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Errorink :3
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You killed him. (read desc)
Yes ik. It was switching between of what to put for the scene. And keep your hate comments to yourself pls. I have a low self esteem. I will be making gacha, drawing, costplay, and animations. So smash that like button and punch that notification bell so you can see more videos! Make sure you subscribe too!
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Braden x Chloe (read desc...?)
If you see this, (my crush) sorry..i didn't use the name jack, but still..to the other viewers, i made a undertale OC and so did my crush. So i thought i could make a ship picture, but im terrible at bodies, so i used a base from MK 2k16..i think..i can barely read the Signature..
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'lil noodle!
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What makes it count.
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Im warning you, this can get bad
This is a redraw of my friends friend drawing of my oc!
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