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Text Comments (1699)
I hate Vegan (2 hours ago)
Sehmus Riven (2 days ago)
Whats the epic music at the beginning? I dont mean the urf song...
258 man (2 days ago)
Voliber !?
robert andrew (3 days ago)
I combined lethality mf and crit mf
Jeremi Lewandowski (5 days ago)
7:28 yasuo pentastealer
Aedriel Osit (8 days ago)
The song in 3:05 is Neffex - Greatful
Giorgos Kampanis (9 days ago)
Won ability power mf
polar (9 days ago)
Crític mf
Joseph Cua (10 days ago)
А леталити неь
Крит поэтому что мф леталити ковыряет ток скил сетом а если на мф кто то нападет в криты то она и автой раздаст
XxDSTxX (12 days ago)
name of the music epic? please
Purple デーモン (15 days ago)
I like lethality because it's not about luck, like crit is most of the game when you have only 25 or 50%
zed -100qi god (15 days ago)
Wat name music in 6:47 plz
Papo Leon (17 days ago)
3:08 Name of the music please 😋 Thank you!! 😙
Runaan's Hurricane (11 days ago)
Greatful neffex
Szczecin Takie Miasto (20 days ago)
MF won xddd
Arvin Villena (21 days ago)
MF build can also depends based on the enemy too.
Promos Retrowow (22 days ago)
Kim Thiên (22 days ago)
I think crit win
Flores Iza (23 days ago)
Crit wins LOL
Strykeru47 xxx (24 days ago)
Skill matchup
1:04 lethality won
Black Sheet (25 days ago)
benhur120476 (30 days ago)
whi the fck won? i need to know...
Versace YT (1 month ago)
Music intro?
ImAtrolI (1 month ago)
cant just test crit vs lethality and use just spells wut start auto EQ R
Razzel Rosales (1 month ago)
Auto + Abilities well mf crit wins if he hits her auto then abilities 😉
JSK GH (1 month ago)
3:02 flash ahri xDD
zRavenZ3 (1 month ago)
Crit MF is better i have 7 lvl MF and play 100% crit
Purple Ashole (1 month ago)
zRavenZ3 I have level 7 urgot and I’m still at bronze
ToXic LeGenDs1 (1 month ago)
Mf lethality won
try Lethality Draven vs Crit Draven <3
Eren Yurdakul (1 month ago)
A random person (1 month ago)
Dat intro tho
AlexceltarePlay (1 month ago)
Crit would easily win if she didnt ult but instead auto attack
FloppyHandshake (30 days ago)
Her ultimate can crit.
Семен Корж (1 month ago)
SANS sanjose (1 month ago)
p9nda2 n (1 month ago)
WTF the Flash the ahri jajajajajaj
Leenuel Arnesto (1 month ago)
I vote crit but lethality is very nice💪
Roger Paragas (1 month ago)
Lethal is better
Balls ZZZ (1 month ago)
10:00 thats a montage
XD LOLZ (1 month ago)
Wth was that last clip lol
βellαmγ J. (1 month ago)
Gana Jax.
Jr Garcio (1 month ago)
most of the time , he who has best jungle wins
Toàn Jamie (1 month ago)
The first song that i need
huybui207 (1 month ago)
MF stands for mother fker
Vayne Ecleo (1 month ago)
Ap is good too
Gabriel Mercante (1 month ago)
wtf vcs são um canal br?
Richard Salzmann (1 month ago)
Crit had lifesteal and dmg reduction with deaths dance r Dance tho...
Loan Phạm (2 months ago)
Ai cho em xin cái link mp3 nhạc urf đầu vd với ạ
Matthew Johnson (2 months ago)
Miss Fortune won.
Dawid Hupczak (2 months ago)
Caveira flank (2 months ago)
Its a draw
tri nguywn (2 months ago)
Can i have link 00:01 to 02:00 ?
