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Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts

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Text Comments (8240)
YoshiNator (15 hours ago)
Wish my fatass could be this healthy.
Blood Cotton Candy (18 hours ago)
Alot of these junk foods has the nutritional value of war rations. They're meant to keep you alive during tough times but it doesn't offer much for development.
Booty Guru (21 hours ago)
“So I’m eating grass....” “Ya”
ew that girl is a vegan? being vegan actually can potentially and likely kills more animals than the normal omnivorous diet. being vegan also threatens your health. Thanks, just saying this to protect you from doing that to yourselves and the environment.
828dawg Bz (1 day ago)
Some people say that girl is still drinking green juice
Pee pee Gang (2 days ago)
YB is just living life with her diet like is what I wish to do
Claire Scarborough (2 days ago)
I understand why the healthy girl cheated she is used to eating healthy and I’m the same way I crave healthy food and every time I eat something unhealthy I feel like garbage
Marisa Enza (3 days ago)
Sky is so beautiful❤️💕💞
Sheila Samson (3 days ago)
the junk food girl looks like jimin from bts
Zel_ v (3 days ago)
Swagsteroo (4 days ago)
YB eating Cheetos every day and keeping skinny legend while I gain 3 pounds just looking at the food
Swamp-ass thing (4 days ago)
I learned that eating healthy food aka (actual food) makes you feel physically better but if you eat junk "food" proccesed "food" fake "food" you feel sluggish tired and get sick very easily.
Sarah Obrien (4 days ago)
1:48 “HANGRY!!”
A D (4 days ago)
The “healthy” girl’s meal plan is in no way healthy. It is deeply lacking in protein, fats, and carbs and seems based heavily around restriction. That smoothie is not a meal, for starters. And I say this as a vegetarian who understands how important it is to include protein in your diet when you’re not getting it through meat.
Crushed Legos (5 days ago)
It's crazy how much the food you're used to eating effects you mentally and creates habits.
caLLiOu bOi (5 days ago)
i can’t even tell that ya eats junk food she’s so skinny!
Rating Ashark (5 days ago)
What a cute cat 😍
Gabrielle Elali (5 days ago)
so i was getting kind of "hangry"
Laura Croft (6 days ago)
Sarah Basto (7 days ago)
A pity these characters are fake...
SaraStarGirl (7 days ago)
Everyone’s saying that the “unhealthy” girl looks more healthy than the “healthy girl”. I just want everyone to know that you don’t have to be super skinny to be healthy.
PJ 9505 (7 days ago)
how are they both skinny and have amazing skin , but one of them eats so healthy and the other one basically just eats junk food aaaaa
HASHBROWNBOI (8 days ago)
3 Days = 1 week... Okay
litty show (9 days ago)
1:31 yeah can’t relate I would eat five
litty show (9 days ago)
why is the girl who eats junk food skinnier than the girl who’s a health nut
Katrina Mananquil (9 days ago)
I think you need balance, i try to eat healthy as possible and at the same would eat fried food fries and some wings once in awhile.
NitroWarrior (9 days ago)
Lauren Lee (10 days ago)
Skye: "I feel like if people saw me, It would just ruin my image." Me: Well this has been posted where billions can see you and you got 10,056,381 views and counting sooooo?
Shandy Leng (10 days ago)
YB: *eats junk food almost daily* Me: *eats one fry* —> gains 50 pounds
E major (11 days ago)
When your high af eating chip 2:15
Sif A.W.E (11 days ago)
claire elizabeth (6 days ago)
Sif A.W.E she doesn’t eat much sugar
Cringe Master (12 days ago)
At least resees puffs are vegan
monny287 (12 days ago)
"I want to cleanse the sugar out of my system...with a green juice that is 100% sugar because I've taken out the fiber through the juicing process." Makes sense. Girl, unless that green juice is entirely made of kale and spinach, it's got just as much, if not more sugar than that bowl of cereal you just ate.
