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Gold Digger Gets A Nice Surprise When She Bumps Into Very Rich Guy

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Text Comments (7548)
I feel Bad for Her. Jk
Amanda Torrez (2 minutes ago)
I wish it was longer 😩😫
Mario Rivera (2 minutes ago)
Poor kid that's sad
TxpicalAsixn (3 minutes ago)
Nah never do that Infront of a child
Best Man Vlogs (5 minutes ago)
In 5th grade
muzzle mask (8 minutes ago)
she deserves it
Gabriella Apthorp (12 minutes ago)
I dont feel bad for anyone,Except the kid,The kid whined at the end because he wanted a seat in the Ferrari..R.I.P Lil boy...
TichyMouse Minecraft (17 minutes ago)
The male and the female are thots the female obvs you witnessed it but then the male he was down to getting a bite to eat and a new girl at the end like no only say nah I'd rather have a bite to eat I'm done with girls i neef a break from them rn not yh lets replace her for someone better straight away
Charlie Mann (29 minutes ago)
Ligit the only reason he was still with that cheater is bc she thicc asf
Rafael Hernandez (29 minutes ago)
She deserves it
Jacob Silvestri (31 minutes ago)
That girl is a total gold digger
stinky waffle (46 minutes ago)
She deserved it.
anahi rodriguez (48 minutes ago)
quicksilver playz (49 minutes ago)
she deserved it
Kelique Wilson (57 minutes ago)
She deserved it
Jules Grady (59 minutes ago)
I only feel bad for the kid tbh.
sven sven (1 hour ago)
I feel bad for the kid
jayden isbored (1 hour ago)
I would have just grab a few stacks and run
InZaneWolf ZML (1 hour ago)
She deserves it 🤣😂
Arch-Venom -Zen (1 hour ago)
Baby on 5:15 is like,"my moms a thot or a golddigger?"
Shake Ghukasyan (1 hour ago)
I feel bad for the kid
Anime Leilani (1 hour ago)
I wouldn’t date him. I would ask can I have some because I have a kid and boyfriend to support.
Jocelyn Heras (1 hour ago)
she deserved it
Madison Green (1 hour ago)
She deserves it
kendra villafranca (1 hour ago)
She deserved it but I fill bad for the baby☹️
Dylan Neman (1 hour ago)
That dude really just ruined that realationship
Ad Ri (1 hour ago)
The girl definitely deserved it but I do feel bad for the baby
dean4life YT (1 hour ago)
The man deserves a ride bc he took the baby lel while that lady was a pain in the arse
Callum O'hagan (1 hour ago)
Omg I feel bd for the baby
Destiney Hernandez (1 hour ago)
I feel bad for the kid
Jc Jkc (1 hour ago)
I think homan should only do this with single girls because he broke a family !! And i feel bad for the baby 💔
Xander Peach (1 hour ago)
I feel so bad for her
Emily Pimentel (1 hour ago)
i feel bad for the kide
I feel so bad for the kid he doesn't even now wats happening
I Am Noob (1 hour ago)
she deserves it
Master Idubbz2.o (1 hour ago)
She deserves it but the guy shiuld take the baby and bring it back for food
War 2654 (1 hour ago)
He ruins relationships
Vlad Kronos (2 hours ago)
He should have used condoms
Karl Liba (2 hours ago)
I dont feel dad for her nut i feel bad for the baby):
xd ImTheBandIt (2 hours ago)
Again ill say she deserves it but feels bad for the kid 😐
Emily Goh V (2 hours ago)
MiAUnicornlover (2 hours ago)
and stupid guys
Werewolf Gaming (2 hours ago)
I feel bad for the baby 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢
Jared Sheehan (2 hours ago)
She deserves worse
ImSuperNoob YEAH (2 hours ago)
She fu%ing deserves it lol
Shawn Banana gaming (2 hours ago)
I only feel bad for the kid ; (
Bella Ballarina (3 hours ago)
She deserves it
LL-LinkzZ THE BEAST (3 hours ago)
She deserved it
Blue Wolf (3 hours ago)
The poor little kid yelled _"Mommy!"_
DevilGuy123 (3 hours ago)
She deserved it but I did feel sorry for the kid
Isabel Perez (3 hours ago)
Ggooolllldddd ddddiiiiggggeeerrrr
Chisom14 (3 hours ago)
Pineapple Queen (3 hours ago)
I feel bad for the kid
Hayden Fry (4 hours ago)
She deserves it the kid I feel bad for
Develpro 07 (4 hours ago)
Yes, I have an Apollo I.E. and I just wanted to asked the girl with her husband where was the nearest gas station cuz I was new guy from Dubai. But then she was show me where was the gas station by open my car door and I said ' Hey, wat r u doing?' and she said to me ' I just wanna show you where is the gas station ' but eat did I said was ' You know wat, you r a gold digger, you biatch ' and then she showed me middle finger at me and her husband.
