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Funny Moments in Snooker of 2017 | Part 1

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Funny snooker moments of year 2017. Part 1 Outro Music: Back In The Days by Andreas Jamsheree 0:04 Ken Doherty's "Flog It" joke 0:23 Barry Hawkins is walking! 0:54 Referee doesn't know what maximum break is 1:44 Barry Hawkins hand slips from the rest 2:14 John Virgo speaks too loud 2:46 John Higgins is doing Mark Allen's impression 3:39 Ding Junghui overruns a position on 147 4:14 Martin Gould is geting static 4:36 Mark King is making fun with trouble situation with Shaun Murphy 5:30 Unreal hit froma snooker by Ricky Walden 5:58 Brown might go in! 6:14 Mark Williams is going to use the pink like the cue ball 6:26 Ronnie O'Sullivan is not moving in miss position 7:34 Peter Ebdon is getting excited 7:47 Liam Highfield caught the referee 8:27 Ronnie O'Sullivan is trying to look at the position 8:54 Anthony Hamilton's foul on a break off 9:19 Anthony McGill: "Just as played!" 10:01 Anthony McGill is defending from a fly 10:11 Anthony McGill is proud 10:34 Neil Robertson's shoes 10:57 Kyren Wilson interesting shot 11:08 Neil Robestson's wasted time 12:08 Ronnie O'Sullivan and a woman 12:51 Mark Selby and a microphone 13:36 Kyren Wilson and his new way to make a bridge 13:58 "Very interested" spectator
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Text Comments (505)
Keith Hiew (1 hour ago)
0:32 I'm laughing at JV's laugh.
Blaha Pleasure Man (9 hours ago)
higgins is class
David Flores Romero (1 day ago)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha cant stop laughing
WTF did I just watch? And why?
KeepHimAtBay (2 days ago)
Higgins still fixin frames?
Kaviar Kicks (2 days ago)
Brits snooker and comedy are clearly not a thing 😂
HELL'S HITMAN (2 days ago)
Funny? Funny choad!
Carlos Castaneda (3 days ago)
8:27 When you and your friend are trying to figure out if your dealer gave you the right amount of weed 😂
Killer Raspberry (5 hours ago)
FBI Open up
Ondrej Pazdernik (3 days ago)
Pretty accurate 😂
Trolli Eggs (4 days ago)
Lmaooo Deadass 💀💀
chaddy1969 (4 days ago)
Almost as funny as the day my mother dropped dead of a heart attack when I told her I had cancer of the penis. If I could have pissed myself laughing I would have. At least when they retire from snooker they'll all be able to earn a crust as stand up comedians
jeff griffin (4 days ago)
the only thing thats funny is i didnt laugh once, so many views for a shit vid
Snooker Planet (4 days ago)
Something is wrong with you
Selinor578 (4 days ago)
14:06 That's not multi-tasking John.
JUMANJI (5 days ago)
Imagine watching a snooker video and not knowing what snooker is and you still ain't managed to get a grasp on what it's about lol
riff724 riff724 (5 days ago)
i found the players very light hearted which was nice and i ehhhhhhhhhhhh never seen a lady run to a trny and ask a pro to shoot his shot .
Erik Bramel (6 days ago)
Why Is This In My Recommended Youtube
WARNER (6 days ago)
To all the people that can't laugh from this; you have to 'relate' to the Snooker field, like, get to know the players, know the way they behave, how they react, how they play, it's all apart of it, then these 'funny' small moments really do make you laugh if not that, smile the least haha.
These are funny moments?
Что это было с Рони и что за дама?
Paul Dawson (9 days ago)
Snooker fans need to get out more!!
CraftminerCZ (10 days ago)
I don't get it, people in comments being like "wtf not funny" but I've no clue about snooker and this is hilarious =D
King Zaman (10 days ago)
8:28 Ronnie looks like mr bean 😂
COD Master99 (11 days ago)
Why am I watching this at 4:00 am? 👌
Bhaskar J Chintey (12 days ago)
2:51 guy looks like Nick Nicotera from American Pie. 🤔
Paolo M (12 days ago)
The easiest work in the world by referee ,and they miss
Ken (13 days ago)
OMG Nothing happened!
Pudding Osu (14 days ago)
haha :3
Darren Bee (14 days ago)
snooker is so much funnier than this makes out. there are so many moments that are funny.
Michael Raab (15 days ago)
No Sound
AndiiTheke (17 days ago)
Why I‘m watching this for more than 5 minutes?
NANO-Nils (18 days ago)
Vieles davon ist wirklich lustig, und manchmal echt ärgerlich für viele Spieler ^^
escapee (19 days ago)
Yeah... very funny
Parsi Iran (20 days ago)
Even snooker is racist game.
Batour AFG (20 days ago)
in world of snook its funny
JC Acuna (21 days ago)
Rphx (22 days ago)
Go to bed already !
Roly Fox (22 days ago)
No entiendo porque nadie hace un si te ríes pierdes con este video. .... XD
Ja H (23 days ago)
"this is edge of the seat stuff"
Lukas Helmhart (24 days ago)
Higgins the og lol
GHAZI Ali (24 days ago)
Best part starts from 8:30 😂😂
Cyaox (24 days ago)
There's nothing funny about this video lol.
afa78djd (26 days ago)
What a bunch of pompous asshats the brits are.
