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Wolfmann Alpha Exe 1v3 Clutch
Wolfmann wasn't capping...but I was ;)
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Ranked Alpha Execution 1v3 Clutch
Short but pretty sweet 1v3 clutch I got in Ranked Alpha last night. Just wanted to throw something up. I'm gonna try to put up short vids more frequently...clutches and such. I got the moves like Jagger? :P
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Claws and Missed Shots.
Sup whoever might be watching this...This is a game of Ranked TDM I got recently. During this game I had just started to play Claw. If you don't know what that is..just look up "claw gow3" on Youtube. Anyway, my shots are very off since this was my first day playing claw and my movement is off too. Still get a good score though. Enjoy :D
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Good Rounds Ep. 1
Sup guys. I'm gonna upload these "Good Round" things as often as I feel like (maybe weekly). These are clips from Ranked Alpha Execution. They're not amazing or anything just good rounds I get while playing solo. I'm terrible at editing by the way so all I did was cut the clips and throw in a song. The parts where it fades to black but is still on the same map means it's the same round. I just didn't wanna show the parts where nothing was really happening. Enjoy :D
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Hrrmmm...The Strafe is Strong with this One
Been working on my movement lately...specifically my strafe. Getting better... ;). This was a Ranked Execution game by the way and the other team was a stack.
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Rabbit Trix
Kid with a meatshield and his buddy get banged out by Rabbit Trix
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Ninjas, Spongebob and Surprises.
Yo guys, this is a Ranked Alpha Execution game on the Slab. I was playing solo and I wasn't there for the first round so I cut it out. Our teammate ended up quitting but we still pull the W. They were a stacked team too and we were all random. I'm gonna upload random gameplays that I like. Enjoy!
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Joe Dillinger 1v3 Clutch
Heads fly.
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I died laughing when this happened. Enjoy :D
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Gridlock Sniper Streak
Nothing too special...Just a little streak with the Sniper. Enjoy :D
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On-screen Dub
Just a random clip from a Private 4v4 scrim on Drydock. Trying to test out rendering settings more than anything. I used Windows Movie Maker since I don't have Sony Vegas yet...
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