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How to Suit Up | Men’s Fashion Tips | Doctor Mike

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Hey, guys! A well fitted suit is something every man should have in his wardrobe so today I thought I’d share with you my top tips on how to suit up with style. If you’d like to see more men’s fashion tips, drop me a line in the comments below! Let me know what you thought of the video and what type of men’s fashion tips you’d like to see next. Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6 Let’s connect: IG https://goo.gl/41ZS7w Twitter https://goo.gl/kzmGs5 Facebook https://goo.gl/QH4nJS Contact Email: [email protected] P.O. Box: 340 W 42nd St # 2695 NY, NY 10108 A Full Fat Production http://fullfatentertainment.com/
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Text Comments (3472)
Ngalap Doo' (4 hours ago)
Best video among all the ones i watch.. Your video is the best.. Keep it up!!!
0W3N RB (18 hours ago)
*these do not apply to john wick*
Lava Yuki (1 day ago)
I really like Armani suits
Michael R Teran (1 day ago)
I disagree about wearing an undershirt. If you are attending a wedding and you are gonna be dancing you will sweat and the last thing anybody wants to see is a guy in a nice suit and dress shirt soaking wet. If however you are attending a social event, like the theater or cocktail party then no undershirt. My opinion
Swordune (1 day ago)
Where can I get those pants ???
Boom_Shakalaka 2625 (2 days ago)
Women are so lucky, if they don't look so good, they can just apply makeup and still get attention Men have to be NATURALLY handsome to be liked
forreal pat (2 days ago)
Hello World (2 days ago)
how the fuck does your shoulder hit the wall before the fabric of the suit???/ is your shoulder suddenly shape shifting through time and space through the suit fabric in the 4th dimension?
Gracia Atiku (3 days ago)
I may have found my mentor.
no first, you have a good look shape. ha!
Don’t know why I’m watching this video🙈 even I’m a girl😂
Thomas Berry (4 days ago)
Is that a Tom Ford jacket?
The King. (4 days ago)
I hate wearing suites but I’m bored and I can’t say no to dr.mike
kmn (4 days ago)
Fanservice disguised as an educational video
When you have good body figure, even a rag could look good on you :)
Roger Angel (5 days ago)
i Agree and very well put together video
Jasmin Bensch (5 days ago)
“A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.”
Anant Kumar Sonkar (5 days ago)
Please give me the explanation of John Wick suit
CPIZZI (6 days ago)
Disagree on undershirts -- Thompson t, V neck, bamboo
EVA d (6 days ago)
Step one: Have a perfect greek god body Step two: Be handsome
Grass Brass (7 days ago)
I really wanna see this guy on Queer Eye like helping people.
Owen Williams (8 days ago)
Trousers are too tight, jacket is creased on the side indicating too tight a fit when buttoned. Classic suit fit will serve you better than modern skinny fits
TheCodFather (8 days ago)
Trump: "No! My tie is going to be yyyuge!!"
Channel (8 days ago)
Doesn’t always have to be a suit, men should also know how to just wear blazer, sports jacket, or even just a short sleeve shirt with pants. People always get the assumption that “casual” means athletic wear which is completely wrong.
Sabah Taha (9 days ago)
Great vid dude nut not v meck tee shirts with suits
pattgsm (9 days ago)
Good advice for night club look. For professional situations: Notch lapel, non- working buttons. Full /half canvas, quality lining, button stance, and lapel width are all more important details than working surgeons buttons. Tie bars can be overkill. If you are wearing either a suit jacket, sc, vest, or any type of sweater there is no functional need for a tie bar. Just don't walk around outside w/ suit or sc unbuttoned. A buttoned down collar can dress down a suit for work and easier to wear w/ sc sans tie. Suspenders and pleats are for All Day comfort (more comfortable than belt can be worn in addition to side adjusters which do slip throughout the day. Not only do pleats provide extra sitting comfort but they also assist with the drape especially if you have a wider midsection (over 35 inches). When it comes to suit / sc, any body type can look great in pleats the same can't be said for flat front trousers.
Noor Hussain (9 days ago)
"Please no pleats" - WTF you on about.
Mark Aldana (9 days ago)
Dr. Mike what kind of underwears do you like to wear?
Max Mustermann (9 days ago)
Suits on muscular men don't look good.
John Rogers (10 days ago)
You have the rules down, but I notice that you are more into fashion suits. A classical look would be charcoal or a midnight blue. Wearing a suit jacket as a blazer will cuase the fabric not to match the pants resulting not a true suit anymore. Because a suit is made from the same material and color. Wearing a regular shirt is more liberal I do think it can work, but not for formal places maybe the office or something. Wearing bright suits will make the suit less formal darker it is more formal they are. Bright suits will go in and out of fashion that's why I said dark charcoal or navy blue a classic. Socks I personally think like black socks but that's me ppl will say you shouldn't.
Parth Rodrigues (10 days ago)
Just came to prepare for a fashion class
lullemans72 (10 days ago)
2:32 those aren't trousers with full breaks. they're just trousers that aren't properly hemmed at all. a full break, while not my personal preference either, will still look much more neat than those pictures you showed.
