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*FREE!:* Wanna sing like Sean? Get our free Singing Lesson on how to sing those high notes with ease! : ►►►http://bit.ly/VoxLesson Subscribe For More Weeby Metal!: http://bit.ly/Riffsubscribe Download the song here!: http://bit.ly/riffshoppatron To LEWD or NOT TO LEWD. That is the question. Elsie Lovelock (Clean Vocals): https://www.youtube.com/user/SweetPoffin Matt Fisher (Screams) : https://www.instagram.com/mxe.matt/?hl=en LYRICS: (Lolicon Chant) L-O-L-I-C-O-N adorable girl that’s me! You can pat my head and pinch my cheeks, But you better not beat that meat COME ON YEAH! L-O-L-I-C-O-N adorable girl that’s me! You can pat my head and pinch my cheeks, But you better not beat that meat Oniichan lets play the game where And turn off all the lights! And take a bath together like we always do! KYAAH! (Screams) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WATCHING, THIS IS THE FBI. YOU SICK MINDED FUCK. DON’T YOU LEWD THE LOLIS, THEY’RE KIDS! YOU ARE NOW ON OUR WATCH LIST! Popsicles! Love popsicles! sucking on cherry popsicles. But my favorite flavor is you. UGUUU WAHH!! (Screams) MOTHER FUCKER. JUST STOP RIGHT THERE. WE THE LOLICOPS THAT SERVE AND PROTECC SO YOU LIKE EM YOUNG? HOW ABOUT 10 YEARS to LIFE IN JAIL This movie’s scary Oniichan, hold me don’t let go. My hips are moving on their own / Look at this Cute bear on my underwear I hear you like Boku No Pico? Look at my Sharp tooth smile and swim suit style, what rhymes with MEDOPHILE? COME ON YOU SICK FUCK CHRIS HANSEN (SCREAMS) L-O-L-I-C-O-N adorable girl that’s me! My Chest is Flat, But yet you fap, the cops are on their way to your house. YOUR HOUSE
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Text Comments (3741)
RiffShop (8 months ago)
FINALLY. After all of the requests, we finally did it, you sick fucks. What song idea should we do next? (most liked comment will *probably* have a video made about it)
MaxRoti (2 months ago)
Yaoi lel
Kaitlyn Starlight (3 months ago)
catgirl metal, or trap metal... or trap catgirl metal
RiffShop would you be able to provide isolated lyrics for this, kind sirs?
the fegieman (4 months ago)
futa and or traps
greendragon098 (5 months ago)
RiffShop CatGirl Metal
Josh Mc (6 hours ago)
just found this channel. I love this channel.
Unyt (1 day ago)
90% of the anime community *s w e a t s*
Lateral10 (2 days ago)
*pulls up a chair “So here we are” “let’s have a little chat...”
Gentleman Chogath (3 days ago)
I am fairly certain someone looking for soft loli breathing sounds would not also search for Nicholas Cage butthole pics. I mean, unless they wanted to imagine Nicholas Cage as their cute little imouto or something. If so that's fine, I'm not here to judge.
CARTOON SKULL (3 days ago)
Is it OK if your a kid and beating your meat to a loli?
Gabriel Monte (4 days ago)
I'd give 50k likes if I could. Catchy af, You sick f*cks!
Obito_05 (5 days ago)
I thought the lolicon dude was Ian from smosh LMAO
Bishop Cuin (5 days ago)
,,что за херня,,????
Matt Lawliet (5 days ago)
This song is awesome <3 FBI OPEN THIS DOOR >:v
epic melon gaming (5 days ago)
you guys metal
Chaser Sykes (6 days ago)
Wait this is the original right? guess youtube finally let you guys put it back up, cause i thought you guys reuploaded it lol
Neko Fish (6 days ago)
Corrente Status: Dying
Vitor Prey (6 days ago)
Rebel Rex (6 days ago)
Jovan Mitrić (6 days ago)
FBI anthem.
ya boi (6 days ago)
Best recommendation from YouTube
ibrahim ahmed (7 days ago)
Why is this age restricted?
Kawaii Fake [Dubstep] (7 days ago)
Si alguien abla español recomienden esto a pipepunk :v
Juan Manuel Penaloza (7 days ago)
I sent this to the Texas Rangers that came to my house...they enjoyed it.
Tresftresf Gameplay (7 days ago)
;-; Eu pelo menos terei que limpar meus olhos umas 3 vezes.
