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Dominique Swain - Screen test for "Lolita"
Screen test and script reading with Dominique Swain and Jeromy Irons - Never before seen footage.
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Ваш ребенок - аниме!
Репортаж 5 канал СПб - видео с Loli Day 02.10.2011 (ANGEL'S party, 3L) и интервью в AnimePoint
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Lolita Transformation No. 2
I´m turning Loli again. Music: Fantastic Plastic Machine - Belinda May
Views: 7822 Miriam Wagner
Japanese Mori Girl/Lolita Inspired Makeup Tutorial!
"Mori in Japanese means "forest" and a Mori Girl (森ガール) is a girl who looks like she lives amongst cedar and pine trees. She's part Little Red Ridinghood (although she prefers dark blue, dark green or bordeaux brown to bright red), part Marie Antoinette pastoral fantasy, part Alice in Wonderland. " Hello, Masters and Mistresses! It's so good to see you again! It's Laurel here, with a makeup tutorial on how to look like a Mori girl/Lolita doll. ^^ This look is not meant for everyday wear because it is so "out there" but if you wish, you can wear it whenever you want! This is meant for photos and conventions. (Go to the end of the video to see how this look goes in photographs) If you have any questions about the products, me, or anything at all please just ask! Please subscribe! Thank you all, please look forward to everyone else's videos this week. :D -laurel
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Japon: 'sucrées' ou 'gothiques' les lolitas séduisent à Tokyo
Mélange de tenues aux couleurs acidulées et de robes opulentes, le look 'Lolita' a été adopté par de jeunes Japonaises qui troquent le week-end leur uniforme d'écolières pour ces accoutrements affriolants. Durée: 01:53
Views: 17024 AFP
One Day in Paradise and Illamasqua Lolita Transformation Event
One Day in Paradise, together with Illamasqua and Richard Ibrahim Photography present the Lolita Makeup Transformation at the Illamasqua counter, Myer Melbourne on 29th May 2011. Featuring Gothique Prince Ken & the Melbourne Lolita community. Counter photos: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_15364495473&id=10150167081965474&notif_t=group_activity#!/media/set/?set=a.10150199705109726.331134.50802169725 Shoot photos: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_15364495473&id=10150167081965474&notif_t=group_activity#!/media/set/?set=a.10150199732604726.331141.50802169725 www.onedayinparadise.com.au / www.facebook.com/onedayinparadise / www.illamasqua.com / www.facebook.com/IllamasquaAustralia / www.richardibrahim.com
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lolita-joli garçon
belle musique
Views: 210 generationhits47
1950's Pin Up Magazines
covers of 1950's pin-up magazines
Views: 7085 zaxmania
Horror and lolita video
Just two girls having a boring sunday so we made a little video to the song "Dead silence mix" made by Sasori Phoenix". Comment if you like :)
Views: 176 Missretro88
Hyper Japan 2011 (London) Lolita Fashion (HD)
Girl fashion
Views: 982 sunteam
The Other Side of Harajuku
We are working on second video. If you want yourself to be in it, or you have any interesting friends, send us their name, age, country and photos :) Because Harajuku fashion got whole world! This is video about Harajuku fashion in the different countries, than Japan. Because we all love it! Enjoy! Song: Gwen Stefani - Harajuku girls
Views: 758 Marilyn Grohl
Kristen Stewart || Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
:$ nome quedo muy bien jeje pero apenas aprendolo siento
Views: 370 Naomi Reyes
Photoshoot Lolita-Tokyo Fashion Show
Vidéo de la séance photo consacré au lolita organisé par le Tokyo Fashion Show avec la participation des merveilleuses Lolitas toulousaines. Les photos seront bientôt en ligne sur le site internet du TFS: http://tokyofashionshow.webs.com Merci d'avoir regardé cette vidéo! ^-^ Photoshoot's video about lolita's style organized by the Tokyo Fashion Show with amazing Lolitas from Toulouse (France). The images will you be online on TFS s' website soon: http://tokyofashionshow.webs.com Thanks for watching! ^-^
Views: 1400 TokyoFashionShow
★Japan Fashion Base★ Kawaii Lolita Shop Online Fashion Show ②
Net Limited Private Fashion Show at JFB Daikanyama Office~ (*^。^*) Kawaii girls with nice Lolita fashion, aren't they? The brand featured in this clip is: ★ Chantilly Don't forget to have a look on the other clip too!! (^_-)-☆ ▼ For more snaps & news, please visit our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/JapanFashionBase ▼You can buy the fashion items appeared in the video clip at "JFB Kawaii Lolita Shop" ↓↓↓↓↓ 【English】 https://jfashionbase.jp/store_en/ 【日本語】 https://jfashionbase.jp/store_ja/ 【簡体中文】 https://jfashionbase.jp/store_ch/
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Alizee - Moi Lolita (HD) very sexy
My favorite video from Alizée. So sexy, so lovely, so cute DISCLAIMER: music belongs to its respective owners and is not owned by me in any way.