HanX - Music Channel (26 days ago)
8:55 Ronnie was absolutely a gentlemen! mad respect for him xD
No.1 Bike (26 days ago)
Funny as 💩
IXI LANCER IXI (27 days ago)
7:35 when you fail no nut November
LEAROYD FOOTLONG (28 days ago)
Patrik pass (28 days ago)
Akash Parhar (28 days ago)
Zachary Hlavinka (1 month ago)
Stop. I can’t take it. My sides are killing me 😂😂😂
Valeriy Babenko (1 month ago)
With these warm, still voices snooker can be watched instead of ASRM
Steven 2gen (1 month ago)
11:10.. Wtf, is that Ellen Degeneres?
李昊 (1 month ago)
The last woman is a legend
SoZyk (1 month ago)
Phulen (1 month ago)
Sulivan trying to peek and the last one tho with the seriousness, hahaha lmfao
Mike McCartney (1 month ago)
Ha ha ..lots of laughs in this :)
Diego Corona Sanchez (1 month ago)
De lo mero pendejo
Zombert (1 month ago)
I only ask the heavens I never meet anyone in my life that finds these funny...
Vlad Ternovoj (1 month ago)
Im laughing my ass of. Why am i here?
Yasir Ali (1 month ago)
Mark allen over stupid reaction
Dee Jarvis (1 month ago)
HAHA, my sides are literally.... unaffected.
oma15 (1 month ago)
to be fair you need a very high iq to understand british humour
Dielonthug (1 month ago)
snooker? I hardly know her
Some Fella (1 month ago)
Boring as fk
Elias Arxodas (1 month ago)
4:17 He looks like a scientist of the Flash series
William Franklyn (1 month ago)
This is the most boring 'Funny Moments' video I've ever actually finished watching...
William Franklyn (1 month ago)
Haha it was juuuust entertaining enough for me to finish watching.
Snooker Planet (1 month ago)
If you finished, this wasn't so boring then XD
Erdem Kaya (1 month ago)
Youtube made snooker popular again
Ry Hartley (1 month ago)
12:12 Jesus, that could only ever happen in my home town of Barnsley xDD
HIMEL HASSAN (1 month ago)
snooker is gay
Tact1cal Banana (1 month ago)
This sport is pretty cool, but why do you guys have to be so self righteous when you talk about 8 ball? What's wrong with liking both?
Jeff Rivera (1 month ago)
The pocket they keep the chalk in has to be permanently stained by now.
Q 400 (1 month ago)
03:03 Does she think she's in an operating theater or something?
Ray Chan (2 months ago)
Hmm izit me or this stuff ain't funny
08:29 Ronnie is Mr. Bean
tehrim atif (2 months ago)
Finding funny moments in snooker is an impossible task. Considering nature of this sport I give 10/10 points to this vdo and is funny indeed.
Cheyenne Lark (2 months ago)
KazmanKiller86 (2 months ago)
The only reason why people disliked this and don't think it is funny is becuase they don't know how to play snooker
Jason Howell (2 months ago)
Snooker has the weirdest audience and arbitrary standards. Omg did you see that he put his finger to his ear to signal the audience and the snooker community lost their collective minds. Omg O'Sullivan's shirt came untucked and its taken as treason to the crown.
Franklin Souza (2 months ago)
8:57 O'Sullivan dizendo: Hehe, pode jogar de novo burrão!
mikelheron20 (2 months ago)
The knitting was definitely the most interesting part.
mikelheron20 (2 months ago)
Can't believe he had to ask what the highest break he could get would be! It's not exactly difficult to calculate!
Oma met lekker kontje (2 months ago)
I love watching snooker. My girlfriend hates it but sometimes a man has to do his thing right?
Dennis Wheeler (2 months ago)
SASD SASD (2 months ago)
this is sad
I-Love-Music (2 months ago)
Snooker is never FUNNY..., so is the Sport"
Josh Portnoy (2 months ago)
A bit of a yawner if you ask me
lington Ncube (2 months ago)
Damn this shit is boring me
Maximilian (2 months ago)
I was supposed to be learning and I do not play snooker nor do I know any rules. Who is with me?
Oma met lekker kontje (2 months ago)
The snooker rules are easy to understand my friend
Shahriyar Osouli (2 months ago)
the things that only the Queen laughs to
Peter Mcevoy (2 months ago)
Shaun Murphy and Ronnie o. The ref goes.... Just let Ronnie see 😂😂
Bas Doot (3 months ago)
Exhilarating, I'm on the edge of my seat. Really emotional. When the laughter finally comes, watch out.
Gaschi 1410 (3 months ago)
2:05 what happens next? New game?
Star (3 months ago)
watching this is surprisingly relaxing
濱田志保 (3 months ago)
Alex Snitzer (3 months ago)
2:14 He's just trying to save us from the godawful feedback.
Ella Jameson (3 months ago)
The funniest part about snooker is how serious everyone is. That's why I like O'Sullivan, he's so skilled that he usually just finds a way to subtly mock the sport.
Kahn (3 months ago)
Ronnie is so fun
Clockworkmedia Inc (3 months ago)
7:40 peter Ebdon blows his load 😂😂
kayani 3 (1 day ago)
Yaya 2018 (3 months ago)
Conclusion: snooker is not funny 😂
姚雨星 (3 months ago)
7:40 orgasm

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