Leon Richardson (4 hours ago)
She deserved it She is the gold digger
extreme guy (4 hours ago)
Poor kid dumb lady
Trevor Wallace (4 hours ago)
I fell bad
Jonas Fæhnøe Jensen (4 hours ago)
She was kinda hot🔥 not gonna lie
ØnlyØneGirl (4 hours ago)
2:20 oh tesla in the background
King Koopa (4 hours ago)
She deserved that
BlueMoon Crafter (4 hours ago)
This bish deserves it!
MasterStephen (4 hours ago)
Yooo that's soooooo funny
He need the kid but she deserved it
Jimi Horttanainen (4 hours ago)
I feel bad for the kid...
PRo ADz (4 hours ago)
300xp gained Gold digger lvl 3 New unlock able style -crop top -shorter shorts
Chrissy Ortiz (4 hours ago)
She disserved it
Mopsipois123 (4 hours ago)
One like= one cry😭 for the kid
Esther Akiti (4 hours ago)
Love the glasses
pastel kitten (4 hours ago)
Ima kid
Cherlyn arriaza (5 hours ago)
Alexis Thomas (5 hours ago)
She deserves it
foxy XLX (5 hours ago)
I feel 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009000000000000000000000.1 perfect that’s how much I care for her
slime101 slime (5 hours ago)
She deserves it kid didn’t
Jordan Palmer (5 hours ago)
Deserves it
Jaylee Gray (5 hours ago)
Poor kid she deserves it
Science Lover (5 hours ago)
Well subdiggers exist Happens all the time..........
OeXz GT (5 hours ago)
I couldnt stop laughing after this 6:44 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
dont read my name (5 hours ago)
The baby said mommy!
Patrick Cross (5 hours ago)
She deserved it
Henry Wilding-Owen (5 hours ago)
IF YOUR WACHING THIS WITH HEADPHONES JUST SO YOU KNOW...There’s no headphone warnings ⚠️ 🎧
EDOG MLAD (6 hours ago)
How come no girls do golddigger pranks on guys Like if you agree
Pedro Proença (6 hours ago)
I'd bang then left her
TooManyTurtle (6 hours ago)
He should have found a couple without a child! that was so unfair of the dude to destroy a family rather than a couple!
Aidin Sabanagic (6 hours ago)
Feel bad for the kid
Nick Guzman (6 hours ago)
Yes my ex
PUBGM Player (6 hours ago)
I'm Not A Rapper :)
Rushdi harb (6 hours ago)
She deservse it but poor kid
Mauro Fajardo (7 hours ago)
Poor kid
MR TC LOL 2 (7 hours ago)
Maybe he has one eye on the girl and one On the guy 😱
BLACK THUNDER (7 hours ago)
I was like hee that what she gets YAY EEE😂😂😂😂
It's LittleIsiOMG (7 hours ago)
I wish they took the baby too
A'Myah Burks (8 hours ago)
My friend named justen sorry jus I am exposing u he only wanted me for my friend but we bothe rejeded himmm *dans* I am too lazy to spell but we didn’t like him so we told him and his got mad at us
Reece Baker (8 hours ago)
Sorry for the kid that makes me upset because I have 4 little brothers and sisters 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧😢and their the same age as the kid
Στο Sυzυγα (8 hours ago)
next time he want to make a gold digger prank make sure there no kid.. feel bad for the kid
Reece Baker (8 hours ago)
Looking smexy with them glasses
Jana Tamer (8 hours ago)
I feel so bad for the kid... I am gonna cry 😭
Ancestorz Gt (9 hours ago)
Delo Mizi (9 hours ago)
Mhmdbatesh7 (9 hours ago)
Hooman is Fake

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