Views: 2092238 philippekogler
Harajuku Style -  Nekuro Nomikon ~Aicle~Piccus
These are some photos of different fashion styles from Japan, like Decora, Spank, Fairy Kei, Visual Kei, Gothic Lolita and Sweet Lolita. Running in the background of Nekuro nomikon Aicle. Enjoy the different styles and inspirations
Views: 191 YumiesWonderland
Quinceanera Magazine Cover Girl Experience 2011
Pageant - Cover Girl Experience
Views: 1923 photobella67x
Betty Grable - Disney Girl
A dancer, singer, actress, movie star, broadway star... She did it all. A tribute to my favorite moviestar, the most beautiful and talanted one of them all: The Queen Of Technicolor. For several years she was the highest paid woman in America. She holds the record for continuous years on the top box office draw list (ten years) and was called 'The Solid Gold Blonde.' Her legs were insured with Lloyds of London for $1,000,000. She has been described as "one of the brightest moments in some of the world's darkest days." Her iconic 1943 pin-up photo is included in Life Magazine's "100 Photos that Changed the World." Eisenhower famously described her as "the girl who helped us win the war." (The song is Disney Girls-The Beach Boys) Some lovely quotes; "Somehow I will never be able to believe she is gone... Those beautiful legs, and the pin-up blonde looks, still dancing and dazzling whenever they show her old wartime movies on the television screen. Betty Grable was a star, and there will never be another one like her. When she went, they destroyed the mould!" --- Diana Dors "She was a standout in Technicolor. She glowed and her platinum hair, red lips and blue eyes made her an all-American dream girl. Other characters in her films always looked as if they had just wandered from a black-and-white low budget movie!" ---Jeanine Basinger "She will always be a symbol of American innocence in those simpler, less complicated times when we were all in love-with love." ---Cesar Romero "I had the best of both worlds. A family and a career. And millions of friends all over the world." ---Betty Grable "Betty was the bread-and-butter star of the studio. Without her, we'd all have been out of work. She particularly impressed me with her no-nonsense approach to her work - and she took trouble to point out many technical details and helped me in every way possible. Considering I was a raw newcomer to movies, she was very generous to me." --- Mitzi Gaynor "Betty was a delightful girl. She was everything America stood for in the 1940s and '50s. She was wholesome - the girl next door. The girl you wanted to take home to meet mother. She was always considerate of her co-workers - no tantrums, never late. She was a true professional. I loved working with her." --- Cesar Romero "Comedy is the most difficult of acting tasks. Goodness knows how a star like Betty Grable can make people laugh, cry and set their feet tapping - all in one film...that takes talent." --- Ava Gardner "I love Betty Grable. I find her very alive, warm, and humorous. And sincere. She lived up to my every expectation. She is a beautiful and fascinating woman. What a girl." --- Peter Finch "Betty was one of the most helpful co-stars I ever worked with. Had she been like some of the other leading ladies I had later in my career, I think I would have quit the film business. There was no big-star pretense about her. She was a very co-operative worker and never kept anybody waiting. A true professional. And what a looker!" --- Jack Lemmon "We were all rooting for Betty. After all, she was the biggest name in films and we felt we owed her at least that for keeping us in employment. The industry was going through a very bad time during 1951. Betty was a fun-loving woman and often kept us laughing. She had a keen wit and a very dry sense of humour. She was friendly, but never fawning or gushing. Working with her convinced me she has a genuine talent for acting and a fine, self-developed technique for playing comedy. I was awed by the speed with which she understands a script, by her intelligent conserving of her energy during rehersals, and by her reliable habit of never fluffing her lines." --- Macdonald Carey "La Grable was a star in the true sense of the word, but like all true stars she was the last person to think that way about herself and never pulled the star routine on anyone." --- Diana Dors "As long as there are movie theatres and movies to run in them, Betty Grable will never die- for the marvellous thing about film is that it preserves talent, truth and beauty like hers for ever more." --- Alice Faye Clips from the movies: The Dolly Sisters Pin Up Girl Down Argentine Way I Wake Up Screaming A Yank In The RAF My Blue Heaven
Views: 10089 CaliforniaDreamin1
Estelle's room, hick up edit
My Baby Girls new room. Trippy remix
Happy pony Girl wins !
