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New York Slice

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New York is the birthplace of many things, but for today's purposes, we're sticking to pizza. Frank starts with a quick history lesson from Scott Wiener, the owner of Scott's Pizza Tours. Then, we hit the streets to see and taste the history for ourselves. The best thing about the city's pizza scene is that it's relatively young, so you can still eat slices from the ovens of the people that started it all and put New York pizza on the map. We meet the granddaughters of the man that literally brought pizza over from Naples, and even see the ovens that he used. Then, we hit all the best slices from Greenwich Village to Soho, and finish in Brooklyn at Luigi's Pizza, a place untouched by time. WATCH NEXT: Special Slice: The Pizza Show: http://bit.ly/2hKEpfd Subscribe to Munchies here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-MUNCHIES Check out http://munchies.tv for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: http://facebook.com/munchies Twitter: http://twitter.com/munchies Tumblr: http://munchies.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/munchiesvice Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/munchies Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/munchies More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Text Comments (2175)
Bill W (17 hours ago)
All I'm saying is How this dude management to say lean after all that pizza lol damn this kid got Jordan 11s on
Josh Gamble (3 days ago)
One bite everybody knows the rules
darren pilkington (4 days ago)
who gives a fuck!...Italy invented it...all of these places are replicating them!
Sleeper Sleeps (4 days ago)
"You gotta walk normal" guy threw his groove off so hard lol
Joseph1NJ (4 days ago)
8:06 is that John Gotti on the wall?
Ayesha's Agenda (5 days ago)
22:25 I want that so bad. It's 3:23 am and I'm here watching people eat pizza.
TheGoldenHorncall (5 days ago)
If I was a rich man I would be on a plane to NYC as I type this comment
Frank Diesel (6 days ago)
That pitbull at 3:27 though..
abdulrahman fayoumi (6 days ago)
What is the name of the music in the background of the vid at the beginning??
Dylan Scott (9 days ago)
I love this video. The pizza culture is so strong. I love these people and the passion that they have for what they do. I have watched this so many times.
PureBlanc (9 days ago)
you walk like gay !!!!
José María (9 days ago)
Best show ever
foulpotato (10 days ago)
TRUMP 2020
Dakota P (11 days ago)
The dislikes were at 499 so I may have evened it out, lol
riner9 (11 days ago)
new yorkers are almost as bad as californians
theodore scott (11 days ago)
Brigister (11 days ago)
I love the deep respect for italian culture you and everybody in this show have, but when you pronounce names... Gennaro like Gennay-ro or Giò like Jee-o.... it breaks my heart. Just for future reference, it's Jen-NAH-ro (Gennaro) and Jo (Giò).
ImBassett (13 days ago)
10:15 Faze rugs mom ?
Ramiro Medina (13 days ago)
Beatufull work mate ! Lovely video
Zoro Graffiti (13 days ago)
When your in coney island you think about the WARRIORS
Robert Romero (16 days ago)
Prince St. pizza looks like the best to me.
zumba924 (16 days ago)
I'm a New Yorker who is now living in Texas, I'm crying over here. Texas pizza sucks!!! New York pizza is the best!!! I really miss New York Pizza!
16:08 LOL the girl behind seems so guilty, what just happen? :D
I love a New York accent😂
wadmanlikesbeer1 (18 days ago)
Great video!
Salvatore Lanzieri (19 days ago)
Eliza (19 days ago)
The only way you can watch this show if you’re either a) currently eating pizza or b) waiting for your pizza to be delivered
01silM (20 days ago)
You talking to me?
Joe Alvarez (21 days ago)
Born in raised in the Bronx in the 1980s. I can look at a pizza and tell you if it’s good by how it looks. 🍕🍕🍕
Amopro 22 (21 days ago)
New York" on YouTube https://youtu.be/uo0rtuRxl_k
anis belhsan (21 days ago)
did anyone see that girl at 16:08
ken raforth (21 days ago)
the last part got me emocional for some reason ......:')
Konqueror 1 (23 days ago)
f'ing guinea-wops always have to act like they're in a Soprano episode.
Dreamcatcher_11_ (23 days ago)
I don't know why people like the NY pizza.. does not look like good pizzas at all! The shows from Detroit, San Franciso looked way better.
PARAMOUNT INC (23 days ago)
Hipsters can fuck up anything .wtf
iiTestify (24 days ago)
Ehh... Jonnie.. How's Yoe Mother?
Larry Becker Jr (24 days ago)
I am a Chi-Town guy born and raised.....But Big Props to NYC for the pie..
fuck you
jaacee moore (26 days ago)
john brescio is the real juicy pizza edit: him and IACONO god damn
DR Dan (27 days ago)
Screw NYC, the land of communist anti gun ass wipes.
Katrina Torres (28 days ago)
Frank and Mark are so handsome!
NapoleonBonaparte (28 days ago)
18:50 So people who live in Italy are skinny? nice lol
fucking even the girls sound like goomba's
Zach Smith (29 days ago)
20:40 what an awesome guy, so talented
Aaron Maxwell (30 days ago)
the guy that is with frank on this episode needs his own show, he seems like a cool dude and entertaining and natural
And here I am eating a pizza from Lidl's - facepalm. I can't watch this anymore :(
Gamers Mission (30 days ago)
tracy morgan's special on Netflix does almost shot for shot this same intro to this video...
Island Girl (1 month ago)
The photo album and history was the best......yum!
Island Girl (1 month ago)
The rules......love it.....sneaker rules!! Pure NY.
Island Girl (1 month ago)
Visiting NYC in a month and had Coney Island on my list.....will add this pizzeria!
