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8 Jenis Penopang Dasar Platform Rig Offshore
Video tentang pengetahuan teknik perminyakan khusunya bidang rig lepas pantai (offshore). Adapun yang ditampilakn pada video ini adalah bentuk dari masing-masing jenis penopang dasar paltform offshore yang banyak diterapkan pada sumur-sumur minyak di berbagai negara. Artikel selengkapnya tersedia di: http://www.prosesindustri.com/2016/06/8-jenis-penopang-dasar-platform-bottom-supported-platforms.html
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Jenis-jenis Pompa Berdasarkan Cara Kerjanya Mengalirkan Fluida
Pompa adalah suatu alat untuk memindahkan zat cair dari suatu tempat ke tempat lain dengan memberikan gaya tekan terhadap zat yang akan dipindahkan. Alat ini banyak digunakan pada pabrik yang mengolah liquid seperti kilang minyak. Sehingga, pada video ini akan dijelaskan tentang jenis-jenis pompa, karena pompa hadir dengan berbagai jenis, seperti pompa rotary, reciprocating, pompa sentrifugal, dan sebagainya. Artikel selengkapnya dapat dibaca di: http://www.prosesindustri.com/2014/12/pengertian-pompa-dan-jenis-jenis-pompa.html
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Jenis jenis Valve
Pengetahuan bidang teknik mengenai jenis-jenis valve dan cara kerjanya masing-masing dalam proses pengaliran fluida. Adapun jenis valve yang dimaksud yakni jenis valve yang banyak digunakan pada instalasi perpipaan di pabrik maupun kilang minyak, seperti globe valve, check valve, plug valve dan lain sebagainya. Artikel selengkapnya tersedia di: http://www.prosesindustri.com/2015/02/pengertian-valve-dan-jenis-jenisnya.html
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Funny video, Motorcycle Thief Fail
This video displays motorcycle thieves failed.
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Daftar Propinsi Penghasil Minyak Bumi Terbesar di Indonesia
Info tentang daftar beberapa propinsi yang dikategorikan sebagai penghasil minyak bumi terbesar di Indonesia, serta jumlah volume minyak mentah yang diproduksi setiap harinya. Artikel selengkapnya di: http://www.prosesindustri.com/2015/05/7-propinsi-penghasil-minyak-bumi.html
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Liu Shihan: China's Transsexual Models
Liu Shihan was born in Changsha, capital city of South China's Hunan Province, in 1989. Born as a boy, she was given a typical boy's name, Liu Shuai. As her mother wanted to have a daughter, she was raised as a girl at an early age.Her mother sometimes put lipstick on her and pretended she was a girl. Transsexual surgery cost tens of thousands of US dollars. To earn money at the beginning, Liu danced at a nightclub, performing with a boa constrictor. She used the name Lan Xi for her performance. Lan stood for 'male', reminding her of her gender, while Xi was the first name of the boy she loved. In order to save every penny, Liu only ate one meal a day costing 2.5 yuan or $0.4. She bound her feet to prevent them from growing. She had no friends and was often overwhelmingly lonely. But all her sacrifices paid off three years later when she had saved enough money to pay for her surgery. After surgery, Liu contacted her mother, who asked her to come back home. Since then, she has embarked on a completely new life.
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China Most Beautiful Transgender Chen Lili
Chen Lili born February, 1980 is a transgender singer, model, and actress from People's Republic of China . She became widely known in 2004 when she competed and attempted to compete in beauty pageants as a woman. Named Chen Yongjun at birth, she was born into a peasant family at Yilong County, Nanchong City of Sichuan Province, she received sex reassignment surgery in Qingdao in November 2003. On February 11, 2004, she was issued an ID card establishing her female identity by the Public Security Bureau of Nanchong. Chen attempted to compete in the Miss Universe contest in early 2004. Although the Miss Universe China committee initially announced, on February 23, that she would be allowed to participate, on February 25, they retracted their original decision, stating that she would not be allowed to participate because she was not a "natural female." Despite being barred from the competition, Chen was nonetheless given the opportunity to perform at the event.It is believed that Lili is the first transsexual woman to attempt to compete in the Miss Universe contest. In late 2004, Chen competed in China's first Miss Artificial Beauty pageant. She finished as second runner up. In 2005, she appeared in the motion picture The Secret.
