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Osomatsu Ruins Christmas
A feels trip I don't own the song it's the original Thomas theme Also I don't own the model.
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yellow horse wip (flash warning)
im uploading this because ill probably never finish it Ignore all the errors I didn't notice it until it rendered hsvdjfb Programs/Tools used: SAI Sony Vegas 13 A Wacom tablet And i think ~4 hours Song: yellow horse by cats millionaire
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Battle For The Object Show Pilot
BFTOS Episode 0 Animator: MegaSocky Voice Actor: MegaSocky, Tourist from the sidewalk Music: I frogit Rat King: We all are him April Fools: Get Fiddled - I honestly don't know if I'll continue this seriously (though the plot progression is not the same) due to repercussions from closer friends. I'm getting more threats about it than support, so I don't really feel comfortable uploading object show related stuff so //shrug This is more of a thing to see if this is what I should do for fun :p also happy easter april fools thing. I might make an easter thing later too also yeah i know the "ugh im so bored!" and new friendly is an overused joke
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[Flipnotes] Ghosting (Animatic?) also vent
I'll probably never finish this. This was a venty, animatic thing feat. Flynn when he died because I'm not really feeling well, and I wanted to animate this song to keep me busy. Life is rough and relationships suck, but I'm still kickin' it. Music: Mother Mother - Ghosting
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i swear toonboom exports these weird so the timing probably messed up Also featuring: Rick who belongs to Frogabond/Quantity of Boots ayeyeyeyey Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IATW9Ay-wws
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[AMV] Karamatsu Touches and Can't Explain It: The Movie
Everytim we touch nightcore ewe This is why I shouldn't have movie maker
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OFF-Not Safe Bass Boost
ples kill me and my sins Music: OFF - NotSafe
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We Will Commit Wolf Murder Preview
soz soz soz i wish toonboom would get its act together and stop slowing down the frames fhsdjsbkgs anyways story time: 1. Alfa (the main person in this) meets Monnie (the hamster robot lookin thing) and she's just skeptical about them since they keep switching between a soft boy and some cunning bot trying to kidnap her. 2. Gumby (the cat) discovers about Alfa and figures out who she is. Gumby orders Monnie to try and execute Alfa, and that's exactly what they did Song: We Will Commit Wolf Murder - of Montreal
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[AMV] Steak
A dumb video about Steak (my oc) Song is Cyber Dance on midi
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Update 4 - Content
This channel has been more animation geared, but it's hard getting them out consistently, so I've been considering just changing what I do. I'm still not 100% sure, and the channel may be just random stuff (aside from vlogs since I have a different account reserved for it). TDLR I'll just experiment around basically. 2nd Channel Link (I said it was active but whoops) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa9lEYJHsNPOF6eRLe6ut0A song - potsu - just friends
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[Flipnotes] Dance Robot Dance
Is this possible lore?? No probably not. Song: ダンスロボットダンス by NayutalieN
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Partially Animated Animatic
IDK if Ill continue the rest of the song but ik mel's doing some of the parts Song: Jellyfish - Ignorance is Bliss all these ocs are from a different timeline what the heckkkkk
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heckking y outube, ,, , ,copyrights the originla song,, , , NO ON E EVEN WATCHED IT IT WAS SET ON PRIVATE WHAT HTE,,,.g. ..w..f.a.gr....
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Another Channel Intro updated Not as good as the previous one
An Updated intro but it's not as funny as the last one Music: Super Mario Bros. 2 Overworld Theme
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[Flipnotes] EY YEA
Joke thing ft. Chuntus, cowboy alien from my math notes, and To0ny Song: the new umaru grove by android52 but i got the audio from wunkolo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWJa2m26NZ4)
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[Flipnotes] Sock
Good ol' animation Still working on it. Music: joji - joe pass
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Mini Cracker
Featuring the lovely Frogabond as the voice of Mini Cracker! "anyways I love animating Paper Crown stuff it's fun to do on a daily basis. Though don't expect any for the next 3-ish days since I'm going on vacation with my mom" Slight swear warning but it's only like 1 word. Wall art credit to uhhh idk and pinyaps for the cultist pic. Ringtone song is Seven Nation Army but it's the (pre-release)(complete) cover.
