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The Original New York Slice: The Pizza Show

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New York is the birthplace of many things, but for today's purposes, we're sticking to pizza. Frank starts with a quick history lesson from Scott Wiener, the owner of Scott's Pizza Tours. Then, we hit the streets to see and taste the history for ourselves. The best thing about the city's pizza scene is that it's relatively young, so you can still eat slices from the ovens of the people that started it all and put New York pizza on the map. We meet the granddaughters of the man that literally brought pizza over from Naples, and even see the ovens that he used. Then, we hit all the best slices from Greenwich Village to Soho, and finish in Brooklyn at Luigi's Pizza, a place untouched by time. WATCH NEXT: Special Slice: The Pizza Show: http://bit.ly/2hKEpfd Subscribe to Munchies here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-MUNCHIES Check out http://munchies.tv for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: http://facebook.com/munchies Twitter: http://twitter.com/munchies Tumblr: http://munchies.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/munchiesvice Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/munchies Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/munchies More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Text Comments (2431)
Zareh Kantzabedian (13 hours ago)
I’d kill to try pizza from N.Y.
Reese Velarde (15 hours ago)
Wish i could go on those pizza adventures..
vernon lewis (1 day ago)
Lady in black : oops I am on camera @ 16:08 😂
Luis Rojas (1 day ago)
Gio is a awesome dude. Just listening to him talk is incredible. #LifeLessons
Holyhallie (2 days ago)
yummmm :)
nimo (2 days ago)
new york has meh pizza. skimpy
Jonas Butler (2 days ago)
I just love Frank. That's my man right there.
Lucinda (3 days ago)
R.C. (3 days ago)
I love extra sauce on pizza
Bruce Richall (3 days ago)
As a commuter, one of the perks of working in New York was eating the world's best pizza.
James Campagna (3 days ago)
Somewhere a Napoletano wants to jump off a cliff.
Dred Scott (3 days ago)
get outta here !!!!
ice man (4 days ago)
Pizza is Italian.
Ahmad Yasin (4 days ago)
That Italian dude at 5:00 kinda sounds like Stan Lee.
Samto 62 (4 days ago)
And the conclusion is... JUST ENJOY THE PIZZA man
Freyja Njordsdottir (4 days ago)
Some people renounce food for religion, I renounced religion for food.
Dick Head. (4 days ago)
New York pizza sucks shit BIG TIME  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
allgoo19 (4 days ago)
It's safe to say pizza is now American food. People from Italy never tell you that New York pizzas are better(than Italian). They just say it's different.
Craig Fuhr - FLIPClub (4 days ago)
You know you did a great video when the viewer is sad to see it end. I could have watched two more hours of this. Great work, Brother. Great work.
xvillin (5 days ago)
I did some math and you could make 1 million pies if you did one every two minutes, eight hours a day, five days a week, for 16 years. That’s with no vacations and no breaks and making them nonstop eight hours a day. Spread it out a little bit, I’m pretty sure he could’ve made 1 million.
Cool C (5 days ago)
Imagine if there was an interest in the records of White men raping blacks sinces 1619 in America or a history of the hundreds of county wide massacres of Black towns in America or the lynchings of Blacks! But I guess we have to enjoy the pizza for now. RIP millions of Black Americans.
Charles Buckner (5 days ago)
Sonny Martin (6 days ago)
Please never do St. Louis style pizza. But, feel free to mention Toasted Ravs. Thanks!
Southtacomamook (6 days ago)
I made the first pizza in Tacoma wa in 1895.
Richard D (6 days ago)
I wish I could find my purpose in life like that man.
John Asaro (7 days ago)
I Love New motherfucking York.
M Ouija (7 days ago)
Gio Lanzo seems like a super good dude.
