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DEMONI 2 | Demons 2 | Full Length Horror Movie| Classic | English
A group of tenants and visitors are trapped in a 10-story high-rise apartment building infested with demons who proceed to hunt the dwindling humans down. ------------- Cast: David Edwin Knight - George (as David Knight) Nancy Brilli - Hannah Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni - Sally Day (as Coralina Cataldi Tassoni) Bobby Rhodes - Hank Asia Argento - Ingrid Haller Virginia Bryant - Mary Anita Bartolucci - Woman with Dog
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BILLY JACK | Tom Laughlin | Full Length Action Movie | English
Ex-Green Beret hapkido expert saves wild horses from being slaughtered for dog food and helps protect a desert "freedom school" for runaway. ----------- Cast: Tom Laughlin - Billy Jack Delores Taylor - Jean Roberts Clark Howat - Sheriff Cole Victor Izay - Doctor Julie Webb - Barbara
Views: 25990 COOL CINEMA™
MARKER | Full Length Fantasy Movie | English
In an isolated small town in the Pacific Northwest, Sylvia's teenaged life of juggling two boyfriends and an overprotective father is turned upside down when she discovers she has a bizarre virus which has randomly plagued the women in her community for decades and shamefully forced those afflicted into hiding. ----------- Cast: Iris Graham - Sylvia Jonathan Cherry - Spumoni Agnellos Philip Granger - Joe Eric Johnson - Roddy Dutch Sonja Bennett - Kim Hardee T. Lineham - Charlie Dutch (as Hardee Lineham) Susan Hogan - Marguerite Robert Seckler - Police Officer Paul Lukaitis - Harvey (as Paul Martin Lukaitis) Gavin Buhr - Bouncer Chelah Horsdal - Parker Mother
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DEATH RIDES A HORSE | Lee Van Cleef | Full Length Spaghetti Western Movie | English | HD | 720p
A young gunfighter plans to track down and eliminate the bandits who killed his family, and forms a tenuous alliance with an aging ex-outlaw to achieve this end. ---------------- Cast: Lee Van Cleef - Ryan John Phillip Law - Bill Meceita Mario Brega - Walcott's Henchman in Waistcoat Luigi Pistilli - Walcott
Views: 13405 COOL CINEMA™
CHAIN OF SOULS | Denise Gossett | Full Length Horror Movie | English
When a naive aspiring actress from Podunk, Texas disappears in Los Angeles, her protective sister comes looking for her. ----------- Cast: Denise Gossett - Angela Travis Suzanne Sheikh - Tammy Smith Joe Decker - Bill Butler Deborah Joy Vinall - Joan Stephanie Kane - Kyla Travis
Views: 41191 COOL CINEMA™
FEAR ITSELF | Full Length Horror Movie | English
We follow a group of high school students with a twisted sense of fun. Instead of studying, partying and worrying about who to take to the prom, these teens get off on playing mean spirited pranks on anyone who crosses them. Soon, their appetite for vengeance cannot be satisfied by childish tricks alone. ---------- Cast: Neil Brown Jr. - Marshall Mindy Anders - Chelsea Sarah McElligott - Taylor Shawn Proctor - Brad Stephanie Chavara - Julia John Cosenza - Gerald
Views: 37801 COOL CINEMA™
TROPIX | Danielle Bisutti | Full Length Crime Movie | English
A tropical vacation goes sordid when Corrine learns her husband is a crook who's plundered his parents. ----------- Cast: Ryan Barton-Grimley - Nicky Danielle Bisutti - Corrine Findlay Keith Brunsmann - Joaquim ----------- TOP 10! Cool Cinema™ recommends: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXXDX_6XFDtDuQn8bGveAS3w-wXcXiMsq (click and watch full length movies) #FullMovie #english #CoolCinema
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ALMOST INVISIBLE | Full Length Horror Movie | English