Its a competition about who is going to win america's voice
Views: 361 slgomezfan
I'm (not) lolita and (very) bad cook!! VLOG
Yet another boring sunday day for me. What i do? Dress up as lolita. Here some photos i was talkinh about. http://ane-ue.deviantart.com/art/it-end-s-now-198027204?q=gallery%3Aane-ue&qo=2 Music in the beginning is theme from Fruit Basket.
Views: 239 Aneuecinema
Because I`m a Girl - Kiss
Eternizando momentos e canções(fotos)O clip original desta canção é muito lindo, uma história de amor....Por isso usei a canção p/ fazer meu album./ http://hime-pink.blogspot.com/ http://brazukainjapan.blogspot.com/
Views: 847 Lolita Shuriken
Barbie's Next Top Model Cycle 04: Episode 01- The Girl Whose Dress Wears Her
Barbie's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 01: The Girl Whose Dress Wears Her View this week's portfolio of my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/topdollmanagement/ Vote for Model of the Moment: http://bntm.tumblr.com/post/2585172055/model-of-the-moment Photo Shoot 01: Little Black Dress- Re-interpret the iconic "LBD" sans accessories and with only your personality! The Judges: Barbie- Top Model Host and Judge. Style and Pop Culture Icon :) Lucille Spencer: International Top Model Andrew Cavill: Fashion Photographer This Weeks' Guest Judge: Franceska Kop (BratzSwedish on Flickr) http://www.flickr.com/photos/bratzswedish/ Contestants: 01. Amelia Ellis 02. Anika Lyons 03. Anya Chzov 04. Lilith Eyre 05. Lolita Asuncion 06. Margot van den Brock 07. Mink Sassoon 08. Montserrat Serafin 09. Nicole Penn 10. Reina Tudor 11. Simone Samson 12. Soleil Kosmos 13. Tiffany Washington
Views: 7681 ragingtaurus88
Big Boobs Lolita
Views: 3222 WhoreShrine
La historia de mis prendas lolita 2/3
la tercera parte de mi ropa loli con historia =P
Views: 306 MyLolitaStyle
Paula Boucas - Cutest Girl dedication slideshow
Slideshow video specially dedicated to my little angel Paulinha. Most pictures taken in 2010 when she was 4 including the short video clip at the end.
