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Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts

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Text Comments (7833)
Fre Sha Voca Do (1 hour ago)
How do you eat that unhealthy and stay that skinny? I eat a salad and gain 10 pounds
michael banh (3 hours ago)
Thank you fro visiting
NarwhalX (11 hours ago)
I realized howl the health nut didn’t really say she wanted anything but a green juice. DOES THAT MEAN SHE IS A SMOOTHIE ADDICT? O:
Amber Minobe-Nacua (13 hours ago)
If YB is the junk food addict, how is she still so skinny?
Adidas Fazal (17 hours ago)
YB is still sooooo skinny and she eats so much junk food
Chad Chanthalasy (20 hours ago)
1:49 hangery
Angie Wong (1 day ago)
0:14 gluten is not bad for u.
Rice Balls (2 days ago)
I love YB she’s adorable
spiky parkour (2 days ago)
I'd rather eat the food I love I like some healthy food but
Sunshine (3 days ago)
not sure how people live without meat
Alexa MacCormack (3 days ago)
Just so y’all know a healthy alternative to recess puffs sry I spelled that wrong prob is chocolate and peanut butter Cheerios . They are sooo good and way healthier
CiCi Conners (4 days ago)
Small fries and a coke big deal
CiCi Conners (3 days ago)
I meal for me is a burger a large coke and a large fries
CiCi Conners (3 days ago)
Catherine Leary lol same here
Catherine Leary (3 days ago)
Right? That's only an afternoon snack for me.
Alejandra Chavez (5 days ago)
Didn’t she says he was a vegan and she had Doritos and coco puffs? Wack😢
Matthew Brunette (5 days ago)
When you eat healthy, junk food doesn’t really set off the pleasure sensors in your brain. There are periods where I’ve eaten total crap after eating decently healthy and it took days of eating crap food for me to start to like it.
Pierce Nemr (6 days ago)
Buzz feed is made liberal feminists
Rabbit (6 days ago)
Did anyone else think that YB was the health nut and Sky was the junk food addict? Just me? Ok.
Ishika - (7 days ago)
*I feel like I gain 10Kg by getting near food*
Cysus SL (7 days ago)
People only hating on the health girl because she cheated really fast. Like i understand it’s hard (like I love junk food and eating straight healthy would make me crave chips and sugar) but the other girl stuck to it but the health girl barely tried
Anna Ly (7 days ago)
I'm not a health nut but I barely eat junk and fast food. When I do, I feel awful usually afterwards. I don't blame the healthnut.
Elite Dark Orca (7 days ago)
1:48 hangry
Carly Russell (8 days ago)
I refuse to believe that the so called "junk food addict" actually eats all that
Kate See (8 days ago)
"I want to drink a giant green juice to cleanse the sugar out of my system." "I'm used to a carb-heavy breakfast so I'm pretty hungry." <---they both realize green juice is mostly sugar right?
Lol Emoji (8 days ago)
I feel like YB pretends that she eats a lot but she doesn’t. Idk
Linkfree (8 days ago)
Idk how the girl who eats healthy does it. That food looked so gross!
Snow Thegachgamer (8 days ago)
She has a husky and I do too 🙂
Not Interested (9 days ago)
Good girl versus bad girl, good girl won.
Salt Man51 (10 days ago)
Why is the junk food chick skinner than the vegan girl ???
Paula Gonzalez (10 days ago)
2:16 is it me or shes high af 😂😂
Titan Boi (10 days ago)
Ooo Ooo (11 days ago)
The healthy girl is so annoying and seems like she’s lying 🤥 I don’t like her she disgusts me
Judith Garcia (12 days ago)
Lately I’ve realized growing older, so many junk foods are starting to taste disgusting..
Dan Scrivens (12 days ago)
This is pathetic
Gabe Jansen (12 days ago)
Man don’t you love people who’s identity is based on what they eat? Wait that’s just called a vegan.
Finnthefortniter Yay (12 days ago)
Do a count of how many time sky says I just want a green smoothie
Avi Vig (12 days ago)
I would WAY rather be the healthy one eating the junk
Buddy Buckets21 Gaming (13 days ago)
I could not be a health but at all
lalalarebecca23 (13 days ago)
Girl you cheated the whole damn challenge. Hats off to the junk food girl who ACTUALLY did the challenge
Shan Lin (13 days ago)
Why is she always craving a green juice
Simpul Logic (13 days ago)
I mean. I am kind of in between with this. Usually after something like really sugary. I usually start to dig out the vegetables for snacks. Especially with ranch
Claire Idontmakevids (14 days ago)
I would hate to have the healthy girl as my mom
Zeeshan Hameed (14 days ago)
The vegan just sums up why they're hated.
Sofia Wilson12 (14 days ago)
I love junk but I love salads but junk food is my bae
Emma Cooper (15 days ago)
She eats really unhealthy food bot how is she so skinny
Aly J (15 days ago)
Healthy eaters especially fuckin vegans are sooooo goddamn annoying. Like shut up, we don’t constantly need to be reminded you’re vegan
GN Snipez (15 days ago)
How the f***k YB look more healthier than the health nut???
Angel Wu (15 days ago)
how come the junk food eating person is a lot skinnier than the clean diet person? strange.
Jordan Skidmore (15 days ago)
YB is a whole ass mood!
GamingWithGrace (16 days ago)
Her dog looks like a cow 😇😂
ASMRKarl (16 days ago)
It worries me how the "healthy" girl barely eats the "unhealthy" food, and keeps talking about the food not being "clean" and needing to "cleanse" herself. Food isn't dirty.
jiminie the angel (16 days ago)
YB is right... food does bring happiness 😂
Oh Yeah Yeah! (16 days ago)
you really shouldnt have a husky in a place like california. its pretty dangerous for the dog.