Republic Shall Endure (1 month ago)
wait....how late am i in this loop....F that pizza...JOES PIZZA in LA....bomb
Mike Smith (1 month ago)
That accent is annoying
barry carrigan (1 month ago)
Thank you , could watch this over and over again. We are making are first trip to New York in October from the UK and are so looking forward to visiting as many of these places as possable 10/10.
Ed F booboo (1 month ago)
Pizza was not scrap An early reference to a pizza-like food occurs in the Aeneid (ca. 19 BC)
junkyardjim (1 month ago)
Yo Pizza show, could you do an episode were people talk specifically about toppings. I'd love to see all the different types of pepperoni used, and how they react to the heat.
Meng Thao (1 month ago)
Man I’m tired of eating these little caesars pizza here in Cali. I need to go to the nyc.
motorman1017 (1 month ago)
and mexicans in the back
glenda harris (1 month ago)
I want to go to New York and have a real pizza. I love New York, best city in the world.
imtiaz ali (1 month ago)
2:19 Monalisa likes pizza hahaha
Larry Litmanen (1 month ago)
The walk comment is fake as it is made with a fake NYC accent. NYC has so many immigrants there's really no such thing as an NYC accent.
Sydney Austin (1 month ago)
Its a dream to have Pizza here in Cali Colombia.. 1tenth as good as the NY Pizza.. (quality always comes out!).Fact..
Kyo Kayne (1 month ago)
Lol at the girl in the back at 16:09
AnalogOpher (1 month ago)
18:55 listen carefully to what he says next. Life WAS easier back then. If you don't mind dying in your 60's. My granny gave the bank a cow to secure a mortgage on a house!
Niels Erkens (1 month ago)
I want to be Mark Iacono
nicholascremato (1 month ago)
My girlfriend and I fell in love in johns Pizza!!!
N C (1 month ago)
New York........home of pizza
thiskidkatits (1 month ago)
“She me people say women make the best pizza” 🤗. Thanks women 🙋🏻‍♂️
Matt Nobrega (1 month ago)
That's was a good video. I hope to go to ny one day just to try a ny slice.
Nichole Hastings (1 month ago)
lol why do all the ladies in this video look like literal mummies... omg
Somphoth Siratsamy (1 month ago)
It's when u reheat it after refrige
ultrix soma (1 month ago)
0:24 "You gotta walk normal" Why don't you mind your own fucking business? Hate people like that.
This is one of the best videos on YouTube. I cancelled my cable TV a long time ago and most of the things I watch are streamed to my Apple TV. This video is awesome. I want to go to NYC so bad right now. Luigi’s pizza at the end looks like the best pizza to me. A close second is the thicker crust pizza that they ate on the sidewalk. Frank Pinello has a big future in food TV if he chooses to go that way. He’s extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. Hopefully, we will see more from him.
Michael (1 month ago)
The host sounds like Jackie jr from the sopranos
Ross Carter (1 month ago)
Have you ever tried Domino's?
Jack Tarasar (1 month ago)
This guy has treated his body like a billboard. Even a neck tattoo.YUCK! Ruined the body that God has given him. SHAME!
N. Young (1 month ago)
scott wiener= pizza expert... fuck off
John Daltrocanto (1 month ago)
minchia m'è venuta una fame clamorosa
toplel kek (1 month ago)
I need to take a trip to New York
Tee Rex (1 month ago)
You wouldn’t understand how much I love this show. IT’S AMAZING!!!!
Brian Longo (1 month ago)
Luigi’s in BK is our softball team sponsor! Good regular classic slices
vizioneer11 (1 month ago)
Frankie is from the DR and is a Vato gang member, look at the tats
YourSelfDefenseShop (1 month ago)
Victor seems like a nice guy
Nate dog Gaming (1 month ago)
17:39 Iraq lobster
lzhrolf (1 month ago)
I really do just wanna go all the way to New York just for pizza
Rome Gibbs (1 month ago)
I was born in NY moved away but visit frequently now. I have heard and ate at all the place they featured except that Luigi's and after watching my next trip I will definitely try it out. The owner seems so cool. I make a pretty decent income and yet street food and particularly pizza is my favorite foods. There is no place like New York when it comes to food and even more people and personalities. Glad I came across this really reminded me of old NY. Great personalities and Food.
Get Informed (1 month ago)
Look pizza is not hard to make.... and it is sold everywhere in this planet... dove cheese tomato... ooooooohhhh never heard before of those ingredients
Get Informed (1 month ago)
Oldest in t world... good lord have mercy... claims that u cant found ..... too much confidence or too much ignorance
Get Informed (1 month ago)
Bla bla bla bla....... ny was t first on many things just cause t t fact that all t immigrants at that time went tru t process of entering t country using that port, not cause NY is special in any shape way or form
Get Informed (1 month ago)
U can make all kind of claims.... without proof of them is just another cheap marketing tool
Bore Balboa (1 month ago)
This Gio guy is awesome
CoolGuy Mario (1 month ago)
Literally drooling right now
CoolGuy Mario (1 month ago)
NEW YORK PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CoolGuy Mario (1 month ago)
WalZero [BOM] (1 month ago)
Antoinette looks like FaZe Rug's mom
Vinod Nair (1 month ago)
I am like who fucking care of ny pizza history... Just give me a slice of that deliciousness.
jupiter jazz (1 month ago)
i ordered a pizza after watching this, legit NY style from a local joint in PA. best I can get.
Jay Gonzalez (1 month ago)
U tryna b like barstool
Sergeant G (1 month ago)
@16:07 a girl rounds the corner and hides back around the corner and then peaks lol
Estevan Lopez (1 month ago)
Niraj patel (1 month ago)
Why only NYC ? There might be people move out from city n open up new pizza joint? Here some suggestions https://www.roccospizzari.com/menu

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