Views: 531 Sam Urbisendel
Barbie's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 7- The Girls Who Take a Dive
Barbie's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 7- The Girls Who Take a Dive Vote for Model of the Moment: http://bntm.tumblr.com/post/6628465501/model-of-the-moment Photo shoot: Jumpsuits Host/Judge: Barbie Judges: Andrew Cavill and Lucille Spencer Special Guest Judge: trendytwinsx4 @ Flickr Still in the Running: 1. Amelia 2. Anika 3. Lilith 4. Montserrat 5. Nicole 6. Reina 7. Tiffany Eliminated 8th: Anya 9th: Soleil 10th: Simone 11th: Mink 12th: Lolita 13th: Margot
Views: 4412 ragingtaurus88
Amy Fisher (stock footage)
Amy Fisher in police custody covers face with long hair; exterior Buttafuoco house, police tape; police officer speaks outside courthouse; exterior Fisher house; teen girl talks about Fisher; police officer speaks about arrest; CU Merrick Road sign; exterior Buttafuoco house; police officer talks about investigation; Fisher into car; Court house; Fisher in court; Buttafuoco at auto body garage; Fisher surrounded by paparazzi after release from prison; Buttafuoco in limo; exterior Buttafuoco house; yellow ribbons on tree; Buttafuoco with Mary Jo; lawyer speaks; Buttafuoco gives thumbs up; woman calls Buttafuoco a character; teenage girls speak; exterior Buttafuoco house; Fisher into court; prosecutor speaks; Fisher cries and leans on lawyer; Fisher released on bail; attorney speaks; exterior courthouse. Exterior home in Baldwin which was alleged site of escort service Amy Fisher worked for, police officer comments; neighbors comment on escort service; Amy Fisher (with hair covering face) led to police car; Buttafuoco house in Massapequa; Joey Buttafuoco outside house; declines comments; still photos of Joey Buttafuoco and Mary Jo Buttafuoco; Amy Fisher's mug shot; exterior Buttafuoco house; exterior Baldwin house where escort service was run; Amy Fisher in court; Buttafuoco's Auto Body shop; Buttafuocos mobbed by reporters. Fisher to court; Mrs. Buttafuoco speaks in court; Fisher tells story; Joey, Mrs. B. at press conference on Joey's innocence; Joey and Mary Jo kiss each other; Joey and Mary Jo bad-mouth Amy; "She's really pathetic...and her are parents too." Judge throws book at Amy. For licensing and rates, please visit: http://www.filmarchivesonline.com
Views: 41018 FilmArchivesNYC
Midnight Kiss
Every girl dreams about that perfect midnight kiss. I wanted to re-create this dream with this look. I'm using the new Glamour Eyes kit, it's my very own kit I created for Lancôme inspired by you ^_^ *FYI* Sorry! My lips were super chapped because I totally forgot my makeup! We were running all over downtown LA till 2 am in the freezing cold :( however, my eye makeup didn't budge! yay :D Bloopers here! http://youtu.be/K2TryAwVBvc Music by Ryan Farish: "Gentle Love" Listen: http://bit.ly/RFGentleLove Download: http://smarturl.it/ryanfarish-spectrum ♥ Please Subscribe! http://bit.ly/MPsubscribe ♥ My Twitter: http://twitter.com/MichellePhan ♥ My Facebook: http://facebook.com/MichellePhanOfficial ♥ My Instagram: http://instagram.com/MichellePhan ♥ My Blog: http://michellephan.com ♥ ICON Network: http://youtube.com/ICONnetwork More Behind the Scenes Photos http://michellephan.com/post/midnight-kiss Thank you Justin Chon, he's a professional actor and kisser ;) http://youtube.com/justinchon http://facebook.com/justinchon123 http://twitter.com/justinchon Thank you Daven, my hair BFF for styling my hair. Thanks to my awesome friends for filming, lighting and running around with me like a crazy woman till 2 am after a Lakers game. I was inspired to film a love story between two lovers who decide to reunite at midnight on new years :) A lot of people asked what inspired this story. Honestly, I was super bored on Sunday and was inspired to film a short mini love story. So the next day on Monday, I called up all my friends and told them to meet me at my place at 7 pm. They all came and I drew out my idea and storyboarded it, and we all went DT LA and filmed it guerrilla style. Took us 4 hours but we finished it. So what you see before you is EXACTLY what I envisioned :) Director Michelle Phan Photographer Melly Lee http://mellylee.com http://newmediarockstars.com Cinematographer Nate Fu http://fustudios.com Camera Assistant Jimmy Ngo http://youtube.com/Jin Products used in order Michelle Phan Glamour Eyes kit for Lancôme at SEPHORA Urban Decay Primer Potion http://urbandecay.com/eyeshadow-primer-potion/296,default,pd.html?cgid=1 Silver Glitter from Coastal Scents Cream Foundation from Asia similar to RCMA foundation http://naimies.com/rcma-18-color-foundation-palette.html Urban Decay Silver Eyeliner http://urbandecay.com/24/7-waterproof-liquid-eyeliner/305,default,pd.html?start=10&cgid=1 Lancome Artliner from the Glamorous Eyes kit Anastasia Brow Wiz http://anastasia.net/product.php?productid=16156 The Balm Bronzer and Highlighter http://thebalm.com/makeup/mama.htm# Lancome L'Asolu Rouge in Cashmere Silk http://lancome-usa.com/L'Absolu-Rouge/1000206,default,pd.html Jewelry from House of Harlow http://glamhouse.com this video was not sponsored. Edited by myself.