I don’t know why but I often lose more weight then I attend to even though I eat lots of junk food. And I always eat when I’m hungry. But when I eat healthy I gain weight ;-; I don’t know why this happens
Adriel Renteria (12 days ago)
You're not meant to eat or drink grass because youre stomach cant process it like cows
please subscribe (12 days ago)
Omfg I was looking forward to actually seeing how the blonde girl would do but she didn't freakin follow the rules and messed it up and I'm so disappointed
dragonslayer24 0 (12 days ago)
Haha im eating a fat boys icecream
Alexis A (13 days ago)
Yb is so skinny and I eat one pizza slice and I get so big
E Salas (13 days ago)
The question is what’s in her “green juice “?
Marianna.Gadaleta (13 days ago)
why is no one talking about the fact that the healthy girl said she was vegan but then she was eating Doritos???
Salem Allen (13 days ago)
Healthy girl: "If someone saw me here it would LITERALLY ruin my image!!! 🤣🤣😜😜😜🙈🙈" Also healthy girl: *posts on YouTube for everyone to see* This is a late ass comment but god damn she was annoying 😂
regina phalange (13 days ago)
Im like uhm, gay for YB
Audrey Geisler (14 days ago)
They’re so far either way lol. I love food and eat what I want but it’s not often cheap junk food or over the top health food....
Stephanielopez (14 days ago)
I thought sky was vegan?
Kaya (14 days ago)
so my question is: how is the junk food addict girl skinny with that diet
Bees Bubble (14 days ago)
I love how YB really commits to these food challenges whereas the other girl seemed to not try as hard at all...
Sophie and KJ (14 days ago)
Dont hate on me.. I am the Healthy one no joke
Naida Lauren Salunga (14 days ago)
the junk food addict is sooo skinny!!!
Tara Flinn (14 days ago)
Did she just un-vegan herself for the sake of the video?? Or was the food she ate vegan, 🤨
Mary Gonzales (14 days ago)
what i cant understand is how she doesnt get fat
Emily Garten (15 days ago)
It’s 1:02 am on a school night... *how tf did I get here and why is it on my recommend
Angelica Flores (15 days ago)
I’m watching this while eating a pint of ice cream
honey phantomhive (15 days ago)
All Asians are thin
HANNAH POTTER (15 days ago)
Healthy girl : if anyone saw me do this I'd be ruined Me: well 9990,351 people have seen this sooooooo .........
Alexa Tummetje (15 days ago)
Does that healthy diet have all the needed calories etc though?
Johnny Mora (15 days ago)
Sky is fuckin cute
Swagalicious Llama (15 days ago)
YB: *eats unhealthily and is skinny* Me: *Eats unhealthily and get fat shamed by my sister 24/7*
Ava_iknowimcringy Jj (15 days ago)
Zigs (15 days ago)
No offense but the junk food addict looks like she never gains anything and the healthy addict is a weighs a little more than her
Sabrina Ingram (15 days ago)
People are giving hate to the health addict for this diet thing but pls remember that she used to be vegan. Doing any of this is going to upset her stomach and possibly even her though she’s clearly mostly vegan for the health benefits.
Ugh Not You (15 days ago)
*eats healthy food* still fat *eats junk food* still fat
MimiTheHamster (15 days ago)
It’s not fair that the asian girl eats like crap and still has nice skin and figure, like, wtf genetics?!?
Steliana Jasmine (15 days ago)
I think I follow the asian girl on ig but I'm not sure
Margaret Randy (15 days ago)
I am 100% the health nut. No wonder people find me annoying 😂
Hannah Yale (15 days ago)
Anyone else distracted by how sky looks like brie Larson?
Brianna Dwyer (15 days ago)
what annoys me is the vegan eating non vegan things😒
Margaret Randy (15 days ago)
What did she eat that wasn't vegan?
Christine Joyce (16 days ago)
when you eat most of a certain thing, you'll crave that thing. just like how it's hard for people who are on diets to stick to diets, it's hard for people who like drinking green juice to eat anything else
Maher Alfaham (16 days ago)
Wtf the cat ate a leaf...