Be captured by the Invisible. To ease the weight of their college workload, unsuspecting teenagers seize the opportunity to to turn their end-of-the-summer party into a sick house wrecking. What happens instead they will never forget. ------ Cast: Jeremy Russell - Devin Hillary Barnett - Jeopardy Kevin Murphy - Johnny - Devin's Project Michelle Sims - Susie - Devin's Project
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THIS TOWN | Pasquale Di Diana | Marco Tazioli | Full Length Drama Movie | English
This Town is a small Italian-American neighborhood on the outskirts of Chicago, but its themes are universal. A thought-provoking story that will hit you hard and stay with you long after you are done watching. ----------- Cast: Pasquale Di Diana - Tommy Marco Tazioli - Johnny Anthony Bonaventura - Jimmy
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HUNDRA | Laurene Landon | Full Length Adventure Movie | English | HD | 720p
Born in a tribe of fierce warrior women, Hundra has been raised to despise the influence of men. An archer, fighter and sword fighter, Hundra is superior to any male. Hundra finds her family slain and takes a vow of revenge until one day she meets her match. -------------- Cast: Laurene Landon - Hundra Cihangir Gaffari - Nepakin (as John Ghaffari) María Casal - Tracima Ramiro Oliveros - Pateray Luis Lorenzo - Rothrar Tamara - Chrysula Victor Gans - Landrazza
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EL BESO QUE ME DISTE | THE KISS YOU GAVE ME | Full Romance Movie | En Español | English Subtitles
A story of romance and suspense in Puerto Rico, year 2006. Angela, star reporter of Teledigital TV Network, is married to Armando and they have an 8-year old son, Ivan. When their marriage fails, Armando kidnaps Ivan and takes him to the United States, but Angela, aided by Pedro, a lawyer, recovers her son in the end. The outcome of their love story remains open to the viewer's interpretation. ---------- Cast: Maricarmen Avilés - Ángela Jimmy Navarro - Pedro Juan Humberto González - Fernández René Monclova - Bruno Carola García - Lucy Ernesto Concepción - Paco Joseph Alicea - Iván Junior Alvarez - Armando
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JACK LOGAN | Full Length Horror Movie | English
In 1920 the last of a band of traveling gypsies are killed to make way for the development of St. George Island. Now after 96 years, life is breathed back into an ancient terror. With only vengeance in mind, all trespassers on St. George Island are murdered in gruesome fashion . --------------- Cast: Kevin Borjas - Himself Al Carter - Hey Mister Giselle Cidserrano - Sam Kayson Clark - Will Don Day - Donnie Walker.
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INSIGNIFICANT OTHER | Laura Clifton | Brandon Howe | Full Length Thriller Movie | English
Hitchcockian version of Sex and the City. --------- Cast: Laura Clifton - Sarah Sullivan Brandon Howe - Richard Bratton Jessica Schwartz - Kendra Bratton Sean Corrigan - Ryan Sullivan Don Cass - Charles Weisman Terri Simmons - Cricket Jeremy Denzlinger - Incensed Boyfriend Carol Gay - Realton Sharon Cave - Secretary Paul Conrad - Marcus Bena Kratochvil - Sarah's Friend Step Rowe - Sarah's Friend ----------- TOP 10! Cool Cinema™ recommends: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXXDX_6XFDtDuQn8bGveAS3w-wXcXiMsq (click and watch full length movies) #FullMovie #english #CoolCinema
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VALENTINA'S TANGO | Guillermina Quiroga | Pelicula Comedia Romantica Completa en Español / En Inglés
Una comedia / drama oscuro de la decencia de una mujer en la locura por el amor. Los familiares y seres queridos intentan salvarla pero son absorbidos por la locura con ella. La tragedia griega mezclada con la farsa cuenta esta historia de amor apasionado y lujuria. ---------- Reparto: Guillermina Quiroga - Valentina Jordi Caballero - Eduardo Dianna Miranda - Tina George Perez - Eddie Yelba Osorio - Vicky Jack Rubio - Victor Allen Walls - Armando Mario Larraza - Sonny