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5 Most Beautiful Asian Transgender Celebrities
Transsexual people may undergo gender transition, the process of aligning one's gender expression or presentation with their internal gender identity. People who have transitioned may or may not necessarily identify as transgender or transsexual any longer, but simply as a man or a woman. And the following are Asia's current top transsexual entertainers.
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5 Most Beautiful Thailand Transgender Celebrities
Transsexual people may undergo gender transition, the process of aligning one's gender expression or presentation with their internal gender identity. People who have transitioned may or may not necessarily identify as transgender or transsexual any longer, but simply as a man or a woman. And the following are Thailand's current top transsexual entertainers.
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Bell Nuntita, Beautiful Transgender singers from Thailand
Nuntita Khampiranon born December 20, 1983, stage name Bell and usually known as Bell Nuntita, is a Thai transgender actress, singer, entertainer, and radio DJ. Nuntita was part of a TV show called Venus Flytrap Search for the Missing Puzzle in 2007. As one of twelve contestants, she competed to take the place of two former cast members. Nuntita and another contestant named Mew won the competition and became part of the Kathoey band Venus Flytrap. She became popular after a performance during her audition on Thailand's Got Talent and became a YouTube hit when she first performed singing as a girl, and the crowd was amazed when she switched to a masculine voice.
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Andreja Pejić: Beautiful Transgender Models
Andreja Pejić was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2000, the family moved to Melbourne Australia as political refugees when Pejić was eight years old. Pejić was scouted as a model just before her 17th birthday. At the Stylenite in July 2011, Pejić appeared on the catwalk both in masculine and feminine clothes from Michalsky. The following year she modeled bridal creations by Spanish designer Rosa Clara at Barcelona's Bridal Week 2013. In 2011 Pejić ranked 18 on the models.com Top 50 Male Models list, was named one of Out's Most Compelling People and was ranked 98 in FHM magazine's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011. In early 2014, Pejić underwent sex reassignment surgery. In July she spoke about her transgender identity with an interviewer from People.
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Harisu, Beautiful Transgender Celebrities From South Korea
Harisu is the stage name of Lee Kyung-eun originally Lee Kyung-yeop (born February 17, 1975), a South Korean pop singer, model, and actress. Assigned male at birth, Harisu identified as female from early childhood, and underwent sex reassignment surgery in the 1990s. She is noted for being South Korea's first transgender entertainer, and in 2002 became only the second person in Korea to legally change their gender. So far she has recorded five Korean musical albums, switching genres between techno and R&B, and her overseas releases have featured songs recorded in Mandarin. Her first major acting role was in the 2001 film Yellow Hair 2, and since then her credits have included Hi! Honey, a Taiwanese drama series, and Colour Blossoms, an erotic drama by Hong Kong filmmaker Yonfan. On May 19, 2007, Harisu married Micky Jung, whom she had been dating for two years.
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Is This China's Next Generation Fighter Bomber
China is developing a new stealth bomber plane called the H-20, development of long-range bomber aircraft will increase the strength of Chinese military forces. H-20 bombers are likely to be configured with stealth features and subsonic speed.