That1Guy (10 days ago)
Have to disagree with you on the no-undershirt idea. If you don’t sweat a lot and your shirts aren’t stained, great! But an undershirt will always help with the longevity of your dress shirts. Additionally, T-Shirt length should be long, not short. If you’re wearing a T-Shirt with a suit, it should be tucked in.
That1Guy (8 days ago)
Channel Actually a light grey Vneck would be better. Grey doesn’t show through as much as Black or white does, and the Vneck prevents it from being on display with the dress shirt is unbuttoned
Channel (8 days ago)
I’m not a big T-shirt and suit kinda guy but I feel like if it’s going to be done, white or black shirts are the way to go. Any other color is just pushing it
Fatima Badawi (11 days ago)
This reminds me of Barney Stinson lmao
Tomato Queen (11 days ago)
Um sir, that is a u neck not v neck
Pepe (11 days ago)
Pro tips for short guys: - go with no break trousers. So the end of your trousers shouldnt touch your shoe - jacket should not fully cover your butt - use a slim belt. - jacket sleeve should not cover your wrists
I bet more women are watching than men
Angela Martin (11 days ago)
Tip NUMBER ONE: stop wearing suits that are TOO tight. Stop. Just stop.
Jason Roos (12 days ago)
5:25 Dresses like a mature grownup but still keeps his bed like a young child 😂(Was that intentional?)
Sandra Hoffmeister (12 days ago)
One time we missed our flight from Kauai back to Washington state, because there had been severe flooding on the island after a deluge. When we were finally able to fly out that evening the airline ticket agent apologized for the inconvenience. I expressed to her it was no problem, my only concern for for the residents affected by the flood. She so much appreciated my reply, she gave us complimentary cocktail drink coupons. She appreciated my comments because others had complained about how the flood interrupted their vacation, with no concern for the impact on the residents of the island. Sad.
Anna Hercules (12 days ago)
Was that a tattoo?
Sheikh Fahad M. (13 days ago)
Interesting! Hope it helps me selecting the right suit for my reception
Nishit Kumar (13 days ago)
Awesome man 👍👍👍👍
Eduardo Lomocso (14 days ago)
If you own a handsome face like him, with medical profession, a good dresser at that, and communicates well! So what else do you need to ask the world for?
Toby Lazenbury (14 days ago)
Hi Doc Mike, I'm a Tailor based in Bath in the UK. This is very Italian in suit style and indeed fit. However I feel the jacket is too tight for you. You create a pucker from the break point (first button) to the shouler where the lapels don't sit against your chest as the lines follow up. Your chest size is too small in the jackest as well, you have some quite bad pulling under the arm where your shoulders are trying to pull forward. I think perhaps the arm hole is to high for the relative ratio of your pectoral muscles as well which will be another reason why you see this puckering. Your skirt (the bottom tail on the front and vent) is too short for how low your breakpoint is and is making you look too squashed and small or as if your jacket is too small for you. Your trousers are far too tapered for the break that you wear. These are suit trousers not skinny jeans, you get bunching at the knee and ride up away from the show (I can see this from the photos you show in between your direct address) this would be remedied if you relaxed the taper by a 1/2-1 inch so it had some more slack to fall correctly, or alternatively finish your trouser higher. They are supposed to be an uniterupted straight drape from thigh to show, and yours don't do this. Also the 'cuffs' you refer to on the trouser finish are called turn ups in the UK but I'm not sure what they are widely refered to in the US. Your trouser waist and seat are both too smal and are restricting you, I can see already some hold up on the back of thigh where you're forcing the crease out the trouser and it is being bunched up around your ass. It's actually quite hilairious you say no pleats because you are exactly the build that would benefit from a double pleated trouser as it would accomidate your back side and give you an extra inch in the seat so the drape would be correct and you would stop forcing the crease out. The peak lapel is only refered to as 'flashy' due to it's long standing history of being the lapel of choice for all formal engagement dress (morning coats, tail coats etc...). Shawl lapel are not historically formal use lapels, they originated in the victorian era on smoking jackets which were a type of casual home dress for retreating to the drawing room for a cigar. I wish not to criticise you I merely can't help but notice the 'flaws' I would pick out in your suits as you would in a similar way, I'm sure, pick out the 'flaws' in mine. We both have different schools of thought for suiting, yours the new Italian wave of the 21st century and mine the classic British tailoring rules (which have been pretty much unchanged since the 1920s). So there we go, interesting to see how others choose to dress a suit and see what they wear it like also. Just a little question left to ask, who makes your suits for you or are they rack bought and then you get them altered?
