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Leave a like if you enjoyed! Send Me Your Plays ► [email protected] mp4 format, plays.tv link or youtube link (don't send .webm format upload it on yt then send its link) show more for songs and other things ↓ Musics here; NEFFEX - Grateful [Copyright Free] Rival x Cadmium - Seasons (feat. Harley Bird) [NCS Release] Jensation - Joystick [NCS Release] Special Thanks to.. GammaStar DaCosmoStream RiceBoss Aelthya_Games Mattdude NiggoMP ShadedSummers Ry0 hiimmorgan13 Yuuki60 Colossalkilla Shab13 Mianalu deftiy Lauraince Tats nshet Emptypulse Ruks ( #FullBuildFights LoL Slow Motions). Facebook ► https://facebook.com/LoL-Slow-Motions Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/lolslowmotions Twitter ► https://twitter.com/LoLSlowMotions
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Text Comments (1728)
Metabreaker (3 days ago)
Crit has more DPS since Lethality require some health items such as Nights Edge and Black Cleaver. If it was Lethality MF or Crit MF vs another ADC crit would kill the other ADC faster. since Lethality is Armir shredding it is better vs tankier Champions like Cho’Gath or Sion or Darius etc and since Lethality items gives CDR Lethality will be able to drop more abilities more. So it really depends on which situation the game is in itself.
Ebay Kid (4 days ago)
Day 28. Still looking for this song
Marios alexioy (4 days ago)
Renekton vs morde
Facarra (7 days ago)
I hate this champ lol, why i'm here?
Iran Oliveira (11 days ago)
Essence rive 60 +25 Infiniti edge 70 +25 Phanton dâncer +25 Statik or cannon +25 Deaths dancer 80 Bloodstriker 80
Patryk Jedynak (12 days ago)
Crit os better
Labib Achiri (12 days ago)
Richard Lupascu (17 days ago)
Iakobos Giakoumb (18 days ago)
Lethality won only because of this bow thing
Tangle Productions (21 days ago)
Miss Fortune won
an Nguyễn (22 days ago)
Egemen Sayar (23 days ago)
Ice Bear (24 days ago)
Lethality always wins
Qvertys AMV (25 days ago)
Answer is MURAMANA Mf
Berkin Ok (26 days ago)
Lethality won
Nomad 7w7 (27 days ago)
Fiddlesticks AP vs I dont know :/
vietnamese-guy (25 days ago)
Nomad 7w7 Lol wtf
Virginia leontaridou (26 days ago)
I personally prefer crit cause I play more with aa.Lethality is better for those who play with abilities.
EfeKagan (1 month ago)
Arnaud GOulet (1 month ago)
Sahin Eyvazzade (1 month ago)
Crit op mann
Franky S&M (1 month ago)
Looking at this makes me miss DH Miss Fortune. I'm probably one of the only people that doesn't like the change on her that makes her go PTA instead of Comet/DH
Franky S&M (1 month ago)
@CD Player good ol' one shots. Ik that pros started running PTA MF a few months ago, but it still doesn't feel right on her imo.
CD Player (1 month ago)
The old DH and one shots lol
Medofox (1 month ago)
lethality for abilities, crit for auto attacka
Kênh Giải Trí (1 month ago)
Mussic ? Link?
Beto Beltran (1 month ago)
Lethality won
opsos sass (1 month ago)
Hong Ha Ha (1 month ago)
Crite won because hit and run
Vinh Nobi (1 month ago)
Vãi cái lồn 1:50 có ai VN k nhỉ
Triệu Huấn Huỳnh (1 month ago)
3:04 ahri hài
xuân vũ lê (1 month ago)
Tốc đập mặt hahaha
Nik Nika (1 month ago)
Pls aatrox vs nasus
D D G (1 month ago)
Jords YT (1 month ago)
Crit is better
Jords YT (1 month ago)
For me
Adem Gürün (1 month ago)
For jhin and mf is lethality better
ALI kenawy (1 month ago)
ShaMan (1 month ago)
Grasp fiora vs coqueror fiora
Bezdomovec Rohlýk (1 month ago)
Lethality MF won
alexandre turco (1 month ago)
Mordekaiser Pentakill (1 month ago)
Por yo digo que es más fuerte la R del crítico ya que casi le baja toda la vida a la MF con letalidad a pesar de que esta tiene más puntos de vida
ST34K (1 month ago)
Lethality is armor penetration it was kinda obvious
Lethality is much better
Oskar Luczak (1 month ago)
Jax LoL (1 month ago)
I miss urf
Cesar Rosel (1 month ago)
Kelvin Nguyen (1 month ago)
What's the song at 2:30? The epic orchestra music :D I wanna know the title of that song
CYRUS URBANOZO (1 month ago)
I think the critical mf is more painful than lethal
BM 1900 (2 months ago)
BM 1900 (2 months ago)
penny tarrangco (2 months ago)
that last clip she's proud to post it
Muller 69 (2 months ago)
When crit used to be good...
carlo calara (2 months ago)
Im guessing the comment Spoiler alert Miss fortune win
I hate Vegan (2 months ago)
Sehmus Riven (2 months ago)
Whats the epic music at the beginning? I dont mean the urf song...
