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My Moms Reaction... -Felix Norena
A package arrived at my house...
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Opening Fan Mail From Across the Country! - Felix Noreña
Btw there is some hate mail in Here, Warning. Plz make sure to like this video, subscribe, and turn on post notifications, as well as commenting down below “Notification Gang” to get a notification shoutout in my Next video.
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My New House Tour! - Felix Noreńa
I know I Know, i haven’t posted uploads in longer then 6months, but I’m getting on track now, I will be posting every week or so from now on. If you haven’t yet subscribed to my channel or liked the video yet, plz do that, I’m trying to get to 50 subs as soon as possible. Turn on post notifications, subscribe and l Ike this video as well as commenting down below “Notification Gang” to get a notification shoutout in my next video. Thanks for watching, and PEACE!
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I Flipped A Whiteboard Marker! Not Click bait! ( Watch Till End )
Yo this is the first time I have ever flipped a whiteboard marker
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Easy to stack cups
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How To Do The Cycle Stack
It took me not to long 2 figure out how to do this stack (suuu easy)
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The Takis Challenge! - Felix Noreña
I’m trying to hit 50 subs before the year is over! Please subscribe if you haven’t already! Also new merch is dropping sometime in January!
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!Slime Reviewing!
Go follow @lucys_slimez on Instagram for more slimes!
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New Spongebob Series! Lets Make Patty’s! Episode: 1
This is going to be a pretty long series, so wait and be patient, don’t leave cuz I’ll be recording at least 3 times a week
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