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Jazz Jennings: America's Favorite Trans Teen
Jazz Jennings is an American teenage trans girl, Jennings received national attention in 2007 when an interview with Barbara Walters, which led to other high-profile interviews and appearances. Christine Connelly, a member of the board of directors for the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth, stated, "She was the first young person who picked up the national spotlight, went on TV and was able to articulate her perspective and point of view with such innocence. Her parents noted that Jazz was clear on being female as soon as she could speak. Jennings is an honorary co-founder of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation, which she and her parents founded in 2007 to assist transgender youth. In 2013, she founded Purple Rainbow Tails, a company in which she fashions rubber mermaid tails to raise money for transgender children. Jennings was born October 6, 2000 in South Florida to parents Greg and Jeanette. ("Jennings" is a pseudonym.) Jennings has an older sister, Ari, and two older brothers, twins Sander and Griffen. Jennings was assigned male at birth. In 2004, Jennings was diagnosed with gender identity disorder as a child, making her one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified as gender dysphoric. Jennings made it clear as soon as she could speak that she was female, and although the family presented her publicly in gender-neutral clothing, she wanted to dress like girls. At six years old, Jennings and her family began appearing on television to speak about the challenges of growing up transgender. Her story has been covered by national television shows, and The Rosie Show, where she appeared alongside Chaz Bono. In 2014, Jennings was a guest at the GLAAD Media Awards, sharing the stage with Zach Wahls and Lauren Foster. That year she was also named one of "The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014" by Time. In 2012, she discussed her sexual orientation with Barbara Walters during her 20/20 interview, saying she is attracted to boys and that she harbored some apprehension about dating because of her transgender identity. In a Q&A video posted to her Youtube Channel in July 2014, Jennings stated that she is pansexual, and that she loves people "for their personality", regardless of their sexual orientation or gender status. In 2013, Jennings publicly discussed her wish of becoming a mother in the future.
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Cute Chinese 'Loli' Becomes Internet Sensation
We always see and hear a phenomenon whereby people become famous through the internet in China, sometimes unintentionally. An event of accidental sensation sweeping the internet in China is a little girl, cute and beautiful called "Little Loli". Lately the pictures a little girl spread like fire that spread on the internet in China. People are fascinated call it "Jiuzhaigou Little Loli" (Jiuzhaigou is a city in Sichuan, a province in China). All these photos of Little Loli ware taken in Jiuzhaigou. More and more netizens were instantly “conquered’ by her cuteness, “falling in love with her at first sight”. Regarding to netizens’ speculation of this being a publicity stunt of the tourist attraction, Jiuzhaigou staff member told the reporter of Chengdu Commercial Daily that the background of these photos is a lake in Jiuzhaigou, but they had nothing to do with them.
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China's Abandoned Wonderland
Wonderland which is located on an area of 100 hectares of land 45 minutes outside of Beijing, this is meant to be a great tourist destination. But construction was halted in 1998 when farmers and local governments argue over the price of the property. A "small town," the skeletal remains of a castle, and a metal frame of a large pavilion are all that remain, and the site is completely open to explorers.
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A Unique Way of Buffalo Slaughter
One of the tribes in Indonesia are known for its unique traditions Toraja tribe has its own way while slaughtering buffalo and of course very different from the usual. Tradition of slaughtering buffalo they did attract the attention of tourists.
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Jenna Talackova: Beautiful Transgender Models From Canada
Jenna Talackova is a Canadian model and television personality, who gained media attention in 2012 when she successfully waged a legal battle to be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe Canada after being initially disqualified for being a trans woman. Of Czech and Babine descent, Talackova was born on October 15, 1988, and was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She experienced gender dysphoria beginning in early childhood, and began her gender transition at age 14, while attending Vancouver's Killarney Secondary School, before completing her sex reassignment surgery at 19. She initially took the name Page when she began transitioning, before changing it again to Jenna. (source: en.wikipedia.org)
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Thailand Most Beautiful Transgender NONG POY
Thailand most beautiful Transgender "NONG POY" who born as male sex, but at age 17 changed to female. Since she change her gender at age 17, which were young, no wonder why she looks so good.
