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aatx200 100m deo shot.
feel free to start @ 1:17. it took me some time to control my heartbeat from running. I really like my AA tx200HC. it is almost boring because you know it will hit each time. this airgun is one you pass on to many generations.
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Freediving a small pool
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Karper vissen
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Telemark form: short turns
Performing short telemark turns in Austria.
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Apnea Wardrobe part 2
full conversion under the water..
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Apnea Wardrobe
Dressing up under water..
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Telemark Austria 2017
Telemark skiing just alongside the piste.
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Wakeboarding Aruba
Just hitting the wake with friends. I made this video to test my all new GoPro. Expect more videos involving telemark skiing, more wakeboarding, biking, archery, freediving, cutting competitions and more! Subscribe!
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shots like these, they just feel good!
I love the feeling of nailing a shot like this. Archery on a sunday's afternoon. It has been a while because of being abroad for work, so it has to get use to again. This shot was pretty good, but the form can be executed way better. that is what I learned from recording this shot.
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two-and-a-half minut freedive
going up for 2 minutes it became hard. only took about 3/4 air in my lung and couldn't relax how I should. but 2:30 anyways.
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Netherlands Marines Mountain Warfare Training
The Marines in there natural habitat, Harstad, Norway. The medal in the end is called 'Het Hijgend Hert' and earned by the Marines when completing one winter-and one mountain training succesfully.
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One of first memorable moves in paintball
We played 2 vs 2, my teammate got hit, so I was on my own. I succesfully surprized the opposition and got them both!
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Telemark in this moment HD
Final version of my adventure in Val Thorens. Comments and critics are very welcome.
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archery, laying position
Just another way to lauch an arrow, even though I prefer standing above anything. last one was a hit on the larger bottle.
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Telemark Ski Val Thorens 2012
Telemark skiing the slopes of Val Thorens in 2012. I can't wait to get to Austria in 2 weeks! Lets gooo!
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Throwing the Coldsteel European spear in Slomotion!
This is a short fragment of the full review on the Coldsteel MMA European Spear. I think it looks pretty cool!
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SDC to Roulade
SDC to Roulade. roulade could have been better, the legs were bend to far. probably because I had some balance problems in the air. the roll felt good though. Bypasser was fine with that she was captured in de video. Movement like this is freedom..
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