258 man (2 months ago)
Voliber !?
robert andrew (2 months ago)
I combined lethality mf and crit mf
Jeremi Lewandowski (2 months ago)
7:28 yasuo pentastealer
Takagi San (1 month ago)
The song in 3:05 is Neffex - Grateful
Takagi San (1 month ago)
Big fan
Takagi San (1 month ago)
XxJuAnMiGxX (1 month ago)
R u a fan of neffex too?
XxJuAnMiGxX (1 month ago)
Giorgos Kampanis (2 months ago)
Won ability power mf
polar (2 months ago)
Crític mf
Joseph Cua (2 months ago)
А леталити неь
Крит поэтому что мф леталити ковыряет ток скил сетом а если на мф кто то нападет в криты то она и автой раздаст
XxDSTxX (2 months ago)
name of the music epic? please
デーモンPurple (2 months ago)
I like lethality because it's not about luck, like crit is most of the game when you have only 25 or 50%
Zed L'Incurvé (1 month ago)
It depends if u go full crit, then u have 70~100% crit
zed -100qi god (2 months ago)
Wat name music in 6:47 plz
Papo Leon (2 months ago)
3:08 Name of the music please 😋 Thank you!! 😙
Runaan's Hurricane (2 months ago)
Greatful neffex
Szczecin Takie Miasto (2 months ago)
MF won xddd
Arvin Villena (2 months ago)
MF build can also depends based on the enemy too.
Promos Retrowow (2 months ago)
Kim Thiên (2 months ago)
I think crit win
Flores Angelo (2 months ago)
Crit wins LOL
Strykeru47 xxx (3 months ago)
Skill matchup
1:04 lethality won
Black Sheet (3 months ago)
benhur120476 (3 months ago)
whi the fck won? i need to know...
Versace YT (3 months ago)
Music intro?
ImAtrolI (3 months ago)
cant just test crit vs lethality and use just spells wut start auto EQ R
2Hot4U 2Hold (3 months ago)
Auto + Abilities well mf crit wins if he hits her auto then abilities 😉
JSK GH (3 months ago)
3:02 flash ahri xDD
zRavenZ3 (3 months ago)
Crit MF is better i have 7 lvl MF and play 100% crit
Purple Ashole (3 months ago)
zRavenZ3 I have level 7 urgot and I’m still at bronze
ToXic LeGenDs1 (3 months ago)
Mf lethality won
try Lethality Draven vs Crit Draven <3
Eren Yurdakul (3 months ago)
A random person (3 months ago)
Dat intro tho
AlexceltarePlay (3 months ago)
Crit would easily win if she didnt ult but instead auto attack
FloppyHandshake (3 months ago)
Her ultimate can crit.
Семен Корж (3 months ago)
SANS sanjose (3 months ago)
p9nda2 n (3 months ago)
WTF the Flash the ahri jajajajajaj
tamod tacles (3 months ago)
I vote crit but lethality is very nice💪
Roger Paragas (3 months ago)
Lethal is better
Alexii Chan (3 months ago)
10:00 thats a montage
XD LOLZ (3 months ago)
Wth was that last clip lol
βellαmγ J. (4 months ago)
Gana Jax.
Jr Garcio (4 months ago)
most of the time , he who has best jungle wins
Toàn Jamie (4 months ago)
The first song that i need
Orianna main (4 months ago)
MF stands for mother fker
Vayne Ecleo (4 months ago)
Ap is good too
Gabriel Mercante (4 months ago)
wtf vcs são um canal br?
Richard Salzmann (4 months ago)
Crit had lifesteal and dmg reduction with deaths dance r Dance tho...
Loan Phạm (4 months ago)
Ai cho em xin cái link mp3 nhạc urf đầu vd với ạ
Matthew Johnson (4 months ago)
Miss Fortune won.
Dawid Hupczak (4 months ago)
Caveira flank (4 months ago)
Its a draw

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