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"Rainbow Piglets" Official Music Video
AhhhhHHHh I have no idea why it only plays on the right ear plug, I'll try to fix it and reupload.
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Eddsworld Tribute- Goodbye to a World
Credit goes to all artists. I do not own a y of the art or the music. Thank you Rip- Edd Gould: 1988-2012
Views: 509 Planet Delatine
Tom-Eddsworld "I Hate Diet." SPEED DRAW
I DID A BAD MUSIC- Aftermath
Views: 75 Planet Delatine
Emotional Song "Who Lit the House on Fire?" By Circus Child
Please ask permission to use this song in anything, thanks!
Views: 52 Planet Delatine
Note: Please do not steal my art, highly reference, or share without credit or consult first. I forgot to sign so please, PLEASE be strict about credit, THANK YOU! 😁😁 Songs: Sunshine Do or Die I did not write these songs so please give the original artists credit, not me. Thanks!
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I Put Dental Floss and Fishing Wire on a Guitar...
So I kinda just tuned 3 strings on my crappy guitar that I'm still working on, and tuned it to G, B, and E. It sounds crappy but it's also really interesting. Also I'm not in the studio rightn now so ignore Rick and Morty playing in the background lmao Follow me on Instagram: @delatine.jaki or @circus.child
Views: 36 Planet Delatine
"Cries of Doom" Eddsworld Rock Song by Circus Child
All Art is by me, please credit me if used. Music is also by me
Views: 48 Planet Delatine
Edd's Melody (Or "Goodbye, Edd") By Circus Child
I call this Edd's Melody, also known as a song named "Goodbye Edd." I made the music, but the cover/art is by MissSkull, on Deviant Art. I hope you enjoy! And yes, it does loop once.
Views: 48 Planet Delatine
"Peppermint's Circus" Soundtrack Part One
Welp, its official. I'm going to start working on a comic AND animation series. Heres the first song for the first soundtrack of the first season lmao. Hope you enjoy it!
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