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GiG Squad Nation! Daddy Stroke By: Party Boyz
YG Rippa and YN Assassin foolin, i got A-Dot-D in the back loaded
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My Dougie YN Talented! GiG Squad Nation
me and my dougie.. My Dougie By: Lil Wil Gig Squad Nation
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YN Talented! RoundHouse Rockin by Swagg Kingz Trae
New song from The Swagg Kingz wit Young Black and Juci 9 Yung Noodlez and Trae loaded and foolin showin yall how to ROUNDHOUSE ROCK
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GiG Squad Nation! My Dougie By: Lil Wil
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DRAGON HEEL KICK! Darius Turner vs Jeorge Acevedo SCS 25 Thunderstruck MMA Featherweight bout.
Darius "The Dragun" Jerrard Turner vs Jeorge Acevedo. Featherweight Fight at 145lbs. March 26 2016 in Hinton, Oklahoma at SCS 25. Had some good strikes but loss by submission. #Noodlz #TheDragun #GungFu #TiaowuDo #AMMA
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Gig Squad/ 67 Klan: She Like It by DbOy
Teddi Wayne on da beat haha da beat FOLLOW on Twitter @Giggidii for Ninja Noodlz Dariachii & @YGRippa for YG Rippa
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Ninja Noodlz - Such A Doin 67 Klan/ Gig Squad Nation
by: Ninja Noodlz Assassin aka Versace Mane Dariiachi,, Kiest & Polk Goonside 67 Klan,, Gig Squad O.B.M. Nation Kush Korn Kowboyz Mixtape N'House Noise .....wit ya builtazz lol
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YN Talented! Keep Dat By: Beat King/ Club God 2
Gig Squad Nation/Nike Nation NHouse Penthouse Ninjuh Noodlz & Xzavian Beat King Keep Dat Club God 2 Triple D County
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Jayson Lyric "Donald Trumpet" Official Video
Songs "Donald Trumpet" & "Last Summer" Produced & written by Jayson Lyric jaysonlyric.com Shot & Edited by juicygraphixstudios.com Directed by Rico Head Honcho
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YN Talented Windmill Dunk. At Cedar Hill High School
me sho'n off my windmill
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Entrance: Darius Turner vs Jeorge Acevedo SCS 25 Thunderstruck.
Entering SCS 25 Thunderstruck cage. The AMMA Squad &The Dragon ready for war.
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