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Faker Keeps His Word! MID GAREN - Full Game (Translated)

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Text Comments (1227)
edric moina (1 day ago)
ahhh! his mouse is broken!
Danrosbelt (1 day ago)
1:46 How da fk he says won and rek sai die on lvl 3
Mac Gyver (2 days ago)
18:27 N- Word....
Fazril AwaLoL (3 days ago)
of course you win, your enemy is weak. What is your rank? Is it silver? you're just lucky at all.
Gone Bananaz (3 days ago)
What champion is that opposing top laner
Cookie McBiscuit (5 days ago)
he should try Jungle Garen
Sami Shtewi (5 days ago)
he dont know how to build garen or even choosing skills but he did good in dodging except when zoe killed him at top idk what he was thinking he could easily kill her
Beyond- The-Man (5 days ago)
Korean garen sounds badass
Jake Carroll (6 days ago)
Turn To Christ and forsake your sins
Al-Orimi (6 days ago)
do you think old atrox better or the new one?
Sideadde (6 days ago)
that wave clear at 9:30 was sexy.
cookie Lee (7 days ago)
Why does he keep clicking frantically....its so distracting
simox sauske (8 days ago)
i play garen mid befor faker do and yes anyone suprised how i win my lane
DefiRules (8 days ago)
What a retard, clicking arround like stupid. Most annoying spamming i ever seen, shoud fix his mic to hide that he is autistic
Конченый дебил. Его вылечивать необходимо. Тыкает по 1000 один то таб то мышкой. Нахуя? Пидр узкоглазый
Me gay el faker wn dejo solo al adc en mid y se fue ajajajjaja como me gustaría jugarle una partida a este wn
Namer Nassir (9 days ago)
League Of Children #17 - GAREN MID ... Disco Heat did it better
Maik Fiedler (9 days ago)
nice game and video, thanks
Jono Toka (9 days ago)
What a fucken boring game
Aleksandar (9 days ago)
add me l'm Negan let's play Garen 1v1 : ) ♥♥♥
daniel ariston (10 days ago)
15:48 "i don't need to go " "i need to go" "i don't need to go "
jaymark lauglaug (10 days ago)
hoy faker noob
Lory Chibani (10 days ago)
u suck
Dustin Vidrine (10 days ago)
Dude clicks too damn much on nothing.
christophert91 (11 days ago)
Thats a really weak game from him, he makes so much mistakes, like the time he was top vs zoe, he keeps standing in her range and dies and then blames his team, instead getting some steps away reg some health back and play it safe.
papa franku (11 days ago)
why does koreans voice actor try to make things sound cooler but always fail
Aaron Nauer (11 days ago)
pro tip - click excessively spam tab
Lockemind (12 days ago)
at 14:05 i dont get it at the chat what does it mean? (1300 ad 1535 sup 1655 top)
wtf?!!! why does he always click even if it does nothing?
ethan chandler (13 days ago)
Orospu evladi su mouse u niye bos bos tikliyip duruyo beynimi sikti amk japonu
See? Even Faker uses the F key for Flash.
El Condor Pasa (13 days ago)
that spamming mouse click is so anoying... guy have nerves problem
Vojta Pivoň (13 days ago)
Is he damaged or what? that rapid clicking all the time even in menu
A B (13 days ago)
My Garen is way better.
MARCOO (13 days ago)
SecretKiller (14 days ago)
I dont get why is he not pushing his lane for like 15 minutes
Nobu Naga (14 days ago)
Who is this fucking paranoic?
CrUx Beats (14 days ago)
Mustafa Oğuz (14 days ago)
Garen böyle oynanmaz aq zoe kesince oh dedim la kötü oyun oynadı.
Bjørn-Ingar Trønnes (14 days ago)
That obsessive clicking...
Shawn Curtis (14 days ago)
I'm not a League or channel regular, so the answer to this may be obvious to others: Is there a microphone next to his mouse? Those clicks can be clearly heard, even more clearly than the game sounds, or even his voice. Also, is this guy the League version of the NBA's early to mid 90's Michael Jordan?
ZoeJing Zed PH (15 days ago)
those ranks.........
fernando cunha (16 days ago)
meche muito no mouse acho que nao joga muito nao
Faker desumilde. Não honrou ninguém
think they play rly bad this round xD fight like a pu.....y
Desolate Ink (18 days ago)
I don't need to go I need to go I don't need to go Me in every game
"Honestly I just win vs zoe"... u mean "Honestly I just win vs zoe cause im faker"
what DPI does faker play at... I feel like its something insanely high looking at his cursor
rei vieira (20 days ago)
Oi tudo bem
Aggro Jim (20 days ago)
Lol. ZERO chance against Zoe...so troll. Only getting kills via ganks on other Lanes. If he had taken a Normal Champ he coudv won His own lane and other lanes. = easy Stomp .. xD
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Eleven Paris (21 days ago)
Would I become this good at League if I start spasm-clicking in the mastery pages?