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ABRAXAS, GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE | Sven Ole Thorsen | Full Length Sci-Fi Movie | English | HD
An alien "policeman" arrives on Earth to apprehend a renegade of his own race who impregnates a woman with a potentially destructive mutant embryo. -------------- Cast: Jesse Ventura - Abraxas Sven-Ole Thorsen - Secundus (as Sven Ole-Thorsen) Damian Lee - Dar Jerry Levitan - Hite Marjorie Bransfield - Sonia Murray
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THE ADVENTURES OF HERCULES | Le avventure dell'incredibile Ercole | Full Adventure Movie | English
Hercules searches for the Seven Thunderbolts of Zeus, which have been stolen by renegade gods. -------------- Cast: Lou Ferrigno - Hercules Milly Carlucci - Urania Sonia Viviani - Glaucia William Berger - King Minos Carla Ferrigno - Athena (as Carlotta Green) Claudio Cassinelli - Zeus Ferdinando Poggi - Poseidon (as Nando Poggi) Maria Rosaria Omaggio - Hera Venantino Venantini - High Priest Laura Lenzi - Flora Margie Newton - Aphrodite (as Margi Newton)
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DEVIL RIDER | Full Length Horror Movie | English
The Devil Rider lives throughout the ages and terrorises a group of friends on a ranch because it is built on his territory. As the bodies mount up from horrible deaths, is the monster from Hell out to gather human flesh? ------------------ Cast: Tag Groat - Devil Rider Rick Groat - Jake / Tom Deborah Norris - Joan
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WILD RIDERS | Elizabeth Knowles | Alex Rocco | Full Length Thriller Movie | English | HD
Pete and Stick step into a luxury house. ---------------- Cast: Alex Rocco - Stick Elizabeth Knowles - Rona Sherry Bain - Laure Arell Blanton - Pete
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CAVE GIRL | Full Length Comedy Movie | English
On a class excursion to a cave with stone age paintings the clumsy Rex gets lost. A mysterious crystal opens a gateway in time and sets him back to the stone ages, where he meets a group of prehistoric fellows and the gorgeous Eba. ---------------- Cast: Daniel Roebuck - Rex Cynthia Thompson - Eba (as Cindy Ann Thompson) Darren Young - Dar Saba Moor-Doucette - Saba (as Saba Moor) Jeff Chayette - Argh
Views: 4461689 COOL CINEMA™
TOMBOY | Full Length Comedy Movie | English | HD | 720p
Scrappy, willful, and fiercely self-reliant spitfire hoyden automobile mechanic Tomasina 'Tommy' Boyd develops a huge crush on cocky race car driving dreamboat hunk Randy Starr after meeting Randy at a party held at a jerky rich guy's house. ---------------- Cast: Betsy Russell - Tomasina 'Tomboy' Boyd Gerard Christopher - Randy Starr Kristi Somers - Seville Ritz Richard Erdman - Chester Philip Sterling - Earl Delarue
Views: 17779 COOL CINEMA™
PARADISE | Illusion Infinity | Dee Wallace | Barbara Carrera | Full Length Drama Movie | English
Biopic about former Las Vegas singer Patricia Paradise and her search for Shangri-La. ------------------ Cast: Dee Wallace - Patricia Timothy Bottoms - Francis Barbara Carrera - Katherine Mickey Rooney - Simon / Henry, Sr. Theresa Saldana - Maria Martin Kove - Taxi Driver Kristian Hans Horn - Alan
Views: 48876 COOL CINEMA™
WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY | Full Length Romance Movie | English
Whatever Makes You Happy is the story of Anna & Alex, two fundamentally different people. Anna lives a safe life of study, friends, and her boyfriend Kevin. Alex is a laid back musician, living the carefree urban hipster lifestyle. Everything changes when Anna & Alex meet and connect in an unexpected way. This unlikely pair start a heated affair & put both of their worlds in jeopardy. --------- Cast: Alex Aspiazu - Betsy Benjamin Becker - Bartender Dana Jay Bein - Levin Phil Berry - Jasper Kachina Dechert - Hannah Jason Lane Fenton - Steve Mike Hastings - Fitz Vanessa Leigh - Elizabeth Jon Miguel - Kevin
