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PewDiePie Diss Track || BOOM CHIK FIRE
Reply to pewdiepie's diss-track *bitch lasgna* in indian version! Diss track true INDIANS share it PEWDIEPIE I LOVE U BUT I lOVE INDIA MORE❤ Subscribe- https://bit.ly/BoomchikfireYT Follow on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/boomchikfire/ #pewdiepie_vs_tseries #pewdiepie #tseries
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Jomiye Dili Gaane Gaane || Ep 01|| Boom Chik Fire || Purulia dustu Gaan||
hey guys!!! this is the 1st bengali video on the channel..🤗🤗 which has got a new name and looks...watch it till end and u will love it!!!❤❤❤ its a mockery and roast on some hilariously funny bangla gaans...😝😝😝 do watch it like comment share...🙏🙏🙏 and bell icon ta tap kore dao...then notification chole jabe thhik time..( sub + bell icon tap korte 2 sec o lage na) lots of loveee!!!✌✌🤞🤞 jara chandannagore e thako... tara thakur dekhe nao...raat e vdo ta dekho mone kore hahaha....see it!!!!😂😂 share share share❤❤❤ #puruliadoublemeaning #BoomChikFire
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Jomiye Dili Gaane Gaane || Ep 02 || Boom Chik Fire || Koi bhai copyright marchhish na? ||
sorry onek din po video dichhi...jani karur jay ashenaa...karon share toh kore na beshi keu..chena kichhu jon chhara... ki r kora jabe..dekho enjoy koror...eta share kor Subscribe- https://bit.ly/BoomchikfireYT Follow on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/boomchikfire/ #purulia_nonveg #bengali_roast #boomchikfire
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Guruji Ki Jay ||  PART 1 || Vine- O -Meter ||
Here comes my second video.Hope You Guys Like it.A lot of sweat is invested in the video.Hope the result will be fruitful. part 2 coming soon! share to all!🤗 Credits- Song-JAG SOONA SOONA LAGE Flim-Om Shanti Om Producer-T-Series Thanks for the song Keep Liking And Loving And Share it Guys🙏🙏🙏 Love U All♥️♥️♥️
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Mera dost jeet - vine|| funny video || harr andJeet|| humour tumour||must watch|| Vine- O -Meter
when I met my friend jeet...and he narrates his sad story... fun overloaded .must watch. the video is full of emotions of daily lives of todays' youth... plz subscribe. like. comment. share. 🙏🙏🙏
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Iss video ko dekh dala..toh life jingalala...😂😂😂 video ko share or like karo amul macho...i mean *bare aram se*...😎😎 ab subsribe karna tumhare upar hai ..lux cozi you know..i mean *suno toh apne dil ki*...🤣🤣 kyun ki tum logo ki likes aur shares hi mujhe next video banane ke liye boost up karta hai...dont forget *boost is the secrect of my energy*... ab..net ki toh koi problem hogi nahi kyun ki revital!! i mean *jio ji bhar ke*😂😂😂jio digital life too!😂😂 thanks for watching and reading this long description... love you all!❤❤❤ keep loving and sharing!❤🎉🎊
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