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gc2b binder review + binding tips + binding w/o a binder!
hey guys! so my binder came in the mail just recently so i decided to make a review and to talk about how to bind safely. this binder is from gc2b, if you look them up you'll find their shop. i love you all and remember, bind safe!
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my goo boys | Venom (2018) Speedpaint
I love venom uuuuugh like the comics were awesome but the movie was *mwah* perfection.
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a very long speedpaint (Carry On Fan Art)
hey guys! I know, i need to get back to my regular videos, but these are so fun! anyway, this is fanart from Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Glow Tutorial from LeslieLu Marie on YouTube music by RudeManners on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/rudemanners
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(GORE WARNING) oooh boy ~Sam Winchester Speedpaint~ READ DESCRIPTION
ahhh i love supernatural I DONT OWN SUPERNATURAL OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS hey guys, so my computer broke... again.... so i dont know when another vid will be up. im trying my best but it might be the better part of six months before i post again. thanks so much for understanding and i love you guys, peace!
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Coping With Gender Questioning
Hi! Today I lie in bed talking about questioning one's gender and how that's hard. Yay
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'Scared' Speedpaint
hey guys! im finally back from my trip and since ive been drawing lately i wanted to make this for you! all music from www.epidemicsound.com
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~danisnotonfire~ Speedpaint
THIS IS MY FIRST VIDEO EVER. Pls be nice, and hope you enjoy
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quick announcements (kinda important)
hey guys! i'm back and I just wanted to let you all know that i'll be leaving again for a while. i'm gonna be vacationing but hopefully i'll get to film it and stuff. thank you all for understanding, love you! ~Toby
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Daniel Howell Speedpiant (yeah another one)
just me drawing, sorry about my face
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Story Cover Speedpaint
I promise i'll make more trans content soon, love you guys!
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guess who back, back again (talent v skill rant)
I'm back once more! yay! I'm so inconsistent!
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just a ramble
OH MY GOD i tried to upload this like five times kill me anyway this is just some updates and a small quip on trans visibility :p the IG i mentioned : lgbt_youth_forever
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OC Ref Sheet Speedpaint- Tom Ito
hey guys! after being gone for about a month, I'm back with one of my best original bois-- Tom Ito. This is his story!
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new icon (warning: blood)
ayyyyy made a new icon boiiis
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im a frickin weeb (BNHA Speedpaint)
aaaah im back... everything will be explained
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lil lightning boi (OC speedpaint)
the gay that started it all... Rydell Holt
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End of Summer Speedpaint- The Succubus
hey guys! so today is my last day of summer vacation, so i wanted t give you guys this before i start school since i don't know when the next video will be up. thank you all so much for watching, bye!
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HELLO THERE | Gender Questioning Teen
Hi! My names Jasper and I want to help teens who are questioning their gender like I am. You may wanna turn your volume up a little bit, since I'm pretty quiet. I hope you'll give me a chance, I really do want to help. ILY
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