Views: 10209 COOL CINEMA™
GOLDEN NINJA | Golden Goose | Brad Weston | Branscombe Richmond | Full Length Action Movie | English
Two former comrades find themselves on opposite sides of the honesty fence. The real villains are corrupt government officials and big-business influence peddlers. ----------- Cast: Brad Weston - Detective San Hazard Bong Soo Han - Capt. Han Ed Parker - Mauna Loa Seaward Forbes - Detective Tony Travassi
Views: 6242 COOL CINEMA™
HOUSE SISTERS | Full Length Horror Movie | English
A clueless sheriff tries to solve a year old missing person report in a local sorority. --------- Cast: April Betts - Hayley Wendy E. Cooper - Brit's mom Cassie Daniels - Tina Ashika Gogna - Lori Justin Hinton - Lance Heather Jacobsen - Britney Christine Joaquin - Akiko
Views: 234586 COOL CINEMA™
ARCH OF TRIUMPH | Anthony Hopkins | Lesley-Anne Down | Full Length Drama Movie | English
In Paris, before the Germans penetrate into the city, an Austrian refugee doctor falls in love with a mysterious woman. In Paris, before the Germans penetrate into the city, an Austrian refugee doctor falls in love with a mysterious woman. --------------- Cast: Anthony Hopkins - Ravic Lesley-Anne Down - Joan Donald Pleasence - Haake Frank Finlay - Boris Richard Pasco - Veber Joyce Blair - Rolande Alexander Davion - Alex (as Alex Davion) Martin Benson - Goldberg Stephanie Voss - Mrs. Goldberg Peter Birrel - Wiesenthal June Barrie - Proprietress Teddy Kempner - Young Husband
Views: 2009 COOL CINEMA™
29000 Wishes. 1 Regret | Justus Zimmerman | Full Length Drama Romance Movie | English
In the wake of losing everything during the great recession, a twenty-something couple make a special pact. --------- Cast: Justus Zimmerman - Kevin Alpern Casey Ruggieri - Jennnifer Alpern Nick Caballero - New Boyfriend
Views: 1464 COOL CINEMA™
ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS | Full Length Dark Comedy Movie | English
Hip, smart and funny, this is an intelligent comedy about modern love. Andrea has had her bag stolen along with her house keys so has to break into her home. She thinks someone's lurking in her garden and calls her ex, who arrives to protect her. Now they have to spend the night together. ------------------- Cast: Mary Beth McDonough - Andrea Harris Jared Seide - Nick Harris Orson Bean - Neighbor
Views: 5662 COOL CINEMA™
FISH WITHOUT A BICYCLE | Brian Austin Green | Full Length Comedy Movie | English
Julianna (Jenna Mattison) is a struggling actress in a dead end relationship with Danny (Brad Rowe), a fireman who no longer lights her fire. When she decides to leave him and go "find herself" she ends up falling in love with an egotistical director, Michael (Bryan Callen), who can barely fit her in between Pilates classes. -------------------- Cast: Jenna Mattison - Jules Brad Rowe - Danny Bryan Callen - Michael
Views: 77229 COOL CINEMA™
Agni Varsha: The Fire And The Rain | Part 1 | Bollywood | English Subtitles | बॉलीवुड | हिंदी |
Story of wronged and misunderstood Arvasu, a brahman by caste, who has become a performing actor. He loves Nittilai, who reciprocates his love, but seeks approval of her father and her village's elders before marrying him. -------------- Cast: Jackie Shroff - Paravasu Kumar Iyengar - Senior Courtier Raveena Tandon - Vishakha Nagarjuna Akkineni - Yavakri Ashfaq Rauf - King Milind Soman - Arvasu Sonali Kulkarni - Nittilai
Views: 45183 COOL CINEMA™
DRUG RUNNERS | Jimmy Stathis | Full Length 80s Action Movie | English
DEA agent chases a drug king pin to his operation in Mexico. --------------- Cast: Jimmy Stathis - John Temple Aldo Ray - Victor Lazzaro Patti Lee - Angela Wells ----------- TOP 10! Cool Cinema™ recommends: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXXDX_6XFDtDuQn8bGveAS3w-wXcXiMsq (click and watch full length movies) #FullMovie #english #CoolCinema