Serena Kim (2 months ago)
7:58 she did nothing lol
Android Error (2 months ago)
Crit lose
danielagustin meza (2 months ago)
3:01 report ahri trol flash
Makano Rapper (2 months ago)
Yo uso mf critico
Sergej Pešić (2 months ago)
My dog won
Fnc 246 (2 months ago)
7:26 how can i set camera like this?
Theoxaris Skoulariotis (2 months ago)
Lethality won
R. Heidari (2 months ago)
This isn't comparable as Critical MF relies on her AA but Lethality relies on her u abilities
Mervin (2 months ago)
CRIT MF is better. Bcs have biggest AS. And with stormrazor is a monster
ThaM e (2 months ago)
W/r won the lethality becouse you can`t crit with the ult but whitout ult the crit one will won
Alexander bg (2 months ago)
라플 (2 months ago)
Tank MF win
Arion Vavliakis (2 months ago)
I prefer lethality
Kim Olsa acep (2 months ago)
Statik yerine bombardıman can biçen yerine draktar düz hasar = 800
Estoy re duro (2 months ago)
Inactive drakkthar.
Bryan Lora (2 months ago)
Si mf ang panalo
buzzler745555 (2 months ago)
I still prefer crit because it's much more flexible in teamfights than lethality
Moisés vasconcelos (2 months ago)
Mano olha esses BR no final do vídeo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
camilo flores (2 months ago)
NO no oyun (2 months ago)
abi ganker lole telif at
Harun Tosun (2 months ago)
"Let's buy life steal for crit mf and not for lethality mf so that crit wins in at least autos only"
Cordgon Singed (2 months ago)
Well, I can say lethality has more health in its build than the crit. And that health is actually the only reason it beat crit in the Ult fights. Crit was definitely out damaging lethality in every single round.
thomas lechat (3 months ago)
What's the music after the URF one ??? Shazam doesn't find :'(
Rocky小楓楓 (3 months ago)
AP MT Won(nothing don't mind me
Nast Kyro (3 months ago)
Letality better of course more dmg early game...
Big Cass (3 months ago)
Maybe kassadin vs zed 2 assasins Good match
Andrew PH (3 months ago)
Critics build
Life improvement (3 months ago)
Death dance makes the crit get a draw with the ult
갓노시스 (3 months ago)
드락사 능력 활용도 하면 달라질수있음
Sammy Alzaharna (3 months ago)
AP always wins
Energia Misteriosa (3 months ago)
Spoiler alert... MF wins
Marcus Vinícius (3 months ago)
Aerin Hills (3 months ago)
You gave crit heal and lethality nothing..
Tragedy And Chaos (3 months ago)
O MY GAWD 2:17
Leo Laura Mamani (3 months ago)
Crit MF
Houssem H (3 months ago)
9:40 report Troll
I'm SAD AssFvck (3 months ago)
Ching ch0ng
Open soul Painful mind (3 months ago)
They are both good but crit and lethality are too muc different crit is good in 1v1 and auto attacks and lethality is for 5v5. So am gonna say draw cause they have difference in usage.
Dink Carlo Delos Santos (3 months ago)
GBN (3 months ago)
Song at 1:53 pleeease
Patrick Daguno (3 months ago)
lol deaths dance srsly ? he wouldve won easily if crit mf doesnt have DD
Trakun (3 months ago)
yasuo won
KhyleCall Me (3 months ago)
Old item yi vs new item yi
Airen Rain (3 months ago)
It's obvious, Miss Fortune won
NAYRIM (3 months ago)
Crit bc why would u build er on mf that just presses r in 1v1
CrossXvamki (3 months ago)
I kinda feels like its also bs because crit MF is healing off Death dance and also taking reduced damaged. If lethality MF has a death dance, I think it tilts super heavily in lethality MF's favour.
JesterHead (3 months ago)
Do ad mf vs ap mf
Elfix ! (3 months ago)
Lethality is good if u know how to press r, and crit is nice if you know autoattack

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