Views: 5328544 Michelle Phan
c'est ton jour auj loli...
bon anniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Views: 66 ellhela
Folklore Girls Photo Shoot
These lovely young ladies are just a part of St. Sava's Folklore Group "Srbadija". Coming soon to a billboard near you, some photos will be chosen for poster or billboard ads just in time for Serb Fest. Thanks to Jelena, Sofia, Lauren, Sarah, and Caitlyn for their extra effort. Thanks also to Orkestar Junaci for sharing their talents. End photos were taken at Valparaiso High School, where the 5 girls along with Mia and Gorana performed "Niska Banja" in May. Visit St. Sava at: http://www.localbizblogs.com/stsava Visit the band: http://www.junaci,com
Bünde - Zwiebelmarkt 25. September 2011- 2/2
"Rock Cats" + Rock'n'Roll Club Schaumburg e.V. -
Views: 12583 simabi2
What's in my shopping bag? Jan. 29, 2011
A quick look at what I purchased today. Focusing on Lolita/Harajuku fashion.
Views: 259 carouselofcrowns
Girls like Dolls.mpg
Views: 636 barokkoLive
Interview with Kawaii Lolita Captured Live on Ustream
- Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hyper-japan
Views: 777 HyperJapan2010
Música Fashion Lolita
Si te inscribiste al Fashion Lolita, esta es la canción que se pondrá para desfilar en la pasarela. Asegúrate de dar pasos muy marcados, es decir, relájate, no corras, y tómate tu tiempo desplazándote. Muéstrales a todos el esfuerzo y el gusto por este estilo. No olvides que al alcanzar el punto final de la pasarela, debes procurar dos poses diferentes, para registrar en las fotos oficiales del evento. Posa durante 3 o 4 segundos (para evitar fotos borrosas), y regresa al punto de partida.
Views: 315188 FUNtasticWinter
ring girls.wmv
bakken blizzard brawl 2-5-2011
Views: 118 silly101963 s
[MMD] Shugo Chara by LAT sweet Lolita Miku.avi
This is for my friends who love Shugo Chara even i forgot the song's title (LOL) I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE CAMERA AND FRIENDSHIP (Lol)
so pearl "lolita in love" de Jolidon featuring.Betty boop lingerie sexy 2011 2012
collection lolita in love jolidon chez So Pearl http://www.so-pearl.com/
Views: 4393 SoPearls
Harajuku Girl - The Making Plus Behind The Scene (Must Watch)
Red was the chosen colour for this photoshoot tittled "HARAJUKU GIRL" by HOUSEOFPASHA.Dangerously sexy is the look,with a modern black transparent kimono fitted with a red and gold brocade obi belt,This fierce Harajuku Girl is ready to fight till the end.With her mystical samurai sword she harnest the blood of her enemyWhen the battle is over,Harajuku Girl relaxes and dine on a bowl of GOLDEN SKELETON'S.Make-up,Hair,Costume,Props,Location by HOUSEOFPASHA.Speacial thanks to IGORFAIN.COM for amazing PHOTOS/VIDEOS and to the outstanding Harajuku Girl VICTORIA.Thanks all for watching. LOVE H.O.P
Views: 348 houseofpasha
Angelic Pretty's RinRin Marine Story Stripe Makeup
UPDATE: channel moved to here: http://www.youtube.com/user/RinRinDolly ************************************* Angelic Pretty model RinRin Marine Story Stripe makeup tutorial Japan blog @ http://ameblo.jp/angel-rinrin/ English blog @ http://angeliclailah.livejournal.com/ Facebook @ Angel Rinrin Twitter @ angeliclailah Angelic Pretty: Photos by Angelic Pretty Clothes by Angelic Pretty JSK: Marine Story Stripe Jumper Skirt Cardigan: French Cafe Knit Cardigan Kachusha: Marine Story Stripe Kachusha Beret: French Biscuit Embrem Wrist: Polk-dot Ribon Wrist Cuff Socks: Dot Crew Socks
Views: 10692 RinRin Doll

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