Jesse B (8 days ago)
Barstool dudes favorite spot too
Sean Powlesland (8 days ago)
Cooking on a wood oven is annoying cause the temperature is always changing. Want to cook on a coal oven one day
Jesse B (8 days ago)
16:07 he scared the feminist away 😂
Hahaha Gago (8 days ago)
Derek Davis (9 days ago)
I think my an ancestors were from Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, I really wanna travel to New Yorkshire and try these historical places.
El cat (9 days ago)
So human man i love it. Cali u gotta be certified cool to be "quality"
JayFloPro (9 days ago)
I wanna go to New York...last time I was told I been was when I was 4, so of course I don't remember, but when I do go I am gonna close all them pizza spots down!!!! I'm eating at every spot there!!
Enter Sandman (10 days ago)
Chicago #1 for Deep dish. New York #1 for think crust!!
GrantW92 (11 days ago)
italians are great
norwegian m8 (11 days ago)
I have to go to New York for 3 weeks and only eat pizza and I have to get fried chicken
CesarConH (12 days ago)
The stats are there and don’t lie, immigrants such as these Italians contribute greatly to this country. But now the ARISTOCRATS and the Orange cunt in the White House believe that that color of your skin makes you a rightful immigrant
LifeOnHardMode (11 days ago)
That isn't what they believe at all. Stop listening to your Democrat masters.
YEYO (12 days ago)
I need a double deka asap😂
Jose Salinas (16 days ago)
That old dude has giant fuckin Chiclets for teeth...
R Mac (18 days ago)
Scott's the man for pizza alright
John Brocato (20 days ago)
wow, don't break the law
Alexander Ranin (20 days ago)
I’m watching this whilst eatin pizza, dope AF
Snake Plisskin (20 days ago)
Square Slice? My ASS - It's a Sicilian!
Riccardo Moscatello (20 days ago)
wow those pizzas look so sad and dry
Mark Vecchiarello (21 days ago)
Great video 👍
Pablo123456x (21 days ago)
Thank god Teddy Roosevelt didn't want to make America great again so poor immigrants from Italy could bring pizza to US culture.
2 B irie 4life (21 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what kind of pepperoni that was used around the min mark there real small and flip up like a bowl after they have been cooked?? Need to know!
Karthig1987 (21 days ago)
Hey its the really dough guy
Heather Cobb (22 days ago)
Tasty 576k views
Heather Cobb (22 days ago)
We tried to make pizzas with zero waste
DrAngel1968 (23 days ago)
I hate a flimsy pizza. Thick crust. The best!
Anthony Bednarz (23 days ago)
I lived in new york 2 years, for school whenever i see this video, I want to buy a plane ticket that night
Dred Fork (23 days ago)
How many pies do you have to make a day to make “1000000” of them
Spider Rico (23 days ago)
Best show on Viceland.
MauiWowieOwie (24 days ago)
Couple of things about this. First off, Italy did not invent pizza. They "created" modern pizza because they put tomato sauce on it. Many, many cultures notably the greeks created it, but didn't have tomato sauce on it, so it wasn't "real" pizza. Secondly New Yorker attitudes are annoying as fuck. The stubborn, hardass, guido, loud is not funny or endearing. Lastly thin crust is garbage. Yeah, you can fold it, but who the fuck cares. That's not a requirement and gatekeeping of any food makes you an asshole. This guy isn't that bad of a host, but you aren't going to sustain a show on one type of food regardless of how popular it is.
Carrie Oakey (24 days ago)
I love the brooklyn accent
guy lamson (24 days ago)
Forget this show and check out barstool pizza review show way better ( Everyone knows the rules one bite)
Lee Jones (25 days ago)
Ricktophin (26 days ago)
I stayed up watching this video, and made my own pizza 🍕
Saman 77 (27 days ago)
any pizza is difference for You june eat
van wray (27 days ago)
New York Fucking City!
Enzo Vanooteghem (27 days ago)
Before watching this, I put the pizza in the oven. I already knew how it would end. Pizza is life.