Abi Lewis (17 days ago)
I'm literally eating mini eggs watching this!!
strange Ziga (17 days ago)
Feeding veggies or fruits to cats and dogs is animal abuse
Potato _lover (17 days ago)
Leah Nerenberg (16 days ago)
Queen Pringles (17 days ago)
I feel like your diet should be a balance of junk and health, you should be able to treat yourself often but stay healthy nonetheless
U realize McDonald's fries are cooked in beef dripping right
Liz Pundmann (18 days ago)
once a health freak always a health freak no thanks
Just videos And stuff (18 days ago)
How is that girl so skinny if she eats so unhealthy?
C.K Rake (18 days ago)
The problem with being really healthy is if you eat a lot of sugar you can get a sick
Amazing Autumn (18 days ago)
I'm a bit of both
Phatastic Meemo (18 days ago)
Wish I can eat junk food and can still look like that 😭
I need tips on to lose weight.
Josie Allen (18 days ago)
*the health addict didn’t try at all, like she cheated and didn’t eat all the food like wth*
Paul Harts (19 days ago)
Stop saying that the girl who’s unhealthy looks better. She probably has a just has a faster metabolism.
John O'Brien (19 days ago)
👃is this a nose???
Nikhil Krishna (19 days ago)
Those kelp noodles did look great, not gonna lie haha
Rachel Wolf (19 days ago)
So it's true! Vegans actually eat grass!!!
Clorox Bleach (19 days ago)
“I’m craving a green juice” said no one ever
Admiral Lemons (19 days ago)
Oh god she’s vegan...
Ava Grace (19 days ago)
Don’t press read more Your year will be cursed if you don’t give a like I’m subbing to everyone who does the same
Rachel (19 days ago)
If YB was fat like many people who eat that kind of diet are the comments would be very different
Amna Hussain (19 days ago)
YB is a junk food eater and I’m like how hell is she so skinny and like fit and healthy
Chuchi P (19 days ago)
Can everyone stop hating on the healthy girl? Probably just jealous that she is more healthier and fit than you.
Chuchi P (19 days ago)
I'm a health nut, like I'm always consuious of my food lmao
Labiba Ali (20 days ago)
Whoops she got caught drinking something healthy. (Never will be...)
3 Dolla Ya (20 days ago)
*Bro she ate a small french fries order for dinner, I have a LARGE french fries order as an APPETISER*
Maria Nguyen (20 days ago)
Damn I am so jealous of her metabolism. She eats like that but looks much fitter than me
Strun_Tultun (20 days ago)
all this food looks good. why pick one side?
cindy sun (20 days ago)
for some weird reason the one that eats healthy is chubbier than the one thats eats junk food
Hanna Putnoki (20 days ago)
How does yb stay so skinny?
G DeVz (21 days ago)
junk food is sooooo goood i want cheeseburgers and poutine plus a strawberry shake with extra whipped cream
Anusha S (22 days ago)
Did anyone read junk food as Jungkook?😂
Passion food (23 days ago)
Green juice doesn't CLEANSE sugar out of your body!!it's just a mental thing for her ...😑😑
Ali Saifee (23 days ago)
Bro she looks like cap marvel
I miss buzzfeed videos like this. Content now has gone to hell!
WholeLotta Guitar (23 days ago)
Sky is hot as hell
Aziza Aman (23 days ago)
Why does the junk food girl look more fit 🤔
Mark Leal (24 days ago)
Your title is wrong. Nouns should be singular. One health nut swapped with one junk food addict.
TremTiger (24 days ago)
YB is so cute aw <3
Nookumz_ 99 (24 days ago)
I hope they both find a balance in their diets. Healthy food is great, but don't feel like you can't eat chips sometimes. And yea lots of people eat junk food for the convenience of it, and I hope she starts to incorporate some healthy foods. Maybe breakfast smoothie and pizza for lunch, you know?
viki Mendoza (24 days ago)
0:17-0:23 Aye preach it girl 🤣
Madison Grams (24 days ago)
How was the vegan able to eat everything in the junk food diet
Erin McNeely (24 days ago)
The health addict prob didn’t try as hard bc she knew those foods would literally make her sick. Dumping that much sugar and processed junk into a body that isn’t used to it is a perfect formula for stomach aches, headaches, and diarrhea.
Sarah Roddey (25 days ago)
So all you people hating on the healthy girl, she’s right. I cut sugar out and now any time I eat it I immediately feel fatigued and irritable and all I wanna do is eat a salad or something. It really messes with your emotions and energy
The odd Side (25 days ago)
I love Yb she did so well, she didn't mess up and she was during so much to keep on the thing while the other girl didn't do as well which I can understand it's hard to go from a healthy diet to a junky one for a week but it's also hard to go from a junky one to a healthy one, it can be seen as harder to go from junky to healthy so he fact Yb stuck to it was amazing
Aleisha Roche (25 days ago)
If your not a celeiac it is not healfy to eat gluten so please dont do that
Lindsey Vasquez (25 days ago)
How do you fail at eating unhealthy
Cerys Darby (25 days ago)
For anyone who says that the “ junk food lover “ looks more healthy being healthy is about what you eat and your diet not how much you weigh/ exercise
Alejandra Bernal (25 days ago)
The healthy girl is so annoying !! like YOU accepted the challenge either put the effort or have someone else do it

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