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Loli Bathing with Harayuki
Accel World : Red King : Silver Crow She is also a Brust Linker .
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Monsuno : "The Beast" 1st summoning....
I don't own this video... This video is owned by its studio.. It's just a short video of monsuno monster summoning.. It's just a short video to show ...How awesome this anime is 😍 Support n share this video https://youtu.be/Yo3a7eMfog4 Story plot - Release - Feb 23, 2012 to Jul 1, 2014 Millions of years ago, a living DNA named Monsuno hitched a ride to Earth in an asteroid pocket. The impact of its crash landing on Earth drove the dinosaurs into extinction and the Monsuno DNA lay dormant until a scientist, Jeredy Suno, activated it. The activation of the DNA sent a rippling wave of movement back into action and may have reignited the end of the world. But Suno may have also created the world's salvation, the Monsuno monsters. Now a group of heroic teens, including Jeredy's son, Chase, must learn the secrets of Monsuno and help save the world from its impending destruction. Genre : Sifi Networks: Spacetoon.com , TV Tokyo, Nicktoons, YTV, CITV, Nickelodeon, K2 If you like it I will give you the link of this anime as well..
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Monsuno : Lock's 1st match. Amv
Song : All the Good - For The Glory Anime: Monsuno Lock 1st Battle
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