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2019 F250 Performing an Operator Commanded Regen Manual DPF Cleaning
Sometimes I don’t want to (or can’t) drive 25 miles or so to clean the DPF so I park and let it clean it manually.
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2019 F250 STATIONARY DPF REGEN “OCR” Exhaust Temps
Here in this video, I’m performing an Operator Commanded Regen to clean my Exhaust Filter (DPF). The engine runs at a steady 2000 rpm and fan clutch is put into 100% speed for max air flow. My DPF is 1248 degrees F as shown on my EZLynk monitor. Turbo EGT hovers around 840 degrees F.
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2019 Ford 6.7 diesel idling
Here’s the sweet sound of the 6.7 diesel at idle.
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2019 F250 Diesel Engine Block Heater How many Watts??
How many watts does an engine block heater take?
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My 2019 F250 Lariat 6.7
Here’s my 6.7 diesel. I put on 18” General Grabber X3’s, AMP rear step, Husky wheel well liners & mud flaps and the Diamondback HD cover.
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My 2018 Ford F150 Sport 3.5 Lemon Buyback!
Bought it in March, was at the dealer 38+ days by 8900 miles. Lots of parts and lots of trouble! But I really did like it when it ran lol Ford bought it back thru their “Re-Aquired Vehicle Program” under Ohio’s Lemon law. I received a full refund of money paid, fees and finance charges.
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My 1984 F250 6.9 diesel
I’ve had this old heifer over 15 years now and still love the way it sounds and drives. She starts right up every time and doesn’t leak any fluids because I keep after her pretty good lol Nothing like those IDI engines. So simple!
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