C Grace Debbbarma (14 days ago)
How to suit up if u are fat and still look good....?? 😞😞😞
Can you do underwear...?
iureun (14 days ago)
MegaSuperCritic (15 days ago)
eww t-shirt with a suit? Yucky. poopy
Anjali Nandy (15 days ago)
Love you Dr.Mike😄
naseef baramy (16 days ago)
i have seen 4 or 5 videos for suits tips. in all of those videos, the advisors themselves are wearing either wrong combinations or poor fittings. u r the one am seeing to be perfectly suited up compared to the other guys
Florinda Martinez (17 days ago)
😍😍 wow. Just wow
W. Adams (18 days ago)
Great video. He covers all the bases. Chapeau
Marielle Calipes (18 days ago)
yikes i hope this will help my future husband when he'll need a suit
William Ross-Hughes (18 days ago)
Ok dude where's the gym vid. I gotta know your gym routine
John Brown (20 days ago)
Funny, you gave sexy suit advice just so you can get patients having heart problems.. Well done!
Stella Bašić (20 days ago)
Sockless is my new favourite word 😄
Gabriel Muñoz (21 days ago)
what about the watch?
Dondon Equa (22 days ago)
I don’t benefit from this at all but I still watched it anyway
Odd Amv (22 days ago)
What if you are fat and not every part of your body are not equal? I broke my back and didn't do training for 3 years and now I'm fat.
Nehemiah Stewart (23 days ago)
Good info. Would say wear an under shirt. If you use deodorant it will stain the shirt also you dont want people seeing your hairy stomach through your buttons. Opt for a v neck that has a color hue close to the shirt your wearing.
Chelle Weatherspoon (23 days ago)
Love this
Aleena Asif (23 days ago)
How does he have time to do all this and still work
siddhartha moitra (24 days ago)
Anna Zully (24 days ago)
Yash Garg (24 days ago)
Perfect man doesn't exi.....
Brandon_since_99 (25 days ago)
What advice do you have to dress on a budget? I’m a student and I dont earn a lot of money yet I want to dress smart.
achumi boy (25 days ago)
Rule no1. First You need to get in shape.. 😎
Mel. (25 days ago)
''trendy" dull and repetitive italian navy blue suits that men wear to work along with fugly italian brown leather shoes with those banana-like twisted tips! You don't look professional or formal with them, you look like mama dressed you after letting you suck on her titties for millk
Alyssa Boatwright (26 days ago)
I'm not a guy, but I clicked on this video.
Mario Eckstein (26 days ago)
Holy Moly, is there anything this man can't do?!
IFTHIKAR AHAMED (27 days ago)
He has done PhD in suits
Tuomas Aalto (27 days ago)
No pleats on pants if definitely a personal preference. Many guys across all ages pull them off and I have single pleats in my navy suit also.
Electric Goldfish (28 days ago)
There is Tiege Hanley and Tiege Hanley only
Ali Sina Jafari (28 days ago)
What's that fabric around your right wrist?
Mridula Raghunandan (28 days ago)
U never told us u were part time model. Wtf I'm offended 😂
Burtasaurus Rex (28 days ago)
As a woman, I had no idea guys had to put this much effort into their outfits.
deric smith (28 days ago)
What if you need suspenders? Belts don't work at all for me-skinny ass and a bit of belly. And of course the no belt pants you show wouldn't stay up.
Katelyn Dunn (28 days ago)
I’m a girl and I found this interesting. Very helpful :)
Custom Adventurist (28 days ago)
Wow your wearing your watch wrong... it’s supposed to go under your cuff, on inch from the top of you wrist
T Thompson (29 days ago)
I’m still thirsty over this. Hotttt 🔥
Ocean Saraf (29 days ago)
1st step: be gorgeous
Joslyn Torres (29 days ago)
Daddy Mikeeee 😫😫😫
Arian Orange (29 days ago)
Suits never go out of style and you can wear them for pretty much any occasion.
Hari AV (29 days ago)
I wonder why this kind of video is legal 😶😶
mike 3dfx (29 days ago)
love the painting!!!
Icindace Gaming (29 days ago)
I still think Matt from demolitionranch has a better life Dr.Mike
Ammar Hassan (1 month ago)
Can u do jeans and tess? As I wear them at work and I need some good video like this of what and what not to
Peridot Schuyler (1 month ago)
4:25 fursuit
Bullet with Nukes (1 month ago)
0:48 look at that V shape torse
Acalath (1 month ago)
He talks about his suits like how John Wick talks about his guns
Bella Cruz (1 month ago)
All I got from this is he has a tattoo??? LOL
Roni Adan (1 month ago)
Suit up! (Barney)
Tu Linh Phung Ngoc (1 month ago)
chời ới thích đàn ông mặc vest quáaaaa
F G (1 month ago)
Omg 😍😍😍
Thot Slayer MC (1 month ago)
Barney watching this: *Hmm, I see...*
Vee (1 month ago)
Seriously, Is he a doctor or a model? Both?!
abhijith bharathi (1 month ago)
Vee (1 day ago)
Yo doctor Mike has got a lot of tricks under his hat!🤣
Vee (1 day ago)
admiral ackbar Got you!
admiral ackbar (1 day ago)
It's doctor Mike. Not Mick
Elsa The Recuse Cat (1 month ago)
I love your suites, I actually prefer a well dressed man. Nice smile, great body......

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