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Heyoooo my first computer animation that's not on flipnotes Programs/Tools: Toon Boom Studio 8.0 a Wacom Intuos Pro and ~3 hours Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYVCei33GaI
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Animatic Thing Euguhg
This is why I missed like 3 days of Drawtober or w/e Song: my fair lady - Of Montreal
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Fan Service
nothing funny or stupid here. Just 100% organic fan service. Model by 八羽様
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I can't believe I tried putting effort into this
Song: Black Coast Trnsttr remix
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Steamed hams.mp4 (My part [not quite done])
There's 10 seconds of it left that's unfinished, but it's 2AM and I've been up for too long so I'll do it later. Collaboration with: Shrok'e' Make'e' - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNXbkIHqPgvLQI12l-af8aA Also credit to John Zobele for the background footage -https://vimeo.com/249799180
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Paper Crown is in the house
"if this has glitched graphics again i will just piss on it and upload it to public" - Pre-Rendering Socky
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[Animation (Meme)] Sick (flashing warnin)
dumbish because i was gonna fully animate it but got sick n tired so the rest got badly edited together sozz (Insert Link of Og video but I can't find it //shrug don't own the song either)
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A plea
I'm still alive. R.I.P Papa John privileges tho Song: Rhythym Boys & Paul Whiteman`s Band: Happy feet
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Good day
clip from an abandoned fangame project I did
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[Animation Meme] Fantasize (Reupload)
This is from my alt channel, Grim Boon. I won't use it anymore, so I'm moving it over here. I made this a while back, and it's something good, so I'll post it here too I guess :p
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[Flipnotes] Evelyn, Evelyn (OC Animatic)
I felt bad not uploading anything this week so I animated Sunny (the first bunny that shows up) and Peanut (the second bunny that shows up). They're both bunny brothers who were raised along side, but one day, Peanut heard from a grape vine that they're not related at all. Peanut kept this secret from Sunny, until he lashed out and said it on accident. Sunny then ran away outside of the boundaries. Sunny and Peanut were originally a part of a game idea meso (a friend of mine) came up with, and I made these two as a half-joke. Now they live in my mind forever. Song: Evelyn, Evelyn - Evelyn Evelyn
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Pleb Adventures Episode 0
About three gosts doing stuff. Pokemon gosts. Spook (I'll make a detailed (not really) explanation of the characters later. Maybe) Also don't try reporting me oh nonono. Look below, credits.. Music: Earthbound - Summers Theme Kirby - Corkboard
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A sinful quick drawing done in portraits mode soz
All i do is draw a random shape then put something in it. Its very hard to draw while holding my phone so excuse my hands hesitating often.
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[Flipnotes] New Video Time
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Happy birth wingus ily ❤
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When oskar plays number girl in voice call [Read Desc]
my dads cool List of things to say: 1. I'm not dead 2. Shoutout to Network 671 (tano specifically) for making me do this 3. Listen to number girl plz 4. I've been meaning to continue at least the Paper Crown videos (animation wise) but my voice slaves have yet to be found
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yea mighty switch force is a cool funny adultswim show xd i actually hit 100 followers tumbl but youtube is halfway there so //shrug audio: Aqua Team Hunger Force 100
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Larry Come Home :*(
EDIT: I just realized this one didnt have the beginning scene whoops. sed video also was dared like year and years ago by a friend on instagram to sing something so i finally did it after like 3 years
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Beginner's Guide To: MegaSocky
Welcome to my channel, buddo. Gif Link: http://megasocky.tumblr.com/image/146819377471 Music: Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet - Danzi: Wind Quintet Op 67 No 2 In E Minor, 1 Allego Vivo
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MegaSocky's Unfinished Flipnotes
As promised, most of the flipnotes I haven't uploaded that I couldn't finish. Song order: 1. crywank- only everyone can judge me 2. The Seatbelts - Cats on Mars 3. Vib Ribbon - Polaroid (i forgot the actual band's name) 4. Tally Hall - Light and Night 5. Yoru - Crush 6. McCafferty - (5) BeachBoy 7. Powapowa P - Year 3 Class C-14, Chiyoko Kubozonos Joining of the Cabinet
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Thanks 4 subs
I would do something more professional but I'm super out of it today so thanks.
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Pleb (Not really) Adventures Ep. 1
Dip ate sour poffins again Music is not mine obviously. Sorry about the quality. I'm doing something.
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2 trucks (old)
Also was sitting in unlisted for a while. Back then i was stupid and left tangents on so stuff kept glitching
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testmeme animation h0t
i never used sony vegas + sai to animate before and im just wondering how people use it Song: Annette Hanshaw - I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling
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The Quest for the Perfect Pizza Streak
After this was recorded, I went back to playing Pizzatron 3000 again :P This was my first video made with Sony Vegas so sorry if the editing's awkward The 'sad audio' source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-qnCtg01Nw
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don't remember what i recordd this for but ill upload it anyways
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Update 3 - Penguins
TL;DW - Still making regular animations and what not. Just going to have more penguin spam. Sorry for the cringe folks!
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rewby 1 (joke)
this isnt really a animation test but i wanted to do smth but then rendering ruined everything oh welllllllll
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stew belongs to Shard
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reloaded 0
i dont remember the song source AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this is part of my random series so dont bother figuring it out
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[Flipnotes] Rad
Music: starRo - House Party
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Popatee gets Uranium
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I don't own anything also this was originally meant for me to help find Jyushi's finished model Edit of the century: apparently the Japanese text ruined his models along with other cool Japanese models so I had to use applocale
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