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Gold Digger Gets A Nice Surprise When She Bumps Into Very Rich Guy

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Text Comments (14743)
Bill Bob (26 minutes ago)
She deserves it!!!!!
David Amora (39 minutes ago)
I feel bad for the baby
Mohameed Akbari (46 minutes ago)
I feeling bad for the ked
Mohd aswad (55 minutes ago)
Why in America to many gold digger?
Bruh NO
Blades Desire (59 minutes ago)
She deserved it
Christopher Culler (1 hour ago)
You talk way to much
Arvie Mandi (1 hour ago)
Subscribe to PewDiePie 👊
Kaelin Solomon (1 hour ago)
She deserves ir
Phillip Alberts (1 hour ago)
Feel sorry for the Kid. You can tell she's a THOT 😂😂. My man HOOMAN 😎🤘👏
Cesar Pelayo (1 hour ago)
She deserves it
Scizox_Yt (1 hour ago)
Poor kid
Tee D (2 hours ago)
The kid I feel so bad
shaun zweers (2 hours ago)
i live in London england
shaun zweers (2 hours ago)
anyone need a girlfriend I have a big dick
Gladiator Gamer (2 hours ago)
I feel bad for the kid
Negese Tam (2 hours ago)
I don’ⲧ care ⲧhaⲧ she got ⲧhat
Cxnt (3 hours ago)
For all the guys out there 7:18
Sivacumar Sundaresan (3 hours ago)
I feel so sorry for the kid. But the girl deserves it.
Gaming W/ Nicko (4 hours ago)
4:03 H3h3 music
Dumkke Gaming (4 hours ago)
She deserv it
Gaming W/ Nicko (4 hours ago)
It’s fake, she’s wearing a wire (mic)
Jungjae Cha (5 hours ago)
This is why you dont tell how rich you are guys!!!!
Infinite Madness (5 hours ago)
She deserves
Seopop (6 hours ago)
Kinda feel bad for her and also i'm upset that there's such a human being.
Breyton Naidoo (6 hours ago)
10:37 Bros before Hoes✊🏽🤟🏽
MAgsGhoSty (6 hours ago)
Im onlu worried about the child
Ng Kristopher (6 hours ago)
I will take the baby and the guy in my car and just leave her there 😂
simon angon (7 hours ago)
Dude the kid!!!
Nancy Mitchell (7 hours ago)
Rip kid 😥😥😥
Suvam Saha (7 hours ago)
I also feel bad for the kid but she absolutely deserved it. Such a gold digger!!!!!
therealhike boi (7 hours ago)
Sniper Gaming (7 hours ago)
Taze (7 hours ago)
I just feel bad for the kid
Liam Boswell (7 hours ago)
It was sad cuz I heard the kid yell MOMMY its 😭
Tyler Wright (7 hours ago)
FallenAngel Angel (7 hours ago)
Agany eh (8 hours ago)
I was laughing my ass off
Maddiel Diaz (8 hours ago)
I feel sorry for the kid but she deserve it😂
Cota Tejada (8 hours ago)
She deserves it bc she just said I have a man then see that paper that he get the ❤❤❤❤❤❤she is attracted
King Rhino (8 hours ago)
She deserves it
D rift (8 hours ago)
I’m ordering me some timeless merchandise
kashish sharma (8 hours ago)
She have done right
I I (9 hours ago)
0:53 wtf
Jett Jackson (9 hours ago)
MysticalGamer1090 (10 hours ago)
I don't feel bad for her but i feel bad for the baby
Dandy Blagg (10 hours ago)
She deserves it but the kid doesn't
Drift Beast (11 hours ago)
RIp kid
Erick Ruiz (11 hours ago)
i feel bad for the kid
Phillip Lance (11 hours ago)
She got exposed and she deserves it
CARTER FUHS (11 hours ago)
I was crying when the kid dreamed mommy when she went to the car
Arabella Berzinski (11 hours ago)
Omg that poor kid
Omar Lopez (12 hours ago)
Sex in 52:00
charmeleon catcher123 (12 hours ago)
She deserves it
Its game time #fortnite (13 hours ago)
The kid I feel bad for the kid
Pierre Abadir (13 hours ago)
Pierre Abadir (13 hours ago)
I feel bad for the kids
Arianne Lavilla (14 hours ago)
3:54 "I'll be a gold digger" 😂
Tremmor 214 XmX (14 hours ago)
She deserves it
Sara Keiter (14 hours ago)
I feel bad for the kid, it put me in tears. He was probably crying to death for his step dad to come back.
Dannyshack Gaming (15 hours ago)
She tripping she deserves it
Mysteriagirl (15 hours ago)
The baby was like I wanna be your friend. He even leaned to him
Guxci_ Kookie (16 hours ago)
pls let them be bros lmao
Mikenna Strangerthing (16 hours ago)
Did you hi light my comment?
the siblings channel (16 hours ago)
She fuckin deserves it
King seal Upton (16 hours ago)
I feel sorry for the kid
Lit firer 123 (16 hours ago)
Mikenna Strangerthing (16 hours ago)
I know this is late but I don't feel bad for her but I feel bad for the man and the baby
Hob Master (17 hours ago)
Her succer
kevin guzman (17 hours ago)
she need it
Green Lazer (17 hours ago)
The baby I feel bad for the baby
jose canales (17 hours ago)
She deserves it
Pro Skill Gaming (18 hours ago)
Sunian (18 hours ago)
She deserved It SO MUCH 🤣! But still she shouldn’t raise the kid. The dad should raise her/him. Or else that kid will end up becoming a gold digger too.
Enderdragon 2008 (19 hours ago)
she deserved it
Sahvan Patel (20 hours ago)
It’s not fake
Allee Kopko (20 hours ago)
Dude I feel bad for the baby
Uneek11 (21 hours ago)
She deserves it GOLD DIGGER
white shadow (21 hours ago)
She deserves it🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gold diggers are like kidss who like happy meal TOYS more than the actual FOOD
Kate D (23 hours ago)
She deserves that sh*** like Like if you agree
Giorgos Manikas (1 day ago)
Bro less talking. Let us see the video
kashyav oli (1 day ago)
I feel bad for the kid
Imran Ullah Khan (1 day ago)
You throw the greens you collect the hoes. That's how this world works kids.
Natalos polyzoe (1 day ago)
Now he's gonna date the man hahaha
JORDAN ORR (1 day ago)
She deserves it
ENDERMOLE YT (1 day ago)
Screw the girl I feel bad for the kid I mean why does the kid have to suffer If I was that guy I would.jave taken my kid with me in the rarrie
Ivan Zadro (1 day ago)
Deserved af
Schwarge xD (1 day ago)
*Gold diggers everywhere*
endey diaz (1 day ago)
She needs to go to a therapy she needs some help you need some milk.
Riri Darwi (1 day ago)
Video starts at 1:47
Matthew starkey (1 day ago)
I feel sorry for the kid just watching so e one how loved you like a step dad and just going away for me it's like when I get a hear cut and tell the for me to have a little trim on the top but then they take way for off then a trim and you just sit there waiting your hear fall off because you don't won't to be rude
Angelo Mauro (1 day ago)
i wanna met this ferrari guy😂
She has a Mic in her bra.XD
Valeria Coppiano (1 day ago)
Yea she's being stupid at doing all of that in front of the kid and her ”boy friend”
Valeria Coppiano (1 day ago)
She deserved
SniperSeal Plays MC (1 day ago)
Zi feel bad for zat kid 🥺
Gab Ramos (1 day ago)
Unsubscribe and unlike your video Edith look like stupid
Gab Ramos (1 day ago)
Man your video sucks

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