Views: 891 COOL CINEMA™
Agni Varsha: The Fire And The Rain | Part 2 | Bollywood | English Subtitles | बॉलीवुड | हिंदी |
Story of wronged and misunderstood Arvasu, a brahman by caste, who has become a performing actor. He loves Nittilai, who reciprocates his love, but seeks approval of her father and her village's elders before marrying him. -------------- Cast: Jackie Shroff - Paravasu Kumar Iyengar - Senior Courtier Raveena Tandon - Vishakha Nagarjuna Akkineni - Yavakri Ashfaq Rauf - King Milind Soman - Arvasu Sonali Kulkarni - Nittilai
Views: 94563 COOL CINEMA™
PERSECUCIÓN FATAL | Fatal Pursuit | Full Length Action Movie | English
A rugged ex-cop P.I. and a beautiful British female insurance investigator search for diamonds that were stolen in a robbery. ------------ Cast: L.P. Brown III - Deghy Shannon Whirry - Jill Malcolm McDowell - Bechtel Charles Napier - Herbert Larry Manetti - Gersi Robert Z'Dar - Franco Lydie Denier - Giselle Larry Linville - Shelby Michael Ensign - Pinkrose Obba Babatundé - Trinidad Joe Estevez - Morier Jay Hastings - Ortiz Tommy Bull - Girard Robert Axelrod - Billy ----------- TOP 10! SUPER HITS™ recommends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lr3RQZ0nTU&list=PLYjcLkk9GpCuPuBrnaVfWUs_9E21v_akT (click and watch full length movies)
Views: 2270681 COOL CINEMA™
EMBRYO | Barbara Carrera | Full Length Horror Movie | English
A scientist doing experiments on a human fetus discovers a method to accelerate the fetus into a mature adult in just a few days. However, the "adult" fetus turns into a homicidal psycho and looks for a new formula to prevent her from aging further. ---------- Cast: Rock Hudson - Dr. Paul Holliston Barbara Carrera - Victoria Spencer Diane Ladd - Martha Douglas Roddy McDowall - Frank Riley Anne Schedeen - Helen Holliston John Elerick - Gordon Holliston Vincent Baggetta - Collier Jack Colvin - Dr. Jim Winston Joyce Brothers - Herself
Views: 4867148 COOL CINEMA™
FIVE MOMENTS OF INFIDELITY | Kirk Westwood | Sally McDonald  Full Length Drama Movie | English
A true to life drama showing moments of infidelity across five different worlds in the same city; The carefree young things, who think they have nothing to lose; The upwardly mobile thirty-something couple with perfect careers and family life; The gay pair with an open relationship; The frustrated urban duo hanging onto familiarity; and The suburban family full of secrets and lies about to lose it all. ----------- Cast: Kirk Westwood - Billy / Boyfriend Sally McDonald - Narelle / Girlfriend John Sheedy - Hayden / Husband
Views: 25504 COOL CINEMA™
CONCERTO CAMPESTRE | Roberto Birindell | Samara Felippo | Full Drama Movie | English Subtitles
In the 19th century, rich farmer with a passion for music dreams of having an orchestra. He hires a conductor, to help him organize the musicians. But the man falls in love with his daughter. -------------- Cast: Antonio Abujamra - Major Eleutério Sirmar Antunes - Congo Roberto Birindelli - Rossini Araci Esteves - Dona Brígida Samara Felippo - Clara Victória Naiara Harri - Sinhá Gonçalves Alexandre Paternost - Silvestre Miguel Ramos - Vigário Leonardo Vieira - Maestro
Views: 7269905 COOL CINEMA™
BILLO IL GRAND DAKHAAR | Full Length Comedy Movie | English Subtitles
A Senegalese boy arrives in Italy in search of fortune, with the desire to work in the fashion world. But life throws in some tragicomic situations. ------------ Cast: Thierno Thiam - Billo / Thierno Susy Laude - Laura Marco Bonini - Paolo 1 Paolo Gasparini - Paolo 2 Paul N'Dour - Pap Luisa De Santis - La madre di Laura Vincenzo Risita - Padre di Laura Paolo Buglioni - Marizio ----------- TOP 10! Cool Cinema™ recommends: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXXDX_6XFDtDuQn8bGveAS3w-wXcXiMsq (click and watch full length movies) #FullMovie #english #CoolCinema