Leo 7109 (27 days ago)
Thodoris Giannakas (28 days ago)
Its like watching The Sopranos all over again
Tha donut (28 days ago)
Victor seems like a nice guy
D u a l i t y (29 days ago)
Antoinette is such a typical New York mom 😆
Krowman84 (30 days ago)
You can tell Mark is Franks true close friend, I just pick up really good vibes from him
ilovemylilmama14 (1 month ago)
Oh Nahh I rlly just saw my grandpa in this video PUCHOOO!
ilovemylilmama14 (1 month ago)
Pucho !!!!
Brandon Lo (1 month ago)
12:25 Bleecker St? Looks like Strange picked the right airbnb.
Shawn Kelley (1 month ago)
This is so good. Thanks for making it. I cant wait to go to NYC and try all of them!
MARTY MEINEKE (1 month ago)
I dont miss being from New York. All you morons sound so dumb with that stupid accent. It almost sounds like they are trying to sound dumb. Also dont forget how many Hispanics actually make the pizza in the back end while you brag about being Italian.
U Thick (1 month ago)
fuck new york pizza go to new haven connecticut next to new york and go to Frank Pepe’s that shits fire
Bmo Dex (1 month ago)
He’s such a respectful interviewer. Makes this experience beautiful
DentalonRocks (1 month ago)
Lol that girl at 16:08. Ow shit a camera.
Jasvir (1 month ago)
One bite, everyone knows the rules.
mike mendez (1 month ago)
Do Chicago you fucks
Tana Murphy (1 month ago)
I want pizza!!!
what happen to Ray's? in nyc you have pizza spots everywhere
_ r a s m u s _ (1 month ago)
Seems like no one knows that ovens need to be cleared, and a bottom part of the pizza shouldn’t be black because that black part is firstly bad tasting, and secondly cancerous.
Cloud Boys Music (1 month ago)
NYC Pizza Sad, Plain of Boring- Rest of USA to NY
Hashim Siddique (1 month ago)
Why is NYC pizza re warmed? It's been sitting in display and not fresh. Cheese is congealed...
the6thverd (1 month ago)
This guy is trying too hard to talk with the accent. I can tell and the people can tell
itookurdonut (1 month ago)
I’m sorry I’m very immature and stoned but...SCOTT WIENER?! Lmfao alright I’m hungry
Audio Fella (1 month ago)
People always talk about the cheese on their pizza but for me its all about the sauce and the texture baby!!!!!!!! The sauce is make or break it for me, if a place has that nasty canned old sauce I just throw that mess in the trash!!!!
Baery Frankle (1 month ago)
i think that old dude @5:00 is lying his balls off
The 9ine God (1 month ago)
The host of this is fucking awesome. He's so talkative and kind. He knows what to ask and just be chill. He fucking rocks.
Blacks are animals (1 month ago)
Fuck NY and their pizza
TheRantMaster53 (1 month ago)
Mark is such a daddy
Timur K (1 month ago)
Yo yall just passed la bella thats mad nice
redxsage (1 month ago)
Man, that was just... _wonderful!_
Tyrant (1 month ago)
My favorite food is thin crust pizza. I guess I have to make a trip to NYC.
najtrows (1 month ago)
Well I guess today I will make pizza!
Ivan Drago (1 month ago)
Cookies pizza looks cheap.
nk (1 month ago)
Why do they only eat cheese pizza mostly? i would get tired of that so fast lol
norwegian m8 (1 month ago)
If i hopfully go to new york i would just eat pizza everyday every meal
sammyd19801 (1 month ago)
I ate at Joes every day sometimes twice when i was in the Academy
Anvit Thaty (1 month ago)
What's the name of the intro song
baby onion (1 month ago)
lol do random new yorkers really comment on people's walking or outfit?
Aleksi Cemak (28 days ago)
baby onion Yeah, when we see a camera following a guy. Old school New Yorkers aren’t camera shy.

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