LadyUnicorn ???? (16 days ago)
Nobody gonna y’all about how that girl went ham on a bunch of dates. Girl they calorie packed and only 3 should be eaten
“So I was getting kinda “hangry””😂<3 1:48
Ella Roberts (16 days ago)
Sky is the voice in my head I ignore. YB is _me._
corey cj (16 days ago)
The healthy girl is so me. I always have vegetables with whatever i eat every meal and has been doing that since i was very young and only eating greasy food will feel really weird to me. I mean when people eat healthy as their ‘normal diet’, it is normal that she will crave what she always has.
It's Ruby (16 days ago)
The unhealthy girl is skinnier then the healthier girl......how does that work
xJessica _Bear (16 days ago)
Lol ikr
Jason Fink (17 days ago)
Who craves a GREEN JUICE!
The Lamp (16 days ago)
Jason Fink me
しんこShinko (17 days ago)
しんこShinko (17 days ago)
Hey e are both Asian and unhealthy so much in common
Hayley Vasquez (17 days ago)
How can she eat all that i can't look at a pizza and not gain like 10 pounds!
M w (17 days ago)
My two food personalities battling each other
M E (17 days ago)
I’m convinced yb has an eating disorder lmao
Marian Hastings (17 days ago)
How is YB so thin!?
Isabella Rose (18 days ago)
I would kill for YBs metabolism
Ilovecats 88 (18 days ago)
The Asian girl is so cute lol
leah joyce (18 days ago)
I was expecting the junk food girl to be fat
Nikki Penwell (18 days ago)
My diet is 85% clean. If I eat processed junk I feel like crap. I don’t see how people can’t grasp the idea that the food is probably like a toxin in her system.
bitch (18 days ago)
i wish i could say im craving a green juice instead of french fries💀
oof dragz (1 day ago)
im craving a pineapple smoothie rn lol
Rawan (11 days ago)
Lazy Panda samee
BTS DRAMA (13 days ago)
Same. I eat not very healthy. If you stalk me everyday. I would be eating a lot of bread, biscuits and drinking milk. I do drink lemon and ginger tea since I’ve heard it’s good for ya.
Lazy Panda (15 days ago)
Then try this juice I've been loving for a while: spinach, cucumber, apple, pineapple, and a bit of mint. It's delicious and very refreshing as well :)
Justina F (19 days ago)
How can you fail at eating junk food ???
JosiePup (19 days ago)
Wheatgrass is really bad for you.. you shouldn’t consider drinking it... like not the tiniest bit
Kim Anderson (19 days ago)
How can that Asian girl eat junk food and be that skinny and looking so good? The healthy girl also looked good no hate 😂❤️
Ryanne 123 (3 days ago)
Kim Anderson Exercise?
butera asmr (20 days ago)
i eat 2 salads a day but eat a lot of candy and chips lol
Tom Davis (20 days ago)
I grew up in the 80s and for me I'm not in to the health food seen.. I eat what I like .. sushi totally nasty I do like my vegetables .. I'm more of meat eater ..
f89ry7 PS4 (21 days ago)
That”healthy”girl has a chubby face I doubt this challenge was that hard for her
Alicia Taveras (21 days ago)
She really loves green juices
Amelya Mathews (21 days ago)
Why would you try to be gluten free I’m gluten free for life and that’s been like that since I was 5 and I’m 14 now and it’s in my family and isn’t the best
Marina Cover (22 days ago)
I need the recipe for that green juice man
Austeja Cesnauskyte (22 days ago)
I mean if people had enough money they would eat healthy... You know how much money you would spend on healthy food
minnie and my (21 days ago)
Healthy food is the same price as junk food
Freya brøndsted (22 days ago)
It’s not that healthy to be vegan, it’s healthy to not eat a lot of fat and sugar and insteed eat a lot of fish, vegtables and egg. Meat is not unhealthy, why do people think that?
minnie and my (21 days ago)
The most people do it for the animals... And some people do it to lose weight
Cheesy Toast (22 days ago)
The Asian girl for some reason reminds me of Spencer from pretty little liars
Dan Chaltraw (23 days ago)
The junk food attic is So skinny
Joker Platinum Bones (23 days ago)
*Why... WHY the one that always eats junk, looks better???*
Annabell DeMelo (23 days ago)
How does YB look so healthy?

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