F.B.I (7 days ago)
*You sick fucking degenerates...*
Jostin Rojas (7 days ago)
Minimations (7 days ago)
da pug (7 days ago)
This sound good but the fucking lyrics jesus christ
kevin oviedo (7 days ago)
Kyo -OwO- (7 days ago)
I want to get hit by truck chan
NazuvaiProsto Dimasik (7 days ago)
Eeeeeeeeee рок
Shiraori (8 days ago)
jingoxthefirst (8 days ago)
gee i wonder why this isn't on itunes
DarkSlidGamer (8 days ago)
1:42 -No ne crerias si te lo dijera :v
Gundam Freak (8 days ago)
Lol :v
Sanguine Regis (8 days ago)
What the actual fuck have I found?
russian (8 days ago)
Like like like
david torres (8 days ago)
Cómo es que no tiene más vistas? XD
Joy (8 days ago)
This just keeps getting better and better :)
Miguel rebollar (8 days ago)
Uffff, oi nomás ese rolón
CreepyLord 0126 (9 days ago)
this is fucking masterpiece
Xx_F3LEK_xX (9 days ago)
Midnight Eclipsed (9 days ago)
0:57 shoujo ramune
lonkplay (9 days ago)
For real though some guy in canada got jailtime for owning physical loli hentai. So watch your ass
RyujiGaming _ (9 days ago)
Nice... Well done another one was caught...
Izornic (9 days ago)
Sketto (9 days ago)
This is a golden gem
Dukefire 1 (9 days ago)
Love it... But... Question... How did u become a cop if you used a hentai in it... It was a little sjort part...but... Oof hentai
Doge Jacket (9 days ago)
Мистер Кекс (10 days ago)
что за аниме?
Viiih Army (10 days ago)
2:25 anime name?
一ノ瀬ゆり (10 days ago)
Loli hentai
Fresh Cookie (11 days ago)
Discordia :þ (11 days ago)
Ja Como si me importara el FBI El Dios de la Discordia no necesita de la ley Pd:si ves esto policia, es broma y si no pues no
ryan Cardinoza (11 days ago)
I love that It switches from cute loli singing to Cannibal Corpse-esqe vocals
Crow (11 days ago)
still good not the rape but the kidnapping no, wait ke
Joakim Haglund (12 days ago)
464 people disliked this video 464 people who watched this video are pedophiles
After watching this many times, I have realized it..... RiffShop is A god of Metal core. I love these videos😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jorge Rodriguez (12 days ago)
Nmms lo escuche 3 veces jaja y soy el único que habla español por aquí o que ??
Aaron Samos (12 days ago)
No mames que rolon
Katsuki Bakugo (12 days ago)
Now i want my kids was a loli, so that they will be protected by lolicops
Christian Butler (12 days ago)
Oh boy... I'm on that side of YouTube again...
Mastaku (12 days ago)
Onii chan hold meeee, I want to go peeee
The lost in his mind (12 days ago)
Hazero 5935 (12 days ago)
Mmm ramune shoujo , no se como llege aqui pero ta chido
its Divi (12 days ago)
:D should i be ashamed that ive heard this song all day long the last 4 weeks ^^ <3 Boku No Pico <3
Valkyrie Regalia (13 days ago)
Always lewd, no exceptions. (≧◡≦) ♡
Yuuki mihara (13 days ago)
That Uguu and hinyaa killed me totally
ecchi squid (13 days ago)
Well...this pretty much sums it up lol
Adolf Pacheco (13 days ago)
Who is the pink haired loli who sings?
Lucky (13 days ago)
hi there (14 days ago)
Kevin Pérez Moran (14 days ago)
¡That's so fucking amazing! My new favorite song. ❤
arkinyte13 (14 days ago)
I love this.
Katyusha (14 days ago)
Youtube recommended me this for once youtube is useful This shit is absolute gold
NIGHT RAIDER (15 days ago)
I watch waaaayyyyy to much hentai to get this
Clone Cover (15 days ago)
This is fucking nice!!! I🖤it!!! #nopedo #nofuckloli
Jesus Bryan Namuco (15 days ago)
Hell yesh!
Arnold Orellana (15 days ago)
holy shit :v ( shoujo ramune )
Allier. (14 days ago)
Thank u, my lord. I tried to remember this title but i forgot, thx again.
Garret Secrest (16 days ago)
Yall mean... matt fisher of . "WHISKEYFISH?"
Heretic Grim (17 days ago)
Fuck the police!
TheDeadly X (19 days ago)
Wait...question, is it still bad if you like normal anime girls cause they are like 14-17 most of the time
SirHaxe (20 days ago)
Wtf did i just warched, YouTube please why is this in my recommendation
Cappuccino-Cast (21 days ago)
turbidmist (22 days ago)
Boko wa mo shindeiru!
F.B.I Loli police (22 days ago)
I think I'm needed to be here @[email protected]
Pigeon Sama (22 days ago)
best video of youtubue
William Singht (22 days ago)
Sponsored by FBI. Absolutely legal. Yep
Lord Proteus (23 days ago)
Foolish anime lolis you cannot stop me from beating my meat to you!
saturn x (23 days ago)
This is why you stay away from lolis even if they call u senpai
X-Lasers1.000 (23 days ago)
The drums needs more cymbals
xAbominationx (24 days ago)
Rip hentai haven
Plinio _ HUE (25 days ago)
Richard Ties (26 days ago)
Oda Eiichiro (26 days ago)
Beat my meat plz
Neopol Icecream (26 days ago)
Это ж блять гениально!!!
The Timosha (26 days ago)
Ух заебись зашло
Kharn (26 days ago)
Always the twin tails.
Que buen video y que buena cancion :D.... Espera... Porque el F.B.I. esta afuera de mi casa?!

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