3 months ago)
18:27 When u hop into KFC
Ronni Bach Nielsen (3 months ago)
omg all that clicking
Lo線 (3 months ago)
what do the numbers at 12:40 (1300 ad 1535 sup) and similar ones throughout the rest of the game mean?
Huy Trịnh đăng (4 months ago)
Danh nhu c l so chét v l

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