Vivian Cai (22 days ago)
Noob zoe lol, point blank Q
Jesus Christus (22 days ago)
This random shit clicking is so fucking annoying
Faker throwing?! :0
Steven Borzeniatow (24 days ago)
thats not mid laning you lost lane and went after easy kills
Pawaa OfPozativaty (25 days ago)
Clickity click clack clack.
Ivan M (25 days ago)
0:30 if manufacturers want to test the longevity of mouse buttons, they just need to send them to faker...
Trial by Combat (27 days ago)
10:08 how did he kill a pink in 2 hits?
Razor Callahan (27 days ago)
18:27 When u hop into KFC
Ronni Bach Nielsen (28 days ago)
omg all that clicking
Lo線 (28 days ago)
what do the numbers at 12:40 (1300 ad 1535 sup) and similar ones throughout the rest of the game mean?
Huy Trịnh đăng (1 month ago)
Danh nhu c l so chét v l
Alex Class (1 month ago)
привет япошки, быстро к вам
mgkpraesi (1 month ago)
Is there a Reason for the mindles clicking?
Quyen Ha (1 month ago)
Ga vcl
fiXed. CF (1 month ago)
He is really bad Garen and that items that he build are uselles
Rico Lindgård (1 month ago)
Does He have problems seeing the runes? because he miss clicks a lot
Ruben Bernardo (1 month ago)
Stop clicking everywhere, fucking spastic
NuMb (1 month ago)
Clivking on mouse like epileptic
Aaron DeVries (1 month ago)
its how he dodges so well. always has a movement ready
epnick (1 month ago)
The useless clicking when selecting runes made this hard to watch
Lovro Jaksic (1 month ago)
dude his clicking is horribly annoying...
Luuuk Winkelman (1 month ago)
I dont care what people say, that clicking noise id horrendous :o
Onesi Yann (1 month ago)
Calm down with your mouse
PUZZY WAGON (1 month ago)
Good god, how many mice does this dude go through per year?
Alka Froun (1 month ago)
These korean synchro is so nice
Jack Hammer (1 month ago)
18:27 wot, garen?
Ezequiel Alegranza (1 month ago)
Porque s eocmpro las tabi de ninja?????? Porque se sigue buildiando armadura??????
translante dong dari korea - english- indonesia
Sigurd Kalles (1 month ago)
This is soo boring to watch holy shit xD
Mikel Escobar (1 month ago)
I stopped watching 2 minutes in because I couldn't listen to his excessively pointless clicking. geezus
Luis Perez-Mendoza (1 month ago)
I wish I had the confidence he has
Michael Vo (1 month ago)
his garen is quite average
Don Michael Abaño (1 month ago)
Leo 13 (1 month ago)
This kid has ADHD.
Valkaneer (1 month ago)
How does he go through his menu and buying items so fast? That's insane!
mercsan117 (1 month ago)
He has autism....
Best Lee Sin NA (1 month ago)
Faker BM 22:48 No honors
Hi Mom (1 month ago)
This fucking clicking bruh
AxelStacks (1 month ago)
While his technical play is very good, its amusing to see how fucking bad his Garen is. He had no reason to be so damn afraid of Zoe. Even with a predator build, (which i've tried and honestly don't like as much as grasp, even for mid Garen) he could still have charged her down and zoned her away from waves with spin. Then he could just hang back after taking all the cs and let passive heal him. Also he maxed his E first which is cute and all, but against someone with the mobility of a Zoey (or a Leblanc or whatever), maxing Q is the better bet since you KNOW those bastards are just going to escape from you long before your spin cycle can land more than a hit or two. Around the 20 minute mark the Zoe follows him top while hes holding tower and she fucking clowns on him. He eats free damage then gets ignited down. He does nothing to push her away because he can't - he let her free farm in mid for too long and she got big. Even if his roams were very successful (and they were) he did nothing to stop his opposite laner from getting huge (She did). This is Garen's strength, and he did nothing to use it. If he would have built treads, phage, then started an MR item, he could push the Zoe under her tower permanently, shove lane with E (and not miss any CS), then use predator to roam around and wreak fear on the bot and top laners. Instead he stood in lane watching Zoe free farm and let her poke him to back. Playing Garen scared is playing Garen wrong.
pete slusinski (1 month ago)
what does he click all over his screen for
Shark Knight (1 month ago)
How many mice does he go through every day?
Davidonspecialk1 (2 months ago)
Mobile legends ?
Itz Nubino (2 months ago)
I love that sound when he clicks nowhere and his keyboard sound.
deedeedum Dum (2 months ago)
what is that game he's playing in the champ select. looks like a good game
Adreahnne Esteban (2 months ago)
AC/G (Average Clicks per Game) : 31230940257234714582487353598345983498753987494
Nigga Whut (2 months ago)
Korean Garen sounds like a character from the anime Baki 😂
SniRex Gaming (2 months ago)
Wtf why they surrendered?!!!
Simonyi Norbert (5 days ago)
18-7 4-2 turrets and they have herrald

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