Views: 20045 COOL CINEMA™
DRAMA QUEENS | Leslie Picco | Brennan Taylor | Full Length Comedy Movie | English
Set in the fast-paced single scene of Portland, Oregon, Drama Queens is a hip and hilarious must see comedy that rewrites the rules on and redefines the boundaries between domestic relationships and high flying bachelorhood. ----------- Cast: John Meindersee - Dean Leslie Picco - Angela Brennan Taylor - Frank
Views: 15000 COOL CINEMA™
DEATH'S DOOR | The Seance Hour | Full Length Horror Movie | English
When a television psychic begins to get real results, the cast and crew of the show find themselves trapped by vengeful spirits. ------------- Cast: Sewell Whitney - Chuck Alicia Petrides - Madame Camille Kristin Pfeifer - Eve Ryan Ramos - John Simons
Views: 8569 COOL CINEMA™
OFF THE GRID | Full Length Action Movie | English
A tormented and retired FBI Agent Artemis, reunites with his old partner Cash. Artemis having lost a son of his own can no longer hide in the shadows. Don't miss this explosion tale of love and redemption. -------- Cast: Greer Bishop - Ivy Elias Cecil - Decker Jodi Clay - Vex Jeff Elam - Earl Nelson Estevez - Assassin #1 Cristina Frias - Honey Tamara Goodwin - Erica Devine Leif Holt - Cash Steve Humphreys - Assassin Bryce Clyde Jenkin - Max
Views: 5904 COOL CINEMA™
ALMOST YOU | Karen Young | Brooke Adams | Full Comedy Movie | English
Alex and Erica Boyer's marriage is in a crisis: job and wife bore Alex. When Erica has an accident that has her staying in a wheel chair for some time, it changes their life: Alex meets Erica's young therapy assistant Lisa and gets the idea that she'd be the end of his boredom and he could start over with her. However Lisa's boyfriend feels what's going on and isn't idle. -------- Cast: Brooke Adams - Erica Boyer Griffin Dunne - Alex Boyer Karen Young - Lisa Willoughby Marty Watt - Kevin Danzig Christine Estabrook - Maggie
Views: 3410581 COOL CINEMA™
MISS JULIE | Full August Strindberg's play Adaptation | English
Miss Julie has power over Jean because she's an aristocrat but he has power over her because he's a man. On Midsummer Eve this power battle turns to love which is consummated. But as each one battles for power, Jean convinces Miss Julie that the only way out is to... ------------------ Cast: Marco Bonini - Jean Olimpia Marmoross - Julie Martina Codecasa Sara De Mezzo Beatrice Orlandini
Views: 18362 COOL CINEMA™
MY MOM'S A WEREWOLF | Susan Blakely | Full Length Comedy Movie | English | HD
The frustrated housewife Leslie visits an animal shop to purchase a flea-collar. Unknowing that the owner is a werewolf, she accepts his invitation to lunch and later in his apartment. Through a bite in her toe he starts her slow transformation in a werewolf. Home again, she desperately tries to hide the often disgusting process from her family, but her daughter Jennifer and her - from horror magazines well educated - friend recognize what's going on, and help to kill the non-human. ---------------- Cast: Susan Blakely - Leslie Shaber John Saxon - Harry Thropen Tina Caspary - Jennifer Shaber (as Katrina Caspary) John Schuck - Howard Shaber Diana Barrows - Stacey Pubah Ruth Buzzi - Madame Gypsy Marilyn McCoo - Celia Celica Marcia Wallace - Peggy ----------- TOP 10! SUPER HITS™ recommends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lr3RQZ0nTU&list=PLYjcLkk9GpCuPuBrnaVfWUs_9E21v_akT (click and watch full length movies)
Views: 16323 COOL CINEMA™
STRAIGHT FORWARD | Hollywood's Elite | Full Length Drama Movie | English