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Alicia Liu, Transsexual Model From Taiwan
Alicia Liu was born in Taoyuan City, Taiwan on 12 June 1986. She is a Taiwanese model and television personality, sometimes known by the nickname Xiao Ai. Liu had male genitalia at birth and was given the name Zi-hua, but underwent sex reassignment surgery at the age of 18. She became popular following a number of appearances on a parody television programme, but was outed in January 2010 by a former schoolmate who posted her graduation photo online.
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3 Most Expensive SUV in 2015
SUV that was created has a distinctive among fans and users of four-wheeled automobile that makes this car an option many people to accompany their daily activities. There are several types of SUVs have a special look and the price is very expensive. Here are 3 list the most expensive SUV in the world by 2015.
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Most Haunted Island in The World
Isla de Las Munecas a.k.a. "The Island Of The Dolls" is situated in Xochimilco, Mexico, in the heart of the old Aztec canals. In the 1950's, a man named Don Julian Santana Barrera made the small island is home. Soon after he arrived he reported hearing the voice of a little girl who is said to have previously drowned there while playing with her 2 friends. It is after that frightful experience that Don Julian began bringing dolls to his island, hanging them in every trees he could find in a effort to appease the ghost of the young girl and possibly even, some ancient evil spirits wandering the canal. The locals claim that over time, the dolls became charged with the girl's paranormal energy and many who have passed by the island at night have seen the dolls move and whisper.
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The Philippines' first transexual celebrity
She may be the face you can’t forget, as Elvis Costello once sang. She is Kevin Balot, who although was originally born male and retains the name Kevin, is indeed a she. And this she is the current titleholder of Miss International Queen, a world-renowned transgender beauty pageant with contenders from all over the globe. She bested 20 other delegates and took home the crown, with plans to take Philippine show business by storm. So ready or not, here she comes, in a blaze of blinding jewels, glimmering locks, and effortless beauty.
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Tinggoro Tedong: One of the Strangest Traditions in the World
Tinggoro tedong tradition is one of the routine activity of culture during a ceremony in Toraja, Indonesia. When these traditions implemented, always attended by many local and foreign tourists because it is very strange.
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Top 5 Evil Doctors
Though we hope our doctors are nothing less than helpful and trustworthy, throughout history, there have been extremely evil doctors who have ruined lives, and even killed some of their patients.
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Charm of women fighter pilots
In general, the pilot profession especially fighter pilots synonymous with the men, but now many women who cultivate the profession.
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Sirapassorn Atthayakorn, Beautiful Transgender
Sirapassorn Atthayakorn (AKA Sammy) won the Miss International Queen pageant in 2011. The competition is meant for people who have undergone surgeries to alter their sex and who are transsexual.
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The Dirtiest Man in The World
Human dirtiest of various countries for not bathing for many years.
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Funny incident on the highway
Funny incident experienced by motorcyclists and car on the highway.
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The Most Unique Women's Shoes in The World
Various types of shoes for women are uniquely shaped.
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Top 5 Popular Tourist Destinations in the World
Of the many tourist attractions that exist in this world, there must be the best, most beautiful, popular, favorite, according to the version of each assessor.
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Incident Plane Crash in 2014
incident plane crash along 2014.
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7 Best Snipers in The world
Snipers is a term used in the military field. A sniper coined the ability to shoot with the use of certain types of rifles. This video features 7 best sniper whose reputation has been recognized the world.
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Sabina Altynbekova: The Most Beautiful Volleyball Player from Kazakhstan
Sabina Altynbekova was born on 5 of November in 1996 in Aktobe, Kazakhstan. In 2014 she got an opportunity to play and represent her nation, Kazakhstan in 2014 Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship. She and her team travelled to Taipei, Taiwan for the championship where she got her major exposure. Because of her excellent talent in playing volleyball and her beauty she became sensational internet celebrity in such a short period of time. Beauty who owned him a lot to get the offer as a fashion model. But he refused the offer because he's just focused as a volleyball player.
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