At the time when Motion Picture Studios controlled Hollywood's elite, trouble arises when a successful writer and his aging starlet wife attempt to conceive a child and are inadvertently introduced to a young, dangerous loner looking for fame himself. Extenuating circumstances put each against the other, making it difficult to find the truth. ----------- Cast: Kristen Vermilyea - Eileen Lev Gorn - Ward Cardova Stacia Crawford - Maggie Gabe Fazio - Lee Stagger Tony Luke Jr. - Sheriff Jennifer McCabe - Kerrie
Views: 349209 COOL CINEMA™
WHAT IF | Full Length Thriller Movie | English
A psychiatrist who can't help himself. ----------- Cast: Marcia L. Chun - Jody, the Nurse Nick Corvello - Booth Billynaire Cruz - Gang banger Raymond C. Duval - Ed Baxter
Views: 7463 COOL CINEMA™
CODE NAME: DANCER | Her Secret Life | Full Length Thriller Movie | Kate Capshaw | English
Kindergarten teacher Annie lives the ideal yuppy lifestyle with her BMW-driving husband. Although Annie clearly yearns for children of her own, the couple is childless, and she is clearly bored. Her boring life is suddenly upset when she receives a mysterious phone call. ------------ Cast: Kate Capshaw - Annie Jeroen Krabbé - Malarin Gregory Sierra - Vic 'The Dancer' Pena
Views: 3531 COOL CINEMA™
DANGEROUS CARGO | Rosemarie Belden | Nicholas Worth | Full Length Thriller Movie | English
A Russian gangster kidnaps a woman and her friend, an aging European deceived by a young lover. -------------- Cast: Margaux Hemingway - Julie Nicholas Worth - Yuri Rosemarie Belden - Marlene Peter J. Lucas - Alexei (as Peter Lucas) Joey Travolta - Mr. Smith Hudson Leick - Carla Robert Z'Dar - Igor Olga Nedovodina - Tanya (as Olga Vodin)
Views: 60893 COOL CINEMA™
CATALINA TRUST | Erica Shaffer | Full Length Drama Movie | English
Marshall has done well despite the hard hand fate dealt him as a boy. He's getting a raise at his marketing job and will soon marry Kitty Lehuesen, the most sought-after girl in his Brooklyn neighborhood. Though he's never forgotten the betrayal of his grandfather, things are now good - that is, until a bizarre image of the old man appears in the middle of the night. Henry Pike, whom Marshall hasn't seen since before his parents' death, glares eerily from a television set without saying a word. --------------- Cast: Jay Harrington - Marshall Pike Arabella Holzbog - Siobhan O'Riordan - David Vegh David Vegh - Freddie Mitnick Erica Shaffer - Kitty Lehuesen John Shea - Deet Offerman Marji Martin - Emily Mitnick Arthur Eckdahl - Henry Pike
Views: 149037 COOL CINEMA™
FALSE RIVER | Full Length Thriller Movie | English
Three lunatics escape from a mental institution only to find the real world is crazier than they ever were. ----------------- Cast: Salvator Xuereb - Jim Mix George Faughnan - Charles Stephanie Astalos -Jones - Ma Mike Pniewski - Dick Richie Dye - Parkermast Danny Nelson - Sheriff Jenny Andrews - Tina Bill Rowell - Howie
Views: 4457 COOL CINEMA™
FERSEIN'S GATE | Carl Cagnon | Catherine Gauthier Campeau | Full Horror Movie | English Subtitles
Professor Francois Lacombe is an expert parapsychologist, a master in the art of demystifying the paranormal. For years he has traveled throughout the world looking for unexplained phenomenons. Now back from his travels Lacombe is assigned to a new investigation. --------------- Cast: Carl Cagnon Catherine Gauthier Campeau Gilles Moffet Marie-Eve Rousseau Mario Samson Emmanuel Vachon
Views: 3219 COOL CINEMA™
THE YOUNG GRADUATES | Patricia Wymer | Full Drama Movie | English
Spunky and precocious high school senior Mindy Evans spurns her decent, but frustrated boyfriend Bill and has a fling with hunky married nice guy teacher Jack Thompson. Midy finds out that she might be pregnant. While waiting for the results of her pregnancy test, Mindy decides to alleviate the tension by embarking on an impromptu road trip to Big Sur, California with her loyal best gal pal Sandy. ---------------- Cast: Patricia Wymer - Mindy Evans Steven Stewart - Jack Thompson Gary Rist - Bill Bruno Kirby - Les (as B. Kirby Jr.)
Views: 15475 COOL CINEMA™